Tuesday, April 02, 2024

First jam with the Waldorf Rocket (& Digitakt)

video upload by TapTikk

"Raw mix. One pattern."

ZX Spectrum: Cheetah Midi interface and Casio CZ-101 synthesizer in Micro Live (UK 1986)

video upload by Modern ZX-Retro Gaming

"Cheetah Midi interface in action in an episode of Micro Live from 1986."


video upload by OBUKHOVAUDIO


video upload by OBUKHOVAUDIO

Frap Tools CUNSA in-depth tutorial | Eurorack quadruple multimode analog filter module

video upload by Frap Tools

"Time to dive deep into Cunsa's main features! In this first tutorial, we will explore how a single filter works and how to combine them together to get the signature "Cunsa sound." This should get you started with CUNSA and let you understand its basic functioning. In the next episodes, we will see more specific applications!

00:00 Intro & Cunsa overview
02:21 The 12 dB/oct lowpass filter
02:41 The Q parameter (resonance, emphasis)
03:42 How the Q affects the LPF cutoff point at 12 dB/oct
04:15 The Character parameter
05:15 Combining Q and Character
05:55 The 24 dB/oct lowpass filter
06:10 The Character behavior on the oscilloscope (12/24 dB/oct LPF)
08:00 How the Q affects the LPF cutoff point at 24 dB/oct
08:15 A comparison of the 12 and 24 lowpass curves with different Q settings
08:52 The 12 dB/oct bandpass and highpass filters
10:09 How Q and Character affect the bandpass and highpass curves
10:23 The Behavior switch (filter and combo mode)
11:50 CV inputs for cutoff, Q, and Character
12:31 Using CUNSA as an oscillator (self-resonating filters)
13:13 Oscilloscope views of the self-oscillating filters
13:37 Fine-tune cutoff frequency knob
13:46 BONUS TIP: double TZFM oscillator with Cunsa and Brenso
14:12 The Ping circuit: nonlinear integration
15:40 Ping circuit and combo mode
16:10 Ping v/s ring, a brief recap
17:03 Semi-normalled connections
17:19 The mixed outputs
18:19 The routing switches: complex filtering with four filters in parallel
19:45 Some examples of semi-normalled patching techniques
22:13 The Dry output and other complex patching examples
25:50 Outro"

Joranalogue Audio Design ft. BRiES / channel take over / introduction

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"For the month of April, we're very excited to have BRiES take over our channels! Known for his in-depth tutorial videos on a variety of #eurorack modules with supremely musical excerpts, as well as writing his own extensive guides to Generate 3 and Compare 2, he's always eager to share his latest insights into analogue synthesis."

Explaining candy cloud

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

Groc - from train announcement to wavetable synth

video upload by oddment audio

"Can Groc do wavetable synthesis? Oh yes.

Here’s how: (1) pick a sound, (2) set the speed near 0, (3) turn the overlap all the way up, (4) use small grains, (5) have fun playing with speed and grain size to seamlessly move between the original sound and your wavetable synth!"

Talking Filters | Schlappy Patching with Stazma


"Episode 6 for Schlappy Patching!
Do you know how to make filters talk? It’s fun and one of my favorite patches to do with modular synthesizer, because of the amount of control you can have on the talking.

In this new episode of Schlappy Patching I’ll give it a go with the 100 Grit and Angle Grinder, the two filters of the Schlappi Engineering echo system.

Do you have a favorite talking filter?
Have fun watching!"

AtoVproject DHO Workshop at SchneidersLaden

video upload by SchneidersLaden

"The workshop by AtoVproject about the DHO – Dual Harmonic Oscillator at SchneidersLaden. AtoVproject introduce their exciting new oscillator and play a performance so you can hear the module in a musical context.

Complex oscillators are renowned for their amazing sonic potential. The DHO uses the power of digital controls to improve accessibility and inspiration. Each analog oscillator generates four octaves of triangle waves and modulates each other using through-zero FM. All of this is channeled through a four-stage diode wavefolder.

For extremely complex modulation there is the power of simplex noise implemented in the DHO. This is an algorithm straight out of the video game industry. One twist of a knob allows you to dynamically modulate 10 parameters. You can explore infinite soundscapes and give life to the whole module with just one CV input. This fantastic noise source can also direct the frequencies of up to 10 internal LFOs, injecting motion and complexity into your sound without cluttering your rack with external modulation sources."

Norns // OB-Xa

video upload by LesjaMusic

"Very small sequencer meets very large synthesizer.

Monome Norns Shield, running the Fall script, sequencing my Oberheim OB-Xa.

Off-screen, some tone shaping is done by Intellijel Sealegs, Djupviks The Qu phaser, Chase Bliss Mood MkII, Chase Bliss CXM 1978, Chase Bliss Generation Loss MkII, and OTO Boum."

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