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Monday, December 26, 2016

Make Noise Pressure Points Demo

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Pressure Points from Make Noise is a tactile control voltage generator meant to be played and touched. It provides four different sets of three voltage outputs that can be switched by touching the panels exposed board tracings. There is also a Pressure output, which measures the amount of ones finger touching the tracings, providing a higher voltage when more of the tracings are touched. A gate output is also present for both their four individual channels as well as a global gate for any time the tracings are touched.

When paired with the Make Noise Brains, one can turn Pressure points into a 3CH, four-step sequencer. A second Pressure Points can be chained with Brains, giving an eight-step sequencer."


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Moog Voyager Performer Edition Lunar Impact SN 049

via this auction

"This particular unit has white LEDs in the pitch and mod wheels rather than the blue that was standard on this edition."


Published on Dec 26, 2016 PLUCKA,S SHED

"Tweaking the new roland system 8 juno 106 patch A no 2"

Buchla Modular - Patch 043

Published on Dec 26, 2016 batchas

Bugbrand: DRM1 & Orgone Accumulator for the drums.
Buchla: all the rest (258v/258j/291/248r etc).

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 00959

via this auction

Tribe Heat: Electribe 2, Monotron Delay

Published on Dec 26, 2016 mishpult

"Short jam with some dark, bass-heavy pre-composed loops. Using the Korg Electribe 2 with its audio processed through the mini KP2S adding slight Fuzz Fistortion and Korg Monotron Delay with its analog filter and glitchy delay effects at the end of the signal chain. Enjoy!"

A Capped Year - A 100bpm melodic acid patch for Eurorack synthesiser

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Luke Killen

"I'm seeing off 2016 a little earlier than usual. This patch is a Melodic acid bass line with a breakbeat and textured string. It's comfort music for me."

YAMAHA VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer 1993 | HD DEMO

Published on Dec 26, 2016 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2016 by AnalogAudio1

Demo of the YAMAHA VL1 (Version 2) Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer from 1993. All effects are from the VL1. I the last seconds, I played the VL1 along with a vintage Korg Polysix.

The brother of the Yamaha VP1 (just one or two were made). The VL1 is still rare, but available. The sound engine was brand new in 1993 and the synth was quite expensive. Instead of playing samples of real instruments, the VL1 engages a new "physical modelling synthesis" - it calculates models of wood wind instruments. It's a very complex synthesis technique, so the VL1 is just 2 voice polyphonic. The convenience is, that you can tweak parameters of models, which can give you unique results. In 1995, version 2 was released, which had more features. The VL1 has a little brother - the VL7. The sounds you hear in the video were modified by me.

3 Wheels, velocity and aftertouch 4 octave keyboard. The VL1 is duophonic (2 voice polyphonic)."

Moog Prodigy- Vintage Analog Mono Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix-1000 Synthesizer (White)

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School SN OS0079

via this auction

Metroid - Tourian (Analog Synth remake)

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Luminist

"I wanted to find out what the original NES Metroid soundtrack would be like if it was remade with REAL synths, 70s/80s style. Here's Tourian.

All sounds were generated with a Korg MS20 Mini, then processed with some juicy studio effects to make things more atmospheric.

Original composition by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka - any credit goes to him for writing such an immersive soundtrack in the first place. Happy 30 years of Metroid!!"

The Modular Patchcast #003 Mungo g0

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Jurgen SONICrider

Track: The Modular Patchcast 003 Mungo g0
Module in focus: Mungo g0

Recorded: December 2016
Relaesed (SoundCloud): December 18 2016
Playtime track: 10M45S
Released (YouTube): December 18 2016
Playtime video: 10M48S


Patch info: Mungo g0 direct out slplited: 1= direct out / 2 = direct out via filter / 3 = direct out via Reverb."

Hardware techno #5 / Volca FM, PerFOURmer, Tanzmaus

Published on Dec 26, 2016 pawwakill

"Perhaps a bit more trancey tune actually.

Korg Volca FM, Vermona PerFOURmer, MFB Tanzmaus, TT-303, Eventide Space, EHX Memory Toy, Mooer E-lady."

ARP ODYSSEY Module Meets The DSI Pro 2

Published on Dec 26, 2016 experimentalsynth

"I took the Odyssey for a test drive, MIDIed to the Pro 2, and using Pro 2 CVs to modulate it's filter cutoff and VCO 2 frequencies. This made filter step sequencing and complex oscillator sync patches a breeze, and opened many avenues for exploration. This is possible because the Odyssey Pedal Input can be used as a CV input. When the Odyssey switches are in the filter position, the sliders above them can be used to attenuate the incoming CV signal allowing for precise sculpting of the modulation. Learn more at'

Tiny-TS Sequencer Demo w/ New v1.1 Firmware

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Jan Ostman

via DSP Synthesizers

"The Tiny-TS is only monophonic and doesn’t have an arpeggiator.

But with the v1.1 firmware it now also handles CV and Gate input from a sequencer to make it play arpeggios.

On startup it checks if the Gate output is grounded.
If it is it reverses the CV/Gate ports to inputs.

The Gate now triggers the envelope and the CV input shifts an octave up on the keyboard.

You can now play arpeggios."


via this auction

ROLAND Synthesizer RS-505 Paraphonic Strings with Original Hard Case

via this auction

"The RS-505 is a synthesizer which has 3 sections, bass, synth and strings. This piece of beauty has rich, analog sounds which are very warm.

The Synth section has 4 waveforms, which can be chosen by the white buttons located in the center section of the unit. The Synth section has its own filter cutoff, resonance, VCA, envelope and LFO.

The Bass section has three waveforms and this also comes with its own VCA attack and release sliders. The string has two presets and this part contains the features from the previous RS-202.

The sounds from the three sections can be blended to create interesting tones. This unit also comes with Chorus and Ensemble effects which can instantly warm and thicken the sounds up. The RS 505 is known to be Rolands one of the finest string synthesizer of its era, so a must have for your studio!!!"

RE-303 with VCOTwo Mod

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Altitude909

"Demo of 2nd VCO mod for RE/TB-303 with hard sync"

Follow-up to this post.

The Hollow Winds of Sorrow

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"We live in a twisted world... We lost a lot of great musicians this year and were too many and too wildly unreasonable and sad events... I really hope that 2017 will be a better year.

Using Roland JD-Xi for drums, bass and sequences, Roland JP-8000 - pads, Korg Radias - wind FX, voices sequencemade with my modular: Yarns (sequencer), Quadnic (voice), Doepfer SEM (filter), Roland Demora (delay), controller for Yarns - Novation Circuit ( for scale change), Virus Ti2 - pad.


Semi-Modular Breakbeat (Late Night Jam)

Published on Dec 26, 2016

"This song is called 'Be Good' and is the result of my experiments with a Semi-Modular setup consisting of a Doepfer Dark Energy and a Korg MS-20.

The source of my visuals is unknown: just found this 'cat on mars' gif one day...

Elektron Octatrack + Elektron Analog RYTM + Elektron Monomachine + Moog Slim Phatty + Korg MS-20 Mini + Korg Volca Keys + Ensoniq MR76 + iPad Samplr + iConnectMidi4+ + TC Electronic Dittox4 + Line 6 M9 + Line 6 M5 + Behringer RV600 + Ibanez LF7 + Kaoss Pad Mini
Additional samples from Yamaha MK-100."

KORG monologue : motion sequence trick

Published on Dec 26, 2016 Masaki Takada

"I Love Sleng Teng :)"

Yamaha CS-60: Blade Runner main title

Published on Dec 26, 2016 raycastile

"When you own a CS synth, you are required by law to post a Blade Runner Main Title video. I have now fulfilled that requirement. Actually, I think you are required to post a BR video if you own any analog synth, whatever the make and model. But especially a CS.

My Yamaha CS-60 is back from its second round of restoration. The pitch ribbon is still a little glitchy. (Luckily, it behaved for this video.) The tech has figured out why, so he is going to come over and fix it soon. We also need a couple spare parts to repair some internal damage to the upper/lower brilliance pots. It's getting close! The restoration is almost complete.

I recorded this Christmas night, 2016. I have a few days off for the holiday, so maybe I'll have time to make another video before I have to go back to work. We'll see! Meanwhile, I hope you like this.

Of course, this music is composed by Vangelis. I figure anyone watching this knows that. But I thought I'd mention it, just for the record.

My Yamaha CS-60 is back from it"

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