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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Sequential "Vintage" mode feature on Oberheim OB-6 OS 1.6.4

manmade madman

"There seems to be many questions about the newly released OS 1.6.4 on Sequential's Prophet-6 and OB-6.


This is an explanation in sound instead of words!

The new VINTAGE knob function imports the same randomness from the Sequential Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4's VINTAGE knob. It imparts some randomness into the VCO's, VCF's, VCA's, envelope stages, and more.

In some opinions, this makes synths breathe and come alive with sonic character and act as if they were made 50 years ago!

In my opinion, this deserves a technical award, as it really makes these newly manufactured synths sound imperfect, less static and clinical and therefore sonically pleasing to the ear."

You can find a Prophet-6 demo of the new vintage mode here, and the news first posted here.

Boxing Day


"Recorded live in Logic Pro X

Played on a LinnStrument

Synplant, from Sonic Charge
Phase Plant, from Kilohearts
SynthMaster, from KV331 Audio
LuSH-101, from D16 Group

MAnalyzer and MStereoScope, from MeldaProduction"

Twitter: @selgart

Sequarallel TRAX Tracker Remote MIDI CC Step Sequencer Control feature


"This demonstration/tutorial video covers the TRAX Tracker Remote extension for MIDI CC control on the TRAX remote MIDI Channel.This feature is different from recording notes into the tracker from a keyboard in that it's similar to traditional Sequencer control of each step.We think it's a good addition to the Sequarallel and have decided it should stay! Enjoy the video S*"

Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Casio CZ-101 w/ Carts

via this auction

"Casio EZ-CZ cartridge for storing 4 BANKS of sounds. Equivalent to 4 CARTRIDGES in one. 3 (Three) Cartridges for storage of sounds"

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with SULENE

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Sulene moved to the U.S. at nineteen years old for music. Since 2015 she’s toured stages worldwide as the guitarist for Nate Ruess’ (of fun.) live band. Her singing and playing has been heard everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the East Room of the White House, performing for President Obama. During this time, you’ve most-likely heard her voice during Halle Berry shower scenes or Al Pacino stage diving, as the multi-instrumentalist has written original music for and performed on the scores for several TV shows and films, such as Ray Donovan and The Affair. Her work is also regularly heard in TV commercials, being featured in spots for Nike, Verizon, Microsoft, Dior, and many more.

Though her experience is vast, her newest work speaks the loudest in terms of her unique voice. The forthcoming EP, he•don•ic features the singles, “”, “photo booth”, and “i still think you’re so fake”. Sulene delves deep into what addiction means, what purpose hedonic pleasures serve, and writes with vulnerability about her experiences with both. Exploring a darker side of her character and production, she’s labeled the newest record as gothic-disco-party music. As well as creating her own record from start to finish in her one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, she’s also delved into filming and editing her own music videos and artwork with this release, giving a full 360 view of her newest art.

Sulene’s previous EP’s Strange and Fire Escaping have been featured in Billboard, Buzzfeed Earmilk, as well as Spotify’s Indie Pop and New Music Friday playlists in several countries. Sulene was also feature in Rolling Stone for her contribution of the acoustic version of her song “Diamond” for the Rough Trade compilation album Talk – Action = Zero. And by the way, Sulene did the motion capture for the bassist/guitarist character in Rock Band VR.

We chatted with Sulene on how she uses the Prophet-6 in her music."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Sequential Prophet 6 Firmware Update 1.6.3: Turn your Prophet 6 in a Prophet 5 with the Vintage Knob

The Great Filter

See this post for additional details. It applies to the OB--6, and both receive MPE support as well.

"TLDR: Now the P6 has a knob to make it sound vintage-er, and it sounds gorgeous. Check it out!!

Hi all,

Today Sequential just released this FANTASTIC update to all the P6/OB6 keyboard and module versions.

In addition to MPE support which is fabulous, they brought the “vintage knob” feature of the newly released Prophet 5 to these machines!

This feature essentially makes all the parameters in the synth vary a bit from their programmed values per voice, meaning instead of all voices having the same value of filter cutoff, envelope settings, etc, they actually diverge according to how much you increase the vintage knob.

The result is this beautiful vintage sound that makes everything you play less predictable, which amounts to more variability and therefore more musicality!"

easel reverse madness

Todd Barton

"new easel/looper explorations . . ."

G-Storm Electro Synthesizer Studio/Lab Tour 2021


Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Let's kick 2021 off w/ a proper bang.
Today I am giving you a tour of my Studio/Lab.
It's where I make the music and build the eurorack modules.
background music: Oberheim Matrix-12 + Digitakt
Thanks for watching and as always...


Plinky Synth DIY Kit - Step by Step Build Guide

Making Sound Machines

"Join us while walk you through soldering the brandnew #Plinky touch surface #synthesizer! It’s designed by mmalex, both standalone and #Eurorack compatible and available as a full #DIY kit through Thonk.

Plinky looks and sounds amazing - it's a fullblown stereo synth voice with lush reverb and delay, which can function as a standalone desktop box or built into the rack. Its CV control and audio line in allows it to double up as a touch controlled effects processing box.

So follow along as we guide you step by step through the electronic components and soldering techniques needed to complete a happy, gleefully bleeping Plinky. We've include chapters with this video, so you can easily skip between sections, re-watch or pick up where you left off.

Plinky lives here
Written build guide
Plinky Firmware

Full DIY kit available at Thonk -

00:00 Introduction
01:39 What's in the box?
02:56 Required tools
03:40 Remove the PCB assembly rails
04:10 Solder headphone and line-in
05:38 Secure the USB port
06:29 Solder inter-board connectors
07:32 Eurorack Power
08:32 Trimming the pin headers
09:31 Preparing the OLED Screen
10:31 Placing Sockets and Pots
11:20 Placing the green Thonkiconn
11:33 Placing the black Thonkiconn
11:59 Placing the trimmed pinheaders
12:33 Placing the front panel
12:54 Temporarily fixing the front panel
13:40 Pull out encoder
14:01 Soldering the Thonkiconn
14:51 Soldering pots and encoder
15:48 Soldering the OLED display
16:10 Soldering the SMT pin headers
17:00 Finishing the connectors
17:48 Main board is done!
17:55 Preparing the LED pads
18:49 Placing and soldering the blue LEDs
20:22 Placing and soldering the white LEDs
21:23 Place front panel
21:41 Check your LEDs
22:28 Fix the panel with hex nuts
22:43 Place the washers and nuts
22:57 Put on the T18 shaft caps
23:09 Installing Plinky in Eurorack
23:56 Pocket Operator style case
24:57 Installing Plinky in Aluminium case
25:46 Updating firmware
26:41 Touch calibration
27:22 Ready to play!"

Tabletop pinball machine, two synths and an effects pedal USB powered with 9V Ripcord power cable.


"USB powered pinball? Grinning face With a backing track? Smiling face with open mouth
We've used a single 9V USB Ripcord to power two Korg Volcas, a Digital delay pedal, and....a pinball machine. Zany face Check out Crazy Chain, our modular power supply chain. #Pinball #synths #effectpedals #korgvolca #usbpower

Volca Modular and Volca beats used.
Channels mixed with myVolts mickxer.
All power and audio solutions available through"

MAM SQ16 MIDI 16-track Step Sequencer

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6 SN 333185

via this auction

Roland System-100 Model-102 SN 531068

via this auction

"This synth is super rare and highly sought after because it can generate some amazingly fat synth tones! Really provides a thick vintage synth bass that can be replicated.

Best utilized in combination with the System-100 Model-101, but if you have a keyboard generating CV you can still use it to it's full potential!"

Oberheim TVS Pro SN 0110

via this auction

"Here it is, the one, the only, Tom Oberheim TVS PRO!

This mint TVS Pro has been kept in smoke-free studio, covered and never gigged. It is completely functional and sounds amazing. It will come in original box and padding with power cable and manual.

Some of the features include:

• Two classic Synthesizer Expander Modules (SEM)
• SEMs are 100% discrete analog - no custom chips
• Two MIDI-sync-capable LFOs per voice, with multiple waveshapes including sample and hold
• Two programmable ADS envelope generators per voice
• Selectable master tuning (each VCO or VCO2 only) allows easy detuning for huge unison sounds
• Enhanced onboard mini-sequencer
• Store sequences in flash memory (up to 99 sequences)
• Sequences can be chained into songs
• Each song step can be programmed for sequence number, transpose amount, and number of repeats
• Sequencer syncs to MIDI clock
• Keyboard outputs velocity and aftertouch
• Each module (both SEMs, mini-sequencer, keyboard control) sports over 50 mini-jack patch points
• Pitch and modulation wheels, pan pots, headphone output
• Separate LFO for vibrato"

Arp Synthesizer Demo Records

via this auction

"ARP Synthesizer demo records. One is vinyl with paper sleeve, the Arp Soloist which is double sided. The flexi disc is the Arp PPC and is single sided. Both fair to good condition, except for some small imperfections, few scuffs on both. No folds or creases,on the flexi disc."

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

"This Mopho Keyboard is a compact but powerful monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is similar to a single voice of the Prophet '08, but with a couple of twists to distinguish it. DSI have added two sub-octave generators—one per oscillator—for additional girth and crushing basses. It also has an audio input that lets you process external audio and mix Mopho's own audio output back in pre-filter for feedback effects that can range from subtle distortion to extreme skronk. It features the same semi-weighted keyboard action as the Prophet."

Yamaha FS1R Synthesizer SN PH01105

via this auction

"Yamaha FS1R used, fully working synthesizer rack module. Very rare instrument. It is the most advanced hardware FM synth ever made."

Casio CZ-3000 Phase Distortion Digital Synthesizer SN 101120

via this auction

Formanta Quintet Soulsaver String Machine Synthesizer

game over

Generative Ambient iPad Jam And A Frozen Lake

Perplex On

"Today’s #jamuary is a generative patch using #Riffer and #rozetaparticles sequencing #aparillo synth and routed through #gaussfieldlooper and #bleassgranulizer. Additional fx with FAC Alteza, Tape Pro and Schlap compressor. Video footage was taken on a recent walk at the #chiemsee. Enjoy!"

Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals - The Swan (Moog Mother 32, Korg Minilogue)


"Audio download / Minilogue patches:

Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals - The Swan (Le Cygne) played on two analog synthesizers (KORG Minilogue and Moog Mother 32)

I really enjoy classical music and wanted to try my hand at a synth version of Camille Saint-Saens' composition The Swan. I tried my best to keep the feeling of the original song but with a bit of my own interpretation on the synths. I hope you enjoy it."

Roland MC-500 | Pt.2 - Features and Setup

Espen Kraft

Espen Kraft Roland MC-500 posts

"As I got many questions, comments and feedback from both newcomers and experienced users I thought I'd share some of my replies in a video this time.

The major hardware difference between the MC500 and the MC500 MkII is that note storage capacity has been roughly quadrupled to 100,000 notes. Everything else is a software update. The new Super MRC software offers more editing facilities and assorted other functions than the original MRC500 software, and doubles the number of phrase tracks available to eight, whilst retaining the familiar dedicated rhythm and tempo tracks. Basic specifications of the system remain unchanged, such as the eight song memory and the operation of the various functions. The new software may be purchased separately, and will run on an MC500, an MC300, as well as the new MC500 MkII; the only difference between its operation on the three machines being memory capacity. (Ref. Sound on Sound Oct.1988) The MC-300 has another type of buttons, the same buttons as later appeared in the MC-50. Smaller and more flimsy and over time many users have reported they brake. I have not experienced that myself after years of use with the MC-50, but I prefer the buttons on the MC-500 for sure.

Be aware that the original MC-500 can have its memory expanded to become a MC-500mkII for all practical purposes."

How to Set Up Shuttle Control in @Ableton Live (Shuttle Control video #1)

"In this video we go over how to set up Shuttle Control for simple MIDI to CV/Gate functionality, building a Bass and Lead midi track in @Ableton and using it to sequence Shuttle System."

New Hammond Synth is Part Organ

"HAMMOND - COMING SOON - January 5th, 2021"

Looks like the left side controls the organ parameters and the right controls the synth. See this post for the synth.

Patch n Tweak
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