MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Korg PS-3100 For Sale Meticulously Refurbished by Pro Vintage Synth Restoration Specialists

video upload by tonetweakers

"Here’s the latest Korg PS-3100 we meticulously refurbished and sold to a customer. Just was we were wrapping up its restoration, we bought another, so email us if you're seriously interested in acquiring a PS3100 that's better than the rest. Our restorations are very time consuming and costly, and this is justifiably reflected in our prices.

This 20 minute video shows one of many systematic tests performed over a long period of time to ensure that this complex instrument would be working absolutely perfectly when it left here. We buy, refurbish and sell Korg PS3100 PS3200 PS3300 and most other vintage synthesizers."

Tone Tweakers on Reverb | Tone Tweakers on Ebay

Roland SH-5

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Future Retro Revolution SN FREV0239

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Sequential Trigon-6 Demo (no talking): Presets for Ambient, Electronica and Techno

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 (PADS) Doomsday
1:00 Boarder Pad
2:00 7th Pad
2:24 Brighter Strings
2:57 Zombi Pad
3:32 Subtle Warmth
4:12 E-Motion Pad
4:59 Gater
5:30 Dubbed
5:58 Psytrance Pad
6:50 Overdriven Scape
7:46 Airsheep Pad
8:19 Lullaby Pad
9:24 U can't hide
9:54 Bad Tape Lead
10:22 Last of us
11:33 Frogger Pad
11:52 Trance Pad
12:10 Fake Delay Pad
13:04 It's alive!
13:43 (LEAD / BASS) Detuned Lead
14:09 Lead to nowhere
14:20 Trance Lead
15:12 Acid Lead
15:38 Growler
15:59 Cotton Lead
16:36 Fundamental
16:46 Modded
17:07 Synced
17:26 Melodic Techno Lead
17:57 Basic Lead
18:14 Supersize me
18:26 Quantum Entanglement
18:59 Vacuum Cleaner
19:17 Main Floor
19:59 Gamma-Ray Burst
20:33 Techno Sequence
20:48 El Ec Tro
21:21 Grounded
21:32 Bass Mallets
21:54 Electro Kick
22:02 Every 90s Goatrance-Track
22:13 Just playing
22:29 Psy-Zap
22:40 Bended Bass
22:45 Vitalized
23:00 Level-Up
23:32 Waver Lead
23:52 Father Lead
24:07 Aggro Tech Arp

FLkey - Pattern Pad Mode // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"FLkey 49 and 61 come with Pattern Pad Mode, which enables users to easily create, edit, and navigate through patterns directly from their FLkey. Watch as we show you first hand the functionality of Pattern Pad Mode with FLkey.

In order to access this feature on your FLkey 37, you need to update to the latest firmware via components.

The ultimate FL Studio MIDI keyboard range just got two new additions. The FLkey range just got bigger and better with FLkey 49 and 61 — the ultimate full-sized keyboard controllers for hands-on music production in FL Studio.

FLkey 49 and 61 add dedicated controls for the Mixer and Channel Rack, giving you hands-on control of volume and pan with eight pots, nine faders, and nine fader buttons for easy mutes and solos. The new 49 and 61-key editions extend the core features of FLkey 37 with controls for FL Studio’s Sequencer, Faders, and creative Scale and Chord modes.

---Discover FLkey 49 & 61:

--- Discover The FLkey Range:"

FLkey - Faders and Fader Buttons // Novation

video upload by NovationTV

"The FLkey 49 and 61 models feature 9 faders and fader buttons. With these, you can exercise greater control over your FL Studio project. Here, we'll demonstrate some of the ways in which these keyboards can offer you enhanced functionality.

The ultimate FL Studio MIDI keyboard range just got two new additions. The FLkey range just got bigger and better with FLkey 49 and 61 — the ultimate full-sized keyboard controllers for hands-on music production in FL Studio.

FLkey 49 and 61 add dedicated controls for the Mixer and Channel Rack, giving you hands-on control of volume and pan with eight pots, nine faders, and nine fader buttons for easy mutes and solos. The new 49 and 61-key editions extend the core features of FLkey 37 with controls for FL Studio’s Sequencer, Faders, and creative Scale and Chord modes.

---Discover FLkey 49 & 61:

--- Discover The FLkey Range:"

1980's Oberheim Matrix 6 Polysynth w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

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Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Roland Jupiter 6 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Jupiter 6 is everything and sounds incredible. Everything works flawlessly. The synth has been well cared for throughout the years, so everything is original and almost absolutely clean. This one in particular has a serial number that dates it to October 1983 and is a fantastic analog synth."

Analogue Solutions Nyborg - Black & White

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06 28 23 Serge Paperface '78 [01]

video upload by batchas

"NTO + filter in feedback mode."

d16 Group Introduces Lush 2

D16 Group Lush 2 VSTi ( MultiLayer Polyphonic Synthesizer ) #d16group #lush2 #vsti #vst
video upload by VST'S SOUNDS

D16 Group - Lush 2 (No Talking)

video upload by Elektronick Musick

via d16 Group

More than an 8-trick pony
Lush 2's multilayer architecture gives you access to virtually limitless sound design possibilities and a wide spectrum of applications.

Powerful, yet practical. An easy-to-tweak instrument that helps you find hit sounds in seconds, unleashing its and your maximum potential

Lush 2 isn’t based on just a single machine; it’s built from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synths, combined into one compact, logical layout. Don’t let its looks fool you: though it may look benign at first, its modular, multi-layer architecture takes it beyond simplistic poly-synths to the top shelf of extremely powerful, deeply programmable and devilishly versatile instruments in your arsenal. Suspiciously accurate sound is achieved only through experience: countless hours were spent analyzing classic analogue synthesizers, and then designing and implementing DSP algorithms with close attention to every component in the signal path - not just approximating its overall output. We deliver to you a synth built on oscillators of uncompromising quality, filters with an incredibly natural warmth and character, and best-in-class effects. On top of that, with all of the layers, multi-layer options, and routing capabilities the plugin offers - there’s no end to what you can do with just a single instance of Lush 2

Lush 2 lets you reach “unheard of” levels of creativity - each layer works as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, enhanced arp, and a choice between 8 of the finest insert effects.

Modulation matrix
An entire page dedicated to assigning your modulation to nearly any parameter - pick a source, pick a destination, set an amount: creative modulation!

Lush 2 also comes complete with a powerful built-in mixer, complete with layer-independent parametric equalizers and compressors that can be rearranged. Volume, pan and superb send effects allow you to put the finishing touches on the final output.

nervoussquirrel's Ore-some Volts

via nervoussquirrel

"A Eurorack synthesiser module that generates truly random control voltages, gates and triggers.

Radioactive events from a jar filled with uranium ore can be used to control compositional parameters.

First batch now shipping as of Tuesday 25th April 2023.

A borosilicate glass jar filled with uranium ore is mounted in front of a Geiger counter, which detects ionising radiation emitted by the rocks.

The timings of the radioactive events are mapped to a control voltage output and a number of gate/trigger outputs.

These can be useful to create truly random unpredictable variations in your synth patches.

Features and controls

There is a trigger output that creates a pulse whenever an event is detected, and also a group of six outputs that can be set as either triggers or gates. The group of six outputs are activated again depending on the activity from the ore. A relatively long pause followed by two clicks in quick succession will activate output number 1, for example.

There are three knobs for adjusting the CV output:

RANGE: Sets the range of the voltage from 0 to 10Vpp. Adjust this to create subtle variations or dramatic jumps.

OFFSET: Sets the area in which the control voltage operates. For example, if range is set to max then the offset can be used to set the voltages to operate from -5V to +5V or from 0V to 10V.

GLIDE: Sets the amount of glide between the changes in voltage levels. Set to max and remove the jar to create slowly drifting voltages triggered by background radiation.

The jar is removable, but pushes into place with a fairly tight fit, to prevent it falling out of portable modular systems. The activity of the module changes when the jar is removed. Take care when removing or replacing the jar.

The lid of the jar has been glued shut. Please do not attemp to open the jar - handling/inhaling/swallowing dust or fragments of the ore must be avoided.

A switch has been provided to turn off the internal Geiger counter click.

How it works

The system initially waits for three clicks, and then uses the position of the middle click to set the proportional level of the CV output. For example, if the central click occurs relatively close to the first, the voltage will be lower.

The system then waits for the next click to replace click 3, and re-assigns the previous 2 and 3 to the new 1 and 2.

nervoussquirrel's Conway's Game

via nervoussquirrel

A cellular automaton pattern generator that also functions as a MIDI to trigger converter.

Legendary mathematician John Horton Conway's "Game of Life" algorithm is generated and displayed on the 8x8 LED matrix, with the activity of the cells mapped to the outputs below.

The MIDI input can also be used to control 64 separate trigger outputs.

If you're not familiar with Conway's Game of Life, a brief explanation:

Imagine a grid of cells, each of which can be in two states, either alive or dead. A set of simple rules determine what happens to each cell, depending on the state of neighbouring cells.

For each step in time:

(1) Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if caused by underpopulation.

(2) Any live cell with two or three live neighbours lives on to the next generation.

(3) Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overpopulation.

(4) Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell, as if by reproduction.

The module makes use of these rules, applying them to an 8x8 grid of cells.

The generated patterns can then be used as an interesting source of triggers, which may be used to sequence drums, envelope generators, or any other modules with trigger or gate inputs.

After selecting a pseudo-random set of starting conditions for the cells, the simulation will run until the cells either die out, or end in a stable loop. If the cells die out or end in a stationary configuration, the simulation will reset with a new set of starting conditions. Loops can end up as the classic "glider" or "blinker", or more elaborate patterns.

Features and controls

MIDI IN: The module responds to notes ranging from C2 / note 36 to E7 / note 100.

CLOCK IN: By default the internal clock runs at 10Hz, but the clock input allows other sources to set the speed up to about 270Hz. After 270Hz things start getting weird, which of course is not necessarily a bad thing! Run it from any source of gates or triggers - LFO, VCO, or even audio for timing strangeness.

RESET: Clears the current loop and starts with a new set of cells. Also clears stuck MIDI notes if necessary.

MIDI / LIFE: Selects MIDI or Game of Life mode.


video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A self-playing Spectraphon/Morphagene patch! 'King Krell' is the brainchild of Jon King and Rodent516. It utilizes the Spectraphon and Morphagene's CV outputs to create a self-playing system with no additional modulation sources needed! (But it could be fun to expand from here...)

The 'Krell patch,' originally by Todd Barton, is a famous self-playing patch technique inspired by music from the film Forbidden Planet. Various approaches to Krell have been featured on our channel before:"

New Beat 2023

video upload by Mike @ Artisan

"Nucleus Sound Engine (same as used in the Iliad)
Starts out with a Wavetable on Osc3
Adds Wavefolder or Osc1, then its Sub octave.
Adds Osc2 saw and octave up
Switches to High-Pass filtering and inverted ADSR"

Suzuki TO-37R

via this auction

"Vintage Suzuki TO-37R POLYPHONIC electric keyboard and drum machine. Three basic keyboard sounds which can be pressed simultaneously for interesting tones. For example- strings and flute combo produces a gnarly overdrive sawtooth. The built in analog drum machine is capable of the same multi patching. Two can be press in creating really interesting and playable rhythms. This keyboard shines in front of a delay and reverb!


The volume pods are a little scratchy which is expected for a 50 year old synth. The rear output jack is inoperable. It could probably be fixed simply but that’s beyond my scope. I always used the headphone jack as an output which works equally well. The built in speaker is really nice but I wouldn’t push it too hard."

Crumar/Univox Jazzman - RARE Vintage Analog Electric Piano Synthesizer

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See the demo posted here.

Eko Ekosynth P15 Vintage Analog Synth SN 0317

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See the demo in this post.

"Very rare and exotic Italian analog monophonic synth from the late 70s. The condition is really great, working very well as well as sounding just beautiful.

The synth was recently pro serviced:

All old electrolytic capacitors replaced hi-quality equivalents
Potentiometers refurbished and cleaned
Calibrated, tuned and ready to play!
Power cable (220V / EU plug) is included."

Novation Supernova II Keyboard Synthesizer

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Roland Jupiter-8 JP-8 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer JP8 w/ DCB

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ALESIS ION Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Patch n Tweak
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