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Saturday, June 22, 2024

BlueARP DM in black + project updates

video upload by graywolf2004ru

"Introducing BlueARP DM in black enclosure, limited series.
BlueARP DM is an 8-channel hardware arpeggiator, more information here:
Some other updates on the project - updated manual, showing BlueARP DM's in the making.

00:00 Intro, BlueARP DM in black
00:34 Updated manual in color
01:52 Different buttons, prototype
03:05 On tactile buttons reliability
03:35 PCB's, notes on the JTAG port
04:45 BlueARP DM ordering information"

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BlueARP DM firmware update v2.5.3 and editor app update (revised)

video upload by graywolf2004ru

"This firmware update brings new features to BlueARP DM: drum sequencer mode, chain variations and several GUI and workflow improvements.
BlueARP DM is a programmable 8-channel pattern arpeggiator, details here: Explaining BlueARP DM v2.5.3 Firmware update. Download link: BlueARP DM's are made by hand in small quantities, they can be ordered here (usually with a waiting time of 1-2 months)

PS. I didn't like the previous version of this video - I was too tired when I recorded it (after 2 days of coding and testing almost non-stop), so I re-recorded it and this one - I like it better,

0:00 Introduction
0:42 New P1. BASICS page
1:37 Other page changes
2:13 Editing values (new ways)
5:08 XOX / Grid editing mode
5:55 Chain variations
7:00 Drum sequencer mode
11:33 Arp 'latch+sustain' mode
13:55 Editor application
16:36 Final words"

Sunday, April 21, 2024

BlueARP DM v2.5.3 firmware update + control app update

video upload by graywolf2004ru

"Explaining BlueARP DM v2.5.3 Firmware update. Get it here:
Now BlueARP DM has all the cool new features of the BlueARP plugin - drum sequencer mode, chain variation and some GUI/workflow improvements."

Saturday, January 29, 2022

BlueARP DM iNow Available for Order

video upload by graywolf2004ru

00:00 Availability and pricing
00:43 Package contents
01:10 Waiting list
01:27 Comments on pricing
02:26 Reliability, beta-testing
04:22 Future plans
05:40 Final words

BlueARP DM mk.1 Hardware Arpeggiator (introduction video)

video upload by

"Introducing BlueARP DM mk.1, 8-channel advanced arpeggiator, the result of 6 years of development. This is not a full review, but more an introduction video covering the basics, to give the idea of what it is and what it can do.

Find more information on the product page:

BlueARP DM is available for order from my partner's store:

00:00 Basic overview
01:12 Usage scenarios
02:40 Editing patterns
06:30 Interface overview
10:55 Control app
12:37 Musical examples"

"What is BlueARP DM
BlueARP DM (DM stands for Desktop Module) is an advanced 8-channel pattern arpeggiator with a core derived from BlueARP plugin (which has been around since 2012). This is a result of 4 years of development and 1 year of beta-testing and fine-tuning. It is a boutique device, hand-manufactured in small quantities. Currently available in two colors: semi-transparent blue and white with black engravings.

BlueARP DM delivers 8 independent arpeggiators (or instances) in a single box; each of these instances is essentially a separate BlueARP plugin. It shares the core logic programmed in C with the plugin, but delivers rock-solid MIDI timing, thanks to its powerful Cotrex-M4 ARM CPU, and some extra stuff like CV/Gate connectivity to modular synths. BlueARP DM has plenty of connectivity for such a small box.

2 midi input and 4 midi output ports;
USB A port accepting USB-MIDI controllers;
4 analog outputs acting as CV or gates;
analog input to accept pulse clock from the modular;
SD Card to store and recall presets;

BlueARP DM a self-contained hardware device: you can edit, save and recall arpeggio patterns on the unit without a computer. Its interface a ‘old-school’ and it was inspired by early-days music computers and hardware sequencers. Still there’s enough space on two large 256×64 pixel OLED screens. For example, this is a pattern editing page."

See the BlueARP label for additional posts.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

preenFM2: review and test drive with BlueARP DM

video upload by graywolf2004ru

via preenFM2 on eBay

"I got this preemFM2 synth about a year ago. I got it in hope it will help me to get deeper into FL synthesis, and it worked in the end. It is a nice little synth with a software editor, I definitely recommend it for those who want to get info FM and prefer hardware.

I'm using it together with BlueARP plugin and BlueARP DM, check live performance in the end of the video. Contents:

00:00 preenFM2 introduction
03:10 Hardware setup for a jam
03:26 preenFM editor
06:07 Problems with the Editor
07:35 Sounds and patterns in FL Studio
09:00 Transfering patterns to BlueARP DM
10:40 Setting up BlueARP DM
15:14 DAWless setup overview
15:59 Playing the performance
18:45 Afterword"

Monday, May 03, 2021

SM Pro V-MACHINE running BlueARP and retro-review

video by graywolf2004ru

9:32 on reminded me of Depeche Mode's See You. Different sequence of course, just similar vibe.

"This is still a cool piece of hardware, despite of its limited power. I wish they make a more powerful version some day.
When I first used V-Machine 10 years ago - I tried to run BlueARP inside it and it worked after a few tweaks to the code. I didn't post it back then, so now I decided to revive that experiment.
To do this in 2021, I had to bring back Windows XP compatibility for 32-bit version of BlueARP (it was quite a challenge) but finally it works!
I don't think it has lots of practical usage in 2021, but still V-MACHINE is a cool artifact of its time and running BlueARP + Synth1 inside it makes it even cooler.

00:00​ Introduction
02:02​ VFX Control Software
06:00​ V-Machine turning on and overview
07:40​ V-Machine running BlueARP + Synth 1
08:47​ V-Machine running BlueARP + Phutura"

You can find additional demos of the V-MACHINE in previous posts here.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

February Filter Sweep YouTube Protest & a Call to any YouTube / Google Employees

Youtube claimed copyright on a synth filter sweep video by ranzee

"I can't believe we are now getting copyright claims just for performing tests on synths! Yep - all I did was a filter sweep - and BAM! Copyright Claim police came on in and took my video away (partially) from the world. This is ludicrous!"

This one was sent my way via supporting member, Synth Addict.

For those not aware, YouTube has algorithms that scan audio in videos for copyright infringement. If something is found in violation, the video is automatically unpublished. The problem? Apparently certain filter sweeps are triggering take downs. This is becoming a problem for synth demos (per ranzee above, and previously mentioned here for example). I am curious what sample is being used for the comparison. Rush's Tom Sawyer? :) Actually, Synth Addict mentioned it being a Chemical Brothers track, which does sound familiar. Anyway, if anyone out there reading this has any connections, maybe you can reach out to someone that can fix this?

For the rest of us, not sure how the following will help, but if anything it will bring some attention to the problem amongst the synth community.

via Synth Addict:

"What users can do:

Post a video on YouTube of yourself demonstrating a filter sweep on a synth or synths of your choice and tag it #FFS

Attached image created by Andrew Brooks on FB [the image directly above, in this post], as a joint effort with the chat community of Pro Synth Network, GEO Synths, and SonicState.

bogus YT claims received so far by:

Pro Synth Network
GEO Synths
Andrew Brooks
Starsky Carr
…and growing"

Update: and the first #FFS video:

FFS - February Filter Sweep

video by Vague Robots

And a couple more:

Friday, July 10, 2020

BlueARP DM pre-production unit. Live cover, "Emotions and Energy" by Saif Sameer


"Showing BlueARP pre-production unit in a beautiful enclosure from laser-cut semi-transparent acrylic glass.

Playing a live cover for a track "Emotions and Energy" by Saif Sameer, to celebrate this milestone in development.

Currently I'm finalizing several pre-production units which will go to first beta-testers, to check how they work and get feedback."

You can find additional BlueARP posts here.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

BlueARP HW mk1 rev6 demo "Riding on new wave"

Published on Sep 22, 2019 graywolf2004ru

"Showing BlueARP DM unit, mk.1 rev.6. No major changes, mostly button arrangement (hopefully this is the final button arragement).

It's 100% hardware performance using:
1. BlueARP DM (desktop unit)
2. Novation Nova
3. Vermona Mono Lancet
4. Korg Electribe S mk.II

BlueARP sends midi clock to Korg ES and Nova. Mono lancet audio is routed via Nova's input, so I apply chorus from Nova, works nice."

BlueARP Hardware ARP Sequencer

Friday, January 25, 2019

BlueARP Hardware ARP Sequencer

Published on Dec 30, 2017 graywolf2004ru

Note the videos range from 2017 to 2019.

via BlueARP

"For a long time I was seeking for an arp that would allow me to do things like in hardware and finally decided to develop my own one. I took all the best I found in hardware groove boxes and arpeggiators (Korg Electribes, Novation Nova, arrangers) and combined it into single intuitive tool.

BlueARP can be also characterised as: pattern arpeggiator, step sequencer style arpeggiator, arpeggiator with pattern input.

I started development in 2012, now BlueARP is quite stable but I’m keeping further development.

BlueARP comes as a VST plugin for Windows & Mac OSX."

Video Playlist:
1. BlueARP hardware unit mk.1 rev.2 demonstration
This is demonstration of BlueARP hardware unit mk1 rev2 - this time it's mich better - 3d printed case, factory fabricated PCBs.
Sorry for shaky video and a lot of mistakes - I had a very little time for this performance (was mostly working on hardware and software).
But it's here - now this is a real thing I will continue working on.
In the beginning - playing cover for the track "Stardust" by J.M.Jarre and Armin van Buuren.
2. BlueARP hardware prototype v1.0 show-up
This is the result of several months of hard work.
This is a hardware prototype, running full-reatured BlueARP engine. Basically it runs THE SAME optimized code as software BlueARP. It took me a couple of months to re-factor the code and make it compilable for Cotrex-M CPU and hardware.

The final goal it to make it as a serial hardware device. A lot of work is done already, but still even more to do.
3. BlueARP hardware prototype demo #1
This is a 1st musical demonstration of my BlueARP hardware prototype.
It's purely hardware performance, using BlueARP factory bank loaded into prototype.
The same can be done with software BlueARP and VSTs of course, but playing with hardware is so much fun!
4. BlueARP hardware prototype rev.3 demo "Eternity"
This is my current BlueARP prototype - smaller and better (I fixed some design flaws from the previous prototype).
This is 100% hardware demo. Using 5 instances of BlueARP:
- Korg Radias - 4 tracks
- Vermona Mono Lancet - bass (1 track)
I implemented MIDI clock out, BlueARP sends midi clock to Akai MPC. It works, though drums are delayed a bit, need to fix it later.
All patterns were programed on hardware unit. So it's like the old days when I had more synths and made hardware performances )
PS. I finally made USB functionality working (both host and device). It was nightmare - tons of RTFM, 2 months of trials and fails. It's still buggy, so I don't use it here, but I'll improve it). I made this performance to celebrate this milestone.
5. BlueARP DM rev.4 demo, "Imaginary Vectors" by Marshal Arnold, live cover using Novation Nova
I'm so excited to present a complete live cover using BlueARP hardware unit! This is also a great demo for Novation Nova, all sounds cone from it, even drums. No computer used here, folks! My screen shows video for the original track.
I created this performance using only BlueARP hardware unit.
The goal was both to test bluearp unit and to polish the GUI and arp core, here I did a lot of fine tuning (it will benefit bluearp vst as well).

Waldorf micro Q 'phoenix' - JM Jarre 'Equinoxe 4' performance

Published on Oct 15, 2010 graywolf2004ru

"All the sound in this video comes from Waldorf micro Q.
Exploring it's arpeggiator and performance capabilities. I created a keyboard-split performance with 6 parts (incl. drums, Sirius is just a MIDI keyboard here). Trying to play 'Equinoxe 4' by Jean Michel Jarre."

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