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Sunday, May 26, 2024

How to ROCK a GRANULAR Synth - Tempera - Superbooth 2024

video upload by SequencerTalk

Sunday, April 28, 2024

TEMPERA demo scrubbing through vocal and speech samples

video upload by beetlecrab

Saturday, February 24, 2024

The mystery and magic of TEMPERA.

video upload by Enjoy Synths

"I have to admit, I didn't and don't really get Tempera yet. But even with my limited experience with it, I love what it does. I just need to crack the code and solve its riddles…"

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

painting with sound ... tempera & hapax ... ambient

video upload by substan

"After the Tempera received a ton of new features with the new 1.5 firmware (which is currently still in beta), it has developed into a fantastic playground for sound paintings in the few months of its life.

A performance on the new Tempera & Squarp instruments Hapax. Source Audio Ventris for reverb.

Recorded in one take into Ableton Live.
Mastered in post with a hybrid setup.

Canvas, project file and music are available for my patrons.
The great support from my patrons makes all of this possible ... thank you so much guys !!

Substan Bandcamp Page:"

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

50 Tempera Custom Patches [Bank 1] by synth_nyc

You can find hi-res demos on

Some info on the set via synth_nyc

"As with my Kaivo custom patches, this sound bank only uses Factory Samples.

The Tempera has several workflows. I’m focussing my sound bank on having the Tempera sound generated by an external keyboard (Emitters are configured in ’Toggle’ placement mode), and also on having tonal patches.

The way Beetlecrab Audio implements granular synthesis is very interesting IMHO, it really shines in generating controlled random sounds (!), I mean it creates easily a rhythm or pattern if you’d like in the patch, but with random changes. A bit like a random ARP would do on a chord. The result is very musical IMHO. If you add that this randomness can be placed in the stereo field (L/R or Center/Middle) with some Jitter (or not). And that you can scan tracks vertically (Y) and / or several tracks horizontally (X) - up to 8 with up to 4 Emitters; the possibilities are endless.

Many of my patches scan tracks vertically (Y) only as I found that already creates a great novel soundscape, but several patches scan several tracks horizontally as well (that’s the ones with a XY suffix in the Patch Name)

It would be possible to create some of this controlled randomness if you were to use Korg Wave Sequencing 2.0 and add some randomness to each Step using the Probability parameter, but you would not be able to go as far as the Tempera.

The most interesting results IMHO are with samples that present spectral changes (across time) or temporal changes (gap, etc…) across time and with a fixed pitch. Though I’ve used some samples that had pitch changes (the FX is also interesting) and no (clear) pitch.

Lastly, unlike my experience with other synthesis where I can hear in my head the sound result before adjusting a parameter, with Beetlecrab Audio implementation of Granular Synthesis, sometimes the result is unpredictable (at least to me) but often musical."

You can find them at:

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

temporal existence ... digitone & tempera ... ambient

video upload by substan

"A performance on the Elektron Digitone & Tempera.
Apart from two field recordings, I only used Digitone samples on the Tempera.

Tempera into Digitone.
Recorded in one take.
Mastered in post.

As always ... the project file, canvas & music on Patreon:
The great support from my patrons makes all of this possible ... thank you so much guys !!

Substan Bandcamp Page:"

the swarm ... tempera ... ambient

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

TEMPERA Creating a sampled guitar canvas

video upload by Vector

"It's easy to create a custom Tempera canvas by recording an instrument."

TEMPERA Scrubbing along and across samples with modwheel and aftertouch

Additional posts featuring TEMPERA

Monday, December 18, 2023

Tempera Custom Canvas Jam

video upload by The Preposterist

"This is a short jam session using a custom canvas for the Tempera synth over a 160bpm beat"

And something completely different:

Tempera Fauna Canvas
video upload by The Preposterist

See the label directly below for additional posts and info on Tempera.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Introducing - Makers of Vector and Tempera


Dear friends,

as hot summer months are slowly passing by, our Prague workshop has been pretty busy working on all axes. Since there's now two products to care for, there's more things to do, more PCB wiring and more code to siphon through, but there's a silver lining in that when we're too deep in one thing and need some respite, there's always something to do on the other :)

We are

Another thing we're slowly dealing with is the inscrutable situation about our branding, which we have gotten ourselves into. Vector, VectorSynth Tempera, TemperaSynth Vector, Vectora Synth Temper. It's a mess. To get out of all this confusion we decided to adopt an umbrella for both existing and new upcoming projects: We couldn't quite figure out a suitable name but many of you started using this, so let's go with it. For now the website is a simple crossroad and will be improved over time. Both Vector and Tempera newsletters will be merged into one at some point, so if you're subscribed to both you may have received this email twice. Please ignore the other.

Now to the actual news. There's two parts here -- an update about how Tempera production is going, and announcement of the new Vector v2.9.1 firmware update. Let's start with -

Tempera Production Update

New upgrades

There's a few changes made to the hardware that we're comfortable sharing, now that they are verified. First, a great quality of life improvement: the TRS MIDI sockets are compatible both with Type A and Type B wiring ! This means that you don't have to worry and fiddle with unmarked adapters -- both types will work.

Next, we were still a bit unhappy with the powder coat finish of the metal case. It's difficult to get right: each attempt at different color and paint structure takes a lot of time to test and verify because at least a piece of metal needs to be painted and sent to us for examination, and it takes even longer because of course the metal case manufacturer doesn't have all the paints in stock, and sometimes they have to buy a whole bottle just to use a few drops. A sample palette exists but as we already learned with Vector, these give some idea but in the end look nothing like what you think on the actual metal, on the bends, crevices and so on.

Having said all that, I think we found and verified a finish that we're really happy with . It's less glossy and has a finer and more granular (hah) structure. It's very nice to the touch and I think looks much better. See for yourself, how the light interacts with the old vs new powder coat on top. Noticeable are also the beautifully laser etched graphics. (Tempera in old finish, plate on top in new finish. The light is angled in such a way to highlight the grain, the new finish is in fact even blacker than the old.)


Patch n Tweak
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