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Sunday, November 26, 2023

red sound elevata

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Sunday, October 01, 2023

RedSound Darkstar XP2 SN 00813

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"Revamped version of the Dark Star MK1 - MK1 vs XP2 differences: XP2 features 1/4" instead of RCA outputs, 1/4" stereo headphone output, chorus, and special SINEWAVE mode (for OSC2).

British company Red Sound System's first synth, the DarkStar is a table-top 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer suitable for anybody who wants affordable analog sounds for use in most any style of electronic music. Analog sounds are created by DSP-based analog modeling which means you'll get reliable and clean analog-type synth sounds in an economical and professional instrument. The DarkStar features 2 oscillators per voice, 5-part multitimbral set-up, joystick mixing for oscillators, ring modulation, filter resonance and pink/white/blue noise generators.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Red Sound Elevata

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Friday, August 18, 2023

miserable gear jam

video upload by Jexus (

"just a long version of the jam that you saw on the bad gear 100k sub episode;)

bassline - redsound darkstar
hihats with feedback - korg volca drum
kick & snare - alesis hr 16 (not seen in the video)
everything else - alesis micron"

Friday, June 09, 2023

Red Sound Darkstar XP2 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Red Sound Darkstar Virtual Analog Desktop Synthesizer

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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Experimenting with Korg SQ-64 and RedSound eleVAta, MFB Dominion 1, ASM Hydrasynth

video upload by HanzVolt

"some video synthesis"

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

RedSound eleVAta Rare quirky digital mystery synth

video upload by HanzVolt

"I fell in love with the quirky sound of a RedSound synthesizer in 1999 when I purchsed a new Red Sound DarkStar...The DarkStar required patience to dial up sweet spots, but they were certainly there. A few years later I discovered that they created another machine in '01....
'the eleVAta'
Only 250 were ever produced...
.....and good luck trying to find a decent video of one on the interweb :))"

Thursday, November 10, 2022

RS053 Death Star xp2: Red Sound Dark Star

video upload by rejected synths

"Sometimes one seemingly smart idea is enough to kill a whole company: The DeLorean DC-12 looked great on paper (and in Back to Future) but buried DeLorean as a company, Jiucero soon went out of juice, when people realized that DRM juice was actually as bad an idea on paper as it was in reality and the Red Sound Dark Star, well it was probably a tad bit too ambitious for the company that created it.

Sure, Virtual Analog was the next big thing, when the Dark Star was being incepted. and sure, the Virus was another VA synth by a small company that still managed to very well. So at the time, creating their own take on a VA synth most certainly sounded like a sound idea for Red Sound and, again, on paper, it sounded like a great product: Eight voices, five part multitimbrality, very solid built quality, stereo audio ins, built in expandability and, at just below 500€, a price much lower than what others were asking for.

So how could it fail this hard even after the price was lowered to well below 200€? Was it really as bad and laggy as people seemed to agree it was? Or did it just fall victim to a bad reputation? After all, the internet was another ‘product’ on the rise at that time and with it, of course, came people hating on the poor Dark Star in forums all over the net.

Sure, the Dark Star can suck, it can be slow and laggy, but as I think I’ve showed time and again on this channel, ‘bad’ synths can also often rise above their reputation when you use them just right. And of course, thanks to it’s reputation as the ‘worst VA’ it’s still one of those rare cases where you can still find an old synth at very reasonable prices.

Curious? Well then go board the ship, we’re about to take off…"


0:00 Intro
0:21 Introduction
1:36 Sound Engine
3:34 Demo Song Snippet
4:23 Controls and Connectors
5:58 P35 Fat Saw Bass
6:43 P07 Plank Spank
7:44 P09 Jupitous
8:34 P41 Flower
9:30 P15 Brightly
10:32 Demo Song 1: House Org
11:30 Demo Song 2: Trance Layer
12:47 Conclusion
14:35 Outro

RS053.1 Red Sound Dark Star 'No Talking Edition'

"This is a shorter 'No Talking' edit of my video about the Red Sound Dark Star for those who prefer 'pure' demos without comments."


0:00 Tracklist
0:08 Factory Demo Snippet
0:42 P52 Fat Saw Bass
1:27 P07 Plank Spanker
2:28 P09 Jupitous
3:18 P41 Flower
4:14 P15 Brightly
5:06 Multi Demo 1: House Org
6:03 Multi Demo 2: Trance Layer
7:22 Outro

RS053.2 Red Sound Dark Star Factory Demo Songs

"Time for some bonus content again, I've created some visuals for the Factory Demo Song(s) of the Dark Star.

These can be accessed by holding Audition and pressing Modulation


Friday, April 15, 2022

Red Sound Dark Star Soundtrip

video uploads by KPProd Music

"The Synthesizer with it's own character"

Monday, October 11, 2021


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"This Elevata Synthesizer is fully working and sounds great. A small number of these were made. It comes from a smoke free home. It can be used as a desktop synth or racked."

Friday, July 02, 2021

Red Sound Systems EleVAta Desktop/Rack Analog Synth

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Monday, June 07, 2021

Red Sound Elevata

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Only one pic in this listing. You can find more in previous posts.

"Elevata is a 16-voice polyphonic, eight-part multitimbral modelling synth from UK innovators Red Sound. But with a number of virtual analogue synths available at the same price point, does the Elevata offer enough to distinguish itself? Perhaps the Elevata's single most striking feature is its, um, 'elevating' front panel. This can be used to great effect if you prefer desktop, rather than racked, operation. There are four different angles to choose from, ranging from flat against the base right up to vertical. For me, the optimum was the 65-degree setting; there was something comfortably Minimoogish about it. If you intend to rack it, the Elevata's panel should be set at right angles to its main body. It then occupies 3U of rack space, making all connectors easily accessible, unlike some desktop/rack compromises where space is wasted at the top of the unit. Angle adjustment is a simple matter of lowering the notched support arms. As these do not lock, there is a certain amount of 'play' inherent in the mechanism, and this could make it feel a little shaky if flightcased for life on the road. A generous six audio outputs are present on the rear panel, along with two audio inputs. There's also an input for the (optional) vocoder, plus the usual three MIDI ports, an external joystick port (see the 'Wizards, MIDI Control & Arpeggiation' box later in this article), a socket for the wall-wart power supply and the red On/Off button. The headphone socket is a stereo mini-jack positioned in the lower centre of the front panel."

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

AudioPilz - Synths - Bad/Better Gear

Bad Gear - Yamaha CS1x - Not Exactly My Thing video by AudioPilz

Just discovered this series. Above is the latest video featuring the Yamaha CS1x. Below is a playlist of previous videos in the series. I'm guessing the CS1x will be added. P.S. I actually own a CS1x and SU10 so it's kind of fun seeing them paired in this video. The CS1x is all ROMpler but it does have some nice icy strings. It has a bright digital character about it - like it's permanently run through a glassy sounding reverb.

Playlist (enjoy, or not - use the controls on the bottom left or upper right of the player to skip around):
Bad Gear - Roland TB-3 - A Touchscreen TB-303 Nightmare???
How To Control The Microkorg Using Midi Controllers??? (Tutorial)
Bad Gear - Microkorg - A Hipster Synth???
Bad Gear - Am I Too Bad For This Synth???
Bad Gear - Akai Timbre Wolf - Weakest Poly Synth???
Bad Gear - Korg Electribe EA-1 - Worst Of The Tribe???
Bad Gear - Red Sound Darkstar - Worst Synth Of All Time???
Bad Gear - M-Audio Venom - Biggest Software Dongle Of All Time???
Better Gear - DIY Yamaha DX7 Realtime Controller (Tutorial)
Bad Gear - Roland JX-305 - Pub Gig MC-505???
Bad Gear - Arturia Minibrute - The Tutorial Synth???
Bad Gear - Roland D-110 - 80s Sound In A Box???
Bad Gear - Yamaha FB-01 - Second Worst FM Synth???
Bad Gear - Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar - Most Embarrassing Synth Of All Time???
Bad Gear - Quasimidi Sirius - 90s Techno Machine???
Bad Gear - Korg Kaossilator Pro - The Synth of Christmas Past???
Bad Gear - Nintendo Korg DS-10 - Game Boy MS-20???
Roland U-110 - Yet Another Boring 80s Synthesizer???
Bad Gear - Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 - Vintage Gamers Synth???
Bad Gear - Yamaha DJX - Kid’s Keyboard???
Bad Gear - Roland SH-201 - The MP3 Synth??? (feat. Alex Ball)
Bad Gear - Casio SK-1 - The Original Fart Sampler
Bad Gear - Waldorf Blofeld - Vintage Sound of the Future???

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Saturday, February 20, 2021

#FFS​ - February Filter Sweep pt 3 - mini synths, grooveboxes, racks…

video by SynthAddict

"A simple FFS run-though of some mixed gear synth filters. Enjoy…
Sorry about the clipping on some bits, I was rushing.
I found out after I started editing the vids. :-(

Included: Yamaha AN200, Roland V-Synth XT, RedSound Systems DarkStar XP2, E-mu Emax II, Arturia MicroBrute SE, Modal Craft Synth 2, Arturia Origin (basic, Minimoog, Jupiter-8), Roland Aira TB-3, Behringer TD-3 ‘303 clone’"

#FFS posts

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Red Sound Voyager 1 Beat Extractor - Audio to MIDI Clock Sync Interface

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Never seen these before. First time posted on the site. RedSound of course made the Darkstar synths.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Redsound Darkstar XP-2 w/ Original Box

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"Redsound Darkstar XP-2 upgraded to latest firmware before Redsound discontinued this synth. This synth is an polyphonic 8 voice, 5 part multitimbral virtual analog synth."

Saturday, May 02, 2020


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Demo in the listing previously posted here.

"If you’re looking at this, you probably know what it is. Care to try your hand at the most reviled synth ever made? I for one think it’s great and the learning curve is certainly worth it depending on what you’re trying to make music wise."

Monday, February 17, 2020

Red Sound Elevata w/ Original Box

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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Akai AX80 & Red Sound Darkstar XP2

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via this auction

Note these are on Craigslist which I don't normally post, but I know the seller and he supports the site. :)

"$450 - Akai AX80 8 voice vintage analog synth in great working shape. This synth was babied after purchase in my non smoking studio and never played out. Fully functional with the following cosmetic issues:

Minor scuffs due to age and in the condition I purchased it in. There's one small cosmetic ding above the Hold button and LED as you can see - the button and LED work fine. Aside from this the membrane is pristine. Looks brand new. No depressions or cracks.

One key was cracked so I glued a small ram chip on it years ago as you can see. It is smooth, not rough to the touch, and feels fine. See Pics.

VCA 30 Velocity LED bar is out. This is purely cosmetic. The parameter works fine and you can see the values change on the red numerical display by the data knob. Only the EQ looking LED is out as you can see in the pics.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is a great sounding vintage 8 voice polyphonic analog synth and it is 100% sonically functional and solid. The AX80 uses the same CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA chips as on the Oberheim Matrix-12, Xpander, SCI Prophet-600 and T8. For a full list of what synths use the 3372 see here."

"$300 - RedSound DARKSTAR XP2 - Redsound's eight voice virtual analog desktop synth with a joystick. Like new."


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