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Saturday, July 24, 2021




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Buchla Easel and Serge 73 75

video upload by Todd Barton

"Playtime connecting the Buchla Music Easel with the Serge 73-75 Homebuilt."

A Jam with all Synthesizers (Eurorack, Juno, Subsequent 37CV, ARP Odyssey)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Patch Notes:

Bloom = main clock

clocking Quad ADSR, Marbles, DFAM, Pam, Subharmonicon, and Chance

Sequence from Bloom split into 3: 1 into Plaits, 2&3 into Cwejman.

Plaits modulated by Marbles and Chance going through Tone, to Verb to VCA

Cwejman 1 going through Beads (modulated by Maths and Chance) to Tone to VCA

Cwejman 2 going through Tone to VCA

Snare to VCA

Subharmonicon through OTA VCF to Verb to VCA

A few parameters are modulated here and there for randomization"

"Ocean" - P.G. (Live Ambient Eurorack Performance in Fort Ord State Park)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Hello everyone!

This was my first time filming and recording a piece outside, away from the studio. I always wanted to give it a try, so finally I made it happen. So peaceful, aside from a few occasional stares by people on the beach thinking I'm building a bomb.
Thanks for watching!


Patch Notes:
Main clock: Pam’s New Workout
Clocking: Marbles, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Noise tools
3 voices:
1st: Plaits to Digitank to VCA
2nd: DFAM to VCA
3rd: Subharmonicon to Qu-Bit Tone to Black Hole DSP to VCA (stereo)

Marbles modulating the VCA of Subharmonicon; Model, timbre, morph and harmony of Plaits; Dry/wet of Black Hole DSP, CV in of QuBit Tone, and VCO Delay and VCA CV of DFAM"

Moog Model 2090 Micromoog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 7474

via this auction

E-MU Proteus 1000 30th Anniversary

E-mu | Proteus 1000 | Demo Presets video upload by Simon Le Grec

via this auction

This appears to be the first 30th Anniversary model to be featured on the site. You can see the 30th Anniversary on top of the display.

Novation Circuit Tracks: ‘Vestige’ Demo With Custom Presets/Samples | Circuit Tracks Pack

video upload by SoundGhost

"All the sounds in this track are from my new Circuit Tracks pack, 'Sunsets':

Thought I'd try something a little more upbeat. All sounds from Circuit Tracks, there are no other sound sources or any post-processing. All custom patches and samples. Hope you enjoy it! Please like and subscribe - any support helps me continue the channel."

Compact Creations 022 // Circuit Tracks and Drumbrute Impact Jam

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Circuit Tracks jam with an Arturia Drum brute to back it up! aka Compact Creations. Wow it's been awhile since i've done a simple small dawless setup. I wanted to feed 2 birds with 1 seed using Circuit Tracks to give me 2 synths. But then i went and ruined it by using the Drumbrute as all my drums haha! This was a fun jam and should I start doing these more often?

00:00 Its been a minute..
01:30 The Dawless Setup
02:07 Drums First
05:37 Synth Programming
08:38 Some Variation
14:20 Peace & Love"

PolyBrute: My first real synth!?

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"Here's my in-depth look at the Arturia POLYBRUTE after a few months of ownership. It's my first analog polysynth ever, and despite a few hiccups, I'm excited to own this instrument and find myself getting lost in sonic possibilities, exploring the land of synthesis!

00:00 Title
00:23 Intro
01:42 Childhood synth obsession
03:08 Choosing the PolyBrute
04:15 PolyBrute arrives!
05:40 Powering on and issues
09:26 Sound demos
16:45 Final thoughts"

Befaco Morphader Demo

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"I try some patch ideas with this awesome quad VC crossfader by Befaco, featuring a DJ style horizontal fader and a variable lag circuit!"

07 24 21 Synton Fenix 3 with Yamaha DD-8

video upload by batchas

"First connection between the two = FUN!"


07 24 21 Synton Fenix 2 & 3

Synsonic Pop

video upload by synthjunk

"Original Composition. Instruments used are Casio VL-1, Roland SH-101, Arturia Microfreak, Mattel Synsonic Drums. Thank for checking this out."

Casio MT-65 - Full Review

video upload by Keen On Keys

Casio MT-65s on eBay | on Reverb

"The Casio MT-65, released in 1983, is a small keyboard with 49 mid-sized keys, 8 note polyphony, 12 styles, 20 tones, vibrato, sustain/reverb and modulation FX. It uses the NEC D930/931 ICs which were used for many Casio keyboards between 1983 and 1986. The D930 accompaniment chip is famous for it's for bass, chord and arpeggio variations, allowing a total number of 768 style variations. The MT-65 was re-released in a different colour as the MT-68 in 1984. There's also a larger version existing, the CT-405.

Support this channel and buy my little MT-65 album on Bandcamp:

or listen to some tracks on Soundcloud:

0:00 Intro
0:11 Overview
2:09 A Look Inside
6:30 Tones
15:23 Manual Bass
16:50 Drum Machine
17:53 Single Finger Mode
21:53 Fingered Mode
25:43 Conclusion
26:26 Multitrack Recording

Circuit bended MT-65 picture by S-CAT:"

Saturday Night Rhythm 03072021 - ArpOdyssey and Korg Volca Sample sequenced by Arturia KeyStep

video upload by J Rochefsky

"I am (was) thinking about selling my ArpOdyssey to make room for other synths - so wanted to capture the deep throaty voices it makes so effortlessly. At the same time, I was learning more about the KeyStep sequencer, and needed a bit of a beat - so I brought in the Korg Volca Sample (which is so nicely showing off my latest Volca Desktop Stand from - oh and the KeyStep is also on a stand). Learnings:
- The KeyStep needed to be set to the Korg Pulse clock type using Midi Control Center software to properly control the Volca
- The Arp Odyssey has a VCP slider on the bottom row that practically has the same effect as the VCF Frequency slider on the top row (at least in the configuration I used)
- The Volca Sample has some kick ass drum samples, but the combinations in the preset groups are not to my taste - had to make my own kit combination.
- The syncopated back beat you can get with the LFO on the Arp/Odyssey (or practically any synth I assume) is something that truly moves me...
- Logitech's LOGI capture software is pretty good, but might have some lag...
- my Yamaha MG10XU mixer is super easy to use and makes all the instruments work together nicely... took me about 6 months to start using it effectively mostly because I had a terrible desk setup until now (and it's still just mediocre at best).
If you like the stands used for the Arp/Odyssey, Arturia KeyStep and Korg Volca, you can find them here:"

Adventureman - making electronic music on the Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer sequencer - pre-mastered

video upload by J Rochefsky

"This was a quick song I composed and recorded across about 10 to 12 tracks on the Synthstrom Deluge. I plan to go back and remaster this and probably shuffle the order of the tracks to make it hang together better but this is an early version that seemed worth posting.
This was recorded about two weeks into my journey with this device and I was already in love with it. It seems to make my workflow the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. This is probably mostly due to it being an all in one device with great sounds, sound controls, modulation, drums, effects, and truly simple sequencer layout that’s very tactile."

Jen SX2000 synthesizer

video upload by Sean O'Brien

MFB Synth II Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 05315

via this auction

"So much sound in such a small box! The MFB Synth II is a 3 oscillator beast, very similar to the Moog Model D in architecture and sound. The unit is all analog but has a digital memory for patch storage as well as MIDI and CV for sequencing and triggering in/out."

Access Virus Desktop Synthesizer SN D19801514 & D19801526

D19801514 via this auction

D19801526 w/ rack ears via this auction

Roland MD-8 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"MD-8 has been tested and working perfectly, comes with Original Box, Original DCB Cable, and Original Power Cord."

Kawai K5000s w/ ME-1 Enhanced Memory

via this auction

Test Moog 1630 Frequency Bode Shifter

video upload by SynthAL

"The video contains several tests carried out on the Moog 1630 to have a modular system. The 1630 A and B outputs are connected to two different channels and the resulting stereo effect is really interesting! " Please listen to a good HiFi system or with very good headphones!"

Moog 1630 posts

ENNER playing techniques

video upload by Vlad Kreimer


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