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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Bastl 1983 & Synthstrom Deluge

video upload by Easy Tiger

"I'm jamming with a semi random setup using the Bastl 1983 and the Synthstrom Deluge.

I explain how I have everything connected and then go on to jam for a bit.
If you're only here for the music got to around 4:00"

Monday, September 12, 2022

Bastl 1983 Eurorack Module In Black

Cool pic via @bastlinstrument

"There is no MIDI to CV convertor like our 1983. ⁠
Can your convertor also reliably tune your analog oscillators?⁠
Can your convertor chain with a second unit and be 8 channels?⁠"

You can find demos featuring the silver model in previous posts here.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Introducing The Bastl Midilooper

Bastl Instruments

Price excluding tax: 239€ - comes to $283.44. Pics with press release below.

"Midilooper is a device that listens to MIDI messages (control information about notes, dynamics and other parameters) and loops them in a similar way an audio looper would loop pieces of audio. However, loops of MIDI messages remain in the control domain, which means a lot of other processes can happen on top of them - timbre modulation, envelope adjustments etc.

more info at
available now at and through our dealers

Setup 1:
Juno 106 MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Juno 106 MIDI IN
SYNC: Modular sends analog clock and reset into MIDI Looper via 3.5mm jacks
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper

Setup 2:
Keyboard (Reface DX) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into 1983 MIDI IN (modular)
1983 receives MIDI on 3 MIDI channels to control 3 modular voices
SYNC: Modular sends analog clock and reset into MIDI Looper via 3.5mm jacks

(Nerdseq sends MIDI to Reface DX MIDI In to control the sound engine, Local control on Reface DX is turned off)

Setup 3:
Roland SPD-SX (drumpads) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Roland SPD-SX (drums) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 1
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT 2 into Microgranny 2 (glitch) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 2
SYNC: OP-Z mini jack MIDI OUT (from OP-LAB Module) into MIDI Looper mini jack (MIDI) Clock IN
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper

OP-Z plays chords and bass
Local control on SPD-SX is turned off

Setup 4:
Moog Sub Phatty MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Moog Sub Phatty MIDI IN
MIDI Looper is in Free running mode (no clock needed)

Setup 5:
Keyboard (Reface CP) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Reface CP (e-piano) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 1
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT 2 into Roland D-05 (pad) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 2
Roland D-05 MIDI OUT to Make Noise 0-coast (arp) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 3
SYNC: Roland TR-08 (drummachine) MIDI OUT to mini jack MIDI adaptor to MIDI Looper minijack MIDI Clock IN
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper
TR-08 trigger out to 0-Coast Gate input
Reface CP Local control OFF
D-05 MIDI Thru ON"

"Bastl is more than excited to announce the Midilooper! Rather than being a sequencer, it is a device inspired by audio looper style workflow with a really fast, performative, single gesture interface.
Looping is a blazing fast way of music making and looping in the control signal domain is a key feature that allows for all remaining parameters of your device to be tweaked and modulated on top of the looped sequence... or MIDI CC looped!

Midilooper has been in development for over 3 years and several iterations of the control interface and connectivity have been extensively tested within the context of a live performance. It has the ability to bring a live setup or a studio to new life and make you explore your gear in a refreshing, hands–on manner.
Midilooper can be synchronised to MIDI or analog clock and it can also run on its own (tap tempo/free running). It has 3 voices that can each be assigned to a different MIDI channel, allowing it to control and loop 3 individual units of gear. Each voice can be individually recorded, muted, overdubbed, or cleared.

Midilooper also offers some basic processing of the recorded information: transposition, velocity locking and shifting, quantisation, shuffle, humanisation (random variations of velocity), adjusting the length of the loop, or doubling and halving of playback speed.

In addition, it features CV and trigger inputs for seamless integration with modular synths: reset, retrigger, velocity, and transpose. It can also be controlled with foot pedals.

Stay tuned to Bastl Instruments YouTube channel for more walkthrough videos. Price excluding tax: 239€
Shipping to dealers now.

• 3 independent voices (each has MIDI channel assigned) • overdub/overwrite
• transpose mode
• octave transpose
• quantize, velocity lock, shuffle, humanize • odd looplengths, time stretch
• mute, clear, erase
• one MIDI Input and two MIDI Outputs
• clock input (accepts analog clock or TRS MIDI Clock) • analog reset input
• metronome output
• CV input connectivity (transpose, velocity, re-trigger) • pedal control (record, clear, voice selection)
• USB powered
• adjustable divider/multiplier for analog clock"

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Bastl at Superbooth 2019 - New Products and Updates

The Press Release:

Friday, February 01, 2019

Bastl Instruments 1983 Demo: MIDI to CV Interface & More

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Bastl Instruments

"The 1983 is a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. There are four channels of CV and GATE outputs that can be configured in various Layouts, such as hybrid splits between monophonic and polyphonic voices or velocity, Control Change, aftertouch, triggers, clock or reset.¶"

And the Press Release:

We are really happy to finally announce the 1983 four channel MIDI to CV interface for eurorack with automatic tuning, creative voice manipulation and micro tuning. It took more than three years since first prototypes for it solves the unsolved problems in the modular world.

Polyphony and painless tuning might have partly been solved by some modular users thru elaborate hacks and expensive modules before but now the 1983 can simply listen to almost any analog (or digital) oscillator and even correct its tuning with simple press of one button and that is a huge deal!

On top of that it brings creative CV inputs to work with harmony, voicing, glissandos and arpeggios. It can also be used in quad performance quantizer mode in which voltages could be interpreted as and processed as defined tones. This could either be used just to correct tuning between sequencers and oscillators (no MIDI needed) or even more creatively, because the MIDI input can directly set the quantizer mask = the notes that will or won't be used.

Because equal temperament with A tuned to 440 Hz does not suit all kinds of music and synthesis techniques, the 1983 is equipped with micro tuning feature to fine tune each semitone in the octave.

As a designer of this module I have this personal note to add:

“Modular synthesizers use precise voltages to communicate pitch information (volt per octave) and such standard puts high demands on both oscillator and voltage source design and calibration while in most instances it leaves the final bit of calibration up to the user. Automatic tuning technical solutions were always used in polysynths and it was somewhat “easy” to do since they were closed systems. The open end architecture of eurorack system allows variation of the standard interpretation when it comes to in impedances or something else. I believe that in this century we should be implementing microcontrollers and create hybrid systems that solve these technical issues. This is also why we chose to use ironically retro-futuristic design and name the module 1983 after the year when MIDI was born. I hope the LISTEN feature inspires other maker to implement tuning corrections into any module that aims to work with tonality from now on.”

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bastl Intros 1983 MIDI to CV Module, Timber Wave Shaper

Published on May 13, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2018, Bastl Instruments Instruments introduced two new Eurorack modules:

1983, The MIDI to CV Module ‘From The Future’; and

Timber Wave Shaping Module For Eurorack Synthesizers

Here's a quick demo from Bastl's Václav Peloušek."

Monday, May 07, 2018

Bastl Modulars 1983 + Timber Superbooth 2018

Published on May 7, 2018 cuckoomusic

Peter Edwards (Bastl) Party Mix + Dark Matter Superbooth 2018

Published on May 7, 2018 cuckoomusic

Superbooth 2018: Bastl Instruments 1983 and Timber modules demo

Published on May 7, 2018 Future Music Magazine

"Václav shows us the brand new Bastl modules; the 1983 polyphonic MIDI to CV interface and a waveshaping module called Timber."

Superbooth 2018: Bastl Instruments Thyme demo

Published on May 7, 2018 Future Music Magazine

'Lennart gives us a rundown of the Thyme robot operated digital tape machine."

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Superbooth 2018 - BASTL 1983 8 voice poly MIDI to CV with autotune & Timber wavefolder/shaper

Published on May 6, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Vaclav soothe our tired minds with a great patch, luring us into the booth with some musical 8 voice polyphonic action in the 9U set up on the BASTL stand. There's the new 1983 8 voice polyphonic MIDI to CV with auto tuning functions and the wave folding / shaping 'Timber'. Sounded great and their new case looked fantastic and was very lightweight!

We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by"

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Bastl Instruments New Modules, Superbooth, Thyme is Shipping & Further Updates

via Bastl Instruments

"We are really excited to share some news from Superbooth! Come to see us and our booth E240. First we are announcing two new eurorack modules - the ​Timber​ - dual waveshaper and the ​1983​ - MIDI to CV interface from the future with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. Peter Edwards a.k.a. Casper Electronics will preview another Bastl collaboration on his ​forthcoming product line​ of Eurorack modules! We are finally shipping ​THYME​ effects processors and we have couple of new music releases at our ​Nona Records​ and the week after Superbooth we are hosting a touring ​festival​ from Prague to Brno.

Timber​ - dual waveform lumberjack is a flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to any signal. It has 2 different wave shaping circuits that are controlled by the same parameters. Both shapers are classic Serge inspired designs that have been heavily modified and enhanced with a voltage controlled crossfader. The fader can be used to fade between the two shapers or either one and the clean input signal. Video introduction

1983​ is a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. There are 4 channels of CV and GATE outputs that can be configured to various layouts. Each channel is also able to LISTEN to the simple waveform of an oscillator and with a single press of the TUNE button it magically makes everything play in tune. The UPDATE and WINDOW inputs allow creative mangling of the voice allocation and open harmonic content to be animated in modular environment. The TRANSPOSE and GLIDE jacks open up the module for further creativity.

New product line​ of eurorack modules is coming soon from ​Casper Electronics​. At Superbooth Peter Edwards will preview his prototypes which are highly influenced by his signature gestural performances using experimental mixer techniques with loads of feedback and overdrive. Now with everything under complex CV control and fine-tuned for modular environments.

After a long wait we are finally shipping our beloved ​THYME​ - The Robot Operated Digital Tape Machine. This certainly is the most advanced instrument we have ever created and it opens huge sonic possibilities of real-time sound manipulation. We have released a new video.

Pricing and availability:

- Timber - available now at for 170 EUR excl. tax , currently in production, ships in July 2018

- 1983 - available latest in September 2018 with price around 250 EUR excl. tax

- Bastl & Casper Eurorack modules - available later in 2018

- THYME - available now and shipping for 439 EUR excl. tax, thru Bastl dealers"

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