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07.08.2024 Synton Fenix - 9 voices & 3 Formant filters

video upload by batchas

ESK - Frog and Drums

video upload by Metunar

"Simple jamsession with an Erica Synths Bullfrog synthesizer with the sequencer card and drums from the Sonicware Liven XFM groovebox.
All recorded live, with post mastering."

Sequential Take 5 ► Sound Demo [20 MINUTES]

video upload by Mr. Card

00:00 Fm sound
03:21 FX sound
07:11 Psycho sound
12:27 5 minutes of sound exploration
17:58 Strings sound


Burford Reefer "Coral Sitar" Emulator (really a Green Ringer) on a Casio AT-40 Arabic Keyboard

video upload by Edward Jones

"The rectifying octave up of the Green Ringer style circuit sounds frankly amazing on the analogue sine-based drum tones that the drums on AT-40. We were not expecting it to sound so cool. We were in "Flavour Country".

If you want this sound on your own tracks, I highly recommend 'Gringer' by Chris from Airwindows. He's made a model of the rectifying part of the circuit. To get the full 'Reefer' experience, place a warm overdrive on the way into Gringer to emulate the first stage of the Reefer pedal."

REFRACTION // Cinematic Ambient // Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Invader 303

"A new ambient session by the river. In 2021, at this location, I recorded my first jam in nature.

In reality, my wife and I often visit this spot. It’s like our refuge, where we spend a lot of time, escaping from the hustle and everyday problems of the city.

So this jam, inspired by this location, sounds like a gentle, relaxing drone under the blazing sun, enveloped in the scent of wild grass.
Enjoy listening."

Soniccouture Releases Balinese Flutes: Modelled Wind Instrument for Kontakt Player

video upload by Soniccouture

"A mystical jam by keyboard maestro Andre Louis, playing Soniccouture Balinese Flutes VST."

via Soniccouture

"Balinese Flutes, or Suling, are end-blown flutes played solo, together with gamelan ensembles, and occasionally in other ensembles. They’re typically made of bamboo and have six sound holes. They vary greatly in size from the enormous suling gambuh to a tiny suling kantilan. We have four in our collection.

Using cutting-edge phase-matching techniques, we have created a dynamic, expressive instrument that is simple and inspiring to play."

Bruxa/QPAS Rhythms | Make Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's get a little playable rhythmic patch going."

258 230 pulse patterns

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring asymmetric pulse patterns with the 258 dual oscillator and the 230 Triple Envelope Follower.
My Patreon:"

mainly mutable instruments 2024

video upload by Cray

SCHLAPPI ENGINEERING Introduces BTMX Rhythmic Logic Module

video upload by

"The Nibbler is a hands on logic module for controlling and manipulating gates and rhythms in real time."

00:00 Intro
01:01 Patch Description
02:26 Logic Functions: OR
03:52 Logic Functions: AND
04:58 Logic Functions: XOR
06:08 Logic Functions: ADD
07:08 Logic Functions Summary
07:45 Tips and tricks
09:43 Just Jamming

BTMX by Schlappi Engineering - Demo

video upload by Stazma

"Today I'll show you some stuff with the new module by Schlappi Engineering, the BTMIX!
Lot's of fun stuff do with this one when it comes to control or loose control of your rhythms and create weird stepped voltages patterns. From gate hub to audio rate mangling."

"BTMX (BitMix) gives hands on control over logic and rhythmic gate signals with a switch for every input and 4 different logic functions.

It is a 4 channel selectable logic function module, with each channel having two inputs. All channels share the same logic function and the gate outs are summed with binary weights to create a stepped voltage to generate melodic or modulation signals from the outputs.

It pairs well with the Nibbler, other 4 bit logic modules, or any modules that generates gates (such as clock dividers and sequencers) and can also be used at audio rates.


8 switched inputs
4 dual input logic functions (AND, OR, ADD, XOR)
4 gate outputs
1 stepped output
LED indication for every input and output
Works at LFO and audio rate
8 HP
Current consumption: +12v 26mA, -12V 10mA"


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