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Sunday, March 03, 2024

Charanjit Singh - Raga Kalavati

video upload by Royal Smith

"'Raga Kalavati' by Charanjit Singh off the album 'Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat'"

Am I Dreaming? | Modular World Performance | TB-303 & Modular Synth

video upload by Sworn64

Roland TB-303 and TR-909 making Acid Techno

video upload by funkyberlin303

"Roland TR-909, TR-606, TB-303, Strymon El Capistan"

Joris Voorn Studio Jam | Melodic Acid Live Session (Roland TB-303, TR-909, MC-202, JD-990 + FX)

video upload by Joris Voorn

"I've been doing a lot of live sessions in the studio recently, practicing the vibe of my new setup where everything in my studio is connected, for once."

Friday, March 03, 2023

Acildab Bassline 2 modded by maffez

via Nerds With Acid

"What better date to send back to the wonderful Nerds With Acid two Bassline 2 with maffez mods

Max, our QC inspector approves!

Modding instructions, more information, pics and sounds here:"

3/03 Day :)

video upload by Samples From Mars

"Happy 3/03 day to all the acid freaks! πŸ™‚"

Happy 303 day: Ambient Dub Techno Jam with 7x 303s

video upload by Honeysmack

"Happy 3.03 day! What better way to celebrate than try something completely ridiculous and play 7x 303 at the same time? I was up for the challenge! While it might seem fairly easy, it actually did my head in for a while. I had to think about how to make this interesting, rather than have a stupid cacophony of acid bashing our ears. So I opted for the downtempo ambient dub like sound. In simple terms space the 303s out and give them room socially. Here it is and after the jam I provide some short commentary on my approach and how it was recorded. The jam was recorded in one single take, no additional sounds or post production. Please let me know what you think, am I crazy?

/ honeysmacked

πŸ•Ή This channel is supported by my Patreons who get a first look, become a member here: and yes I offer one-on-one tuition/lessons/coaching on making and performing live techno.

πŸ•Ή Gear used for this jam:
Roland TB-303
Roland TB-303 Devilfish
Roland TB-03
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline
Behringer TD-3 (x2)
Behringer TD-3MO
Elektron Syntakt (for kick and hihat sounds only)
Eventide Space reverb pedal
Eventide Timefactor delay pedal
TC Electronic Flashback delay pedal
Mackie 1202 mixer
Playdifferently Model 1 mixer
Elektron Analog Heat Mk1 (on master output)

00:00 Ambient Acid Dub Jam
08:02 How I put this together"

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Happy #303day w/ Polyend Tracker & Hydrasynth Exproler

video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Ambient with the TB-303 sound - VCV Rack Patch From Scratch

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Here is the patch -

TB-303 in VCV Rack video:" [posted here]

Happy 303 Day! via Retro Synth Ads / Mini Music Labs

video by Retro Synth Ads / Mini Music Labs

"Whaaaaat? It's my fav day of the year! Three-oh-three! Three-oh-three! Three-oh-three!

Nothing as good as a new little TB-303 ditty with a bit of 606 hi-hat sizzle!"

And a new brochure scan for 303day:

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and the write-up.

"Roland "Roland Rhythm Machines & Sequencers Vol. 1" eight page full colour catalog from March 1985. Happy 303 day! The most happiest of happiest days!"

Happy #303day​ w/ TR-808, Buddha Machine "ε€©η•Œ"

video by Masaki Takada

"ζ—₯本初γ‚ͺγƒͺγ‚ΈγƒŠγƒ«γƒ–γƒƒγƒ€γƒžγ‚·γƒΌγƒ³ ι›»ε­εΏ΅δ»ζ©Ÿ「ε€©η•Œ」
first original Japanese electronic Nembutsu machine 'Tenkai'"

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

303 2020

Published on Mar 3, 2020 thisoldhouz



See the 303day label below for more!

303 Day! by Green Leader

Published on Mar 3, 2020 Green Leader

See the 303Day label at the bottom of this post for more.

Happy 303 Day 2020 by SynthMania

Published on Mar 3, 2020 SynthMania

"Roland TB-303, Roland TR-909, Kilpatrick Audio REDOX."

More 303Day posts here!

Happy 303 day! by annika morgan

Published on Mar 3, 2020 annika morgan

"Here’s a demo of my studio setup being sequenced by a TT-303"

#303day Finger Drumming (TB-03, Analog Heat, Launchpad Pro)

Published on Mar 3, 2020 Nular Music

"#303day finger drumming performance. The 'kick' and 'snare' pads also trigger random notes of the Roland TB-03 (via Ableton Live's MIDI effects). The TB-03 is connected to the Elektron Analog Heat MKII. The 'ride' pad also triggers a sample, which is soaked in a generous amount of delay."


Published on Mar 3, 2020 Audio Wanderer

"The acclaimed Freeware from D-lusion. Probably the first proper clone of the TB-303 on a PC Windows in the history (Developed in 1996) Enjoy the retro vibes!"

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz - RE-303

Published on Mar 3, 2020

Happy 3.03 Day - Acid Dub

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Honeysmack

"A very happy 3.03 day to all my family and friends around the world. It is my hope in the not too distant future, people will celebrate 3.03 day as a high holiday across the world. In the meantime, here's my experimental acid dub jam to celebrate this day with 2x Roland TB-303 (one Devilfish), Elektron Octatrack live sampling the 303s and providing most of the effects. The Elektron Analog RYTM provide the drum sounds, with a little additional reverb from an Ensoniq DP/2 off camera.

Totally unrehearsed and improvised jam. No computer or DAW were hurt during the making of this video.

My new album Post Acid is out now through Awesome Soundwave:"

Happy #303day Jam with Elektron Model:Cycles, Strymon TIMELINE, Eventide SPACE

Published on Mar 3, 2020 Masaki Takada

"I am very happy to be able to play with the TB-303 that is still alive XD

My new EP has been released!
(The song of this video is also included in the bonus track)"

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