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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Cosmic Plucks V1 For U-He Diva

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link: -

NatLife Sounds back to U-He Diva sound design with a new Cosmic Plucks V1 soundbank.
It's a complicated sound collection with all of Plucks & Lead colours in one pack. You can freely find a full of harmonic analog sound as and a clearly razor digital tuning. In that case presets perfectly complement each other. And of course, the main emphasis of this library is on cosmic sound, which you will get in full. No third-party effects, compressors or other sound thickeners were used in the creation of the demo track, everything that you hear did not pass third-party processing in any form, only pure Diva sounding.

The soundset will be good for any kind of music.

Sounbank contains 42 U-He Diva presets, which:

24 Leads
18 Plucks

Access Virus TI // Tweaking More Patches 2 // ** No Talking ** // Pads and Stuff // D

video upload by LESINDES


Here, unfortunately, the video footage was lost. So there is a bit more artwork than usual :-)

Contents of this video:

00:00 Intro
08:36 In the middle of nowhere
12:33 Rescue
17:10 Cast"

Sequential OB6 in the Rainy Greenhouse

video upload by Postmodern Machine

"Hey! 🌧

This piece was recorded last summer, but it sat on the shelf while I released many other things. The rain and the OB6 feel pretty appropriate in may 🌿

I hope you make it to the outtro. I think it's the best part πŸ‘Œ

This is the Sequential OB6 with some eq and compression at the mix stage. Recorded directly into my Fuji X-T30 initially, then mixed in Reaper. The internal delay effects were used to cascade against each other πŸ”Š

I've always enjoyed this instrument, and Oberheim is on the brain recently due to the new OB-X8. I had very slight GAS for the new Obie but have quelled that by reminding myself how much I love both the sound and portability of the OB6."

Rare Yamaha FVX1 FM Voice Expander

via this auction

You can find a few demos of the FVX-1 in previous posts here.

"The Yamaha FVX1 is a super rare MIDI-compatible FM Voice Expander that comprise the expanded system of the HX Series Electone. An AWM epxander was also available: the Yamaha AVX1. The FVX1 has four 8-operator FM tone generators on board, representing a "timbre", that can be layered through an internal mixer. Much like the TX81Z or the DX11, multiple waveforms are available for each operator. Each timbre or layer has 8 notes of polyphony and can be controlled independently via its own MIDI channel.

The FVX1 holds 248 preset voices, 256 user-programmable memory slots and 16 performances. Yet the parameters that can be directly accessed by the user from the front panel are rather limited in comparison to its full synthesizer siblings: the frequency, output level and waveform of each operator, as well as the envelope generator rates and levels. An external computer editor, called the FED1 FM editor (built specifically for the Toshiba T3100), has to be used in order to gain full control on the voice editing capabilities.

Similarly to what is offered on the DMP7 and DMP11, the onboard mixers also has additional effects available: Stereo-Chorus, Stereo-Pan, Symphonic, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Tremolo, Digital hall, Celeste and Wah."

PPG Wave 2.3 w/ Rebuilt Keybed & v8.3 OS Installed

via this auction

"Excellent condition PPG Wave 2.3. Prior owner had it upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3, that's why the panel says 2.2. Has midi and individual outputs. I had my tech rebuild the keybed, and it looks and plays great now. Additionally, I had the v8.3 OS installed. The display is the older style, meaning it's more difficult to replace with a modern display. Since the display works fine (but no backlight), I decided to leave this part as-is."

ARMON Concert Vintage Italian Synth

via this auction

This is a follow-up to this original post where you'll find a demo of this particular synth. New pics have been added to the post from the new listing as well.

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer

via this auction

Bontempi Memoplay

via this auction

Clearly a toy keyboard with built-in rhythms.

You can find a couple of other models, including a demo of one, in previous posts here. This appears to be the first post to feature this particular design.

Multivox MX-2000 w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"Wonderful preset synth in good condition. Serviced by Bell Tone Synth Works in Philadelphia 3 years ago (can furnish invoice and work done). All keys are operational. They are yellow to due the age of the instrument. All sounds are operational. In the Random Note Section the Random Trigger does not seem to do anything. Other than that all toggle switches and sliders behave as they should. The aftertouch sounds are very subtle but the sensitivity knob can be used to adjust how much effect you want. There are some light scratches in a few places which is typical for an almost 50 year old synth. However I removed the cheap particle board side cheeks and replaced them with 3/4 inch black walnut hardwood. This is a fragile instrument and it is heavy."

Sequential Circuits Pro-8 Model 608 SN 02294

via this auction

🌍Brittany Spheres 🌐 - Juno 60 / Shallow Water / CXM 1978

video upload by Postmodern Machine

"Hi 🌊

I'm jamming with the Chase Bliss/Meris CXM 1978 & Fairfield Shallow Water while bringing some of my tools out into the light of day for a dust off. 🌀 These pedals are fairly new to me and I'm liking them so far. What do you think? 🌿

The mighty Juno 60 is patched into the Shallow Water in mono, then straight into the CXM and then to my Fuji X-T30 which is recording both the audio and video.

I'm using the arp on the Juno to keep my hands more free for tweaking.

This is mixed in reaper through my standard mixbus and a small amount of additional compression/eq/saturation was added.

πŸ“Ί Check out my current music releases πŸŒ—

Roland Juno 60 / Fairfield Shallow Water / Chase Bliss - Meris CXM 1978 / Fuji X-T30 / Reaper / Kush Audio"

Penguins and the Moog Synthesizers

video upload by Joshua Ellingson

Plants play Modular πŸͺ΄ w/ SYMBIOTIC

video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"I’m very happy to introduce you SYMBIOTIC :)

Made by the awesome guys and girls from @spad_electronics , this is a little but powerful utility that converts plants biodata in midi or cv signal! (It also functions as a midi to cv converter). It has a sensitivity knob that you can use to choose the amount of received signal and a setting button allows you to change some interesting stuff (threshold, MIDI channel, note scale and LED brightness).In this way, you just need some cables to easily jam with your plants by just connecting SYMBIOTIC to them!

So in this simple but effective patch, my gorgeous monstera is sending a mutating trigger through SYMBIOTIC to the @qubitelectronix Bloom, who is then sending its 'always-changing' sequence to the @mutableinstruments Plaits V/oct input.
Some lfos from Stages are modulating Data Bender.
Monsoon in Clouds mode is creating the right ambient for this biometric interaction. ✨🌱

Headphones as always. 🎧"

SYMBIOTIC is available on on eBay, Tindie, and Etsy.

Diy kits symbiotic biodata sonification midisprout

generate music and listen to your plants with our new symbiotc biodata sonification board, Just attach the electrodes to the leaves of your favorite plant or your skin or any living thing and the fluctuations of the galvanic conductance will produce MIDI/cv notes. sampling the pulse widths and identifying the fluctuations will generate control messages and MIDI notes. You can set the threshold, the scale, the midi channel and the brightness of the leds. you will only need a plant, a 9v battery and a synth (hardware or software) and you are ready to listen to them. if you buy the diy kit we send you the assembly pdf"

midi sprout a biodata sonification make singing plant thank our biofeedback

video upload by Spad_Electronics

"Our new version of randomic note generator based on electro micro variation of plant is ready to go. It can send midi note and cv/gate/trigger signals at your digital or analog synthetizer"

SYMBIOTIC is available on on eBay, Tindie, and Etsy.

SOMA Pulsar-23 + Meng Qi Wing Pinger // Synthetic Forest

video upload by Dexba

"I can feel it: it's the sensation of moving in the right direction with my setup and my musical scope.
I'm no producer, I think you already grasped that from my channel's general vibe, so what I really like to do is as little planning as possible and just follow the stream, the dialogue between me and the instruments.
And this is like... the goal! I can finally see the end of the tunnel, now I only have to work on the relationship with my gear, learn, practice, and improve.
This idea was born after stumbling upon some recordings of birds in a song from Pere Ubu, and I was pretty sure they were doable with a synthesizer too!
The Pulsar-23 by SOMA was the closest thing to a modular I had, so I went for that, but it wasn't without challenges, since there is only one LFO and the polarity/wave shape has no modulation control, so a simple task like alternating rhythmically up and down pitch synchronized with the gates got way more challenging than it sounds :) Wing Pinger is my new crush, no need to hide it, and even though (surprisingly enough) it doesn't pair well with the Hologram Microcosm, I really wanted to give more ambiance, a more washed feeling to the lonely upper filter playing. I think you'll see this setup again and again, so I hope you enjoy ✨"

Arbhar Advanced | Supersynths, Beats & Polyphony

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Instruo Arbhar has been a top 5 personal favorite module since I got it two years ago. I read the manual back then, went through all the features, developed a handy workflow and forgot most of the features again. Well, you can't use the things you don't know, so I've been limiting Arbhar's creative potential in my patches for way too long. This video started with the idea of just watching Jason Lim's 01:47:00 video and make notes about things I forgot, didn't know or brought me to new ideas. I must say I completely rediscovered the module as a polyphonic synthesizer. If you have an Arbhar in your rack, you may be in for a treat :)."

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