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Thursday, June 20, 2024

confined spaces #4 - PAiA Moroder

video upload by wildchurch

"Triggering/syncing a PAiA 9700s synth with a Boss DR-220A drum machine, plus a few other things.

While prat-arsing around with the PAiA, using the trigger out of the DR-220 to 'animate' its filters, I got a Giorgio Moroder sort of sound that I quite liked so worked it into a sketch as basis for some future development.

It's a self-playing system thanks to a Kawai Q80 MIDI sequencer running everything, with some MIDI to CV conversions here and there. Rather than detail all the patching, which isn't particularly exciting, here's a list of the gear involved:

Sound sources:
- PAiA 9700s
- Boss DR-220A
- School Rhythmer
- Fred's Lab Buzzzy!

Sound Effects/Processing
- DBX-160X compressor
- Elk EM-13 Analog Echo
- Korg SDD-3300
- Zoom Studio 1204
- Rocktron ProRax CE1 compressor/expander
- Homemade filter box

- Kawai Q80
- Audiowerkstatt trigger2midi2trigger
- DIY multiples, clock dividers, ADSRs, trigger to gate convertors

The video is just various clips randomly cobbled together so isn't always in aligned to the sounds, i.e. the lights aren't necessarily flashing at the right moment."

Friday, May 17, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Fred's Lab - Manatee

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Fred from Fred's Lab showcased the final version of their long-awaited spectral synthesizer Manatee. Manatee offers a unique approach to sound design with two envelopes, two sources including a spectrum generator, sub-oscillator with FM options, classic multimode filter, distortion, bitcrusher, delay, equalizers, and a versatile mixing section. The synthesizer also boasts 64 factory presets with additional user slots for customization.

In terms of connectivity, the Manatee features MIDI in, out, through, clock input, stereo audio outs, and a headphone jack. Initially, the synthesizer will be available to Kickstarter backers, followed by pre-orders on the website at a preferential price. Fred highlighted the hard work put into the Manatee and its rich, deep sound quality. Kickstarter supporters should begin receiving their Manatees in a couple of weeks."

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Fred's Lab Manatee: SUPERBOOTH 24

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

"Thanks to our sponsors: Kurzweil, PWM and ESI."

Monday, April 01, 2024

SynthFest 2024 Set for April 18 w/ Raffle

video upload by SynthFest France

"Thank you to all of the exhibitors at SynthFest 2024 who will receive a prize in this tombola for the annual deal for all the passions of synths and modules."

"► Billetterie:
► 20 lots / 2000 tickets / plus de 10000€ de lots
► 10€ le ticket
► Entièrement en ligne. Pas la peine d'être présent au SynthFest pour gagner un lot.
► Fermeture de la billetterie : 18 Avril 2024

Merci à tous les exposants du SynthFest 2024 qui font encore une fois de cette tombola le deal de l'année pour tout les passionnés de synthés et de modulaires.

1e prix - Expressive E Osmose
2e prix - Kodamo EssenceFM MKII
3e prix - Haken Audio Eagan Matrix Eurorack
4e prix - Kiviak Wofi
5e prix - Paire d’enceintes Nord Piano
6e prix - Korg Keystage 49
7e prix - Arturia MiniFreak
8e prix - 1010music Nanobox Tangerine Desktop
9e prix - Novation Circuit Tracks
10e prix - Projet Home Studio pack Mix / Mastering
11e prix - Hlabs EQ169 API 500 module
12e prix - Kaona Skippy Eurorack module
13e prix - Faselunare Vega Eurorack module
14e prix - BVR instruments TS1 Eurorack module
15e prix - This Is Not Rocket Science Ardabil
16e prix - Piano LED Plus 2024
17e prix - Fred's Lab Zekit Assembled
18e prix - Morphor Plectrum Eurorack module
19e prix - Joranologue Route 4 Eurorack module
20e prix - KR Home-Studion 1 an d'abonnement"

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Fred's Lab Töörö 6-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer

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via this auction

Espen Kraft video in the listing previously posted here. See the Fred's Lab label for additional posts, and the Fred's Lab website for additional info.

"A six-voice, four-part hybrid desktop synthesizer, the Töörö from Fred's Lab packs huge sound and customizability into a compact package. At its core are a pair of 12-bit wavetable oscillators that can be shaped with through-zero FM synthesis, ring modulation and auto-sync giving you the ability to create rich lows and icy highs. The character is further shaped by 'virtual operators' in the FM and sync architecture, as well the MS-10-inspired, FL A847 12dB/oct resonant analog filter. All parameters are accessible from the intuitive layout and can also be controlled via MIDI, and the internal memory can store 100 presents."

Monday, December 04, 2023

Fred’s Lab Tooro Poly Synth w/ Case

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via this auction

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Note this is a supporting member listing.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Short Manatee Demo

video upload by Fred's Lab

"Short Improvised Demo / Extracted from the 17/08/23 live stream. [posted here]

Manatee is the latest 4 part 10/16 voice digital synthesizer from Fred's Lab.
It produces a wide variety of classy sounds based on a unique take on Spectral Synthesis, 2 OP Linear FM and several modern Virtual Analog algorithms. Per part delays & equalizers in addition to a global master reverberation unit are also included in the sonic package."

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Fred's Lab Manatee - A little tour + Q&A

video upload by Fred's Lab

"Let's play around with Manatee prototype and answer your questions about the instrument."

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Fred's Lab Manatee Multitimbral MPE Synthesizer - Kickstarter

video upload by Fred's Lab

"Kickstarter presentation for the Manatee Synthesizer from Fred's Lab.

Manatee is a 16-voice 4-part desktop synthesizer based on a unique Spectral Synthesis engine and various Virtual Analog algorithms. It offers a wide range of characterful digital sounds in compact and sturdy steel case.

Link to crowdfunding campaign:

For more information:"

Additional Fred's Lab Manatee posts w/ demos

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Fred's Lab "Synthesizer sind Liebe" 🧡 - SequencerTalk 159 - with New Manatee Digital Synthesizer

video upload by SequencerTalk

"Wir haben wieder einen Entwickler zu Gast und mit Frédéric wird es garantiert nicht Langweilig, schließlich hat er schon für einige namenhafte Synthesizer Hersteller Produkte erschaffen. Aber mit Fred's Lab hat Frédéric wohl ein paar der sympathischsten kleinen Synths der letzten Jahre geschaffen.

Wir sind gespannt was er uns über den neuen polyphonen Digital-Sythesizer 'Manatee' erzählen kann!"


"We have another developer as our guest and with Frédéric it is guaranteed not to be boring, after all he has already created products for a number of well-known synthesizer manufacturers. But with Fred's Lab, Frédéric has created some of the most likeable little synths of recent years.
We are curious what he can tell us about the new polyphonic digital synthesizer 'Manatee'!"

You can find additional posts featuring the Manatee here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Fred's Lab ZeKit Paraphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Box

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via this auction

Use this code on checkout for $30 off orders of $100 or more from now until December 31: MATRIX30

You can find demos of the ZeKit in previous posts here.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

THE DISC (excerpt 5) featuring Fred's Lab Töörö

video upload by adnmusic

"THE DISC (excerpt) feat. Fred's Lab Töörö

Thanks to Ar No for the Rhodes.

the concept:"

THE DISC [NEW ALBUM] : the concept

"Découvrez le concept de mon nouvel album : THE DISC."

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Berlin School / Ambient jam with Bassline, Töörö, OXI ONE and friends

video upload by Waveformer

"Here's a live Ambient Berlin School jam with Bassline from Erica Synths, the Töörö synth from Fred's Lab, the OXI ONE sequencer, Source Audio Collider and Zoom MS-70CDR effects, and the Bluebox mixer/recorder.

The Bassline starts off with a very basic sawtooth-based bassline, which gets dirtier during the jam. The Töörö joins in with two melodic themes, a secondary bass pattern and a pad with lots of delay and reverb from the Collider and the Bluebox (clouds reverb algorithm).

The audio is recorded to SD card on 1010music's Bluebox mixer/recorder and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 17."

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Töörö multitimbral synth, with OXI ONE and Bluebox

video upload by Waveformer

"The Töörö is a four-part multitimbral hybrid analog/digital synth with a small footprint. In this jam/tutorial, I demonstrate how you can set up the Töörö to get separate audio outputs for each of the four parts, sequence the four parts individually with the OXI ONE sequencer and mix the parts individually with the Bluebox mixer. The configuration is explained as text overlays in the video.

My music on Bandcamp:

The audio is recorded to SD card on 1010music's Bluebox mixer/recorder and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 17.

Gear used:
- Töörö from Fred's lab
- OXI ONE from OXI Instruments
- 1010music Bluebox audio mixer and recorder

Audio connections:
- Töörö - Bluebox, using both the two stereo line outs and the main stereo out

MIDI connections:
- OXI ONE - Töörö"

Saturday, May 14, 2022

[SUPERBOOTH22] FRED'S LAB MANATEE / synthétiseur spectral (proto)

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Fred's Lab présente le nouveau prototype de synthétiseur spectral Manatee."


"Fred's Lab introduces the new Manatee spectral synthesizer prototype."

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Fred's Lab Introduces the Manatee - Digital Desktop Synthesizer w/ Spectral Engine Synthesis

via Fred's Lab

BERLIN. 12.05.22

At Superbooth 2022, Fred’s Lab announce working on its new machine: the Manatee

The Manatee is an ode to the golden era of digital machines with personality, together with modern twists and a crystal clear sound quality. With reminiscences of electric organ tones and out-of-this-world but beautifully contained harshness, the Manatee unveils new sound exploration paths.

Loosely inspired by digital classics, the Manatee excels at producing dark & moody pads, snappy or round bell like tones and behaves very well in known VA (virtual analog) territory. At the frontier between the beloved wavetable and the unconventional additive synthesis, by fusing a complex procedural spectral source with a top notch realtime re-sampler, the Manatee allows any musician to efficiently alter their sound timbre as they discover.

Besides the spectral generator, a versatile sub-oscillator (including FM features) and a filtered noise source (with variable sample rate) are on the menu. The sound get further refined thanks to the great sounding filter, and an extra tuned resonator followed by the overdrive module. A per-part stereo delay is also there.

Built like a tank, using only industrial grade pots, switches and connectors, the Manatee is a professional piece of gear and there to last. Would it need repairs, like with all Fred’s Lab products, service instructions including complete schematics are part of the user manual. Latest firmware can be downloaded from our website.

• Dual core 16 bit fixed-point DSP
• Hand crafted assembly engine
• TI (originally Burr Brown) DACs
• DIN MIDI IN & OUT (with smart THRU)
• Synchronization by ext. clock or MIDI clock
• High contrast / backlit 16x2 LCD display
• 16x aluminum potentiometers
• 25x long lasting illuminated switchs

• 3 part 9 voice multitimbral spectral engine
• Extensive MIDI 1.0 with MPE or multimode

• 1x
• 1x
• 2x
• 1x
• 2x
• 1x
• 1x
• 3x
• 1x

• 1x
superb self-resonant filter model
overdrive module
dedicated loopable envelopes (ENV. F & ENV. A) dedicated filter LFO
spectral modulators (MOD. B - for body & MOD. F for formant) resonator module
long and modulated stereo delay
audio buses mixer (Main, Aux & Reverb)
simple arpeggiator reverb module

• Various Main and Aux buses master EQs

* These specifications will evolve during project development


IMPORTANT: SB22 machines are technological demo units – not final instruments

Changes may include:
• form factor
• audio engine feature list
• enclosure design style
• pricing (around 600E, VAT included)

Although product research and development is self-founded, Fred’s Lab needs additional finances to make this machine production ready (to cover lab testing, procurement costs, tooling, production line rental & associated setup costs...).

Fred’s Lab will eventually run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (no date to be announced) to produce a limited first run of 150 machines.

The two machines presented @ Superbooth 2022 (so-called “Superbooth Edition”) will be sold on auction, also to help financing the project development. Auctions will take place on Ebay, on the 14/06/2022.

more information @

Click the pics for full size.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Taking our MIDI gear offgrid: Stolperbeats and Digitone

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"Finished a chilled weekend with a nice Sunday evening jam! Stolperbeats is heard here MIDI sequencing Elektron's Digitone 4 voice FM synth, a secret Making Sound Machines Eurorack prototype called Percussive Maintenance as well as Fred's Lab's cheeky little paraphonic voice called Zekit. If you haven't already, go check out the DIY workshops at Superbooth 2022 - where you can actually build a Zekit yourself!

Stolperbeats, roughly translating to 'beats tripping over themselves', is a drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled beats influenced by artists like Flying Lotus, Hiatus Kaiyote and J Dilla. We've always been fascinated by taking our beats offgrid to give them more fluidity and life. This module allows you to easily dial in and seamlessly switch between all the shuffle, feeling and groove we would, in the past, painstakingly nudge together in a DAW.

Stolperbeats' timing is set to Clave, a special mode where the accents in a 3:3:2 rhythm are fixed "on time" and the rest of the notes shuffle around that. The idea came when we chopped up some Modeselektor beats and started to add swing to them.

The Elektron Digitone acts as a sound module here, receiving Stolperbeats' triggers as MIDI notes - channel, pitch, velocity and note length can be adjusted per track to map to any MIDI capable drum machine or synth. The MIDI is split using the incredibly handy Meeblip cubit to target an extra bass voice on Fred's Lab Zekit. Of course, you can still patch the triggers into Eurorack at the same time, so we whipped out our Percussive Maintenance drum voice to add a kick and some hihats.

While Digitone's internal sequencer is not running in this sketch, Stolperbeats still sends a MIDI clock signal so the tempo synchronizes across the two machines. Enrica uses the built-in keys to live-transpose one of the tracks and play a shuffled melody on top of the sketch. We're very excited about Elektron 's new Syntakt by the way, that looks like a perfect match for Stolperbeats."

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Fred’s Lab Buzzzy! 4 part multimbral 16 Voice desktop MIDI synthesizer SN 00074

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via this auction

"Buzzzy! is an advanced 16 voice digital polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

The instrument is 4 part multitimbral and features 4 distinctive sound engines (Pulse, FM, Waves & Noise), 9 quality FX (reverbs, delays and filters) and an arpeggiator per part. USB provides both power and MIDI. A fullsize MIDI IN DIN5 socket is also included."

Monday, April 04, 2022

Tombola | SynthFest 2022

video upload by SynthFest France

1 - Korg ARP 2600-M - Ticket 619 - Kori G
2 - Novation Peak - Ticket 783 - Maël Birot
3 - Arturia MiniFuse2 + FX Collection 2 + V Collection 8 - Ticket 993 - Eloi Perregaux
4 - Haken Audio ContinuuMini - Ticket 836 - Jerome Nalet
5 - Moog Subsequent 25 - Ticket 953 - Jimmy Moscherosch
6 - Modor NF-1M - Ticket 420 - Eric Lievens
7 - Roland JD-Xi - Ticket 1293 - Patrick Delbouille
8 - Native Instruments Komplete 13 - Ticket 111 - Cédric Robiolle
9 - Aodyo Anyma Phi - Ticket 360 - Jean-Philippe François
10 - Eurorack modular bundle - Ticket 771 - Francis Loubry
11 - Fred's Lab ZeKit - Ticket 599 - Christophe Marandeau
12 - Akai Pro MPK Mini MK3 - Ticket 1057 - Frederic Pommat

Monday, January 31, 2022

Fred’s Lab Töörö 12-bit Poly Synthesizer w/ Analog Filters & Original Box

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via this auction


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