MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 25, 2020

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Live Modular at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

冬季 #モジュリンピック #Modulympic #modularsynthesizer 下北沢ブレス

Currently live at the time of this post - 2:58 PM Tokyo time, Dec 26. I thought it was interesting that while many of us are winding down on Christmas day, this is happening live, right now, in Tokyo. Pretty cool.

via 下北沢BREATH #GOTOBEAT @breath335

"Modular Synthesizer Olympic

Watch the live event of Modular Synthesizer on December 26th, 2020 for free!
The place is Tokyo
The venue is Shimokitazawa BREATH

Live ACT
1、taoz 12:30-13:00  Instagram takashi1470
2、悶模糊 13:05-13:35   twitter @YeeMyu
3、ya4ki 13:40-14:10    twitter @ya4kinoise
4、シオミユタカ14:15-14:45   twitter @yut403
5、玉響海月 14:50-15:20   twitter @tamayurakurage
6、Ami-Bique 15:25-15:55   twitter @Ami_Bique
7、安永桃瀬 16:00-16:30   twitter @momose17148917
8、Ambient Punks 16:35-17:0   twitter @AmbientPunks
9、Wo0dy&Wo0dy 17:10-17:40   twitter @Wo0dyWo0dyWoody
10、the soul science 17:45-18:15   twitter @SoulScience_
11、tatchan8 18:20-18:50   twitter @tatchan8
12、Karch 18:55-19:25   twitter @karch615
13、Z_Hyper 19:30-20:00   twitter @Z_Hyper
14、テクノおじさん 20:05-20:35   twitter @ku_ki"

buchla 297 261 258 drone. merry Christmas 🎅


"buchla drone using the 297, 261e, 258j, and 247 for reverb and delay. merry Christmas 🎅"

Merry Synthmas 2020 from SynthMania


"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Korg M1 patch: Combi I11 'BellVoices'"

Christmas Jam 2020-Bert Anjewierden

Bert Anjewierden

"i wanted to quit making new music,but after more as a year i am back with these "Jam",based on a soundcheck|!,but it sounded that good that i decided to make a video of it,and this is the result! i hope you like it!
Composed,produced and LIVE performed by Bert Anjewierden c2020.
Used synthesizers:
Lead:ARP Odessey,Elka Synthex,Yamaha MODX6,Roland JP-8000,Roland Super JX-10
Strings/Choirs:Korg WaveState,GEM S2,Roland XP-50,Alesis QS-6
Bass:Roland JX-8P(Korg Triton TR-61),Roland Jupiter X"

THADDEUS CAHILL: A Preliminary Paper From the Creator of the Telharmonium

An amazing bit of electronic history just in today via Justin Maxwell @303

" Merry xmas, synth nerds. Here's a never-published 1934 bio of the inventor of the 1st electronic musical instrument, Thaddeus Cahill by his brother. I've been meaning to digitize this for 20 years. [you don't need to sign in - give it a second to load]

@cdmblogs @matrixsynth @catsynth @mu_zines @BoingBoing"


For those not familiar with Thaddeus Cahill and the Telharmonium, via Wikipedia:

"Thaddeus Cahill (June 18, 1867 – April 12, 1934) was a prominent inventor of the early 20th century. He is widely credited with the invention of the first electromechanical musical instrument, which he dubbed the telharmonium."

Also see: Electronic_musical_instrument#Early_examples, and

See the Telharmonium below for related posts.

Buchla Christmas 2020

Geir Opdal

"Just a little Christmas melody to wish you all a wonderful Christmas :)
#Christmasmusic#Untermenschmusic #Buchla

For my releases please visit Tibprod at:"
This one was sent my way via brian comnes.

Polyend Tracker Live Performance

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) performs on the Polyend Tracker (Firmware 1.3 beta 5).

The Polyend Tracker incorporates the quintessential characteristics of a classic tracker. The vertical timeline, the powerful sequencer and the mechanical keyboard combined with a newly designed input interface enables you to make and perform your music in a new and intuitive way. After a quick glance and a few minutes with the Polyend Tracker interface, you’ll soon realize the array of tools that are at your fingertips.

The Polyend Tracker is equipped with a variety of powerful sound design tools. Use samples from your existing library, record new ones with line or mic inputs, or use the built-in FM radio. Record samples, play them, slice them, mash them, or even make a synth out of them using Wavetable and Granular synthesis with all its necessary parts (filters, ADSRs, etc.)

Order a Polyend Tracker here:
Video and performance by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Polyend Tracker Firmware Update v1.3 - MIDI chords & CC input


Wham! - Last Christmas | Instrumental synthesizer cover


"Got myself the Moog Subharmonicon as a Christmas Present and couldn't resist to try it out with this cover.


Arturia Keystep Pro controls the:
-Korg Minilogue xd: bell sounds
-Arturia Minibrute 2s: bassline
-Arturia Microfreak Vocoder edition: melody

And Midi/-Clock syncs the:
-Moog DFAM: drums
-Moog Subharmonicon: chords/melody
-Arturia Drumbrute Impact: drums

Guitar sounds come from the Cory Wong plugin from Neuraldsp
Added some reverb and delay to the subharmonicon and microfreak using the Raum plugin from Native Instruments

Recorded and Mixed in Ableton Live 10"

Made A Christmas Song In One Hour (From Scratch #2)


"I tried to write a Christmas song for the first time in my life, in only one hour. Things got weird... quickly.

This is the second video in my new series 'From Scratch'. The first vid didn't do too well because I think it was too long, so I trimmed this one even more. I would LOVE your feedback, so please let me know what works / doesn't work in your opinion... I wanna improve the format. And if you have ideas for future episodes, please share them in the comments.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :)


With the Sequential Prophet XL.

GLASYS From Scratch posts

Happy holidays from your friends at Make Noise!

Happy Holidays from Sequential

via @sequentialLLC

"As we close out a tumultuous and eventful year, we'd like to give thanks to our extended musical family and wish you all good health, happiness, and above all, hope for 2021. We look forward to bringing you new and exciting creative tools in the new year."

Happy Holidays from Novation

via @WeAreNovation

"Happy Holidays from all of us here at Novation 🎄"

Seasons Greetings from ALM

via @busycircuits


Intua Sessions | Vol. 9 | Christmas Time (ft. Jay Ellyiot)


"Welcome back to Intua Sessions, where it’s all about making music. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Jay Ellyiot is back with his smooth and cozy rendition of the Christmas classic 'Christmas Time'."

Spotted on discchord.

Christmas Tree Plays Eurorack Modular Synthesizer: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


"A Christmas tree plays eurorack modular synthesizer via a bio data sonficaiton module. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! A special shout out to all those kids out there who don’t celebrate Christmas, I only recently started as I married into it and it can be a tough time. I feel you... sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get the menorah to play synth, maybe next year?

Changes in resistance are converted to control voltages for a eurorack synth. The tree was a little grumpy and needed some water to start talking, understandably so.

Thanks everyone for tuning in! If you dig it please share it!"


Mushrooms Play Synth Live Universe A1


"Mushrooms play synth by being connected to a eurorack modular synthesizer. They provide the control hub for a complex patch including some programmed on the fly kick drum.

This is a live set with human fungal and plant interactions to provide some sort of entertaining music.

I connect various things to the synth, lions mane, cordyceps, a succulent, human hand, monstera and also connect them together."

AVP Synth playing with ADS-7 mk2, Ritmobox and MBS-100

AVP Synth

"Some fun jamming with ADS-7 mk2, Ritmobox drum synthesizers and MBS-100 synth.
Master clock coming from Ableton live via midi.
Direct audio, no fx or compression applied.

Jam 1 - 00:00
Jam 2 - 03:17
Jam 3 - 05:43
Jam 4 - 08:48

More info including manuals:"

Polyend Tracker Firmware Update v1.3 - Euclidean Fills and Density


Noir Et Blanc Vie's It's A Digitakt Christmas - Synth Livestream

Noir Et Blanc Vie

"Tis the season lol"

Patch n Tweak
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