MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Ambient Set - Take 5, Wavestate, Microcosm, Big Sky - Tefty & Meems

video upload by Tefty & Meems

"The @Hologram Electronics Microcosm looping has been great for ambient music. Did this set basically improvised utilizing the Microcosm's looper. The @strymon Big Sky tied the sounds together post looper. The instrumental and Meems voice were multi tracked to Ableton Live for a mix a few weeks later. Both the @Korg Wavestate and @Sequential Take 5 were patched into a mixer that was patching the audio to the Microcosm. This allowed for capturing loops from both the Take 5 and Wavestate as desired.

Also, during the mix phase, we sent Meems vox back into the Microcosm for another layer of dreamy dimension into the mix. You hear it more on the second and third track as extra 'phantom voices'."

Roland JP-8000 - trancy signature sound of the 90ies

video upload by synthlegends

"The Roland JP-8000 came out 1997 as the first VA-Synth of Roland. It had the very famous super saw waveform on board, a saw consisting of 8 saw waves slightly detuned, which is adjustable with a fader in live performance. It also had a very distinctive digital delay and chorus plus equalizer, which gave the synth its typical signature sound. The JP-8000 was the style maker für trance music. Still today it is very sought after and Behringer just made a small clone named JT-4000 for only EUR 49,--.

The JP-8000 doesn't sound like an analog synth at all. The resonance of the filter sounds very cold, there is a lot of aliasing, the tone can sound quite harsh and industrial, nevertheless with the super saw and a lot of internal delay you get very powerful pads and dreamy textures out of it. This synth is difficult to compare with others. Maybe a bit with the VA engine of the V-Synth, although I find the V-Synth in this respect inferiour.

In this video I start with some own created split sounds I used in my last band, it is followed by some solo sounds and arpeggiated lines. It ends with some trancy pad sounds.

The effects are great on the JP-8000, nevertheless I used only very little of reverb of the GFI Sepcualar reverb. Beside this, there is no additional processing.

Enjoy the video and have fun!"

Waldorf Q - favourite sounds

video upload by Miguel d'Oliveira

"My favourite presets from a Waldorf Q I recently bought 2nd hand (many are the legacy of previous owners)
Love this synth but I don't think it comes close to the microwave XT

(brief appearance of Gigi, the leopard gecko)"

Sequential PRO 3 - 220 custom patches / presets (no talking demo)

video upload by Jexus (

"How to buy + my thoughts:"

Sequential PRO 3 - 220 custom presets / patches (no talking demo) VID2

How to make Synthwave Sounds // Spoiler - It's SUPER EASY!!

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A tutorial and demo on how to recreate the tones of F.M84, Miami Nights 1984, Timecop 1983, Waveshaper, Wayflow, Starcadian, Lazerhawk etc Make your own synthwave patches. How to make synthwave bass, pads, and lead sounds using a Prophet 5 in this, but most soft synths can do the same, even stock plugins that come with your DAW, The basic principles are the same... they're simple sounds from synths that had limited abilities in the 1980s."

0:00 intro
0:40 Basic Bass
5:02 Legato Bass - long and low!
8:01 Sequenced Bass
10:53 Leads/Plucks
13:59 Arpeggios
15:17 Pads
18:07 All Together Demo - Track

dave smith synthesizer

video upload by roundframe85

"ill be working on some more stuff i have problems"

Live Experimental Electronic Eurorack Performance (Blue Marvin 2600, Subharmonicon, Eurorack)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Patch Notes are available on my Patreon as per usual. Will try to make more live performances in the near future. Cheers:)

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Patch of The Week: Blade Runner / Vangelis CS-80 Sounds - Gemini Trilogy Part 3

video upload by AJH Synth Official

AJH Synth Official Patch of The Week series

"3 Variations of a patch based on the sounds from the original 1982 Blade Runner movie, which were originally created on a Yamaha CS-80 by the composer Vangelis. This version uses a monophonic setup with the AJH Synth Gemini 2412 dual VCF.

This is Part 3, see Part 1 & 2 of this series featuring the Gemini - Part 2 features brass sounds, partly derived from this patch, but loosely inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxygene) and other 1970's-80's sounds. Part 1 features a simple performance bringing versions of the sounds from both parts 2 & 3 together.

The CS-80 was fully polyphonic, and has remained hugely expensive to this day. It used two 'channels' per voice, each being a complete 2-VCO synth voice in itself, with both a high pass and low pass filter in series (HP into LP). It's known for having an exceptionally bright sound, which is difficult to match.

The Gemini 2412 is a dual multi-mode filter, each having low pass, band pass, high pass, and variable LP/HP, along with Dual (both filters mixed in parallel) and Cascade modes (first filter into second filter). Both filters are connected to a voltage-controlled cross-fader, or can be used as 2 entirely separate VCF's. It's based on the VCF from the original Oberheim SEM module, but also has a high-resonance option selectable by jumpers of the rear of the module, which is capable self-oscillation.

Patch Sheet PDF for this video:

Patch notes also below.

1984 Yamaha KX5 Keytar Silver SN 06354

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

A Magic Pulsewave Melody Oracle & Touch Tones Synth Sequencer Controller

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"*Melody Oracle with Built-In Speaker & Touch Tones

Includes All Original Packaging, Parts, and Power Supplies"

Mroztronium Picolaika

video upload by Joe D'Ambrosia

Mroztronium Picolaika + Night Jam
Mroztronium Picolaika + Lorre-Mill Double Knot V2
Picolaika Rollz Duber Jam
DKV2 and Picolaika bug funk
Picolaika 9-1-21
Picolaika and Ciat Lonbarde Rolz Strip
Picolaika and Rollz Feedback Patch
Picolaika formant tones

via this auction

Custom Serge VCS + quad mixer + scope 2021 Bleu

video upload by thomas dupouy

via this auction

"Custom diy small system with 3 modules in a powered box. You get 2 modules of a VCS Serge adaptation with some mods like loop switch and extra frequency range (slow lfo to ultrasonic oscillator). In the middle i build a 4 channels mixer with scope to see the main output. So a powerfull analog synth in a small box."

Sequential Pro 3 SE Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Bought in October 2021, perfect condition, non smoking studio."

JoMoX SUNSYN MK2 8-Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

"This was a primary synthesizer for Aphex Twin's Syro album and was made in very limited numbers. Final Revision OS VER 2.02 installed by it's designer: Jürgen Michaelis of JoMoX Elektronische Musikinstrumente GmbH. Included with the SUNSYN are the wood end cheeks and IEC power cable."

Oberheim OB-XA 8 Voices Serviced

via this auction

Korg 800 DV w/ Mods

via this auction

"fully recapped
calibrated in the best possible way

filter sliders
attack and release sliders
all completely new

a trigger input modification for both is on the back

all woods are new

Some switches are noise only when you are using them not so much
It doesn’t affect the sound"

Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth SN 394399

via this auction

Dave Smith Sequential DSI Prophet REV2 8-Voice Analog Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha TG77 Synthesizer Tone Generator w/ Rock & Pop Cards SN QN01701

via this auction

"Vintage Advanced FM Synth from 1989

Rackmount version of the Yamaha SY77"

Fred’s Lab Buzzzy! 4 part multimbral 16 Voice desktop MIDI synthesizer SN 00074

via this auction

"Buzzzy! is an advanced 16 voice digital polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

The instrument is 4 part multitimbral and features 4 distinctive sound engines (Pulse, FM, Waves & Noise), 9 quality FX (reverbs, delays and filters) and an arpeggiator per part. USB provides both power and MIDI. A fullsize MIDI IN DIN5 socket is also included."

NUX NDD-7 Tape Delay Sound Demowith Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Synth & dreadbox Nymphes

video upload by Limbic Bits

NUX NDD-7 Tape Delay Sound Demo (no talking) with Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Synth

0:00 MEGAfm Dub Chords
1:32 Boarder Pad
3:00 Grainy
4:35 Dub Stabs
6:30 FM Sweep (Reverb)
8:26 Cassini's Dream
11:27 Retro Pad
12:41 Space Pad
13:40 lullaby
15:22 Brassy

Lazy Sunday Morning / Pollypraha/ Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Takeyuki Hakozaki / Pollypraha

Recording Date : 4/10.2022
Sounds and Movie by Takeyuki Hakozaki

Dreadbox Typhon Sweet Analog Magic! VCO Mono Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"**AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW selling Synthesizer Sample Packs"

GET BLOWN AWAY - On The Powertran Trancendent - Cover - Ocean Colour Scene

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"the synth decided to stop working after the first take! So I apologise for the bum notes and wrong lyrics here and there, this was the only take of the song i left with aah."

Rhythmic 10 portable keyboard demo track

video upload by ikworgek

All sounds from the Rhythmic 10
Some reverb and delay

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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