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Friday, January 26, 2024

Patchwerks - Community Hub & Music Store Fundraiser Reminder

In case you missed the original post, Seattle's Patchwerks is having fundraiser on GoFundMe.

Click here for details.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Patchwerks - Community Hub & Music Store Fundraiser

You can find the GoFundMe here.

Patchwerks is more than a synth shop. They host local synth events in the Seattle area, share performances online, publish tutorial videos, and help promote artists [many featured here on MATRIXSYNTH]. Now they need some help on their end. The following was sent my way via a friend, via Patchwerks's news letter. You'll of course find additional details on their GoFundMe.


We’ve proudly watched as the community that developed around Patchwerks has grown through a shared passion for the joy and magic of electronic instruments. All of our staff feel so much gratitude when people come to our store to play, learn, and connect with each other.

We’ve been so humbled by everyone who has come through our doors – whether you’ve been a first-time synth-curious explorer who trusted us to guide you, or whether you’ve been one of our own musical heroes who has consciously decided to purchase your instruments from an independently-owned and operated business.

Unfortunately, due to economic pressures beyond our control, the community we built at Patchwerks is at risk of losing its home… and we’re reaching out to ask for your help.

If you're willing to help us survive, a donation of as little as $25 can help Patchwerks continue our operations in a healthy way.

The years 2022 and 2023 made it difficult for us to operate, and now we're at the point where we need to ask for help or cease operations. We have a strong plan to get healthy, but we can't do it without you. Please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign today."

Latest Showroom Sessions: Sherman and Limanjaya

video upload by Patchwerks

"Join us for Showroom Sessions, a monthly series of curated electronic music. Hear some of the region's boldest voices in ambient, experimental, dance music, and more. Proudly presented by Patchwerks with generous support from the community. This month, we host the talents of Portland-based Limanjaya and local head Sherman.

Sherman / Selector Records on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Sherman’s been dabbling with gear since around 1997, and after many years of trying out different pieces has settled on a couple Critter & Guitari Organelles running custom patches, running through a Memory Man (w/ Hazarai, of course) delay pedal, building bizarre polyrhythms that on occasion sound good. On the spot beats intricately twist around each other, get manipulated, finagled, and fade into more intricate grooves.

Sherman has releases on Telomere Plastic, iLLikoi, Basement Sounds, and new local label Basement State.


Joshua Limanjaya Lim is a modular synthesist and producer residing in Portland, OR. He uses sample flips, glitchy beat repeats, and infectious melodies to craft his sound. Whether he is performing ambient, hiphop, or house music, the goal is always to get people moving. His latest album, UNTITLED 2023, is out now on all streaming platforms.

IG / _limanjaya

0:00 Sherman
32:24 Limanjaya"

Friday, September 29, 2023

Live Hardware Electronic Music: Nolfo and Mike Perkowitz

video upload by Patchwerks

"Patchwerks is proud to present a monthly showcase of local artists working with a dizzying array of music tech. This month we're happy to host the musical talents of Nolfo and Mike Perkowitz.

Showroom Sessions are a great chance to enjoy live music from our incredibly talented community and link up with friends old and new in a casual environment, connecting over a shared love of electronic music and all its devices.


exploring vague memories through sound

Check out Nolfo’s music:

Mike Perkowitz

Mike Perkowitz is Seattle-based techno and synthpop artist who has long been a part of the city's music scene as a member of Heatsync, Rotor, and Signal Corps and working with the label 1200 Music. While minimalist techno and synthpop dominate his repertoire, he also ventures into pop remixes and obscure piano compositions. Always seeking the perfect jam session, he has created software and firmware sequencers for live work, which are shared on GitHub. Discover Perkowitz's music at Bandcamp and Soundcloud."

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Paul T Schreiber of Synthtech / MOTM Retires From The Synth Business

"After 27 years, I have retired from the synthesizer business. I still have a #day_job which will last until Dec 1st. The last set of 16 modules shipped to Patchwerks in Seattle, including the last E520 Hyperions.

Is there a chance someone will buy my IP and continue the product like? I keep hoping. Thanks to everyone who were friends and customers."


The man behind MOTM and Synthtech/Synthesis Technology retires. Paul Schrieber was making modular synths in the MOTM 5U format before eurorack took off. He essentiall started his own format, 5U in height like Moog's MU 5U but different. See this old post for a pic of different modular formats. He made his modules available in both DIY and finished form. You all should be familiar with MOTM and Synthech if you are regulars of the site. If not, see the MOTM and Synthech labels for posts over the years.

Since the launch of this version of MATRIXSYNTH back in 2005, there have been a total of 831 MOTM posts, and roughly 367 Synthtech posts, including this one. I say roughly as there was another Synthtech that made the Chroma Cult - Rhodes Chroma MIDI Interface, that shares the Synthtech label I used to get the count. The first post to mention MOTM dates back to This EAR post on July 30, 2005, the second to MOTM Madness - Featuring Yamaha GX1 Filter clone on August 4, 2005. Sadly the mp3 linked there is gone. People let their sites go unfortunately. The first post to mention Synthtech is the Epic Son video by John L Rice from back on August 2, 2011. His designs also made it into non modular synths like this Studio Electronics Omega 8 w/ MOTM CS80 & 440 Filters.

Friday, July 07, 2023

Live Hardware Electronic Music: Balance.Spring and Marc Barecca

video upload by Patchwerks

"This month we're happy to host the musical talents of Marc Barreca and Balance.Spring for our monthly Showroom Sessions.

As always, Showroom Sessions are a great chance to enjoy live music from our incredibly talented community and link up with friends old and new in a casual environment, connecting over a shared love of electronic music and all its devices.

Balance.Spring is the performance project of Seattle-based Brian Krall. Growing up on the iconic Casio SK-1, Brian has always been intrigued by the art of sound design and experimentation. In 2016 Brian started Balance.Spring, with an emphasis on live improvised hardware performance and experimentation. Brian is fascinated and motivated by finding where the path of technology and engineering cross with music and sound design. Brian is currently studying for a Master of Music Technology with a Game Audio Technology emphasis, where his capstone project is focused on spatial audio and developing an immersive sound and music experience in VR.

Instagram: @‌\ _balancespring _

Marc Barreca has been creating and performing electronic music since the mid-1970s. His 1980 album, Twilight, reissued on vinyl in 2018, was one of the earliest releases on Palace of Lights. His most recent releases include the solo CDs Recordings of Failing Light, The Empty Bridge, From the Gray and the Green, Shadow Aesthetics, a double CD with K. Leimer, Drowning Guides, two CDs with Steve Peters and K. Leimer as "Three Point Circle", and a vinyl collaboration with K. Leimer, Chains of Being, on the Spanish label, Abstrakce Records. Reissues include solo work and 1970's recordings with Young Scientist on the acclaimed VOD box set American Cassette Culture and the Cherry Red compilation of seminal U.S. electronic music. Additionally, a vinyl version of the 1983 cassette, Music Works for Industry, was reissued on the Freedom to Spend label and a vinyl version of the 1986 cassette, The Sleeper Wakes, on Scissortail Records. His work is also included in the collection of The British Library.


0:00 Balance.Spring
34:01 Marc Barecca"

Friday, June 02, 2023

Live Hardware Electronic Music featuring SKYGAS and rocketmermaid

video upload by Patchwerks

"Showroom Sessions are a great chance to enjoy live music from our incredibly talented community and link up with friends old and new in a casual environment, connecting over a shared love of electronic music and all its devices.

π™Žπ™†π™”π™‚π˜Όπ™Ž is the new moniker of Seattle's Ian Price, known as the figure behind the unhinged Bonkers parties of the Northwest and the Pleasure Boat Records label, after years spent building gear and changing direction. Under this new pseudonym, the debut SkyGas album is the sound of a seasoned musician walking away from modern production and back into primordial sound. The result is a perpetual horizon machine focused on themes of joy, solitude, and impermanence, described as “new age with abrasions.”

Julia Davis (aka RocketMermaid) has been tinkering with musical oddities for 25 years, using everything from tracking programs from the demoscene to banging pipes against the walls of an Indiana basement. Since relocating to Seattle, she's fallen in love with modular synthesis and has incorporated it into her works, ranging from airy ambient to crushing industrial.


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Live Hardware Electronic Music Featuring Rascal Rae and Ea5e95

video upload by Patchwerks

"Live electronic music featuring Seattle artists Rascal Rae and Ea5e95.

Rascal Rae likes pushing buttons and musical boundaries within the world of electronic music. They enjoy playing live with an ever-evolving cast of hardware devices to deliver joy on the dance floor through their whimsical approach to music production and performance. Known for their Digitakt chops, Rae's love of sampling shines through no matter what musical styles they're playing.
Instagram: @‌rascal_rae

Ea5e95, member of an international art collective from the 2000's called OKIZOO. Japan based under music and creative expression expression crew. Emcee, Dj and now producer/artist. Art, love and life is way. Influences include Jazz, triphop, underground hiphop, and many others

/ @robertbrowniejr .
Instagram @‌ea5e95
Video by: Steven Ly and Matthew Piecora"

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Korg ARP 2600 M Workshop & Sale at Patchwerks Seattle - 6PM This Evening April 13

via @patchwerks_

"Today from 6-7PM in our Seattle Showroom Tom Butcher will be giving a special workshop on the iconic Korg ARP 2600 M


We will be selling these synths for an insane incredible price for tonight only! If you've ever wanted one this will be a workshop you do not want to miss!!"

Monday, April 03, 2023

Showroom Sessions: SNOWDN and orqid

video upload by Patchwerks

"Live electronic music from Seattle artist SNOWDN and Seattle artist orqid.

Check out SNOWDN on their Instagram here:

Listen to orqid's most recent album:
Video by: Steven Ly and Matthew Piecora

16:25 orqid"

Monday, March 20, 2023

LARK Digitakt and Modular Synthesizer Performance // Track Breakdown

video upload by Patchwerks

"Seattle based artist Lark performs and breaks down a track made with an Elektron Digitakt and a Mutable Instruments themed modular synthesizer.

Check out the Digitakt here:
Check out the some fresh Mutable Instruments remakes by After Later Audio here:
Video by: Matthew Picora (@EZBOT_)"

Monday, November 28, 2022

Patchwerks Showroom Sessions: Jon Scheid and ybot

video upload by Patchwerks

"Patchwerks Showroom session featuring Jon Scheid and ybot.

Jon Scheid is a Portland/Seattle based experimental artist. Their music combines all sorts of unique textures that will take you on an ear candy filled atmospheric journey.

Ybot is an electronic dance musician from Seattle. Utilizing Elektron boxes, vocoders, and modular synths, ybot composes a range of various styles from house to dub techno. Ybot is here to make you dance.
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Monday, October 31, 2022

Storytime with Gordon Raphael

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video esteemed record producer and musician Gordon Raphael shares stories from his music career, his love for synthesizers, and his new book: The World Is Going To Love This: Up From The Basement With The Strokes. Filmed live at Patchwerks in Seattle, WA.

Gordon Raphael is an American record producer and musician from Seattle, Washington, and New York, currently living in Hebden Bridge, after a few years in Berlin. Raphael is most widely known for his work with The Strokes, whom he met while attending an early show at Luna Lounge on Ludlow Street, New York -Wikipedia
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Update: and an impage of Red Martian's (Stephen Jones) Mattson Mini Modular system:

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Prismatic Oscillations with XPO by Walker Farrell

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Walker Farrell shares an in-depth presentation on the new stereo oscillator XPO by Make Noise. Video was recorded live during Velocity at the Substation in Seattle, WA.

Video by Modular Seattle
Presentation by Walker Farrell of Make Noise"

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Exploding the Elektron Analog Rytm MkII

video upload by Red Means Recording

"This video is sponsored by Patchwerks, Seattle's synthesizer store. But also yours.
Shop a great selection of gear here!
Let's make a beat on the Elektron Analog Rytm MkII because its fun and good ok?

00:00 intro
01:12 beat making
18:33 scenes

Watch the final beat in action:"

Never Come Down (Paak vs. Rytm)

Friday, September 09, 2022

Patchwerks Showroom Sessions Saturday 9/17 at 3PM in Seattle

For those in the Seattle are on 9/17:

via @patchwerks_

"Join us Saturday 9/17 at 3PM for another installment of our monthly Showroom Sessions series! This month we're happy to host the musical talents of Samuel Joseph Kim and Meagan Jane Marron.

As always, Showroom Sessions are a great chance to enjoy live music from our incredibly talented community and link up with friends old and new in a casual environment, connecting over a shared love of electronic music and all its devices"

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Velocity 2022: A Look Back

video upload by Patchwerks

"Here is brief look back at Velocity 2022, a synthesizer inspired music festival hosted at Substation in Seattle, WA.

Visit: for more details.
Video by: Steven Ly (Project 32)
Music from this video:"

Friday, July 29, 2022

Patchwerks Showroom Sessions: Syncronos and Wet Peynt

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video local artists Syncronos and Wet Peynt perform at Patchwerks in Seattle, WA.

Expect more live shows monthly in-store at Patchwerks. If you are interested in performing reach out to us at

0:00 Syncronos
51:25 Wet Peynt

Visit the Patchwerks website here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora and Stephen Ly"

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Ann Annie - Wildlife soundscapes, crusty tape, Eurorack Ambience & a big surprise // Velocity 2019

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here we have Ann Annie’s performance at the event ‘Velocity’ from back in 2019. It was the first Velocity event held by Modular Seattle and Patchwerks and the new one is coming up, full info here -

Ann Annie brought us a blissful mix of wildlife soundscapes, crusty and noisy tape loops with live manipulations and widescreen Eurorack ambience before delving into an unexpected and uplifting section that definitely took the audience by surprise.

Earlier in the year I sat down to talk with Ann Annie and go through the set up and approaches to creating and performing. It was a wonderful conversation I was really glad to be able to capture and share, check that out here":

Ann Annie Eurorack modular synth performance interview #TSR19
"Here we have an interview, short performance and rig rundown with Ann Annie. Eli is the man behind elusive character behind some beautiful melodic ambient modular synth music and videos. Eli gives us a short performance on his 6U performance rig, talks about his musical background, getting into modular synths and we go through his set up for both recorded and performed modular music."

Ann Annie
Web //
Bandcamp //
Instagram //

Friday, July 08, 2022

All Aboard the SSF Zephyr

video upload by Red Means Recording

"This video is sponsored by Patchwerks! Get a Zephyr or whatever else you may desire from Seattle's synthesizer and community store:

00:00 intro
01:23 front panel walkthrough with sound demos
05:16 patch example 01
05:37 fm and sync sound demo
06:30 zmod sync patch demo
07:40 envelope modulation demo
10:54 patchwerks!
11:46 percall rhythmic modulation demo
14:04 glassy bell-like tones
16:24 slow grind full patch
18:04 zephyr as a lead
20:11 final thoughts
21:40 outro jam"

Monday, June 27, 2022

Showroom Sessions: BodyFallingDownstairs and LARCH LARIX

video upload by Patchwerks

"BodyFallingDownstairs and LARCH LARIX perform live hardware sets at Patchwerks in Seattle.

Expect more live shows monthly in-store at Patchwerks. If you are interested in performing reach out to us at

Performance recorded on May 21st, 2022.

00:00 Start
00:03 BodyFallingDownstairs
23:27 Larch Larix

Visit the Patchwerks website here:

Video by: Stephen Ly"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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