MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Mos-lab Switches to ARP 2500 Production Only - Moog Format Production Put on Hold

via Mos-lab

"I regret to inform you that Mos-lab temporarily or permanently stops the production of Moog module and system clones for chaotic supply problems.

As a result, production is entirely devoted to the construction of the 2500 modulars."


This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

12- The Korg ARP 2600M- Noise Generator

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the noise generator found on the Korg ARP 2600M."

AutomaticGainsay Korg ARP 2600M posts

Sequential Pro 3 Lead Over Korg Minilogue XD Pad

video upload by experimentalsynth

"I tweaked a paraphonic preset on the Pro 3 and it eventually became this lyrical lead patch. That lush Korg Minilogue XD pad was perfect to solo over so I recorded this quick bit to help remind me of the combination. I could get lost in it for hours. Internal effects are used on both synths, plus Line 6 Echo Pro and Eventide H9 on both via the mixers effects bus."

„8 loops“ | er-301 | morphagene | eurorack modular synthesizer

video upload by Elinch

"a sound collage with my new case build around the er-301 and my lovely new faderbox

00:00 loop 01 /// uburst (batumi / start position)
00:18 loop 02 /// er 301 looper (noisy sounds)
00:39 loop 03 /// er 301 looper (source iPad decent sampler)
01:04 loop 04 /// morphagene (batumi / organize /// source plaits / t-rex tape echo)
01:27 loop 05 /// er 301 looper (bass / source source plaits / t-rex tape echo)
01:47 loop 06 /// er 301 looper (strings I /// source iPad decent sampler)
02:13 loop 07 /// er 301 looper (strings II /// source iPad decent sampler)
02:30 loop 08 /// er 301 looper (lead / source source plaits / t-rex tape echo)
03:30 sequence /// verbos foundation osc / amp and tone

er 301 /magneto, sequenced by westlicht performer

recorded live with tascam dr 100. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

if you want to suport me:

#modular #ambient #music"

Buchla and 1979 Delay

video upload by Todd Barton

"A simple experiment with Buchla 200 reissue modules and 1979 Digital Stereo Delay . . .

My Patreon:"

Ethnic Music Recorded On The Corner Of Eagan And Matrix Streets

"So I had a play with my new Eaganmatrix module by Haken Audio last night and here is the result. This is recorded live with no overdubs. The Eaganmatrix module is being sequenced by one of my Turing Machine sequencers. There is a 2nd sound source which is one of my Rings modules which is providing the cow bell/drum sound...otherwise everything else is the Eaganmatrix. I'm also running the entire mix through my Starlab module for some echo and slight verb.

I must say that the Eaganmatrix is the BEST Eurorack module that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. This thing IS a beast and has a world of sound/energy/music in it just waiting to be recorded!!!

I love the Haken Audio products. The Eaganmatrix module is my 3rd product from them. I also own a half size Continuum, as well as a ContinuuMini. Amazing products that go where no instrument has gone before!"

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Korg Kronos SN 211316

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Sequential PROPHET 5 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 6175

via this auction

"61-Key Analog Synthesiser designed by the one and only Dave Smith & arguably the most iconic poly-synth of all time; the Prophet 5 offers up 5 voices each with 2 VCO's, a low pass VCF, a VCA, two EG's, one LFO with multiple wave shapes available. With patch memory, the Prophet 5 was arguably the most forward thinking synthesiser on the market back in 1977. Made in USA. Fully serviced prior to sale.

In excellent condition with all wood panelling just like it left the factory. An excellent example of a very clean Prophet 5 from the golden age of analog synthesis."

Akai AX60 Analog Synthesizer w/ Flight Case SN 10729-00150 in a Vault

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg Poly Ensemble P 60-Key Polyphonic Orchestral Synthesizer

via this auction

via this auction

"The OB-Xa is a classic analog polysynth, with the ability to split and layer its programs. Made famous by Van Halen's "Jump", the OB-Xa can have 4, 6, or 8-voice polyphony depending on the hardware. It is quite similar in sound to the later OB-8, but the OB-Xa has less-stable oscillators - which contributes to its wilder, wider sound. This OB-Xa is configured with 8-voices, and has a selectable 2-Pole or 4-Pole multimode filter and 120 patch memories. It has had the keybed rebuilt, bridge rectifier upgraded, and is fully calibrated. It spent part of its life in a road case with degrading foam, which caused bad pitting in the front and rear panels (see photos); this cosmetic condition is reflected in price. Power cord included. Thanks!"

Roland GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Minipops 7 Vintage Drumcomputer Drum Machine

via this auction

This is the real deal
Korg minipops 7
1970’s Drum machine
Tempo button not original
Great fat analogue Sound
Nice condition
220 V

Doepfer Darktime Sequencer

via this auction

"MINT condition Doepfer Dark Time sequencer for sale I bought new here from NOISEBUG two months ago, it's an awesome classic sequencer but i have too many sequencers and the bug to finance new gear lol! This is the red LED version and included is all the original stuff; box, manual, usb cable, 2x1/8in. red cable and 1x1/8in. grey cable and original factory power adapter. Works perfect and as stated; MINT condition. Also includes easily removable red, black, and white colored tip covers to make changes easier at a glance."

Buchla 100 Clone System, Analog Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"This beautiful one-of-a-kind system that includes the following Mike Peake custom modules and LA67 modules:

1) 112b touch panel (LA67 pcb, built by a pro builder)
2) 123 step sequencer (built by LA67)
3) 140 Pulse Generator (built by LA67)
4) 158 oscillator w/ mods (Mike Peake)
5) 110/192 Dual LPG/VCA modules--combines the 110 VCA with the vactrol based LopassGate from 200-series, with resonance control (custom designed by Mike Peake)
6) 410 Quad Envelope Generator (Mike Peake)
Audio mixer/Ring Mod/144 oscillator module (one-off design by Mike Peake)
7) CV Mixer/Fixed Filter Bank/190 Spring Reverb w/ CV control of mix (one-off design by Mike Peake)

Boats are from The Beast UK, side panels are from a local Philly woodworker. Think of this as a very well-speced Buchla 100 'easel'."

Moog Model 15 - dual CV & Trig demo...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"I patched the 953 CV and triggers 1&2 to two separate channels.

CV/trig 2 go to the 921 oscillator and the second VCA and third EG (which I built) combination. Without the third EG it could still be done but I wouldn't be getting the filter envelope on the CV 1 channel.

I'm using a Sine out from the 921 and only "2nd notes" after the 1st is held are play the Sine."

ROLAND JUNO-X Synthesizer-Part 2-Filter Test with Custom Patches by Deep Synths.

video upload by Deep Synths

"JUNO-X demo part 2. Testing the 3 filter types (Roland, Moog, Sequential) with custom patches by Deep Synths.

The patches are as follows:
00:00 Intro-Saw Lead "Lead Dawg"-Juno 106
01:33 "Saw Chords"-Juno 106
02:23 "Sea Life"-Juno 106
03:35 "Donna's House"-Juno 106
04:54 "Desert Sand"-Juno 106
05:54 "Discoveries"-Juno 106
07:26 "Dark Flight"-Juno 106
08:26 "Just a Juno"-Juno 106
09:37 "Blades"-Juno 60
10:28 "Space Drift"-Juno 60
11:32 "Bubble Up"-Juno 106"


video upload by Genshi Media Group


XAOC Devices ODESSA and E-RM POLYGOGO into Verbos SCAN & PAN with effects by XAOC Timiszoara and sequencing via Intellijel Metropolix. Modulation and envelopes from XAOC Batumi and Zadar."

Not a bass player? Synton Fenix Delay can help!

video upload by batchas

Synton Fenix 2 & Fenix 2d delays

video upload by

"In this video, I'm applying negative voltage to the Time CV input on the Delay to get longer delays, focusing on the differences between Fenix 2 and on Fenix 2d."

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