MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

What if Hans Zimmer had used more ambient synths on "Time" (Inception Soundtrack)

video upload by NGC0 Music

"Hans Zimmer is one of my biggest inspirations in Music, and Inception is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I've always wanted to reproduce the soundtracks of this movie. Here I "cheated" a bit, by using the original soundtrack, and pitching it down, making it slower and lower-pitched, before I started adding synthesizer layers on it. I've also processed the original sample to add a lot of ambience.

The synth I've used is the DSI OB-6, and these patches I used are all standard patches, which are among the reasons why I've bought this synth, definitely one of the best poly synths ever made"

Stranger Things - Kids (Sequential Take 5 Cover)

video upload by Elemnt

"Got the Sequential Take 5 recently to replace one of my synths, so far it does not disappoint!!

Covering the Stranger Things song “Kids” using the Take 5 only. No outboard EQ or FX added. All you hear is directly recorded from the Take 5. A great synth for sure! Well done Dave Smith on your last synth, like always (RIP 🙏)"

Polyend Play - Have Fun Making Music

video upload by Polyend

"Here's an example showing the Play's MIDI sequencer in combination with the audio sequencer.

Polyend Play isn’t really about satisfying your expectations, it's about getting you way beyond them!"

Night Crawler

video upload by Ultra-Vox Studios

"There’s nothing better than vintage synths and 80’s music. I was going for an 80’s film horror/sci-fi sound. The prophet is mainly driving the song with the minimoog playing bass."

Modular Synthesizer Sci-fi Drone

video upload by Ultra-Vox Studios

"Standing on the ground of our synth forefathers. Here I’ve patched my 5U/MU Modular synthesizer wall to create a dreamy sci-fi drone. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but like a lot of times you get much better results than you anticipate when patching these behemoths. It sounds like I’m floating in space."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

First Jam with the BrandNewNoise Space Oddity

video upload by Poorness Studios

"I unboxed this cool little gadget from @BrandNewNoise recently. It's a very cool record/playback/loop device and it's made here in Dallas. This is first attempt at using it with other instruments.

See the unboxing video here:"

BrandNewNoise Space Oddity: Unboxing & Demo

video upload by

"I'm so pleased to demo this cool new gadget from @BrandNewNoise. They are a small company located in Dallas, TX. I met the owner and he is a really cool guy. BTW, they did not give me this item for free or offer discounts, I paid for it with my own money. I think hours of fun are lurking inside this little box.

Intro & Backstory - 0:00
Unboxing - 1:22
How it Works - 2:12
First Try - 2:44
Audio Demos - 3:46
Summary - 5:54

Check out the company's website here:"

4th Run of Colorful MOE Analog Chorus 60 - Old Sound, New Flavors

You can find demos in previous posts here.

via Made On Earth:

"Only 35 units will be made

20 x black
5x pink
5 x gray
5x Yellow

Our Analog Chorus 60 perfectly recreates the distinctive, thick and lush spatial effect that up until now was locked inside a few Japanese synths from the previous century. Like many who have heard the original, we wondered how would this gorgeous effect sound on other instruments, Once we heard the results it was clear. So we began our mission to separate this particular chorus section and have it breathe on its own.

We’ve painstakingly matched the schematics to a modern more stable and silent power supply, sourced and tested rare components used on the original and understood what makes this circuit design stand out.

On top of that, we’ve extended its functionality beyond the original and given it dedicated pots for width control, rate, depth, and external modulation input. To top it off, we’ve given our unit a gain input stage that works great with any type of instrument."

Xfer Serum - 'Cosmos' Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

"Purchase link -

LFO.Store proudly presents a brand new soundset for Xfer Serum software synthesizer by the well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.

'Cosmos' is openning the portal to a new dimension, that is full of breathtaking sounds. Amazing long-modulated pads will show you the depth of the cosmic space. Leads are saturated with the radiance of the distant stars and echoes of other civilizations' voices. Plucks will help you to touch the asteroids and feel the presence of the unknown planets. And much more!

Whether you're creating ambient, EDM, soundtracks or experimental music, this collection of sounds will always be at your service!

Product Details:
• 50 Serum presets;
• 34 Pads;
• 9 Leads;
• 6 Plucks;
• 1 Sequence.

100% Royalty-Free.

Xfer Serum software synthesizer version 1.3 or higher."

Kawai K4/K4R "Analog Dreams" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the world of additive synthesis & samples combined together!
We already introduce Kawai K4 series & K1 series presets & its unique & deep sounds.

Now we've got a keyboard version of mighty K4 synthesizer & completely re-discover its potential!
Soundset is here:

Introducing "Analog Dreams" bank with 64 carefully created and tuned presets:

*Bells & Plucks - velocity sensitive, morphing & floating
*Strings & Pads - massive, big,analogish, silky, atmospheric & surreal
*Basses & Leads - cutting, edge, modern
*Unusual rhythmic sounds - made specially to show versatility of this synth.

This soundset will work with all the K4 series - K4/K4R Instructions are included!

The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation.

Enjoy & may music be with you!"

Cool Ambient Generative Patch on the Pittsburgh EP-420 System

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!

Made this pretty complex patch the other day, and managed to record 20 minutes of it, because that is how much my computer allows to record before it crashes my computer, so 20 minutes it is. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to create longer generative videos. For stereo effects, I am mainly using 2 Black Hole DSPs by Erica Synths, Instruo Arbhar, and Mutable Instruments Clouds. For detailed patch notes, please visit my Patreon, and become a member to see 50+ other patch notes from all my videos. Cheers! Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Make Noise After Hours

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A detailed late night still life of Make Noise HQ.

Music by Meg, Devin, and Walker.

Big thanks to all the artists, musicians, and dreamers who have inspired and generated Make Noise throughout the years!"


video upload by EMEAPP

"This video features EMEAPP's associate director (and chief knob twiddler) Vince Pupillo Jr. taking our beautiful, fully-equipped ARP 2500 system for a melodic and rhythmic ride (along with a vintage ARP 1613 Sequencer). This performance was originally recorded for Alex Ball's amazing film "Electromotive-The Story of ARP Instruments" which chronicles the timeline of Alan R. Pearlman and the company and instruments which resulted, with the crown jewel being the 2500. Enjoy the blippy bloopies!"

Electronic Music Laboratories Electrocomp EML-101

via this auction

"cleaned/calibrated extensively a few years back, also has the BellTone 1V/Octave Mod installed."

Vintage Arp 2600

via this auction

Funny message in the background.

"Works Perfectly Fully Resorted
Power and patch cables included
Case that closes the 2600 included"

Roland System 100 Model 101 Synthesizer & Model 102 Expander

via this auction

Amazing condition 101-102 both 117v US power."

Roland Juno-106 S

via this auction

Pics of the inner speaker boxes below.

"Has been fully serviced, including:

-Tact switches replaced (as needed)
-New CPU board
-Two voice chips replaced (Analog Renaissance)
-Electro caps on PSU replaced
-Brand new speakers

And everything's working great. Lowest price in California for a 106 that's ready to go. :)

This model is the 106 S, which adds stereo speakers to the classic Juno 106 configuration. It is otherwise electronically and functionally identical to a run of the mill 106, but the speakers are fun."

Red Waldorf Q+ Digital-Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Up to 100 Voice Polyphony

via this auction

16 voices using the analog filters. Up to 100 for digital.

Novation Supernova II - 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard w/ Voice Expansion Board

via this auction

"Recently professionally serviced at SECTOR101 in the UK

Has the voice expansion board installed for additional Voices."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synth

via this auction

"Complex evolving sounds, deep textures, a crazy arpegiator and even a vocoder built in. Amazing for experimental electronic music, electronica or techno/trance."

Brass BALLZ (SYSTEM 8, SH 2, PRO3) Improv

video upload by Justin Carey

"I am blessed to have the instruments I have, and this is yet another jam/improv with them. I use MIDI packs for my fingers, it's just easier that way."

UDO Audio & Hazel Mills - Firmware version 0.52 Improvisation

video upload by UDO Audio

"Here's Hazel showing us through a quick improvisiation what's possible with the new MPE and Delay Freeze features of firmware version 0.52."

Norand Morphos - Modular Techno Jam

video upload by Norand

"Here is a new techno jam using two Morphos for bass, FM synths, modulations and Pulsar 23 for drums !"

QUICK GUIDE | Erica Synths Black Sequencer

video upload by DANIELE

"In this video I'm going to show you how to easily create a sequence with Erica Synths Black Sequencer!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Track selection and quantization
0:40 Pattern length
0:48 BPM
0:57 Notes and octaves selection
1:47 Ratcheting
1:56 Repetitions and longer notes
2:13 Muting and skipping steps
2:47 Master glide and glide per step
3:04 Gate length
3:26 Gate probability
4:15 Microtiming
4:32 Shuffle
4:53 First and last step
5:05 Play direction"

New RYK Vector Wave Harmonic Filter

video upload by RYK Modular

"Some mellow sounds using the Vector Wave synth voice module

Demo using one bank in Polyphonic mode, oscillators set to ‘odd’ spread, harmonic filter modulated by ENV2

Sequenced by RYK M185 Sequrncer
Boss DR110 provides some support !"



Introducing the new Vector Wave from RYK Modular bringing together the awesome power of 16 oscillator FM, combined with Vector synthesis or true multi voice polyphony.

The Vector Wave is a feature packed compact Eurorack module, which can be used as a stand alone synth-voice without the need for external VCA,ENV, LFOs etc


16 oscillators, divided into 4 banks, oscillators can freely configured into series or parallel combinations for complex FM or additive synthesis

A cute Vector Joystick for morphing between oscillator banks, for cool performance timbre sweeps and sonic movement
Vectors can be recorded from the joystick and replayed from trigger sources, or animated from external or internal modulation sources

Super cool retro Big-Pixel screen, ideal for nostalgia freaks or the visually impaired

Wave Warping brings grit and aggression to the FM synthesis with oscillators continuously variable between Sine,Tri-ish Saw, Pulse waveforms

Wave Folding for subtle to extreme sonic bending

Two Envelope generators [ per voice in polyphonic modes ], and two LFOs with all controls assignable as modulation destinations

Intuitive Modulation Slot patching from external and internal sources to be routed to any parameter within the Vector Wave

30 User Voice storage spaces for storing your synth masterpieces to internal memory, enabling you to impress your friends at a later date

Thee modes of oscillator bank allocation Monophonic Vector, and Polyphonic Voice, and Multitimbral Polyphonic

MIDI input for a spaghetti-free Polyphonic setup, velocity, aftertouch and MIDI CCs avail- able as modulation sources

Slim but handsome Expander Module also available that adds 3 more V/oct and Gate inputs, for maximum mutli-voice multitimbral melodious mayhem !

Kawai K3

video upload by Geylo Follen

"Amazing water experiments at home with my Kawai K3"

08 02 22 Buchla - Vedic Scapes TimeMachine

video upload by

"Today I tested the TimeMachine for the first time.
I could not get rid of a kind of modulation in the audio signal at the output, no matter how the TimeMachine was set. I then realised I was sending the audio output to the 227e that had A,B,C,D outs animated! Then I discovered a huge bleeding in the signal too. I’ll isolate the module and see if it’s not the adjacent DD-5/Wogglebug module which is interfering."

08 02 22 Vedic Scapes TimeMachine - Uncanny

"First day with the TimeMachine...
The 1979 MSV is sent to the TimeMachine. The 259e is sent to a Digital Delay, a DD-5 in a Buchla module. All is driven by a Wogglebug, part of the module with the DD-5 adaptation."

08 02 22 Buchla 259e & Digital Delay - Sweet dreams

video upload by batchas

"Bucha 259e sent to a Digital Delay, a DD-5 in a Buchla module."

Erica Synths .EDU S&H/Noise - Building and Demo

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Building and playing this wonderful sample and hold/noise from Erica Synths and Moritz Klein's .EDU project!

My Website:
My Patreon:

Stay Noisy!"

Korg DW 8000. Programs. (No Talking!)

video upload by Old Korg MaCross

"Korg DW 8000. Hybryd digital analog synthesizer. a.d. 1985-1987.

Programs: 11 - 28. (No Talking!). A.D. 1987.
11: Strings-detune sfx, 12: Brass-detune sfx2, 13: Brass, 14: Brass-key, 15: Tube, 16: Brassa, 17: Brass sfx, 18: Brass-sfx, 21: Synth sfx, 22: Synth sfx, 23: Synth sfx, 24: Synth sfx, 25: Bells , 16: Keys, 27: Echo, 28: Bells-sfx."

"Programs: 31 - 48. (No Talking!). A.D. 1987.
31: Strings-voic, 32: Strings-cello, 33: String, 34: Cello, 35: Voices, 36: Voices ahh, 37: Voices fm, 38: Voices, 41: Synth bass, 42: Bass analog, 43: Bass digital, 44: Bass digi, 45: Guitar bass , 46: Bass snap, 47: El. bass, 48: Bass synth,"

Additional patch demos in previous posts here.

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