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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Musikmesse: MusikMesse 2010 - Eigenlabs

YouTube via eigenlabs — April 21, 2010 — Eigenlabs at Musikmesse 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Musikmesse: GAIA SH-01 Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 Booth Demo

YouTube via RolandChannel — April 20, 2010 — "
With its massive sound, hands-on ease, and affordable price, the GAIA SH-01 is a high-performance value with old-school charm. The triple-stacked engine puts potent virtual analog synthesis under your fingertips, yet the control panel is so fun, friendly, and inviting, even first-timers can create great sounds."

Musikmesse: Lucina AX-09 Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 Booth Demo

YouTube via RolandChannel — April 20, 2010 — "
Who says keyboardists need to hide behind their gear? Liberate yourself and roam free with the Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer. Lucina is compact, lightweight, and loaded with great sounds, all easily selectable with the onboard Category buttons."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Musikmesse: Pushing boundaries with the Karlax controller

YouTube via ArKaosMix — April 15, 2010 — "Here is the Karlax controlling GrandVJ and some audio samples in the same time.
You can switch layers, triggers visuals, select next and previous effects, move the visual position and control effect parameters.
The gesture control the video loop speed.
This is just an example of what could be done, the mapping was done just in time the Frankfurt music and show exhibition."

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2010:Controvice Schrauber Step-Sequenzer Controllerbox

YouTube via musotalk — April 15, 2010 — "Video in High Quality auf

Der Schrauber ist ein schönes Spielzeug wenn es um den kreativen Umgang mit Noten und Controller geht. Funktioniert wie ein guter alter analoger Step-Sequenzer gekreuzt mit einer MIDI Controller Box. Alle Funktionen lassen sich auch im Play-Mode aufrufen. • 8 Tracks mit je 16 Schritten • 240x128 Pixel LCD (blau negativ) mit Touchpanel • Noten- oder Controller-Ausgabe im Sequenzerbetrieb • 8 Parameter pro Track einstellbar, 5 Parameter pro Schritt • Eventeingabe über Drehgeber, Touchscreen und Miditastatur • Auflösung = 24 ppq (Pulse pro Viertelnote) • MIDI und USB"

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2010: Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer & XD-V7

YouTube via musotalk — April 06, 2010 — "Video in High Quality auf

Der MIDI Mobilizer ist ein kompaktes MIDI-System für das iPhone. Mit diesem System lassen sich MIDI-Geräte simpel über das iPhone steuern.

Das XD-V70 Funkmikrofonsystem versucht dem Frequenzmangel im schnurlosen Audiobereich vorzubeugen und verschlüsselt das Funksignal. Diese Verschlüsselung soll als Schild gegen Interferenzen (Überlagerungen, Störeinflüsse) dienen.

..make more music :)"

"The Mobilizer is a compact MIDI MIDI system for the iPhone. This system allows MIDI devices to control simple on the iPhone.

The XD-V70 wireless microphone system is trying to spectrum shortage in the area of wireless audio and encrypted to prevent the radio signal. This encryption is to serve as a shield against interference (overlapping, interference)."

Musikmesse: Spectrasonics Part.1 - Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via soundonsoundvideo — April 06, 2010 — Trillion & Omnisphere upgrades

Spectrasonics Part.2 - Musikmesse 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Musikmesse: John Bowen Solaris Videos

YouTube via delamartv — March 29, 2010 —

"The Synthesizer Solaris from John Bowen is an exceptional piece of hardware. We could interview John Bowen during the Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt and ask him about the new features in Solaris.

John Bowen shows us all the good stuff about Solaris and even a new filter he finished few days before the show.

If you like more information on John Bowen and Solaris, watch the second part of this video either on our YouTube Channel or on"

Solaris John Bowen Synthesizer Part 2 Musikmesse 2010 Video

Also see this thread on the John Bowen Synth Design forum.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Musikmesse: Eigenharp Alpha and Pico in action at Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via Ihavesynth — April 02, 2010 — "A cool demo session of the Eigenharp Alpha and Pico at Muiksmesse 2010. Filmed by Read more at"

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2010: Feeltune Rhizome Groove Machine

YouTube via musotalk — April 01, 2010 — Video in High Quality auf

Das sagt der Hersteller: Easy to use like a groove machine, powerful like the latest computer technology, and empowered by the versatility of plugins. Today the Rhizome is the only box combining samplers, mixing desk, sequencers and synthesizers, totally open and compatible with VSTs.

Unsere Meinung ist: Läuft auf Windows XP mit RME Audiohardware und soll auch Cubase steuern können. Ich finde das Konzept etwas unklar. Wir haben die ersten Protoypen gesehen und bleiben gespannt auf mehr.

Jilien Piau ist Salesmanager von Feeltune

..make more music :)

Musikmesse: Clavia Nord Piano Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via Ihavesynth — April 01, 2010 — Clavia released a new Nord Piano at Musikmesse 2010. Here is some guy performing with it and a Nord Wave Synthesizer.

Musikmesse: Roland GAIA SH-01 Demo By David Ahlund - Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via Ihavesynth — April 01, 2010 — David Ahlund demos the Roland GAIA SH-01 at Musikmesse 2010, is there filming.


Musikmesse: Tenori-On Orange y sistema operativo 2.0

YouTube via Hispasonic — April 01, 2010 — Yamaha mostró su nuevo Tenori-On Orange en la Musikmesse. Se trata de una versión más económica del Tenori-On original, con luces naranjas, sin panel trasero y más orientado al uso como superficie de control.

También fue anunciada la versión 2.0 del sistema operativo de Tenori-On (para el original y este nuevo Orange), con mejoras relevantes, como la función suffle y la sincronización local con secuenciadores externos.

"Showed his new Yamaha Tenori-On Orange in the Musikmesse. This is a cheaper version of the Tenori-On original, with orange lights, no rear panel and more oriented to use as a control surface.

It was also announced version 2.0 operating system Tenori-On (for the original and the new Orange), with significant improvements, like the Shuffle function and local synchronization with external sequencers."

Introducing the Moog MF-401 Auto De-tune

"Moog Puts Realism Back into Vocal Performance

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (April 1, 2010) – Do the vocals on your favorite song sound like a vocoded chipmunk? Yes? Did you use extreme auto-tune settings in the sensitive ballad you wrote for your girlfriend, who then dumped you because, as Jay Z said, "Auto-tune is Dead". Never fear, you can now recapture the emotive intensity of your original vocal performance complete with the off-kilter, yet somewhat charming intonation for which you are known.

Introducing Moog Music's MF-401 Auto De-tune, featuring Authentic Vocal Imperfection(tm) technology, even a T-Pain vocal can be restored to its complete original character, scrubbing the pitch correction and leaving the untreated vocal in all its wavering sharp or flat glory. Results may vary, and Moog Music in no way bears responsibility for discomfort or irritation caused by the use of the MF-401.

The MF-401 can be used to treat your vocals to be off-key in a variety of ways.

Presets include:

* Drunk as a Sailor
* Seattle sensitive alternative warble
* Where did all the green room beer go?
* Original Star Trek cast member attempts to make pop music
* My vocal monitor is blown, so Soundman, please mix me REALLY low
* Mrs. Miller
* Too punk rock to turn down your !#$%&*!! stage volume
* Cat in an alley under a full moon
* Tone Def
* Florence Foster Jenkins

Each preset can be adjusted to taste or lack thereof with the Warble rate, Deviation range, Emotive Overload, and Caterwaul rotary controls, allowing a virtually infinite variety and depth of vocal expression and variation.

It's time to take back the airwaves. Too long have our ears been fooled by processed, homogenized, artificially-in-tune vocals. It's time to bring back the REAL sound of performers' voices with Moog's MF-401 Auto De-Tune!

Price: $799

Shipping begins April 1, 2010

For more information, visit

About Moog Music: Moog Music and its customers carry on the legacy of Bob Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer. Moog designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments, including Little Phatty® and Minimoog® Voyager® synthesizers, Moogerfooger® effects modules, Etherwave® theremins and The Moog Guitar. Founded by Bob Moog, Moog Music designs and manufactures its products in Asheville, N.C."

click this image for the full size shot:

via Andrew and via Moog

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BCM Welcomes Division 6

via the Big City Music blog

"We're super excited to announce Big City Music will be carrying products from Division 6. This includes the Midify boards and the brand new Filtare eurorack module. The Midify boards allow you to add midi control to just about anything. The new Filtare SEIII is a beautiful sounding multimode filter based on the SSM2040 from the famed Prophet 5(revs 1 and 2). Modules should be available soon. Stay tuned."

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2010: AKAI Synthstation 25 & Alesis IO/2

YouTube via musotalk
Googlish description:
"Video in High Quality to

Keyboard and controller for the SynthStation Studio App

The manufacturer says: The SynthStation25 turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a portable music studio. The combination of SynthStation25 and SynthStation Studio is powerful enough for professional musicians, and everyone can now easily make music.

My opinion: Will I be back no more after the test. An absolute must for all iPhone musicians. I stand before at loggerheads with the iPhone touchscreen. Especially clever are the additional audio outputs

iO2 Express 2 channel USB interface

The store, the manufacturer says: The iO2 EXPRESS is a compact audio interface for recording the studio, at home or unterwegs.Dank its small size makes it easily in the laptop bag or backpack and can be used anywhere, anytime.

My Opinion: At last, an interface with analog Insertwegen before the AD converter and for little money. I like the Urei 1178 compressor can therefore be deployed again. Hear what the times are good converters.

Christian Stahl's European Marketing Manager of Alesis Studio GmbH and is responsible for products from Akai, Alesis, Numark, Audio and iON Mixmeister responsible.

.. Make more music:)"

Musikmesse: Radikal Technologies Accelerator

YouTube via Hispasonic

"Radikal Technologies presentó su nuevo sinte analógico Accelerator en la Musikmesse. Ofrece ocho voces, cada una con tres osciladores, dos filtros multimodo, seis generadores de envolvente y cuatro LFOs en total.

Pero además, incluye una característica inédita: un sensor de posicionamiento que permite alterar el sonido al mover el teclado. Nos lo explica su creador, Jörg Schaaf, en este vídeo."

"Radikal Technologies introduced its new analog synth Accelerator at Musikmesse. It offers eight voices, each with three oscillators, two multimode filters, envelope generators six and four LFOs in total.

But it also includes a novel feature: a positioning sensor that allows you to alter the sound to move the keyboard. He explains its creator, Jörg Schaaf, in this video."

Musikmesse: Roland GAIA SH-01 - Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via soundonsoundvideo

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2010: Korg Monotron

YouTube via musotalk
"Video in High Quality auf

Der monotron von Korg ist ein Mini-Synthesizer im Hosentaschenformat mit dem Filter vom MS10. Angetrieben wird er von 2 AAA Batterien. Er bietet sogar eine aufgedruckte Mini-Tastatur, die den Pads des Kaossilators oder Kaosspad mini ähneln. So lassen sich leicht Vibratos oder Glides erzeugen.

..make more music :)"

"Video in High Quality to

The MONOTRON from Korg is a mini-synthesizer in pocket format with the filter of MS10. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. He even offers a printed mini-keyboard that are similar to the pads of KAOSSILATOR Kaosspad or mini. This allows to easily create vibrato and glide.

.. Make more music:)"

Musikmesse: Moog Taurus 3 At Musikmesse 2010

YouTube via Ihavesynth
" gets a demo of the Moog Taurus 3 bass pedals at Musikmesse 2010. The Moog Taurus bass pedals are legendary and this new version brings out an even fatter sound than before. Read more at"

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