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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Bastl Introduces Neo Trinity - 6-Channel Compact Modulation Hub

video uploads by Bastl Instruments

"Neo Trinity is a 6-channel compact modulation hub with great musical complexity achievable with simple gestures. Each of the 6 channels can be either LFO, envelope generator, or a CV knob recorder, while their main parameter can be automated with the REC button.

Each channel also features a recordable trigger generator with an algorithmic fill feature to get the inspiration started or to make things polymetric and keep your patches ever-changing. Use the SHIFT button to change modulation shapes and sync selected or all channels to an internal or external clock.

Neo Trinity has been designed with performance in mind, so it includes channel mutes and allows storing whole presets as banks.

While the core mechanics of the module are very straightforward, the inclusion of assignable CV inputs exponentially increases the complexity of the module’s behavior. Control some or all channels in different ways with the META IN and utilize channels’ E and F dedicated inputs. The inputs can control the main parameter in a positive or inverted way, control the output amplitude, and act as an external trigger or a trigger for the internal Sample & Hold function. The CV knob recorder mode also acts as a quantizer, and when combined with the CV inputs, it turns into a handy voltage processor."

See the dealers on the right for availability.

User videos:

Bastl Neo Trinity - A Modulation Mastermind?

video upload by Oscillator Sink

"Neo Trinity from Bastl is a module for generating control Voltage - which is the most generic description of a module I've ever made, but that's because it's a very flexible module which makes it hard to describe in a single sentence. It caters to your envelope, LFO, offset generation needs, but that's mixed in with a very “jammable” approach to sequencing and automation, that welcomes rapid iteration on a performance.

In this video my plan is to introduce Neo Trinity to you from an architectural standpoint, then try to give you a feel for its workflow by building up a patch through a few layers of complexity, while mixing in a few extra examples of patches I've been playing with as I've been exploring it.

Transparency notice: this video is sponsored by Bastl - thanks to them for supporting the channel.

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Overview of Architecture
03:15 Building A Patch Part 1 - Basic Monosynth Modulation
03:48 BAP pt. 1 - Setting up an envelope
06:18 BAP pt. 1 - Using "Meta" to trigger the envelope
07:37 BAP pt. 1 - Setting up a second envelope (copy + paste)
08:50 BAP pt. 1 - Adding a "hold" section to the envelope
10:05 BAP pt. 1 - Adding a scalable LFO for PWM
13:31 Minipatch - Evolving Drone LFOs
16:09 Minipatch - Self-playing VCO
19:27 Building a Patch Pt2. Sequencing and automation
19:54 BAP pt. 2 - Trigger Automation
20:59 BAP pt. 2 - Rate Automation
21:34 BAP pt. 2 - Automation Length (polymeter)
22:17 BAP pt. 2 - Pitch Sequencing (and Quantization)
26:01 Minipatch - Auto Chord Generator
28:13 Minipatch - Audio Processor
31:40 Build A Patch Part 3 - Algorithmic Beats"

Bastl Neo Trinity : Tutorial & Walkthrough

video upload by soffter

00:00 - intro
2:42 - module overview

17:49 - lfo mode
26:26 - lfo wigglin’
27:00 - Envelope Mode
38:25 - CV Mode
48:55 - Meta Mode

1:02:00 - Patches #1 (total chaos)
1:07:22 - Patches #2 (keyboard fun)
1:14:35 - Patches #3 (audio reactive)
1:21:07 - outro feat Mr Mako

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Dirtywave M8 + Bastl Softpop 2 Jam (Recorded 6/6/22)

video upload by Space Town

"hey everyone! been a minute - we have been very busy with work and travel so I haven't had much time to make videos lately and we are a few days away from leaving for chicago for a few weeks so I wanted to get this lil' jam with the dirtywave m8 and the bastl softpop 2 out quick before we left

i'm still learning the softpop 2! it's my first semi-modular with such an involved patchbay so instead of patching my own stuff I basically stole a patch from soffter demonstrated in the video here:"

Softpop 2 : Secret Waveform Synthesis : Internal Overdrive and More - sofft Ideas

video upload by soffter

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Liquid Foam by Herbs and Stones : Quirky Acid Synthesizer / Banana Groovebox

video upload by soffter

0:00 - intro
1:09 - lets look at the panel and talk about gates
2:00 - sequencers a + b + LFO
4:00 - envelope generator
6:55 - oscillator / wave mixer / filter + drive
9:00 - guided acid learning jams #1
13:00 - some tips 4 patching
13:45 - guided acid learning jams #2
19:26 - some more tips
21:44 - rambling and end

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