MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Akai MPC3000 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Wait for it...



Sequential Pro-3

Update: video renamed from 2020 11 25 16 10 33 to P3SEQ - One, and 2nd one added:

P3SEQ - Two


Stillson Hammer Mk ii + Make Noise STO

Matt Lowery

"An initial exploration of the Stillson Hammer mkii. Sound source is Make Noise's STO, filtered by QPAS and extended through time and space by Mimeophon.

Hologram's Microcosm adds secret sauce. And, if you stick around, you can hear one of Olafur Arnolds' pads droning away in the background.

Just a sketch for now. Perhaps more in the future?"


Make Noise QPAS and the Enigmatic !! Input

Matt Lowery

"One of my first questions about the Make Noise QPAS was the input labeled with exclamation points. What does it do?"

Ellitone E[64] Generative Synthesiser Sequencer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus vs. Radio Shack Concertmate MG-1

Comparison video added to the bottom of this post.

Peoria Itoo Hall - March 2018 (Juggable Offense video) by Suit & Tie Guy


Bandcamp DL below. It's free, but any donations will go to The Synth Freq.

"Peoria IL has a a very strong Lebanese population, dating to the Ellis Island era of American immigration, who are as integrated as they are proud. Their roots go back to a town in Lebanon called Aytou, and have a club called the Itoo Society which maintains a hall for their meetings, but is also rented to third parties for special events.

This time, it was a dubstep show.

I had been booked for it, assuming that I would be closing and prepared a set of house music. I showed up and discovered that I was in fact now the opening act, so after hearing the old dub on the PA during speaker tests (which I'm only to assume was because the sound guys heard the word 'dub' in 'dubstep show'), I improvised the loneliest and most alienated set of retro-90s Laswell-style ambient dub I've ever played.

Video by my Lebanese-American friend Bubba Ayoub (AKA Juggable Offense), who prepared this specifically for Thanksgiving 2020.

Bandcamp download at"

Yamaha's Coolest Monosynth

Alex Ball

"A look at Yamaha's CS-30 monophonic synthesizer from 1977. This was the closest Yamaha got to a modular synth before their attention moved wholesale into FM synthesis. Yamaha released their first analogue synth (the SY-1) in 1974 and their last (the CS-01 II) in 1983. They've never made an analogue synthesizer since, although they have made analogue modelling synths.

0:00 Intro Track
0:50 The Yamaha CS-30
2:18 Feature Song
3:49 Summary
4:50 Full Musical Demo

Nerdy Details:

Yamaha CS-30 (1977)

Voltage Controlled Oscillators: x2
Waves: Sawtooth, Variable Pulse, Noise, Sinewave Sub Oscillator (found in VCA 1)

VCO Modulation: VCO 2 to VCO 1 xmod, pulse width modulation, pitch modulation from the envelopes, pitch modulation from the LFO, pitch modulation from an external signal.



"UNBOXING the sought after DEADBOX TYPHON -- analog monosynth with a heavy load of onboard FX."

Critical Tune Introduces Moscow - Synth Organ Soft Synth

via Critical Tune

"Critical Tune has designed Moscow, a synth organ keyboard inspired by the famous organs that have made music history. Its pure and warm sounds have been sampled with the highest quality and processed to obtain excellent sounds.

Moscow will involve your settings adding new features for cinematic scores that every composer dream of. Each layer covers up to 7 octaves, making the instrument a complete keyboard. Moscow is also suitable for modern styles and strictly related to genres like Jazz, Gospel, Progressive, Rock. The sound of the organ and its expressive envelope make Moscow the best candidate for your production with its unique Lofi taste. You can not live without it.

Select and mix in seconds
Moscow is offering different sounds useful for a multi-purpose keyboard. Improve the taste of your organ and enjoy fine instruments ideal for jazz piano, organ, bass, pad, and many more. Choose four different layers, organized by spectral content type.

Keep it all in hand
A simple interface that allows you to complete your keyboard in seconds. Seven ready-to-use effects and four faders that enable you to adjust levels or modulate them with internal/external LFO. Connect with your DAW and hack all the possibilities.

A big family of tones
Browse the library with one click and explore the best combination. Moscow gets two simple shapes like sine and square. Four complex layers full of harmonics. 14 waveform sampled on 7 octaves. Samples were enhanced and exported to the highest quality offering warm sounds with an analog taste. Use up to 20 slots to save your best presets.

Free Demo
If you want to feel the sound of Moscow, you can get Minsk and test some features of this unique library. Put in the cart the Free Version to obtain a direct link to download the package.
The light version of Moscow, take a deep dive in the sound collection inspired by the most famous organs that have cut the history of music."

Critical Tune

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus | Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio introduces a Moog MG-1 in software

"Experience the latest revolution of home synthesizer technology with the new Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer. This incredible instrument is sure to delight audio enthusiasts with it’s uncanny ability to put a universe of sound at your fingertips. Rattle your hifi home audio system with the stunning power of the Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, and recreate the sounds of everything from a piccolo to a tuba to a helicopter!

Bring the sound of tomorrow’s popular music to your home computer system today!
*Not compatible with TRS-80 computer systems."

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Features:

Ultra-accurate analog modeling
Dual oscillator monophonic plus polyphonic oscillator bank
Super fat 24db "ladder" filter
Over 130 presets
"Bell tone" ring modulation
Tempo syncable LFO
Expanded octave ranges
Multiple note priority modes including legato and retrigger
All controls MIDI assignable
Full DAW automation of all controls
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus is available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.

macOS Requirements: macOS 10.9 or above, 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.

Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above, 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.


Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus vs. Radio Shack Concertmate MG-1
Cherry Audio

OpZilla - A monster of an FM Synthesizer


"Meet OpZilla. An FM synthesizer that towers over the competition. Let’s start with its 64 4-operator algorithms and 16 waveforms per operator. This alone yields a huge variety of sonic possibilities for your music. But we didn’t stop there. Loopable envelopes, built-in effects, and sampled attacks add to its sonic bite. It’s a beast of an FM synth, but don’t worry, we’ve included factory presets from some of the industry’s best FM programmers so all you have to do is load it up, select your sound, and start playing.


You can get OpZilla for as low as $10 thanks to our #choose-your-price model!"

Aries - Empathy (Disco Mix)


New track from supporting member, Aries.

"Musica/Music Livio Conduttore
Prodotto da/Produced by: Aries
Distribuito da/developed by AUSR Digital|

Tutti i diritti sono riservati ©
All rights reserved ©

Disponibile su/Available on:





Anyware Semtex XL Synthesizer Demo - Dance

Tom Noise

"This was entirely made with an Anyware Semtex XL.
All sounds were programmed on the synth and recorded, arranged and mixed in Pro Tools HD."

See teh Anyware label below for more.

Zorx Overview & Demos by Todd Barton

Todd Barton

"Here is my overview of the functions and potential of the wonderful Zorx Ribbon Controller for banana systems!"

"I'm loving the Zorx Ribbon Controller for banana systems! Here are a few explorations."

Zorz Serge Phaser Feedback

Modbap Per4mer Performance FX [USER REVIEW + Demos] Eurorack


"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020

Today I am giving a user review of the Per4mer FX module by Modbap Modular.
The Per4mer is a DJ-Style Quad FX module designed with Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, and Glitch music in mind.
But it also dishes up well for Trap, experimental, and ambient excursions for sure.
But is Per4mer worth the coin?
Is it the right module for you?
I will be giving some quick thoughts about the build, and dig into some beat and loop mangling.
At the end I give some concluding remarks weighing the pros and cons.
My videos are not sponsored by anyone.
I purchased this product with my own moolah.
So you can expect my own objective opinions and observations.

0:00 Opening Demo - Ambient Bass Drone
0:27 Introduction
1:47 Demo - Chillout Loop
2:31 What is Per4mer?
3:25 Demo - Drum Machine
3:51 What's in the Box, and Construction
5:01 Concluding Summary Remarks

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional mastering or processing."


Ambient Eurorack Patch - November 24th, 2020

Electronisounds Audio


Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer SN 1210

via this auction

Waldorf Q Blue

via this auction

"This hard to come by synth has been recently serviced with TLC, and comes with a snug fitting road case. A technician has recently: replaced every switch on the top panel, re-soldered every jack (Since those are known to need it over time), and internally realigned every encoder so that they click with smooth precision and feel great when you turn the knobs. A lot of love has been put into making this rare machine tip top. It feels amazing to play."

Farfisa Syntorchestra

via this auction

Korg MS10 Vintage Analoge Synth SN 131502

via this auction


Сема Апрелевка

"ritm2 legendary Soviet analog synthesizer."

Update: video re-uploaded 11/26

'Ode to Trevor Marshall'

Monte Carlo

"Thought I'd put togther a little tune to show off the sounds of this mega synth.
This is the second 5600 I've owned, the first I sold after reparing it some years ago and quickly regretted selling it. When another one came up for sale I bought it and then spent ages fixing lots of little faults, including an original design error on the LFO. Now it's working perfectly.
The synth is controlled by midi from a midi to CV converter. The CV has to be exponential but the on-board exponential converter does not produce totally clean output, so I made my own converter which runs off batteries.
All the sounds are from the synth, except the drums. I added basic FX: chorus, phaser, reverb and echo to the parts.

BTW, Trevor Marshall is the genius who created this classic synth."

See the Maplin label below for more.

u-he CVilization Mode III: Quad Mucorder


"Mode III turns CVilization into a 'Quad Mucorder': A 4-Channel CV step recorder that can mutate your sequences. Record, play back and overdub on all 4 tracks simultaneously! Quantization with 9 scales, advanced clocking options including Bus Gate, clock division, glide and sequencer reset can also be added and adjusted individually for all 4 tracks. If you like your mutated sequence, you can save it, replacing the original sequence."

00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Mode III Key Features
00:57 - 8-Step Sequence
01:07 - Connecting a CV/Gate-Keyboard
01:25 - Recording the Sequence
02:00 - Playing the Sequence
02:22 - Transposing the Sequence
02:41 - Mutating the Sequence
03:09 - Decreasing the Mutation
03:19 - Freezing, Reverting, Saving and Erasing
03:50 - 16-Step 1-Note Sequence
03:58 - Mutating the Sequence
04:18 - Different Sequence Lengths
04:30 - Dub Recording
04:45 - 16-Step 1-Note Sequence
04:54 - Setting up CV-B Function
05:20 - On-the-fly Overdubbing
05:41 - Live Signal Mutation
06:03 - Setting up Quantization and Mutation Type
06:15 - Mutating the Input Signal
06:52 - 2-Voice / 2-Track Patch
07:01 - Recording Sequences on Track 1 & 2
07:26 - Panning the Audio Signals
07:39 - Mutating Track 2
08:09 - Decreasing the Mutation
08:23 - Config Pages Revisited
08:34 - Closing Remarks

Patch n Tweak
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