MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sequential Prophet 6 "PolyVision" sound set by Synthient Sound [patch play through 0-49]

Synthient Sound

"The apocalypse of sound will be September 1st...we've foreseen it.

It has been foretold that the Prophet 6 needs no introduction, and so it has come to pass. But a prophet’s true value is in their message; is your synthesizer rambling on a soap box, or is it predicting the sonic promised land of tomorrow from the darkness of today?

Synthient’s PolyVision sound set for the legendary Prophet 6 takes the message of the Prophets of old and envisions a future where technicians become artists. Its 100 included presets are meant for touching, tasting and embracing, not just hearing. Mix, modify, twist and contort these tones until they are haptically, deliciously, and existentially you… then channel your polyphonic spree into a message for all humankind.

A Prophet 6 without a prophet is, after all, merely a blank scroll seeking a hopeful message; PolyVision will be the inspiration for your revelation… and the instigator of your sonic journey.

We predict it.

Available September 1st at"

Honeysmack LIVE at Mysteryland - Let's Get High 2020


"Live stream of Honeysmack LIVE at Mysteryland - Let's Get High 2020, on the Carl Cox presents Awesome Soundwave stage"

Matrix Dude synth: first contact


"My first contact with Matrix Dude, a new synth app from Digituria. I really like this app. It's kind of Minimoog-ish but with a lot more possibilities for modulation. Easy to use, sounds good, it's even bright and colorful!

A few notes though. One is that this is more or less an alpha version, still very much in development. As such, things will definitely be changing in the app. Many for the better I'm sure but things in this video may also be changed or eliminated. So be sure to remember the early-in-development status of the app when I'm adjusting the fine tuning of the oscillators a number of times, for example. I've spoken with the developers and they know about this and are definitely working on the tuning algorithms. I'm also told the look and feel of the app may be changing substantially so followup videos may look quite different.

All that being said, I had a lot of fun patching up sounds in Matrix Dude. Was quick and easy, and it sounds darn good. Looking forward to future updates to the app.

Lastly, I was going to make a quick one-minute tune as the outro music but ultimately decided the bass sound didn't really mesh with the arpeggio sound as it had a bit too much in the high frequencies. Next version I'm thinking I'll greatly lower the envelope 2 amount so you don't get as much of a burst of high frequency energy at the start of each note. It's fine with just the arpeggios there at the end but I was definitely planning something a bit more musical as a short demo of what you could do. Same with the lead sound, might soften the attack of the envelope just a bit to make it a bit less percussive at the beginning of a note.

You can find me on Twitter at
I also have a Patreon at

Digituria is at
Matrix Dude is at"

MIDI Designer Editor for Kawai SX-240 w/ Tauntek Mod

You can find the editor here.

"With the great firmware update by Bob Grieb ( it's finally possible to control all parameters of a Kawai SX-240 via MIDI. Here's the MIDI Designer layout for the iPad to make full use of the new capabilities of this firmware update."

ConBrio ADS100 and Crumar GDS synthesizer brochures

via this auction

"Two vintage digital synthesizer brochures. Just the Brochures. ConBrio ADS 100 and the Crumar GDS General Development System. Both brochures have punch holes, no writing, no missing pages, no highlights, no stains, no stamp. Very rare."

See the Con Brio label below for more.

RARE Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer Keyboard Groovebox Vocoder w/ Mic & Manual

via this auction, also on Reverb

Chimera Synthesis BC16

via this auction

"The Chimera BC16 is a complete patchable analog monophonic synthesizer with a VCO, LFO, envelope generator with noise and ring modulation in a circular small sized plastic case.
BC16 is a boutique synth and it is quite rare those days. You can hear this synth on records by Throbbing Gristle, Depeche Mode.

Comes with rechargeable batteries, charger and a bunch of mini banana, banana, audio and midi cables."

AVP Synth Ritmobox demo

AVP Synth

"MIX OUT direct recording of Ritmobox - compact, analog drum synthesizer/machine inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s.

It has x5 individual sound channels: CH, OH, 3 separate Generators (G1, G2, G3) with noise generators and LFO pitch modulations plus a built-in 8-step sequencer and MIDI IN/OUT."

Also see this post.

Super relaxed Motor Synth jam

Floyd Steinberg

"Seriously, I didn't expect this synth to sound this good. :) Bass, pad, lead and that arpeggiated thing is from the Motor Synth, electric piano is from the EX5 and drums are from the Blackbox. Digitone is sequencing only."

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link





Very Jean-Michel Jarre.

Lifting Stars at Beanalog


"I recorded 3 Easel performances sitting on the floor at Beanalog Studio. This is Lifting Stars. I did the original on a 200e, but it seems to have translated well to Easel."

Joranalogue Introduces Two New Eurorack Modules: Morph 4 and Fold 6

via Joranalogue

Straight from the Dutch Modular Fest Stream Day 2020: presenting not one, but two new additions to the Joranalogue Eurorack module series!

Both modules will enter production soon, with worldwide releases planned within the next few months. Read on below to learn all about them!

Designed as a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synthesisers, Morph 4 takes the basic concept of the multi-VCA module to the next level.

Four linear amplitude modulators are controlled by a master ‘morph’ parameter. The response of each modulator to this parameter is completely variable, both manually and under voltage control, and can be overridden if desired. Each response is triangular, with the ‘position’ parameter setting the maximum point along the morph axis, while ‘span’ determines the width of the triangle’s base.

The combination of master control, fully flexible modulators and multiple combined outputs creates a module truly embodying the spirit of ‘patch programmable’ modular synthesis. Use Morph 4 as a voltage controlled mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper or something in between any of those—the choice is yours.

For the first time, Fold 6 puts forward a 6-stage hybrid series/parallel topology, yielding a greater sonic palette than ever in just 4 HP. Having both main (series) and alternate (parallel) outputs means a single module now gives access to just about all wavefolding tones imaginable.

To take things even further, an integrated symmetrical soft clipper limits the output signals to approximately 10 Vpp, keeping the amplitude within typical Eurorack levels and making it easier to create overdriven sounds at high fold ratios. This clipping stage can be driven continuously using the shape parameter, smoothly transforming the folded waveforms into pulse waves for even more harmonic content.

Moving beyond simple signal processing, Fold 6 also lends itself perfectly for feedback patching, CV folding or frequency multiplication; its modest size belies the sonic capabilities within.

Paul McCartney Rabbit Hole - Swedemason


Some Paul McCartney "techno". Spot the synth.

Paul McCartney with a Yamaha CS80

Roland JD800 SL-JD80-05 Brass Section Sound Card preset patches


11 Trump's Section 1 00:00
12 Full Brass 01:07
13 Orchestral 02:29
14 Mucho Trumpstabs 03:57
15 Breathy Flugel 05:32
16 Tongued Trumpet 07:18
17 Classical Trumpet 09:04
18 Harmon Trumpet 10:50
21 Big Bad Trombones 12:42
22 Solo Trumpet (x4) 14:16
23 Solo Trumpet 5th 15:52
24 Studio Trombone 17:27
25 Multiple Bones 19:13
26 Bones n' Brass 20:42
27 Harmon Bones 22:23
28 Solo Trumpet 2 23:53
31 Orchestra Bones 25:18
32 Sax Appeal 26:54
33 Army Brass 28:26
34 Mute Trumpet Solo 29:59
35 The Flugels 31:18
36 Tuba Life 32:56
37 Pressure SFZ 34:13
38 Brass Fanfare 35:50
41 Melo Section 37:21
42 Ellingtonion 38:46
43 Crescendo Ensemble 40:23
44 Dyno-Trumpet 42:00
45 Grammy Brass 43:23
46 Backward Weather 44:52
47 Stab Back 46:59
48 Jazz Flugelar 47:54
51 Utopia Comp
52 Vox Wisps
53 Poxx' Gate
54 The Mu-Tran
55 Voodoo Keeper
56 Metal Hybrid
57 Harmon Ambience
58 A Bright World
61 Klipp Sax
62 Lush Bed
63 Steam Valve
64 Ethnic Strife
65 Fake Angels
66 Sub-Digital
67 St. Andrew's
68 Play Delay
71 Slophaze Brass
72 Litter Pick
73 Sweep Light
74 Funky Touch
75 Digitlana Hybrid
76 Interstellar O.D.
77 Ethnic Sparkle
78 Comper Man
81 Subtle JD
82 Wet Saw House
83 Bio Outback
84 Brass Stepwash
85 Himarks
86 Passing
87 Samplestack Braz
88 Jacob's Ladder

Arturia Origin Keyboard

via this auction

Modular vid #313 w/ the Soma Pulsar-23


"First tests with the pulsar-23. Trying to tame this incredible beast of a synth"

KORG TRITON Hardware vs Software SHOOTOUT

Woody Piano Shack

"Let's compare the sound of the newly released KORG TRITON VST plugin from KORG COLLECTION 2 with an original hardware KORG TRITON CLASSIC synthesizer sampler workstation from 1999.
We'll play the same preset program and combi patches back to back on both instruments, comparing the sound of the drums, bass, pads, pianos and more.
Can you hear the difference?"

Patch n Tweak
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