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Thursday, May 23, 2024


video upload by trogotronic



via Trogotronic

"Clandestine Projects go by many strange names. Projects which changed the course of history for better or worse. Manhattan, Bluebook, MK Ultra— hell—even Alan Parsons…

PROJECT ANTIDOTE (codename THE MACHINE) is the latest of such world-changing endeavors. But rather than another top-down government control-scheme funded by covert appropriation, the Military, Moonies, the Heritage Foundation or Rand Corp— PROJECT ANTIDOTE is conducted by a grassroots coalition of outsiders far from the eyes & ears of the surveillance-state.

Miles down a random dirt road a working group was assembled from the ranks of OFF!—the Hardcore Punk Supergroup—& Trogotronic’s Subhuman Resistor-Wranglers. Their mission: Design the ANTI-SYSTEM.

While silicon valley oligarchs were squandering unimaginable sums to develop “brain-enhancement implants” at zillion-dollar vivisection labs, PROJECT ANTIDOTE relentlessly refined THE MACHINE at a secret forest shanty dubbed “THE PUNK WORKS”. Success was soon realized when the pathway for organic audio-to-mental frequency-coupling was established, whereby minds are FREED rather than controlled. What’s more THE MACHINE viscerally resonates with only the MOST radical free-radicals to achieve a critical mass of illuminated population no longer subject to THE SYSTEM.

THE MACHINE includes a holistic tuning array of

11 Parameter Knobs
10 Element Light Emitting Array
All-Analog Audio Circuitry
Right vs. Left Hemispherical Design
Endless Audio-to-Brain Setting Possibilities
12v Worldwide Power Supply
Plug & Play for rapid deployment at blistering amplitudes, its immediate effects are clearly notable when the uninitiated strike a peculiar pose with each fore-finger inserted deep into the ear canal. Congratulations: IT’S WORKING!

As a redundant precaution, plans are being subliminally disseminated via unlimited multimedia release. Hidden diagrams are embedded in LP sleeves, Sportswear & Midnight Movie plots only visible in complete darkness. This way if all our efforts fail, the intrepid underground technicians among us can independently construct THE MACHINE in shanties the world over."

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Trogotronic 669cv Bosshog Mini Noise Synthesizer Pedal

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via this listing

Additional Perfect Circuit listings

You can find a coupld of demos and details on the Trogotronic 669cv previously posted here.

Monday, April 15, 2024

3/26/24 Trogotronic 676 & 333 & 669 + Mazzatron Mult / Pass Thru + Lexicon PCM 70

video upload by Cfpp0

"Tweaking the Trogotronic 669 oscillators."

Wednesday, December 20, 2023


video upload by trogotronic

"673 WaveWraith is an Analog Vacuum-Tube instrument which combines the power of the Valkyrie model with the MotherMutant model's interface in a no-compromises ergonomic console. Simultaneously delicate & brute, terrifying & beautiful; time invested in Wavewraith bears dividends of ghastly key-borne transitions, lengthy Rube Goldberg cycles & endless foley ideas for the classic sci-fi horror movie of choice."

Monday, May 01, 2023

Valkyrie Type-R

video upload by trogotronic

"Trogotronic Valkyrie Type-R 450v Semimodular Analog Tube Synth is one of the outermost electronic instruments on the planet. Upcycled from vintage American-Built handwired cores Valkyrie runs four scorching pentodes in an overproof audio libation guaranteed to leave a mark."

You can find the previous incarnation of the Valkyrie in previous posts here.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Trogotronic i/1 Illuminator

video upload by trogotronic

NOTE: major flashing lights in this one.

"i/1 Illuminator demonstrating each light's response to a separate Audio Signal. i/1 may respond to any one of the following inputs at once:
1. C/V or Gate signal from Modular Synth
2. Audio Signal via Input Jack
3. Loud Sounds in the vicinity via built in microphone."

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

trogotronic c4 4 Channel Analog Audio Controller v5

video upload by

"20 years ago we introduced the Original 4 Channel Joystick Audio Controller. For the first 5 years most folks didn't even understand what it was. The next 5 the knockoffs came. Soon whole genres of the most disturbing music ever put to speakers was born of primitive fast-cut real-time multichannel switching.

The New v5 Features:
4x4 discreet 1/4" ins / outs
Electronic Control & 4 Discrete Analog Signal Paths
An Illuminated Full-Sized Ultra-Fast Switching Stick
Gate Signal Input
Remote Control Jack for m2 Footswitch Accessory
Modulator Button & Speed Control = Impossibly Fast Attacks
Independent Mode for each Channel = ON until OFF or OFF until ON

Ask anyone who knows: Trogotronic c4 still goes from zero to smoking hear-holes with NO BLEED like the knockoffs.

The Original remains the BEST."

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Uniquely Expressive Combinations

video upload by Mark Steiner

"Exploration of Uniquely Expressive Instrument Combinations - Some great minds keep coming up with some very special instruments. I just love it.


Berglund Instruments NuRAD wind synth
Dynasample XO-mini sound module
Trogotronic c36 CV and gating spinny-thingy
Chicken in a Biscuit snack crackers
Trogotronic i/1 CV and audio light caster
Echo the blind cat
MuroBox midi and bluetooth app controlled music box
lots of various Eurorack modules and plugins in Logic Pro

Mark Steiner - May 2022"

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Analog Audio Tube Mayhem // SpazeDrum + Infernal Noise Machine + Trogotronic 679 #TTNM


"Just a little LOUD AND DISTORTED Trogotronic Infernal Noise Machine SpazeDrum Sound of Shadows SOUND DESTRUCTION! WAAAGH!!! Well ... so ... I wanted to use the Flight of Harmony INM-E to process the analog Gotharman SpazeDrum output. But then I thought: "Why not step it up a notch?". So I added the Trogotronic 679 vacuum tube ... THING ... and sent the result through Flight of Harmony's Sound of Shadows delay too.

I love to hear from you and talk about synths and stuff, so always feel welcome to post a comment or send me an e-mail to:

Monday, September 13, 2021

trogotronic c36 Revolution Analog Audio Controller

video upload by trogotronic

"Overview Demonstration of c36 Revolution"


c36 Revolution CV + Audio Demo

video upload by trogotronic

"Demonstration of c36 Revolution 4 Channel Analog Audio Controller sending CV to (1) 658 & (1) 669 MiniSynths while simultaneously controlling their audio output signals from c36 console."

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Trogotronic m/168 m collier portable suitcase style eurorack modular synth case

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via this auction

This is the first post to feature one.

"Being of humble subhuman heritage there remains an aspect of joining the modular knob-mob that bugs us: the exorbitant cost of entry due before even the first bit is added to the system. Worse, in spite of the considerable costs, many of the available set-ups are a compromise: wherein there’s little or even no power capacity whatsoever or the mere offering of +5v tap is an optional luxury; wherein fragile / easily damaged enclosures or table top tinker toys are touted as options; wherein infuriating substandard mounting systems are the norm rather than the exception. After testing many of these half-assed ideas we decided that every part used in Collier Series Euro-Modular Cases should be formidably robust & user friendly—even when this meant that some parts chew into our net. The m/168 Collier Case’s ultra-powerful, worldwide-compatible 10,000 mA Power System coupled with the best rack hardware available on the planet enclosed in a nearly indestructible case is born a turnkey classic of road-defying durability & outstanding value. And now its available in the original splash-proof base model m/168 & a new version m/168s with power inlet with switch plus removable cord.

m/168 Collier Case Original Model

Rugged Splashproof Brief-Case
2 Rows of 84hp = 168hp Capacity
Twin-Pin Removable Case-Lid w/Finger Pulls
PREMIUM Swiss Rails = No Half-Assed Loose-Nut Comedies
10 Amp (10,000mA) Power System INCLUDED
Power Boards Accommodate Up To 30 Modules w/+12v, +5v & -12v
Triple Voltage Status Lamps for Power Board (+12v/+5v-12v)
Power System Works ANYWHERE ON EARTH
STANDARD Power System Supplies = Quick/Easy User Service
Plenty of Stainless Module Mounting Screws INCLUDED"

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Xiu Xiu Explore Hideous Sound Design (No Talking)

video by Perfect Circuit

follow-up to this post.

"During their recent visit to our studio, Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu showed off a number of ways to make sounds that were as hideous and disgusting as possible. After filming with all of their varied setups, we ended up with way more sounds than we could cover in just one video. While our main video provides some valuable artistic insight into their processes and choice of equipment, we wanted to share a glimpse into their sound crafting without interruptions.

In their first jam, Angela sculpts feedback loops with a collection of her favorite pedals from Earthquaker Devices, Boss, and Death by Audio, while Jamie helms the mixer and Trogotronic’s Valykrie, a modified test equipment oscillator. Next, Angela switches over to her Waldorf Streichfett, while Jamie moves to a couple pedals of his own: Death by Audio’s Echo Dream 2 and Benidub’s DS71 Dub Siren. Angela and Jamie then both perform some solo Eurorack patches, and Angela closes things out with a solo performance on her Streichfett and pedals.

Sit back, grab some headphones, and lose yourself in the depths of Angela and Jamie’s noise, chaos, and unpredictability.

Read our article with Xiu Xiu:​

Shop for gear here:​


00:00​ - Jam #1
05:23​ - Jam #2
09:07​ - Angela's Eurorack Patch
11:57​ - Jamie's Eurorack Patch
14:36​ - Angela's Synth Jam


Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Xiu Xiu Makes the Most Horrendous Synth Sounds Humanly Possible

video by Perfect Circuit

"Toting an extensive range of sonic machines, experimental group Xiu Xiu’s driving members Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart recently paid a visit to our studio to give us a lesson on intentionally crafting “the most disgusting sounds” possible. With their eclectic assortment of test equipment oscillators, a towering Eurorack modular system, effects pedals, and more, prepare your eardrums to be blessed (or barraged, depending on your inclination for harsh electronic sounds) by the pummeling frequencies contained in this video.

With some of our favorite pieces like the Make Noise DPO, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, and the aptly named Total Sonic Annihilation from Death by Audio, Angela and Jamie show off a few setups for building up immensely destructive audio. Their valuable insight into curating feedback and noise with intention offers plenty of valuable tips and considerations for prospective explorers of the unpredictable and harsher worlds of sound design.

Read our article with Xiu Xiu:​

Shop for gear here:​


00:00​ - Intro
00:53​ - Pedal Feedback Loop
02:46​ - Jam
03:47​ - Trogotronic Valkyrie w/ Test Oscillators
05:19​ - Eurorack Patches
09:14​ - Outro


#PerfectCircuit​ #Synth​ #XiuXiu​"

Monday, September 07, 2020

New Trogotronic 658 Mother Mutant Control


658 Mother Mutant Control Overview
658 Mother Mutant Drive Control
658 Mother Mutant FX Mode

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Trogotronic 657 Mini Mutant (limited Tulsa Noise fest edition) noise Synth Death

via this auction

"Trogotronic 657 Mini Mutant synth noise box - limited edition released to raise funds for the Tulsa Noise fest 2017. Red knobs instead of black, red tipped switches instead of bare. Barely used, in perfect condition. AC adapter included. Fully tested and 100%. Great for power electronics or Harsh Noise Wall. Fans of Incapacitants, Merzbow, Masonna, Controlled Death or The Rita will love this.

Blistering All-Analog Audio Output

Audio Input for Status Quo Signal Jamming

5 Switch Toggle Bank = 25 Sonic Assault Modes

5 Combat-Primed Variable Signal Controls

All-Transparent Control Knob Array

Compact Design Counters Totalitarian Security Measures

Cast Aluminum Chassis for Tough Operating Conditions"

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Trogotronic 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth

via this auction

"Trogotronic 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth & FX SYNTHESIZER

Bad ass synth box for noise and drone applications."

Friday, June 15, 2018

Trogotronic m/277 Dual Tube VCA Tutorial Videos by Learning Modular

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Learning Modular

"This set of five movies covers the Trogotronic m/277 Stereo High-Voltage Tube VCA / Overdrive / Preamp module. Even if you don't have this specific module, the series covers a lot of useful information on managing signal levels to get different sounds out of a module, stereo and faux stereo processing, and the differences between putting the VCA before or after the VCA.

The first movie is an overview & demo of the module. The remaining movies cover using it as an output overdrive processor, using it as a stereo-izer (panning etc.), how it behaves as a VCA in the “normal” position after the filter, and how that behavior changes if you place it before the VCF.

These movies are also part of my Eurorack Expansion course on"

Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 1/5: Overview (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 2/5: Output Processing (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 3/5: Stereo Processing (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 4/5: as a VCA (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 5/5: VCA before VCF (LMS EE)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

New Trogotronic m/12 Detektor 4 Channel Multimode Dual Input Envelope / CV Generator

m/12 Detektor Overview Published on Dec 3, 2017 trogotronic

"Overview of Trogotronic m/12 Detektor 4 Channel Multimode Dual Input Envelope / CV Generator"

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eurorack Drum Sequencing with Grids and Numeric Repetitor

Published on Jan 24, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Quick jam with a eurorack drum machine in a Trogotronic M168 case with Mutable Instruments Grids and Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor sequencing the Audio Damage Boomtschak, Mutable Instruments Peaks and TipTop Hats909. Everything is mixed together with the Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue."

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio! See the membership page for details.

Monday, November 21, 2016

All tubes by Weinglas

"'All Tubes' is the latest release from European noisemaker Weinglas. All tracks from this strange ride into darkness were created with the help of modular synthesizers and sound machines made with tubes. Thanks to Brian from Zerosum Inertia, Eric from Metasonix and W.T. from Trogotronic, who designed and produced these strange machines, Weinglas could turn the warmth and rawness of these old fashioned elements into never-before-heard walls of noise, sounding modern and vintage at the same time."

The following is a video for Tubemaster 2, the 10th track on the release on Vicmod Records.

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Wein Glas

"A Strange Electronic Sequence from a Buchla 200e Skylab with a Zerosum Inertia ZIMM03 Tube Module installed.

This is another track from my release "All Tubes" on vicmod records:"

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