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Monday, May 27, 2024

Checking out the UDO Super 8 Poly Synth at Superbooth 2024

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Join me for a drop-in visit with UDO Audio. I'll go inside their bungalow at Superbooth 2024 to learn about the Super 6, Super 8 and Super Gemini synthesizers.

We focused on the Super 8 polyphonic synthesizer and I was really impressed with its sound, simple to understand front panel layout and features. Listen to the sounds and tell me what you think.

00:00 Titles & Preview
00:25 Intro from George Hearn, Director UDO Audio
00:54 UDO Super 6
01:19 UDO Super 8
01:35 UDO Super Gemini
02:26 Design Inspirations
03:19 Super 8 - Demonstration
09:40 Summary
10:23 Super 8 - Patch Breakdown
12:13 Manufacturing
12:37 Closing
12:52 Logo (theme music)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

UDO Audio - Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH24

video upload by Superbooth Berlin

"UDO Audio with their new SUPER 8 synthesizer!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

UDO Super 6 big cinematic pad

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"Another big pad sound from the Super 6. I love this synth & how it sounds. Just a lovely sounding synth.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium, Hydrasynth, Cobalt 8 & UDO Super 6"

Saturday, May 18, 2024

This synth lives in Cuckoo's heart now #superbooth2024

video upload by True Cuckoo

"UDO Audio Super 8 is basically a Super Gemini with only a few less features. I love it!"

Friday, May 17, 2024

Superbooth 2024 Day 2: The Coolest Gear From Arturia, Modbap, 4MS, Reason & Way More!

video upload by Reverb

"On Day 2 of Superbooth, Fess checks out new gear from Polyend, Arturia, Modbap, Dreadbox, 4MS, UDO, Apollo View Modular, Reason, and ALM/Busy Circuits.

Check out all the latest Superbooth announcements [here].

0:00-0:22- Intro
0:23-7:21 - Polyend Tracker+
7:22-11:00 - Apollo View/DivKid Manic
11:01-14:16 - Arturia Polybrute 12
14:17-17:11 - Modbap CLRS
17:12-20:51 - Dreadbox Murmur
20:52-23:00 - 4MS Meta Module
23:01-25:01 - UDO Super 8
25:02-31:19 - Reason 13 New Synth, Delay and More
31:20- ALM/Busy Circuits Pedal MFX"

New UDO Super 8 Press Release & Pics

You've seen the SUPERBOOTH videos.

The official press release follows:

The UDO Super 8

The Super 8 is a 16-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid performance synthesizer. Employing superior hands-on controls, an expressive 61-note weighted keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch and all the powerful, flexible and addictive sound of the UDO Audio family.


Introducing the next evolution in the Super series. At the core of the Super 8 is two independent binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer signal chains using UDO’s proprietary and proven synthesizer technology. With up to 16 voices of polyphony and two unique timbres each with their own independent effect chain, this instrument is analog reimagined. Like its larger sibling the Super Gemini, voices and timbral layers can be split, dualled, sequenced all at the touch of a single control.

Powered by complex FPGA digital oscillators, the Super 8 is decorated with expansive tonal features such as wave morphing, cross & ring modulation, bi-directional sync and an all-analog signal path to the output, inspired by the analog poysynth heavyweights of lore. Equipped with a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, left hand performance controls and 256 performance and patch slots, 32 interchangeable waveforms and 16 sequences, the Super 8 balances power, playability and performance.

Sitting in between the Super 6 and the Super Gemini in size and power, the Super 8 puts the player first using high quality tactile control elements with our user-centric intuitive design philosophy that inspires exploration and sonic play. Adopting a similar true-stereo Binaural signal path with dual FPGAs and twin effects processors like the Gemini, and yet retaining the portability and road-friendly personality of the Super 6. The Super 8 will be a long time friend and partner in your adventures in sound.

Super. Evolved.

As the next evolution in the Super family, the 16-voice Super 8 sits confidently between the Super 6 and the Super Gemini. This synth is the distillation of the UDO philosophy of the power of play — with the dual cores and playability features of it’s bigger cousin, all in a more compact and simplified presentation — it’s the best of both worlds.

Duality in Sound

The Super 8 allows you to effortlessly transition between two independent synth layers, inspiring textural, deep and rich soundscapes at a touch. With UDO’s championed powerful, flexible and immediate sound, this synthesizer is designed to take you on a sonic journey.

Respected Tradition
Meets Cutting-Edge Innovation

Using the tried and tested UDO framework of state-of-the-art FPGA digital architecture with archetypal voltage-controlled synthesizer technology, the Super 8 is a harmonious meeting of old and new in ideas and techniques. All contained within a no-expense-spared build with the highest quality components, The Super 8 is an instrument for life.

At a Glance

Price (RRP)
€ 3,749
£ 2,995
$ 3,699

First units shipping July 2024

top-line spec
– 16 voices (8 voice in binaural mode)
– Bi-timbral
– Analog-hybrid
– 61 note semi-weighted polyphonic aftertouch keybed
– High quality control elements

Size and weight

1040mm × 400mm × 95mm

1150mm × 550mm × 230mm

UDO Super 8 Polyphonic Synthesizer (Superbooth24)

video upload by Bedroom Producers Blog

SUPERBOOTH24: UDO Audio Super 8

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"UDO Audio showed us a keyboard upgrade and limited edition desktop version of the Super 6, as well as the brand new Super 8 synthesizer which sits in the middle ground between the Super 6 and the Super Gemini."

00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Super 6 Firmware & Keyboard Upgrade
00:54 - Super 8
02:45 - Super 8 SOUND DEMO

Thursday, May 16, 2024

UDO Super 8 - Hazel Mills' First Impressions

video upload by UDO Audio

"Hazel Meets The Super 8

We sent Hazel one of our prototype builds of our new instrument, the Super 8. We wanted her to capture her first impressions of the synth, and take a little dive into the sonic possibilities, and I think we can all agree the sounds she built from scratch are nothing short of outstanding.

More from Hazel here:"

SUPERBOOTH 2024: UDO - Super 8

video upload by sonicstate

"George from UDO Audio *showcased the latest addition to their lineup at Superbooth 2024, the *Super 8 synthesizer. Building on their previous releases, the Super 8 aims to strike a balance between power and portability, sitting comfortably between the Super 6 and the Gemini. With 16 voices and a focus on playability and performance, this new synth offers a versatile range of sounds and capabilities.

Featuring a dual-layer architecture with independent effects per layer, the Super 8 delivers a warm and analog feel with a touch-sensitive poly aftertouch keyboard."

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Hydrasynth from Beautiful to Harsh

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"Using the mutants to create some very harsh sounds and also to subtly add some noise to some beautiful pad sounds. Filmed on my new Sony ZV-E10 (well 2nd hand for a great price) & Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens.
Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium, Hydrasynth, Cobalt 8 & UDO Super 6"

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Dance with the Dead - Sledge (Justin synth playthrough)

video upload by

"All music and merch available here:
Synths used in the video:
UDO Super 6
Sequential Prophet 6
Korg Prologue 8
Sequential Pro 3
Sequential OB-6

Sunday, January 21, 2024

U.D.O. SUPER GEMINI & SUPER 6 live performance

video upload by synthlegends

"Live Performance of the U.D.O. Super Gemini in Split mode (first tune) and Dual mode (second tune) plus the Super 6. So I played live three sounds.

The first tune is a 90 ies style rave track with super saw arpeggio and fat octabass sound on Super Gemini plus reso sweep sound on the super 6.

The second tune is a layered piano acompaning with the super 6 arpeggio."

UDO SUPER GEMINI custom performances - no talking

video upload by synthlegends

"In this video I demonstrate my own programmed presets and also one or two factory presets. I played them mainly in DUAL MODE, so I used two presets and layered them. I recorded them via both output pairs for upper and lower sound directly in the audio interface without additional processing or FX. The SUPER GEMINI is a very flexible and great sounding hybrid synthesiser with a lot of insane performance and live tweaking possibilities. You can use up to 8 pedals, the touch strip and a poly aftertouch keyboard for multiple routings. Thanks for watching this video, hope till the ende, because it is quite long."

Monday, December 18, 2023

Cobalt 8 does really lovely bit crushed pads

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"More bit crushed, noisy pads this time from the Cobalt 8. A really great wee synth with a fantastic app to edit it with. Soundpack coming soon for it!

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium, Hydrasynth & UDO Super 6"

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

UVI Introduces Synth Anthology 4

video uploads by UVI

Note the above is a playlist featuring 4 videos. You can use the player controls to skip through them or just watch them all in order.

Details on Synth Anthology 4 follow:

The authentic sound of 200 synthesizers, from vintage to modern
4,000+ presets and layers deliver incredible sound with hardware soul
Feature-packed dual-layer engine with fx, arpeggiator and more

Synth Anthology 4 - A Synthesizer Tour de Force

Rebuilt from the ground-up, Synth Anthology 4 now features the authentic hardware sound of 200 vintage and modern synthesizers, a fully redesigned engine with powerful features, fx, arpeggiator, smart sound suggestion engine, native MPE support, and more.
A dreamlike collection!

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Anthony Hak
Music Credits: Théo & Thomas

"The Best Keeps Getting Better

What's new in version 4?

Almost everything!
We've rebuilt the engine from the ground-up, added more synths, more presets, more effects, more filters, more modulation, a dedicated browser, a second fully-customizable layer for creating hybrid and blended timbres, an all-new smart suggestion engine that helps you quickly find similar sounds, a more powerful arpeggiator/phraser, bus effects, native MPE support, and more!

Real Hardware Sounds There is something unmistakable about the sound of a real hardware synth, from subtle differences between voice circuits and drift to the varied way filters bite into the sound; there's a distinct character and energy. Synth Anthology 4 delivers the authentic and uncompromising hardware sound with all the conveniences of a modern software instrument.

Every piece of hardware represents a unique creative vision, sonic character, innovations, and strengths. Whatever you're looking for, from analog to digital, vintage classic to future classic, you will find it here. Synth Anthology 4 delivers an incredible collection of hardware, every major manufacturer, every type of synthesis, every era, 200 synthesizers in all.

You won't find a more complete collection anywhere else."

The list:

Friday, May 12, 2023

UDO Super Gemini - sounds from #superbooth #short

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank, California showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. We're open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, and our entire inventory is available to try out in person. Get your hands on the most excellent analog and digital synthesizers, effect pedals, Eurorack modular synths, drum machines, recording gear, and more!"

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Why to love the Cobalt 8

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"Continuing the Unconventional Sounds trend I've been on with my other synths, this time with the Cobalt 8. A lovely, little sounding synth. Great app used to edit it either on your computer or tablet. Highly recommend this synth.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Breath of the clouds | Peaceful ambient music with UDO Super 6

video upload by MIDERA

"Today I had a chance to test out a UDO Super 6 when a friend (Avery) visited. They wanted to check out my Jupiter 6 and borrow a friend's synth which was stowed away at my place for a while. They were kind enough to bring the Super 6 along for the ride.

So what did I think of the Super 6? It's a bit hard to say honestly, if only because it was in my studio for about an hour and I only really messed with it for about 20 minutes total, including playing this.

I found the naming convention similar to that of the DW8000 - where things were sort of not easy to understand right away - like MG for LFO (on the DW and I'm sure other Korg's of the era). Whatever, it's more on me for not understanding that aspect.

I did have this weird sort of thinking that... I actually think the System 8 held up really well - and strangely, I actually am starting to think maybe I like how my System 8 looks. How can this even happen... I don't know. I think once you start bonding with things, even if they don't look great they still are really unique in other ways.

That said, obviously the System 8 is sort of on a lower tier than the Super 6 in terms of build quality and everything else.

I will say that I could understand someone parting with a Jupiter 6, Juno 6/60/106, and System 8 in order to grab the Super 6. It really does a lot of those things well. I am actually wondering why not sell the Jupiter 6 for the Super 6.

So now that's point number 2 - how does the Jupiter 6 compare? Well... I think I'll need to sleep on that. Maybe I'll write something similar with the Jupiter 6 and see how I feel about it. I will say that there is an incredible amount of overlap on the two.

I think the Jupiter 6 looks cooler though :P

And something that I tried to hide (because it showed up at the beginning and I removed it) and did hear somewhat throughout this video... I could hear clicking when I pressed the keys even when the attack was set to very slow. I wonder what that's about or if it's some weird thing with the delay? I don't know."

Monday, July 04, 2022

Visions - Patches 1 to 32 - UDO Super 6

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Friday 8th July

Hand In Hand distribution kindly sent me a UDO Super 6 to try out for a few weeks and I managed to get some time on it and created 64 Patches. This is the first Video (of 2) demonstrating Patches 1 to 32 and are in the order I made them.

As usual, there's lots of Pads, Motion and Strings, plus Bass and Lead and a whole range of other Sounds. Once the 2nd Video is live, then they will be released on my website, ready for purchase.

Hand in Hand Distribution -

00:00 - 1. Looking Glass GEO
00:53 - 2. Signal Sweep GEO
02:08 - 3. Retina GEO
02:53 - 4. Bladerunner GEO
04:02 - 5. Hi Pass GEO

Friday, June 03, 2022

Versatility of the Super-6 / musical sound design

video upload by Jexus

"No talking demo of UDO Audio Super 6. All patches custom-made by Jexus. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, noises and other effects are part of the Super-6 engine & mod matrix. I recorded my demo straight through an audio card. This is a standard factory unit - you don't need any custom wavetables or add-ons for the patches to work.

#udoaudio #super6 #patches

0:00 desert ghost - [cold / keys]
0:15 gravel pit - [texture / pad]
0:35 sunburns - [texture / fx]
1:04 mummy's organs - [dirty / keys]
1:28 exotic east - [pad / lead]
1:46 village drums - [woody / percussive]
1:59 torn - [texture / pad]
2:33 baby coconuts - [keys / pluck]
3:08 blue sky - [pad / strings]
3:25 morning - [smooth / lead]
3:36 noon - [unison / bass]
3:47 polymod - [delicate / lead]
4:02 geology - [glide / arp]
4:22 thin & spiky - [pluck / arp]
4:36 clangy & metallic - [arp / seq]
4:53 leaf cream - [pad / strings]
5:05 tree harmony - [resonant / pad]
5:38 x-echoes - [strings / lead]
5:58 slow & wobbly - [tremolo / pad]
6:26 indoor life - [abrasive / lead]
6:37 hi-pass bass - [analog / modular]
6:48 broken rhythm - [digital / arp]
7:02 air - [ethereal / pad]
7:34 wind - [texture / pad]
8:04 butterflies - [wonky / piano]
8:19 thick & sick - [dirty / unison]
8:38 bubbles - [atmospheric / pad]
9:05 chill-out - [smooth / neutral]
9:26 blunt blade - [metallic / sharp]
9:51 wonkee kee - [delay / keys]
10:13 electric bee - [crackles / drone]
10:31 squelchy goodie - [analog / bass]
10:53 kenneth's anger - [aggressive / bass]"

Patch n Tweak
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