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Sunday, June 18, 2023

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video upload by Remco Rones

DSI PolyEvolver Rack w/ Original Box

via this auction

"These are rare. From home nonsmoking studio. I'm the original owner. Comes with Power supply and orginal manual, even an original shipping box. Recently serviced by Sequential ssupport.

If the buyer wants I will work with Soundtower to transfer licenses for PolyEvolver Editor and Evolver PlugSE licenses that make working with this synth a joy. PlugSE is a VST plugin so you can manipulate it inside your DAW. These licenses are worth $70 f you had to buy them.

If you already own a standalone Evolver or keyboard this rack adds four voices for 5 voice polyphony

An analog/digital hybrid, the four-voice Poly Evolver Rack features four oscillators per voice— two analog and two digital (the digital oscillators feature the waves from the legendary Prophet VS). Classic Curtis analog low-pass filters and real analog VCAs pdd ample warmth and girth to the analog section while the digital high-pass filter, tuned feedback, and digital distortion provide sizzle and grit.

Imagine being able to move effortlessly from thick analog smoothness to crisp digital edge—or anywhere in between—and you begin to get the picture. The LFOs, step sequencer, and three separate delays can all be synced for complex, evolving, rhythmic, time-based effects in true stereo."

J. S. Bach - Modular Prelude (music video cover)

video upload by AntwaanMusic

"This is a music video cover of the very popular Prelude from Cello Suite no.1.
This was covered on my eurorack modular system only."

Roland System 100

video upload by E I S E N T A N Z

"No talking, only sounds. Hear the beautiful sound of the Roland System 100 (Model 101+102, made 1975)
Several sounds composed with some reverb and live modulations, arranged in Logic X."

Oberheim Two Voice Pro Semi-Modular Exploration

video upload by J3PO

"The Two-Voice Pro (this one is the Special Edition) is an incredible synthesizer, and concept. Coupled with a CV sequencer, it's amazing what you can create without even touching the keys. Here is an improvisation using the TVP, focusing on the sequencer and its modulation capabilities. While this type of music may not be for everyone, I hope you enjoy the sound of this marvelous instrument!

I have preset libraries available for the Oberheim OB-X8, Prophet 6, Prophet 5/10, Prophet Rev 2, OB-6, Spectrasonic's Omnisphere, Arturia OP-Xa, Softube's Model 72 & 84, XLN's Addictive Keys Mark One and a free bank of 50 sounds for the free VST synth “OB-Xd” — all available on my website. If you're a Nord Stage 3 or Wave 2 user, download my bank from the Nord Keyboards website."

Simple Raw Test With SSL’s The Matrix Sequencer And Friends

video upload by John L Rice

"Simple test of Synthetic Sound Labs new module 'The Matrix Algorithmic Composer'. You are hearing the module's square wave audio output along with its CV output controlling a STG Sound Labs VCO with its saw wave output manually filtered by a Moon 517S VCF. Very simple and raw and I was liking it a lot, might be good as the basis for a New Wave inspired song? 😎 #modularsynth #electronicmusic #newwavetypebeats"

Make Noise Shared System Videos by Akihiko Matsumoto

video uploads by Akihiko Matsumoto

Stereo Bass Drone / Make Noise Shared System (DPO, MATHS, Wogglebug, modDemix, Optomix, QPAS)
No Input Mixer Method / Make Noise Shared System (modDemix, Optomix, QPAS)
No Input QPAS & Echophon Feedback: Make Noise Shared System
Make Noise DPO & Ableton Grid SEQ Params
Make Noise René2 & Befaco VCMC with Wave/Hardwave Serum Pack 2.0
Make Noise René & Morphagene
Stereo Bass Drone 2/ Make Noise Shared System (DPO, MATHS, Wogglebug, modDemix, Optomix, QPAS)
Make Noise Shared System (Morphagene - QPAS - Echophon - Erbeverb) & Ableton MODE

One Synth, One Track // Korg Minilogue XD

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"An extremely overdue second installment in the "one synth, one track" series which currently has one other entry Typhon [posted here].

I'm not sure how much longer the Minilogue and I will be spending together, so I figured this was a nice possible send-off. It's a whole lot of fun to play on it's own but making this track was also quite tricky!"

IK multimedia X-TIME Delay Machine with TETRA Synthesizer 230617

video upload by ナカヤマコウジ

Flip Sync+tons of CV=groove!

video upload by Frap Tools

"In this patch, we set the green oscillator to Flip Sync, then we used the USTA sequencer to control the integration time, creating a varying glide effect. Then, we used FALISTRI to change its pitch as well, creating these snappy sync sweeps. Thanks to Oliver for suggesting this patch in our workshops!"

Midimini V30 // Because You're worth It.

video upload by Starsky Carr

"More than a Minimoog. The Midimini V30 is Studio electronic's Minimoog inspired rack mountable synth with a few added extras. They have been modding Minimoogs and building MIDI rack mounted Midiminis for longer than Moog in it's current form (after liquidation in the 80s Moog wasn't around for a while).

The Midimini is sonically the same as a Minimoog, a sonic pallet we are all familiar with, so in this video I concentrate on the places the Minimoog can't tread."

Ross T Ambient experiments with Alesis Andromeda A6

video upload by Ross Totino

"Ross T Ambient experiments with Alesis Andromeda A6. Nothing carefully prepared, just original Presets and improv."

Korg Monologue Late Night Sessions Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"Korg Monologue - Late Night Sessions"
*Watch in HD!* *No Talking!* *Turn it UP!!!*
Korg Monologue in action in my little series "Late Night Sessions"!
I love this little powerhouse! It's like an ARP 2600, ODYSSEY, Korg MS-20,
Moog Minimoog all in one monosynth! It sounds HUGE! Easy to play!
I used some Delay & Reverb to make this trip into space more enjoyable!
YES! That is an Egyptian Gebel Kamil Iron Meteorite
on the Korg Monologue control section!
It sends you ** Positive Cosmic Vibes! **
Thank you for watching!

Cwejman SM-1

via this auction

Mode Machines Synthlab SL-1

via this auction

"Handmade in Germany. Limited edition of 200. This is #116.

2 VCOs and ladder filter. Powerful-sounding, pure analog sound. Beautiful metal case and wood sides."

Quasimidi Polymorph w/ Custom Knobs

via this auction

"Iconic Quasimidi Polymorph 4-part 16-step performance synthesizer sequencer. In excellent condition with custom aluminium knobs to give it a more vintage look and feel. Includes original Quasimidi power supply."

Yamaha VL1

via this auction

Yamaha FS1R in Custom Wood Case SN PM01264

via this auction

"Yamaha FS1R FM Tone Generator 8 Operator Formant Digital Synthesizer. This unit is of museum quality and is in pristine condition in every way. It is new condition physically and functionally. Includes original manuals, literature and power cable. Also includes 1U Oiled Oak Audiorax rack enclosure."

Yamaha GS-1 88-Key Keyboard Synthesizer Joni Mitchell Russel Ferrante

video upload by thedeenforever

via this auction

"This listing is for a very rare and historic Yamaha GS-1 88-Key Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Voice library & Anvil Road Cases.

We are selling this keyboard on behalf of famed Keyboardist Russell Ferrante of The Yellow Jackets. Russell also used this keyboard while on tour with Joni Mitchell as evidenced by her name stenciled on the road cases!

You can see and hear this keyboard in action on youtube with Russell playing it live with Joni Mitchell, along with band mates Vinnie Calaiuta, Larry Klein and Michael Landau!

Search: 'Joni Mitchell, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Larry Klein,Russell Ferrante - live-You are so square'

WORKING CONDITION: Fair - Mostly works and sounds incredible. When a card is entered into the drive it takes a second for the sound to load in, which is probably normal. Certain cards give access to the full keyboard, whereas others may only allow half, we don't know if this is by design or a result of a faulty card.

The tremolo section is working nicely, however, the detune and vibrato sections don't appear to function properly. The knob on the far left next to the keyboard doesn't properly work either. This synth has been in storage for ages and has not been used or serviced in years. Some TLC and attention would be advised before counting on it for another Joni Mitchell tour! Otherwise, this synth still sounds great and is currently listed in fair working condition.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Fair - There are some notable scuffs and minor chips in the wooden chassis. Mostly notably the back and sides of the synth have a tacky-like texture from sitting in a road case for years where the deteriorating foam melded with the finish. We cleaned the entire unit extensively but the finish will need to be refurbished in order to get rid of that tacky texture.

However, the top surface, keyboard, and control section are all clean with no sticky feeling. This is good. The pedals are slightly loose from the frame as well. In all, each key, button, and knob is intact and ready for action. Overall, the physical condition is fair."

Teenage Engineering OP1 Field // Sound Quality You Can Finally Trust?

video upload by Dexba

"Yes, no, overpriced toy, saviour of all the portable jams, we will probably never know (and to each their own opinion). I got one, I was sceptical, because I already had four original OP1 in the past, and I was always tempted more by the idea, rather than any particular characteristic other than the portability.

The sound quality on the previous iteration was risible, the output used to hiss like a cat, it lacked dimension, character (other than being toyish) and practicality.

OP1 Field changes almost everything: it now features control over the quality of the tape and some other parameters, different projects we can save and recall, and sound quality is now at least up to par the job of not sounding like the Casio common ancestor, the new Mother Reverb sounds like a reverb and the Spring has become useful! WOW, and I am not sarcastic.

I would have never imagined a jam on my huge speakers with the previous OP1, and now here I am, with one track of the new Dimension analogue-ish synth through the cow (yes!) and the other three tracks coming from Strings, with an increasing number of overdubbing, always through the Grid effect.

Yes, it still lacks some features (I am not talking about the Undo, but for example the possibility of recording on tape while recording the master: it would have been handy to push the overdubbing even further), and the maximum sample length is a bit... old school, but I am so happy I can finally welcome an instrument I won't sell out of frustration in a matter of weeks 🧡"

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