MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022

Roland Juno 60 Post Repair Demo

video upload by Randy Piscione

"I recently gave this Juno 60 a check-up, cleaning some misbehaving keys, replacing two transistors on the chorus board and replacing all of the slide potentiometers. This demo is all in manual mode, just noodling and turning knobs, with and without the chorus." Q106A LED Behavior Mod

via sublevel9 lab

"The LED on's Q106A oscillator cycles as a triangle wave regardless of the shape selected with its waveform selector switch. In LFO mode, I've often wished the LED would follow the shape of the waveform. When the LFO is very slow, it can be hard to tell when the waveform changes direction. I've grown accustomed to how LEDs on Serge modules accurately track their "action", and it can be really helpful for certain things, especially when you're watching for that LED from across the room.

With the Q106A's LFO outputting square or pulse waves, for example, it'd be handy if the LED snapped on and off rather than slowly fading in and out. Or with a sawtooth wave selected, it'd be great if the LED snapped on with the saw's sharp rise and then slowly faded with the saw's descent. So I asked James at if there's any circuitry on the Q106A that could be co-opted for this purpose.

James said he'd do some digging/experimentation and get back to me. I've not heard many anecdotes of encouraging DIY work on their stuff, so I was surprised and delighted by his response:

'The PCB can be modified so that the selection on the Wave Range Switch drives the LED. So the LED will follow the [shape] of whatever waveform that switch is set to. Note that this is really only useful at low frequencies. Most of the time the LED will look the same.'"

You can find the mod on sublevel9 lab.

Nord Lead 2X Virtual Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Compare to the box here.

Moog Etherwave Theremin Is For You and Your Modular Synth

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) demonstrates the new Moog Etherwave Theremin along with a short tutorial on how to use it. After getting acquainted with Theremin Matthew demonstrates how to integrate the Theremin into a Eurorack setup.

Learn more about the Moog Etherwave Theremin here:

For over 60 years, Moog theremins have captured the imagination of players and audiences alike. Most recently over the last two decades, Moog’s Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus have set the bar of performance theremin design. Now, the all-time highest selling theremin models get an update to become simply Etherwave Theremin.

With no reeds to blow, no keys to press, and no strings to pluck, the theremin defies all expectations of a musical instrument. It is instead played in a manner that seemingly conjures music from the ether, simply through the motion of the body when close to the instrument. Throughout history, performers have achieved unprecedented expression by mastering this unique connection between the hands, the body, the environment, and the instrument.

The theremin’s elegant simplicity and unparalleled expressivity fueled Bob Moog’s lifelong love affair with the instrument, from building his first theremin at age 14 and completing his final theremin design at age 70. Today, Etherwave Theremin carries on this legacy with a design that is refined for the modern theremin performer.
Demo by :Matthew Piecora
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Stephen Ly (Project 32)"

Korg Minilogue XD - "Cinematica vol.2" - 45 Organic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Our succesful 'Cinematica' soundset for Korg Prologue for now compatible with Minilogue XD, Hooray!

How's it possible?

With complex editor/librarian/patch convertor, highly recomended.

You ask for a long time & finaly its here - complete soundset for Soundtrack creation!
45 Presets with wide range in timbrality and carefully selected modulations in Y + axis!

Here you will find all what you need for writing your desert soundtrack, electronic song,
ambient & cinematic music:

Massive Basses
Moving Leads
Unusual modular Arpeggios
Recreation of famous sounds of Jupiter & CS Series
Beautiful cinematic strings - massive & wide
Organic pads & low drones
Bells & Plucks

No external Osc & Fx were used.
You will found instruction of 'how to' inside the pack.

Enjoy the sounds & be inspired re-discovering your Minilogue XD!"

Red Sound Dark Star Soundtrip

video uploads by KPProd Music

"The Synthesizer with it's own character"

Korg Polysix. Arpeggios.

video upload by KPProd Music

"Some arpeggios from thie legendary analog synth"

WERSI Max 1 . Digital space music

video upload by KPProd Music

"This small vintage sound module from Germany has got amazingly warm and thick timbres"

Tragic Planet. Old synthesizer "Solaris" and gusli

video upload by KPProd Music

Гусли и синтезатор "Эстрадин Солярис"

Gusli and synthesizer "Estradin Solaris"

Зима Forever (балалайка и советские синтезаторы)

video upload by KPProd Music

"Balalaika and soviet analogue synthesizers"

Bad Gear - Yamaha DX100

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer. Is this cute 80s keyboard, keytar, Roger Troutman talkbox carrier and little sibling of the Yamaha DX7 the dirtiest FM synth of the Yamaha DX range? Does it have DAT BASS (solid bass, lately bass)??? Why didn't I get a Korg Volca FM2 like all the other YouTubers???

00:00 Intro tune
01:12 Overview Yamaha DX100
02:36 Workflow
04:17 Short comparison DX100 vs. FB-01 (same FM chip)
05:02 Hate
05:24 Jam 1
06:16 Jam 2
07:09 Finale
07:40 Verdict

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

GRANULAR | Arturia Efx FRAGMENTS + KeyStep 37

video upload by DANIELE

"Arturia Efx FRAGMENTS has become my favourite granular synthesis plugin: it's easy to use, incredibly powerful and amazing sounding!"

Talking Synths, Episode 79: Dave Rossum

video upload by Syntaur

"Talking Synths is a weekly podcast where Syntaur's crew chats about all manner of synthology. In this special episode of Talking Synths, Sam Mims sits down with one of the most important synth designers to ever walk this planet, Dave Rossum. Together, Sam and Dave discuss the history of E-mu Systems, what got Dave into the field of engineering, and the new Rossum Electro-Music SP1200."

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Desktop Module

via this auction

Some black light pics.

"The Prophet 12 is a hybrid poly synth with 4 wave table oscillators per voice, analog filters, 4 LFOs per voice, and 4 envelopes per voice. It also has tuned feedback and 4 delay lines that can be used to create a variety of effects like chorus."

Farfisa Partner 415 Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

See the demo here.

"One-of-a-kind drum machine. It"s a rhythm unit ripped from a 70s farfisa spinet organ and built in a custom case (trying to remain faithful to the original look). Classic analog drum sounds like the ones you get out of the many boxes of that area (Roland TR77, Ace Tone FR-1 FR-2 FR-8, Hammond Auto Vari etc etc)

15 rhythms, controls for tempo, volume and balance Mono jack output and running on 12v DC (power supply is not provided. It works with any 12v DC positive center power suppl)."

Crumar Multiman S Analog Synth/Orchestrator

via this auction

"Analog italian polyphonic keyboard. More than just a string machine, it offers piano/harpsichord sounds and a brass section with Moog resonant ladder filter and simple VCF enveloppe. You further get a deep mono bass sound on the left part of the keyboard. Every other sound can be played either or both side of the keyboard, with dedicated volume faders. The instrument was serviced: capacitors were replaced in most of the parts of the instrument, some connections were resoldered, key action was fixed (with age on this model some key won't spring back due to a rubber underneath the key that deteriorate), power and chorus were calibrated, oscillator tuned and faders were cleaned and lubed. Now it is in perfect working condition. Cosmetic condition is quite good but it does bear some scars. It comes with its original lid and an jack adaptor in order ot plug any sustain pedal to use on the piano and bass section. THE STAND ON THE PICTURE IS NOT INCLUDED (and it's not the original stand)"

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 150910

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings, also on eBay

"Unit is in great shape and perfect working order. In a smoke free studio its entire life!

A very good old-school sequencer from Korg. Designed for the MS series synthesizers and using Korg's CV / Gate control the SQ-10 sequencer can really surprise you with some groovy basslines. Three channel output allows pitch, tone color and timing variation. Use the knobs to adjust and build up a sequence. Sure it's limited to 12 steps (with a max of 24) but when you hook that up to your MS-10, MS-20 or MS-50 you can get some pretty cool YB-303 like stuff happening. Because the SQ-10 outputs CV (Control Voltage) it can also be connected to the Oscillators, VCF (filter) or LFO's of your MS synths for even cooler tricks. Using a CV / Gate converter allows you to use the SQ-10 with other Roland, Moog, Sequential and even MIDI synthesizers. It's definitely a fun instrument which allows you to program basslines just like they did back in the early days!"

Korg MS-20 Kit

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings, also on eBay

"Unit is in great shape and perfect working order. Comes with original power supply.

This unit was original the do-it-yourself kit from Korg and built by us here at Noisebug a few years back. Synth has lived its entire life in a smoke free studio."

Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth - Serviced, Tuned with Midi

via this auction

"Tauntek Midi info: MIDI channel can be set by holding one key down while powering up the Poly6. Low C selects channel 1, C# channel 2, etc. The 17th key selects OMNI mode. Arpeggiator clocking can be set the same way, using keys starting at middle C. Middle C selects local arp clocking (not MIDI, also the default setting). C# selects quarter note clocking, D selects eighth note, D# selects sixteenth note, and E selects thirty-second note arp clocking. The top six keys can be used to set the MIDI note number that maps to the bottom key. Holding the top key at power-up sets the note number to press the bottom key to 60. The next key down selects 48. The next key selects 36, etc. 36 would probably be the "normal" setting. The MIDI channel, MIDI note range, and arp clocking settings are retained until set to different values using the same method."

The Long Good Friday Theme - Francis Monkman - Recreation

video upload by Luke Million

"Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter with a jam on the theme from The Long Good Friday by Francis Monkman. 🐰🥂

Gear Used;

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 3
Roland Juno 6
Moog Multimoog
Solina String Ensemble
Yamaha CS40m
Roland Jupiter 4"

vintage Volca FM :)

video upload by studio snippets


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