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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

orpho Alpha T-Drum: Versatile Eurorack Modular Drum Module | Dynamic & Organic Sounds Overview

video upload by HOX808

"The alpha T-Drum module is a versatile Eurorack drum module designed to create dynamic and organic percussion sounds. It features CV manipulation through a Vactrol, giving the sound a lively and organic texture. With inputs for Trigger, Velocity/Accent, and CV, as well as a frequency potentiometer for sound shaping, it offers great flexibility. The module measures 3U x 4HP x 15mm and consumes +12V, -12V | 40mA power."

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Orpho VLPF - Eurorack Vactrol Low-Pass-Filter

video upload by HOX808

"The Orpho VLPF is an active low-pass filter module for modular synthesizers in the Eurorack format. It is a fully resonant low-pass filter that uses vactrols as controlling elements for the filter frequency and resonance. The two potentiometers for frequency and resonance set the desired filtering. The more they are opened, the more light falls on the two LDRs. By changing the control voltage, frequency, volume, and resonance change simultaneously. The potentiometers allow the adjustment of the light impact to achieve fine gradations. The two LEDs are exposed to provide a visual representation.

A fully resonant filter shows significant amplification at its resonance frequency, leading to a sharp peak in the frequency response. The quality factor (Q-factor) determines the sharpness of this resonance: a high Q-factor implies a sharp resonance, while a low Q-factor results in a more damped resonance. Fully resonant filters can also tend to oscillate in the absence of an input signal when set to maximum amplification, a phenomenon known as self-oscillation.


A vactrol is a combination of a light-dependent resistor (LDR) and a light-emitting diode (LED) housed in a common, light-tight enclosure. Increasing the LED brightness decreases the resistance of the LDR. This can be used for various circuits that rely on variable resistances. These components are known for their "soft" sound, as they are linear elements that do not cause distortion.

Module Overview:

- VLPF with vactrol control
- Fully resonant filter
- Self-oscillation possible
- High-quality potentiometers
- CV input
- Two LEDs behind the front panel for visual representation
- Amazing organic sound, ideal for drum snappy sounds and bongo sounds

Enclosure and Power Consumption:

The VLPF is 3U high, 8HP wide, and 18mm deep. Power consumption: +12V, -12V | 40mA."

Wednesday, November 08, 2023


video upload by HOX808

"Comprising initially of 6 modules, based on transistors and Vactrols for sound manipulation to create an analog and organic sound. Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Zulu drums from South Africa, the series promises a variety of drum sounds, including deep bass percussion and lively rhythms. Although a total of 9 modules are planned, the first 6 modules, including the Bass Drum, will be released initially, while the remaining 3 modules will be available later. More information can be found at"

Saturday, July 10, 2021

orpho voodoo drum machine | Eurorack modular tube drum machine with dynamic 8 step sequencers...

video upload by HOX808

'Die Voodoo Drum Machine befindet sich in der Forschungsphase mit 4 Modulen aus der Voodoo Drum Serie und 4 dynamischen Trigger-Sequenzern die in einem diskreten Mixer zusammengemischt werden. Möglicherweise wird es eine limitierte Auflage geben..."

Monday, March 08, 2021


video by HOX808

"'GLUT UND ASCHE' ist ein Doppelröhren-LOW-Pass-Filter mit einstellbarer Verzerrung der Filterresonanz. Jede Röhre verfügt über ein Differentialpotentiometer, das den Rückkopplungspfad zu der dazugehörigen Röhre spezifisch beeinflusst.

Die Schaltung basiert konsequent auf zwei Röhren und bietet echten und unverfälschten Röhrensound. Verwendet werden zwei ECF 80. Auf Transistoren, IC´s und SMD-Komponenten wurde zugunsten der Wahrhaftigkeit verzichtet.

'GLUT UND ASCHE' ist ein 'real thing' und so hört es sich auch an. Wild Entschlossen das durch den Signaleingang eingespeiste Audiomaterial drastisch und energisch zu zerrütten.

Selbstverständlich sind auch herrlich organisch anmutende Verläufe möglich, sofern man das Filter solide und gradlinig betreiben möchte."


"'GLUT UND ASCHE' is a double tube LOW-pass filter with adjustable distortion of the filter resonance. Each tube has a differential potentiometer that specifically influences the feedback path to the associated tube.

The circuit is consistently based on two tubes and offers real and unadulterated tube sound. Two ECF 80 are used. Transistors, ICs and SMD components have been omitted in favor of truthfulness.

'GLUT UND ASCHE' is a 'real thing' and it sounds like that. Wildly determined to drastically and energetically disrupt the audio material fed in through the signal input.

Of course, wonderfully organic gradients are also possible, provided you want to operate the filter in a solid and straightforward manner. "

Saturday, December 19, 2020



"Das erste Modul aus der kommenden Voodoo Drum Serie ist die BD.

Zum Einsatz kommen zwei Russische Militärröhren vom Typ 6SH1P, die einen einzigartigen Röhrensound entstehen lassen.
Die 4 Parameter ATTACK, DECAY, FREQ.C.1 und FREQ.C.2 beeinflussen den Klang multilateral und stehen in Interaktion untereinander. Um die uneingeschränkte Ausnutzung des Parameterumfangs zu gewährleisten, fahren die Potentiometer ihre Einstellwerte in absolute Grenzbereiche und über sie hinaus. Beim Einstellen ist also etwas Behutsamkeit erforderlich. Der Trigger-Eingang reagiert dynamisch um akzentuierte Schritte zu ermöglichen. Akzeptiert werden Trigger-Signale von 0-10 Volt. Der Gate-Eingang reagiert konventionell.
Die BD wird ab 2021 erhältlich sein…"


"The first module from the upcoming voodoo drum series is the BD.

Two Russian military tubes of type 6SH1P are used, which create a unique tube sound.
The 4 parameters ATTACK, DECAY, FREQ.C. 1 and FREQ.C.2 influence the sound multilaterally and interact with each other. In order to guarantee the unrestricted use of the range of parameters, the potentiometers drive their setting values into absolute limit ranges and beyond them. So some caution is required when adjusting. The trigger input reacts dynamically to enable accented steps. Trigger signals of 0-10 volts are accepted. The gate entrance reacts conventionally.
The BD will be available from 2021 ..."

Sunday, September 27, 2020

orpho-metal noise designer | NEW MODULE for Eurorack Modular System


"Mit seinen sechs frei dimensionierbaren Oszillatoren lassen sich multiplexe Metall-Sounds generieren. In Kombination mit einer Hüllkurve etc. werden individuelle Cymbals, Rides und Hi-Hat´s möglich. Auch für intergalaktische Klangteppiche ist der „metal noise designer“ wie geschaffen. Jeder Oszillator hat einen Frequenzbereich von:

120 Hz bis 55 kHz.

Alle Oszillatoren werden am Ausgang zusammengemischt."


"With its six freely dimensioned oscillators, multiplex metal sounds can be changed. In combination with an envelope, etc., individual cymbals, rides and hi-hats are possible. The" Metal Noise Designer "is also like many for intergalactic sound carpets. Every oscillator has a frequency range of:

120 Hz to 55 kHz.

All oscillators are mixed together at the output."

Friday, May 22, 2020

Orpho Vollrausch ( BLACK) | Vacuum Tube VCO / Noise Generator Eurorack Module + VC LFO, DIODE FILTER

Published on May 22, 2020 HOX808

The silver panel made its appearance in November of last year.

"The new variant of the Vollrausch. Now he comes in a casual black robe. In the first part of the video you can hear the pure sound of the module. Later an LFO orgy flew.

The LFO will also be available soon. The show must go on..."

Saturday, April 04, 2020


Published on Apr 4, 2020 HOX808

via ORPHO (google translated):

"The D / 8 diode filter is a distinctive 12 dB / octave multimode filter that is used as a resonant low-pass filter, high-pass filter or band-pass filter.

When used fine, the filter behaves rather softly and smoothly, but with increasing resonance it can sound quite hearty and aggressive. Self-oscillation is possible.

There are separate inputs for high-pass filters, low-pass filters and bandpass filters. For example, Filter and bundle three different signals at the same time.

The BOOST controller passionately potentiates the maximum final modulation.


2x CV input, 1x with attenuator for 1V / OCTAVE.

Signal inputs HP, LP, BP

Out - signal output

3U high, 12HP wide, 30mm deep. Power consumption: 12V | 50m"


Published on Apr 4, 2020 HOX808

via ORPHO (google translated):

"We are arching the time.

The signal applied to the input is timed by the TIME CONTROLLER (echo threshold). The echo threshold is strongly dependent on the characteristics of the sound and the level of the reflections. The REPEAT control determines the repetition rate.

In certain controller positions it is even possible to "freeze" the signal. We get wonderful feedback loops and space-like sounds as if we had received them directly from space.

Four time coordinates are available on the Echoscope ad hoc.



REPULSE - regulates the Hall ratio

REFLECTION - regulates the relationship between input and output.


CV input for TIME.

IN - signal input

Out - signal output

3U high, 12HP wide, 30mm deep. Power consumption: 12V | 40mA"

Sunday, February 09, 2020

ORPHO KICK DRUM 2 | Eurorack Module | Analog Modular Bass Drum

Published on Feb 9, 2020 HOX808

"In addition to the new design, the second version of the kick drum now also has a CV input."

"Depending on your preference, various kick sounds can be generated. The sound generation of the Orpho Kick Drum is thanks to a sophisticated T-drum oscillator, which is divided into two areas. Each area is assigned to a controller. The sound character can be influenced in many ways by the two scope controls, even self-oscillation is possible!"

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Orpho OUROBOROS | Vacuum Tube VCO Eurorack Module

Published on Feb 2, 2020 HOX808

"In the OUROBOROS, the ECF 80 triode pentode is used in duplicate. It was originally intended as a TV and radio tube, but was also used in power amplifiers. Now we have revived them for the Eurorack. Even if a tube oscillator consumes a lot of electricity and its habit is always somewhat extravagant, it is worth starting up. Unique sounds are available for noises research.

Due to the 'curved' characteristics of the tube oscillator, the module does not have an exactly defined control characteristic (e.g. V / octave). The inevitable tolerances of the tube oscillator will also cause each module to sound a little different.

2 x CV input for frequency control with attenuator.
IN - signal input / sync with attenuator.
Out - signal output. Scope frequency range high / low
3U high, 12HP wide, 30mm deep. Caution! Outstanding module! 42mm from front panel.

Power consumption: 12V | 400mA! 800mA during the warm-up phase (approx. 30 seconds)."

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Orpho Vollrausch | Vacuum Tube VCO / Noise Generator Eurorack Module

Published on Nov 26, 2019 HOX808

"The Orpho Vollrausch generates its sound through two Russian military tubes (6SH1P)."

Google translated from Orpho:

Vollrausch | Vacuum Tube VCO / Noise Generator

The Orpho "Fullrush" is a combination of Tube-VCO and Noise Generator. It is a non-standard VCO module designed primarily as a noise generator. Two Russian military tubes (6SH1P) are used. The noise can be mixed in with a scope controller. When the noise component increases, the frequency of the oscillator varies until it is completely full. If you reduce the noise completely, the pure VCO signal is left over. Due to the "curved" characteristics of the tube oscillator, the module does not have a precisely defined control characteristic (e.g., V / octave). The inevitable tolerances of the tube oscillator will also make each module sound a little different. The tubes can also be replaced by two EF95 or similar. be exchanged, which then sound different again. By applying a control voltage to the CV input, e.g. LFO, sequencer, etc. can be varied in the usual way the sound varied.


This is the first Orpho post on MATRIXSYNTH.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Replica of the Moog 901B oscillator

Published on Mar 7, 2019 HOX808

"Moog 901 B Oscillator | Original replica from the year 1969. Except for the D2 diode, all components are easy to obtain. The N 4148 diode is ideal as a replacement. For operation without a 901A controller, the resistors R31, R32 must be supplied with current + 11.5V. The node 'B' must also be connected to the power supply. For the CV control the node 'A' is responsible."

Monday, May 22, 2017


Published on May 22, 2017 HOX808

"The Orpho Flash Trigger, allows a flash-like triggering of 16 steps for 8 tracks each. Excellent for intuitive use.
A step is set or deleted by pressing a key. If the Enter key is pressed, all subsequent steps are set. The Orpho Flash trigger is in the test phase and has the status of a prototype."

Friday, November 11, 2016

November Rain | Eurorack Vocoder Funk Patch

Published on Nov 11, 2016 Björn Bommersheim

"Here's a kind of Vocoder Funk Techno Eurorack Patch

Patch Notes

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thuesday's Dub | Eurorack Dub Techno

Published on Sep 22, 2016 Björn Bommersheim

"One take recording of an eurorack dub techno patch

full patch notes:

Monday, August 01, 2016

Wav Trigger Eurorack Module with 16 sockets , triggered by Game System , Modular Sampler

Published on Aug 1, 2016 HOX808

"The famous Korg Minipops 7 sounds loaded onto the SD card. controlled by various sequencers."

Info on Wav Trigger board used in this module by HOX808, via sparkfun:

"Description: The WAV Trigger is a unique high-fidelity polyphonic audio player with surprising capabilities. Supporting up to 2048 uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz wav files – the same quality as an audio CD – the WAV Trigger can play and mix up to 14 stereo tracks simultaneously and independently, with very low latency. Tracks can be controlled via 16 programmable trigger inputs, or by using a native serial control protocol or even MIDI.

Trigger inputs can be connected directly to switches and buttons, or to digital outputs from sensors or another microcontroller. Alternate functions can be specified using a free cross-platform GUI application, and allow triggers to play sequential or random tracks, pause and resume groups of tracks and even control volume. An Arduino library allows for complex serial control like real-time mixing, starting multiple tracks in sample-sync and smooth cross-fading between tracks.

On-board sample rate conversion allows for smoothly changing playback speed/pitch from 0.5x to 2x. in real-time.

MIDI allows you to use the WAV Trigger as a polyphonic sampling synthesizer to play your own sounds from any MIDI keyboard controller. MIDI Channels and Note numbers are mapped to track numbers, and MIDI Controllers adjust volume as well as attack and release times. MIDI Program Change is supported to switch between up to 16 banks of 128 sounds. The WAV Trigger audio engine even implements, pitch bending, voice stealing (oldest playing voices are used for new MIDI Notes when all 14 voices are being used), note attack (fade-in), note release (fade-out) and latency averages 8 ms.

The WAV Trigger supports both SDSC (up to 2GB) and SDHC (up to 32GB) type microSD cards.

Check the link in the documents below to keep up with the latest Firmware updates!

Note: This product is a collaboration with Robertsonics. A portion of each sales goes back to them for product support and continued development."

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Speak and Read EURORACK MODULE with Circuit Bent Modification I CV IN, Trigger IN for Modular

Published on Jun 23, 2016 HOX808

"GAME SYSTEM plays Speak and Read EURORACK MODULE with Circuit Bent Modification I CV IN, 2x Trigger IN for modular connection. All drum sounds coming from the Orpho Modular Drum."

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Published on Feb 27, 2016 HOX808

"Orpho Modular Drum is a drum set for the Eurorack. It consists of 8 different drum voices, bass drum, snare, Hi-Hat, 3xcConga Low, Mi, Hi and 2 x RIM shot.
The circuits are similar to the drum machines of bygone days.
Each module is manufactured by myself, without the use of SMD components.
100% analog, in every respects!
The modules will be available soon for sale."

Follow-up to Moog Mother 32 ACID JAM with TB 303 and Modular ANALOG DRUMs.

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