MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Improv #25 for VCS3, Arp 2600, Bowed Glockenspiel and Gongs.

video upload by R. Reger

"Original soundscape for analog instruments."

ESK - DSI Tempest Jam

video upload by Metunar

"Jamsession with the DSI Tempest Drummachine of Dave Smith and Roger Linn.
Direct recording without external effects."

E-MU Systems Orbit 9090 & Use Audio Plugiator

Orbit via this auction

Note these are a supporting member listing.

"A classic synth module, in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition, upgraded to OS. 2.0 firmware, so you get:

Rom slots expanded from 256 to 384
Beats expanded from 55 to 100
Beats can be used with midi out
Enabled Song Mode."

Plugiator via this auction

"Digital synthesizer module, with all 8 licences installed: Minimax, B4000, Lightwave, Vocodizer, Pro 12, FMagia, Prodyssey Drums N Bass"

New Waldorf Teaser

New Waldorf Teaser #3 spotted by Soviet Space Child.

"Very soon! The final countdown is running! #waldorf #synthesizer #keyboard"

Additional teasers posted here.

ROLAND JX-08 vs JX-8P: Analogue Blind Testing

Two videos in the playlist above. Resolution video further below.

Part 1 demos:

"Hello friends,

I just finished recording the sound files for our new analog blind tasting. As I announced in my Rant, this time the new Roland JX-08 boutique is competing against its forefather, the JX-8P. To make it more exciting, I thought I'd just play them for you today before we bring you our comparison video next week.

But now to the sounds. Concentration and listen carefully!

Sound 1: DC01 Saw Filter open
Sound 2: DC01 Saw Filter open plus Chorus 1
Sound 3: DC01 Saw Filter open plus Chorus 2
Sound 4: DC01 only - Square Filter open
Sound 5: DC01 only - Pulse Filter open
Sound 6: Preset A26 'Poly Brass’
Sound 7: Preset A06 'Lo Strings'
Sound 8: Preset B08 'Choir'"

Part 2 demos:

Sound 1: DCO 1 & 2 SAW - ENV1 Attack controls Cutoff - no Chorus
Sound 2: Same with Chorus 1
Sound 3: DCO 1 & 2 SQR - Sync/Crossmod 1 - ENV1 Cutoff - Chorus 2
Sound 4: Forgot what I did…
Sound 5: Preset B16 Synth Clav /Reproduced step by step on the JX-08 (Sync-Sound)
Sound 6: Preset A17 'Sound Track' (b.78)
Sound 7: Preset A17 'Sound Track' plus Cutoff and Reso to 50%

Sound 8: Preset B23 'Poly Synth' plus Cutoff and Reso to 50% (c.27)

And the resolution:

JX vs JX Analogue Blind Tasting - RESOLUTION

video upload by Wine&Synths

February Filter Sweep 2022 Vid 2 - Random Synths #FFS22

video upload by SynthAddict

"Alpha Juno, JP-8000, D-50, Reface CS, Prophecy, X-Station, SH-32#FFS22 #FFS #FebruaryFilterSweep"

Can Floyd Steinberg Repair This Alesis Micron Synthesiser (Part 2)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Two weeks ago, I posted a video showing my thought process on finding the flaw in a used Alesis #Micron #synthesizer and an attempt at starting a #electronicsrepair. Here's a follow up and a conclusion to that story. No table of contents this time, you well need to watch the whole thing or not at all. ;-) There's a conclusion at 08:54, though, if you're in a hurry.


Part 1 here

“Freeze Tone” and “Freeze Speed”

video upload by Happy Nerding

"Two Freeze type effects added to the Shaper section.

'Freeze Tone' allows looping audio input of up to 1 sec time (under default sample rate) with a LowPass/HighPass 'Tone' control.

'Freeze Speed' allows looping audio input of up to 1 sec time (under default sample rate) with a bidirectional 'Speed' control.

FX AID: CV should be assigned to control 1, knob to be at zero position, positive voltage loops the input.

FX AID XL: Gate voltage to be sent to CV1, knob to be at zero position, positive voltage loops the input."

IK Multimedia Amplitube X Time Delay Sound Demo (no talking) with MEGAfm and SH-01a

video upload by Limbic Bits

DIY Build #2: Electro-Smith 2114 4-Pole LPF Eurorack Module

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Build #2 is complete! This was a much easier build than the previous one, only took about 45 minutes with testing included, so this video is a quick one. With that, this filter sounds pretty nice, and I already temporarily replaced my Mutable instruments Ripples with this one for now. Cheers!
The background song is unreleased, will officially come out in late April when mastered.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Study for Threee Synthis by BENGE

video upload by zack dagoba

"The pure sound of threee vintage EMS Synthis - the legendary 'Crystal Machine' (2 modified Synthis in a custom case) and a Mk1 VCS3. Also used: TKS sequencer keyboard, 8-Octave Filter Bank, Pitch to Voltage Converter and Random Voltage Generator

Part of my submission for the Modulisme feature on EMS equipment

Thanks to Keith for the loan of the Crystal Machine, and to Philippe Petit for his excellent work in creating the Modulisme platform ("

Crumar Multiman-S / The Orchestrator Analog Vintage Italian Synth 1977 (SERVICED)

via this auction


via this auction

"This one is warn down and needs some refreshing or part it out."

Korg Volca Modular Micro Modular SN 018550

via this auction

Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition

via this auction

"This is the full, complete set of The Synthesizer, 2nd Edition. Published in 1979 by the Roland Corporation. It consists of 4 volumes:

Practical Synthesis for Electronic Music, Volume One
Practical Synthesis for Electronic Music, Volume Two
Multichannel Recording for Electronic Music
A Foundation for Electronic Music

There is also included the original dust cover in which all 4 volumes fit. It has a tear at the top of the box (see photo). Other than that, all volumes are in excellent condition. No marks or dogears. I bought this in 1979 and have moved it everywhere with me."

Roland System 100 MODEL 101 Monophonic Synthesizer SN 430170

via this auction

"This 101 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!! This unit was professionally checked/serviced/cleaned by professional technician."

GRP A4 Synthesizer

via this auction

According to the listing, this is the same one featured in this 2019 video.

"3 VCO's, 2 filters with their own distortion circuits, filters can be used sequentially or in parallel.2 EG's, 2 LFOs, Ring Mod, Noise source, Envelope follower, Autopan, Sample/HoldExtensive midi implementation and... an incredible sequencer."

Patch of The Week: 'Filter Drums' Part 1 - Analogue Cowbell w/ Fixed Filter Bank 914 (& VCF Clave)

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This week's patch is the first of a short series showing ways to use filters for vintage rhythm/drum machine percussion style sounds, beginning with an analogue cowbell-type sound using the Fixed Filter Bank 914.

00:00 Patch of The Week: 'Filter Drums'
02:07 Patch Sheet

Some filters can be used to create tones without any input sound, simply by pushing them into self-oscillation (raising resonance beyond it's threshold point), but the Fixed Filter Bank is not a regular filter/VCF, so it works a little differently. Rather than controlling the overall frequency of the filter, each of it's bandpass filters has a preset frequency, for which you control the level. On the AJH Synth module they are deliberately tuned to one of two pitches when pushed into feedback, which makes it more musically useful. Here, I mix in some white noise to add texture to the feedback frequencies.

For comparison, I also included the Ladder Filter here to demonstate how a typical VCF (which can self-oscillate) can be controlled by a sequencer, with the steps controlling the pitches it produces. The point is that either module has it's advantages when used to synthesize particular sounds. In this video the ladder filter is producing simple tuned claves."

Patch of The Week: No-Input Filter Drums Part 2 - Using VCF Self-Oscillation to create Percussion

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This week's patch shows some ideas for using self-oscillating analogue filters to produce vintage drum machine inspired sounds, the basis of which can be used to emulate such sounds as the clave, bongo, cowbell, and kick/bass drum of early rhythm boxes. I used the sounds of the Roland CR-78, TR-77 and Acetone FR-2L as inspiration here, but in a later Patch of The Week video I'll be recreating some sounds of 70's machines more directly, using VCOs and noise sources. In the meantime, the methods contained here might be of interest to those wanting to make some simple percussive accompaniment with a limited number of modules. At the end of the video I'll show some vintage-inspired patterns using the modular as a 4 voice drum machine, without needing to use samples or a sampler. Patch notes and link to downloadable patch sheet below.

00:00 Intro
00:25 VCF Clave
01:12 Fixed Filter Bank Bongo/Cowbell
02:27 Gemini 2412 Bongo
03:20 VCF Kick/Bass Drum"

Oxi One Piano Sequencing

video upload by Oxi One Piano Sequencing

"Using the #OxiOne as a sequencer for some minimal piano stuff. So one sequencer on the Oxi is set to chord mode providing some chord changes but is actually not sequencing anything, while the 3 other sequencers are set to harmonizer mode which basically quantizes all notes going on there to the scale of the chord sequencer. The other sequences contain a straight mono arpeggio, a poly notes sequence as well as a polyrhythmical sequence. On top there’s a LFO modulating the note velocity over a couple of bars and a pinch of random velocity and pitch induced. Oxi One is sequencing #Noirepiano running on a nearby laptop via bluetooth. Visuals made with HeavyM software synced via Ableton Link."

O5-The Baldwin Fun Machine- Why it is a synthesizer: Auto Mute!

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is the first part of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "auto mute" function on the Baldwin Fun Machine."

AutomaticGainsay Baldwin Fun Machine posts

BOSS RV 500 Sound Demo (no talking) with Modal Cobalt 8

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Arduino DIY Sequencer for synthesizers with variableclock

video upload by KellerDev

"I implemented in the code a way of sequencing inspired by MFOS variclock sequncer and the intelligel metropolis, where you can set the amount of clock each step takes, before it goes to the next. That way you can longer melodies with fewer steps, and set repeating notes easier."

Patch n Tweak
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