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Friday, May 17, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Nono - Major Tom Desktop Sequencer

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Filippo from Nono showcased their latest desktop sequencer modules, starting with the four-track CV gate sequencer boasts a strong focus on the percussive aspect, with the option to expand it with two-channel expansions and a CV-in expander for parameter control via CV. The six-track desktop version includes the CV-in expansion and offers detailed control over gate levels, lengths, dynamics, and more for creating intricate sequences. The sequencer features classic 16-step sequencing along with triplet options for added groove, allowing for easy polyrhythms and fine time shifts. With an analog approach and digital functionality, Nono's sequencer provides a user-friendly experience with minimal menu diving.

The video also featured the sounds of the Pocket Operator Modular and the crossover filter from *Buck Brands*, showcasing the versatility of the sequencer in action. The Eurorack version of the sequencer is currently available for pre-order on the Nono website, with a planned release date in August at a price of $726. The desktop version is set to follow in August or September, with final pricing details yet to be confirmed. For more information on *Nono's *sequencer modules and other featured products, check out the link below."

Monday, March 18, 2024

Synth Explosion Italy Event Pics

Some pics in via Tony Light of

The following is via Milano Modulare where you'll find additional pics.

"A fantastic Sunday yesterday at Synth Explosion at Trattoria San Biagio !
Thanks to all the people involved, to the friends of NONO Modular , LepLoop and 51beats for being a lively and creative part of our community and thanks to Jolin for your continued collaboration! Here, as always, some photos from the event!"

Don't miss the STELLARIA pictured below. According to Jolin, it's: "a synthetic flower made of sensors and electronic components. Its petals are light / temperature / pressure / moisture and wind sensitive. The sound generated is then processed into a modular synthesizer to create an interactive performance."

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A Powerful Sequencer with lots of UNIQUE functions // NONO Modular Major Tom (Eurorack Prototype)

video upload by DivKid

"I jumped at the chance to play with a prototype of Major Tom, NONO Modular's first Eurorack module, currently on Kickstarter (HERE - It's very much still a prototype with updates already in place (beyond what I have here) and new ideas to be implemented as well.

NONO Modular have been in the Eurorack space for years with their cases (see those here but this is an impressive entry into the module space. Major Tom is 4 channel gate & CV sequencer with a unique polyrhythmic approach that places a 8th note triplet grid over a 16th note grid and allows you to sequence across both easily. There's also switchable variations per part, gate fragments, dynamic gate adjustments and plenty more.

If you're interest there's details and backing options on Kickstarter here //

**NOTE //** while I'm just making beats here, you could be using this for melodies, riffs and basslines or even 4 voice polyphonic work. These are just the things my quick playing led to.

If you'd like to support work like this and the wider range of what I do, considering heading over to Patreon at and supporting for as little as $1 a month to gain access to the DivKid Discord community, plus lots of exclusives such as PDF patchbooks, videos and more.

00:00 Hello & previews
00:33 What is Major Tom? Who are NONO Modular?
00:53 Feature run down
03:00 Live pattern variations - so fun the OG DivBaby got involved
05:03 Polymetric patterns with last step adjustments
07:39 ‘Shift’ a micro timing, gate delaying way to add groove and wonkiness!"

Monday, January 22, 2024


video upload by NONO MODULAR

No audio in this demo - just the UI. Note the ring colors represent and match the Track A-D buttons. He sets the step points for A, holds A down for a couple of seconds to copy, then preses B, C, and D to paste. He then tweaks B, C, and D separately.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Major Tom as a fuzzy sound source

video upload by NONO MODULAR

"A side use of Major Tom could be as a sound source.
If you send a clock in audio rate in the clock input of Major Tom it can become a fuzzy, phasy, oscillator and suboscillator bank.
In this video I use only two channel sraight in the mixer (with a hint o speing reverb)
The very funny thing is that by drawing the gate using the 4 programming parameters per step you can create different waveforms.
Here for example I created a strange SAW/RAMP created from different pulses with increasing and decreasing dynamics, a sort of 8/few bits SAW/RAMP.
The phase effect between the two waves when you move the SHIFT of a channel is fantastic. 🤩"

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

San Bias Synth Explosion Event Set for January 28th

||| Synth & Food |||

On this Sunday at the beginning of the year, analogue synth enthusiasts will meet at the Trattoria San Biagio to share polenta and synths.

During the day, Lombard producers will exhibit and illustrate their creations. The following will be present at this synth meeting:

NONO Modular

The event is supported by Milano Modulare (community of modular pickers) and 51beats independent record label

The event will begin with the classic Sunday lunch within the walls of San Biagio, we recommend booking your table on 031 631047.

From h. 4.00 pm it will be possible to visit small exhibition tables with the instruments and attend the presentation of the various manufacturers with descriptions of them.

Around aperitif time, a spontaneous and improvised performance will come to life. We are waiting for you! Enjoy your Synth Experience!"

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Major Tom Sequencer plays kraftwerisms

video upload by NONO MODULAR

"Small stringhy/electrokraut improvvisation where Major Tom plays some percussive stuff, stimulate the DELAY 1022 CG PRODUCT used as a resonator and control the very creamy FRAP TOOLS CUNSA filterbank which shapes the bass sounds."

Major Tom //// Esotic Cunsa

video upload by

"percussive session by gently pinging the Frap Tools Cunsa.
The truthfulness and "acoustics feel" of the sounds are incredible!
Cunsa reacts in a very organic and colorful way, starting the synthesis of the sound by sculpting the trig/gate, thanks to the characteristics of Major Tom, you get a very wide palette of sounds."

Monday, January 08, 2024

Major Tom Sequencer // GIACOMO VANELLI

video upload by NONO MODULAR

"an excerpt from the close encounter between Major Tom and Giacomo Vanelli."

See this post for details on the new Major Tom Sequencer from NONO MODULAR.

Friday, January 05, 2024

NONO Modular / Major Tom: Polyrhythmic Performance Sequencer

video uploads by NONO MODULAR

Update: pic of the NONO in a throwback, retro-styled, wooden drum machine case added below.

Currently on Kickstarter here

Press release follows:

Major Tom is a eurorack sequencer designed for percussive synthesis in eurorack modular context.
Technically it is a 4 track cv-gate sequencer (expandable up to 12 tracks with expanders modules) and with some unique features focused on rhythmic and polyrhythmic aspects.

In 1972, EKO COMPUTERHYTHM introduced the first programmable drum machine to the market and invented the 16 STEP writing, which would become a standard for all subsequent programmable drum machines and step sequencer and has remained unchanged until now.

50 years later, NONO MODULAR with his Major Tom, introduces a small but fundamental modification to this standard, that allows for easily creating more complex and groovier rhythms without losing the ease and immediacy of the classic system, thus expanding the possibilities we have had so far with hardware sequencers.

MAJOR TOM presents itself as a classic 16-step CV/gate sequencer but also implements triplet steps in parallel (the outer orbits of the 16-step circle), making it the only hardware step sequencer to offer this possibility and, above all, in such an immediate way.

It is a 4-track Eurorack CV/gate sequencer (expandable up to 12 tracks with 2-channel expansions) with a focus on writing rhythmic and polyrhythmic parts and on treating the width, length, and fragmentation of the gate for each step.

All these features are extremely useful for creating more dynamic rhythms, easily creating burst effects, rolls, ratcheting, and for precise work on percussive synthesis in the Eurorack modular context (for example, working with ping/ring techniques with low-pass gates and filters of West Coast systems or stimulating delays and resonators).

A quantized CV for each track allows you to tune or modulate your patches.
Of course, the sequencer also allows you to work with drum modules and create classic melodic sequences like any other CV/gate sequencer.

A large round display allows you to keep track of everything that happens. For clarity, each track has its own color (white, yellow, blue, red, and white and green for expansions).

There are very few submenus in this sequencer, which presents itself with a very analog and "one button, one function" philosophy that helps with orientation and provides great immediacy in live performances.

Underneath what you see directly with your eyes, there are only quantization and clock dividing parameters, sequence group saving banks that are saved directly on microSD (to facilitate export, management, and backup), and various copy/paste/freeze tricks that are essential for both fast programming and performance/variation.

Each expansion adds two channels with all their respective controls and allows for expanding the sequencer tracks according to the need, up to 12 total channels tops, connecting by 4 expansions.

Expandability is not the only advantage of this structure because, in addition to expanding the available channels, it allows us to keep the project open and develop other types of expansions with different characteristics and different controls to meet other needs.


• 4 CV/Gate tracks (expandable up to 12 with expansions)
• 16-step sequencer with the addition of triplet steps (total of 24 steps)
• 4 independent parameters per step, adjustable via dedicated button and encoder (3 for gate and 1 for CV)
• LEVEL (gate amplitude, from 0V to 10V)
• LENGTH (gate length, from a very short trigger of 1% of the gate to a full gate step)
• SPACER/FRAGMENTER (gate fragmentation up to 10 parts and application of dynamic masks to the impulse group, such as increasing, decreasing, linear, random, alternating, etc.)
• CV (Quantized voltage in different scales)

A large part of the module is dedicated to sequence controls in order to have direct and immediate contact and maximum playability.

3 performance controls and a colored button for each track:
• LARGE VAR SWITCH KNOB with 10 positions switch where you can save 10 different sequences instantly switchable for use as variations.
• LAST STEP SWITCH KNOB, allowing independent change of the LAST STEP of the individual track from 16 STEPS to 1, easily creating polyrhythms.
• SHIFT KNOB to finely delay the entire sequence independently from others.
• COLORED BUTTON, colored button to select the track to program. Other functions are associated with this button such as pattern copy/paste and track reset.

Additional features include:
• Encoder for sequence speed
• Start/Stop button and Reset button (general reset and individual track resets in combination with the colored track button)
• MAJOR TOM is 42HP, expander IS 14HP , DEPTH is 3,5cm
• MEMORY: hundreads and hundreads of “LIVE SCENE” can be saved and reorganized on SD (LIVE SCENE is the set of 10 patterns saved in the large knob of each of the tracks)

Monday, June 05, 2017

NONO Modular Introduces Space Case Series - Foldable Eurorack Cases

via the Kickstarter:

"Compact, foldable eurorack cases, which give the most while taking up little space, functional solutions for your modular systems.

Nono is a product line for eurorack modules, aimed at finding functional solutionsfor your systems, where the human-machine relationship is the focal point of the design, to improve playability, instrument focus and transportability. The products have a design that includes the charm of old lab machines, cast into the future, and the beauty of an object designed to be both useful and efficient. Space age e rationalism in modular Eurorack format. 


These eurorack cases are designed to meet the needs of musicians who travel a lot and therefore need compact, foldable cases, which give the most while taking up little space. Efficient companions for your setup. Built and assembled with great care, with prime quality material, by expert craftsmen directly in Brianza,manufacturing centre of the best Italian design.

The series is composed of 3 case, 3 format for 3 space experience.

ROVER 1.60
A single 60hp row
Small format to gather ideas and a savoured module selection, For a mini modular setup.2 piezo pads mounted on the lid for rapid tricks.
A small device for agile moon landings

2x 84hp rows
Classic format, for vertical or horizontal use, robust and foldable while patched!
Ideal if you’re looking for an easy to carry, durable, high-quality case.

3x 84hp RAW and a padded space for storing cables, power bricks, spring tanks and accessories.
Robust and foldable while patched.
Inspired by the design of old, glorious synths,
Lander has an original and innovative design.
The idea comes from the sum of a 1ROW skiff plus a vertical 2ROW case,
The vertical case is tilted for optimal focus on the modules,
The whole case can be folded for transport.
Compact and light
Folded size: 47x29x20 cm
Weight:. 5 kg
Plus, padded Storage space: 14x43, H from 4 to 7 cm"

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Serge Tcherepnin Coming Back to Modular with Tiptop Audio

Serge Tcherepnin, the man behind the original Serge Modular Music Systems from the 1970s is back at the drawing board with Tiptop Audio.  This is HUGE news.  Another legend of synthesizer history has returned. Note the newer Serge Modular systems are from Rex Probe's Sound Transform Systems. Serge Tcherepnin will be working with Tiptop Audio on new designs.

Update: they will be working on bringing both the older designs to euro format as well as new designs modified to be used with Tiptop stackable cables in lieu of banana jack.  Note older designs including modifications have been available in multiple formats via other manufacturers including Ken Stone's CGS and Bananalogue.  A VCO and the noise source are in the works.  The noise source is actually the original Serge design (the copyright is for the new schematic), and can be used independently, or can used in conjunction with the SSG to create a random voltage generator. (see the comments below)

Some history on Serge Tcherepnin from Wikipedia:

"Serge Tcherepnin is the son of composer Aleksandr Nikolayevich Tcherepnin and grandson of composer Nikolai Nikolayevich Tcherepnin. His mother was Chinese pianist Lee Hsien Ming. He had his first instruction in harmony with Nadia Boulanger and studied from 1958 to 1963 at Harvard University with Leon Kirchner and Billy Jim Layton. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1960. In 1961 at the Darmstadt Vacation Courses he studied with Luigi Nono. He then studied in Europe with Pierre Boulez, Herbert Eimert, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Between 1966 and 1968 he worked at the studio for electronic music of the Cologne Hochschule für Musik. From 1968 he directed the electronic studio of New York University. Starting in 1970 he taught composition and electronic music at the School of Music-California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. He has been involved with the development of synthesizers such as the Serge Modular and founded the company Serge Modular Music Systems. After selling this company in 1986 he returned to France. He has composed works for tape and electronic instruments, multimedia works, chamber music, a Kaddish for speakers and chamber ensemble (1962, on a text of Allen Ginsberg) as well as pieces for saxophone and for piano."

Update 2 via Tiptop Audio on Muff's: "Ok fellows, I don't have any front panels to show you yet, but i can share some of the progress we've made on this project:

I have been talking to Serge for sometime now about making the Serge system in eurorack. It all started when I introduce him to our Stackcables, he loved it and said that very few people are aware of how shielded patchcords would enhance modules such as the Serge VCFs, VCAs, Ring Mod, which are already ultra low noise. He continued by saying that with shielded patchords, the modules will
attain studio quality performance. I guess that from that point it was obvious, we are going to start a new Serge system in the best format in town, eurocrack.

So this is how it's going to work, all modules will be:

1. Original Serge designs

2. Serge color coded jacks

3. Serge original fonts and graphics, work flow

Or in other words; the whole Serge experience.

Those who have/had a Serge know what i'm talking about.

For starters, we are looking at making the Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG) with added randomization, the Dual Slope Generator (DUSG) and the Wilson Analog Delay (WAD).

The fact that we are going to design all these from scratch give us the option to add features, but it is totally up to Serge to decide that. It is going to be his system and his ideas.

On the WAD we are working directly with Dave Wilson and hopefully we could figure out how to implement it with available parts.

The whole thing takes a very long time; Serge is a busy man so please be patient. I'm sure it is going to be worth the wait. It's a great joy seeing Serge drawing schematics again, and I will do my best to make it available for all of us to use."

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