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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Morton Subotnick & Steve Horelick @ Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo (October 21-22)

Details follow:

"The Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo, a free for all interactive display of synthesizers and pedals of all kinds, will return to Brooklyn on the weekend of October 21st and 22nd in a new, larger venue in Greenpoint.

Hosted in a 6k sq ft warehouse in the heart of one of Brooklyn’s most musical neighborhoods located between Williamsburg and Queens, this year's event is expected to be attended by around 2k visitors. Pictures from previous editions can be found here [you can find some video coverage in previous posts here].

Morton Subotnick and Steve Horelick VIP Guest Speakers
The organizers are excited to announce the involvement in this year's expo of two legendary NY synthesists who will be hosting talks and a performance on Sunday 22 in the 70-seat theater embedded in the venue

"Buchla Focus" on Sunday October 22
The two presentations will be part of a 3 hour block from 12pm to 3pm on Sunday 10/22 dedicated to Buchla, which will also feature a Music Easel product presentation and an industry panel featuring the company owner Eric Fox among others.

The full program of talks and workshops can be found here.

Morton Subotnick, one of the pioneers in the development of electronic music and multi-media performance, is best known for his 1967 composition Silver Apples of the Moon, the first electronic work commissioned by a record company, and for his creative output linked to Buchla synths. He will host a talk about synthesis on Sunday October 22 in the early afternoon (schedule to be released soon). He will be the event's keynote speaker.

Steve Horellick is a tireless educator and acclaimed soundtrack composer (he wrote the Butterfly in the Sky song from PBS's Reading Rainbow). He is also known for his immersive, textural surround performances. At the Brooklyn event, he will perform using a hybrid setup of synth and pedals in surround sound. Steve will be hosting a talk/performance involving several synths (including Buchla) and some guitar pedals.

Eurorack Classes and workshops
The schedule of the presentations will be also integrated by two Eurorack classes hosted by Ben Atchouel of the New York Modular Society and two workshops about online performances curated by the team at

Confirmed Vendors
Visitors will find a varied mix of companies, over 70, with almost all the heavyweight synth and pedal brands and several boutique builders, and also a selection of Eurorack and many pedal builders. Full list below.

Please find attached the event's flier.

This is a free event, anybody can RSVP here.


Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo returns on October 8-9

"The Deli and Delicious Audio are thrilled to host the first post-lockdown edition of the Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo, a free for all interactive display of synthesizers and pedals of all kinds that brings an average of 2k synth lovers to the core neighborhood of the NYC music scene.

The event, hosted in a large photo studio in East Williamsburg, is scheduled for this upcoming weekend (October 8-9) from 12 pm to 6 pm on Saturday and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday).

Visitors will find a varied mix of companies, with almost all the heavyweights, several boutique builders, and many pedal builders. New Jersey's legendary synth store Three Wave Music will also curate a Eurorack section featuring more than 20 builders.

This year there will be a room dedicated to workshops focused on specific synths and also some Eurorack classes hosted by STEM Modular."

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Roland TR-8S Masterclass

Published on Jun 16, 2019 Synthtopia

"This video captures a Roland TR-8S drum machine masterclass, presented by Roland's Peter Brown at the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo.

In the video, Brown goes beyond traditional 808/909 style programming and digs into some of the more advanced capabilities of the TR-8S, including using custom samples, modulation sequencing, effects sequencing and polyrhythms.

From Synthtopia's coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo:"

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Sneak Preview

Published on Jun 15, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo, Gamechanger Audio’s Ilya Krumins explained the details of the Motor Synth and gave an in-depth demo of how it works.

The Motor Synth is a unique synth design that uses drone engines as oscillators. It's being funded via a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo (, which has already raised 5 times their project goal.

From Synthtopia's coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo:"

If you are interested in mechanical based electronic instruments be sure to check out the mechanical instruments label here. Both Gieskes & Bastl have been known to dabble in mechanical based designs. Check out Gieskes Reverse DC Motor (eurorack module), Motor Keys Tape from 2009, and Bastl's servo based modules.

Using MPE With The Sensel Morph & Buchla Thunder Overlay

Published on Jun 15, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo, Sensel's David Abravanel presented an overview and demo of using the Sensel Morph controller with the Buchla Thunder Overlay as an MPE controller.

The Thunder Overlay is a joint project of Sensel & Buchla USA, and is inspired by Don Buchla's classic Thunder controller.

From Synthtopia's coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo:"

ROLI Instruments & Expressive Performance With MPE

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo, ROLI’s Ruben Dax gave a presentation on MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) - a new standard for expressive musical performance.

From Synthtopia's coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo:"

Friday, June 14, 2019

Brooklyn Synth Expo 2019 Recap

"Brooklyn, 06.14.2019 - This year the organizers of the Brooklyn Synth Expo (and its sister event the Stompbox Exhibit, now part of it) were able to take the event one step up with the adoption of a new large and suggestive venue in East Williamsburg, and the addition of informative classes and presentations - including a live performance by synthesist extraordinaire Lisa Bella Donna to close day one [third video in the playlist above and posted here].

Roughly 2,000 musicians attended the expo, evenly divided between guitarists and synth-heads, but with a good share of players interested in both formats.

The educational side of the show included a memorable class on FM synthesis by Yamaha's own Phil Clendeninn, a discussion about MPE featuring reps from ROLI and Sensel, introductory Eurorack courses curated by STEM Modular, and classes on synthesis by NYC music school (who also shot this video of the event) [second video in the playlist above]. A more DIY walkthrough of the Synth side of the show can be seen here [first video in the playlist above].

Several synth companies used the stage to present their new products recently introduced at Berlin's Superbooth; the Brooklyn show's timing works well in this regard, being the first relevant synth event in the US after the big German synth convention, including the new and yet unreleased Motor Synth by Gamechanger Audio. The Latvian company's reps sported classy red and black clothing in perfect Kraftwerk style.

The Synth Expo organizers have other events coming up: the next one will be another synth and pedal expo called Sonic Circuits in collaboration with Montreal's electronic festival MUTEK on August 24-25."

Also see:
Spontaneous visitor feedback (with links to posts) here
Solicited visitor feedback here

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Lisa Bella Donna Improvisation At The Brooklyn Synth Expo (Excerpt)

Published on Jun 9, 2019 Synthtopia

"This video is an excerpt from a live improvisation by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna at the 2019 Brooklyn Synth

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Free Brooklyn Synth Expo to Showcase the New Synths Released at Superbooth

If you are in area you do not want to miss this event. This might be the final announcement, so be sure to bookmark this post if you need to get back to it. The press release follows:

"Brooklyn, NYC - Thanks to the 6th edition of the Brooklyn Synth Expo, on June 8-9 synth fans in the NYC area will have the opportunity to catch up with many of the new synthesizers launched at Berlin's Superbooth 2019 - and buy them at a discount, if they so wish!

The Synth Expo is a free, strictly in-the-headphones synth showcase and marketplace smack in the middle of the NYC scene, featuring a heavy guitar pedal component through the embedded sister event the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. The show represents a unique opportunity to get new electronic gear at a discount through the participating vendors.

Workshop and Presentations about Synthesis, Eurorack and more
After last year's record breaking attendance of 2,500 musicians, this year the event organizers have decided to add an educational component consisting in a series of presentations and workshops in an adjacent room.

The schedule can be found here, and its highlights include a performance by Lisa Bella Donna, a panel on MPE curated by ROLI and Sensel, Synthesis classes organized by Yamaha and, and a series of Eurorack workshop organized by STEM Modular.

Growing Presence of Eurorack, Controllers and Virtual Synths
This year's show features 80+ vendors and over 500 devices to play with, with a growing presence of Eurorack, Controller and Virtual Synth manufacturers.

As usual, there will be plenty of deals on synths and pedals, and also the opportunity to sell and exchange synths through the presence of legendary New Jersey synth store Three Wave Music.

The event is free but requires RSVP, all info can be found here."

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Sequential Coming to Next Weekend's SYNTH EXPO in Brooklyn - June 8 - 9

via @sequentialLLC

"Next Weekend in NY! #BrooklynSynthExpo 2019 … #Sequential #ProphetXL"

Details and RSVP Here!

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Brooklyn Synth Expo Set for June 8 - 9

6th Brooklyn Synth Expo - 80+ builders & 500+ devices in a room, coming up on June 8-9

"Brooklyn, NYC - One of the first synth gatherings of its kind, and the only one 100% free to the public, the Brooklyn Synth Expo is an in-the-headphones show of electronic instrument that was launched in 2014, three years after its sister event, the Stompbox Exhibit.

After noticing a growing affinity between the synth and guitar pedal formats, the organizers in 2018 decided to unify them under a big Synth and Pedal Expo, which attracted a record number of 2,500 visitors, making it one of the best-attended synth events in the US.

This year's event, scheduled for June 8-9 will feature for the first time also a series of presentations and workshops in an adjacent room.

While most expos of this kind are hosted in far-flung hotels or convention centers, the Brooklyn Synth Expo is located close to where musicians live, and because of this feels very much like an underground party: this year's event will be hosted in a large (for NYC standards) video facility in Bushwick, the industrial-turned-cool neighborhood many local musicians call home.

This year's show features 80+ vendors and over 500 devices to play with, with a growing presence of Eurorack and Virtual Synth manufacturers.

As usual, there will be plenty of deals on synth and pedals, and also the opportunity to sell and exchange synths through the presence of legendary New Jersey synth store Three Wave Music.

The event is free but requires RSVP, all info can be found here."

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Brooklyn Synth Expo 2018 - A Video Tour

Published on Jun 12, 2018 The Deli's Synth Expo

Two videos from last weekend's event.

"This past weekend, around 2,500 musicians made their way to the Brooklyn's Synth Expo and Stompbox Exhibit, to play with synths and stompboxes. Tens of thousands of knobs were twisted while hundreds of ears evaluated the results.

The organizers' goal behind the idea of joining these two already established expos was to foster cross-pollination between the formats, and therefore generate more interest in each. The effort seemed to succeed, with many of the more experimental pedal lovers trying out synths and many synth lovers looking at the edgier stompboxes to add an extra variable to their synths' effect section."

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Reminder: Brooklyn Synth Expo This Weekend - Try/Buy Synths by 30+ Builders & Gear Giveaway!

One last reminder. The Brooklyn Synth Expo is this weekend!

****JUNE 9-10****
(12-7pm on Sat, 10am-5pm on Sun)

You can enter the giveaway here.

"Win more than $7k in Synths and Pedals through the Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo!

These are all the giveaways linked to our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Expo!

You need to submit to each one individually – good luck!

$1,000+ in Synths by Waldorf, Native Instruments and Teenage Electronics!
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Elektron Digitakt
MOOG Grandmother
Novation Circuit Mono Station
Pioneer DJ Torais AS-1
Roland SE-02
Yamaha reface DX

$1,431 in pedals by EQD, Meris, Walrus Audio, Tech 21, Wilson FX and Farm Pedals!
Eventide Space
$400+ in pedals by One Control, Animals Pedal and Outlaw Effects!"

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Reminder: Brooklyn Synth Expo 2018 Set for Next Weekend!

Full details here.

****JUNE 9-10****

(12-7pm on Sat, 10am-5pm on Sun)

Do not miss this event.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brooklyn Synth Expo Set for June 9-10

You can find full details here.

"Hosted for the first time in a 4k sf ft space in Bushwick (an art gallery called Absurd Conclave) located in the heart of Brooklyn’s most musical neighborhood, this year’s exhibit is scheduled for June Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 (from noon to 7pm on Saturday, and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday).


Critter & Guitari
Dave Smith Instruments
Expressive E
IK Multimedia
PioneerDJ Toraiz
Teenage Engineering

Friday, October 20, 2017

Brooklyn Synth Expo Set for October 28 - 29

The event is free, but you do have to RSVP if you plan to attend.


Dave Smith Instruments
Expressive E
Hologram Electronics
Moon Beam Synth/Sampler
Native Instruments

Monday, November 14, 2016

Brooklyn Synth expo 2016 Main Drag Music, 360 video walkthrough synthesizer analog digital showcase

Published on Nov 14, 2016 Expanding Sound

"I brought my 360 Ricoh Theta S to the synth expo this weekend to make a quick little video just to show everything that was going on :). I changed the audio to a jam I made using the expanding sound Univox Minikorg Ableton instruments, which are available here

I would have kept the audio, but they had music playing in the background, which i obviously don't own the copyright for. I felt like this was the way to go. sorry about that, but at least you can check out the awesome energy at the Expo!"

Korg Monologue analog mono synth synthesizer at the Brooklyn Synth Expo, Main Drag Music

Published on Nov 14, 2016 Expanding Sound

"sorry for the shakiness of the video, there was quite a long line for this one and nowhere to set up a tripod! the place was packed!

I was lucky enough to try out the new Korg Monologue this weekend. Main Drag Music hosted their annual Synth Expo at their store in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and this new, soon to be released synth made my must try list. An analog synth that can run on batteries? I had to hear it for myself. My time with the Monologue was limited unfortunately, as the building was packed and there was quite a line to try it. Luckily the folks over at Main Drag were gracious enough to allow me to plug in to get straight line audio, so you can get your own first impressions. I went to a blank user preset, wrote a quick little sequence, and got to work trying out some of the parameters. Its a fun synth to play; I am getting a little tired of the tiny Korg keys, and do miss the Minilogues delay, but it really did have a nice big strong presence that will cut through a mix for sure."

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Brooklyn Synth Expo - Video & Pics

The Brooklyn Synth Expo - The Deli Magazine Presents

Published on Nov 13, 2016 Elevtr Trax

"Soon after 12:00pm yesterday the synth noodling, seasoned connoisseur, and curious gear aficionados poured into Williamsburg's Main Drag Music. This years expo featured the latest and the vintage in product-lines from Moog, Eventide, Prophet, Korg, Native Instruments, and more, allowing the public to get their hands on synths, throw some headphones on, and hear what noises they could make for themselves. I spoke to Shareef Islam, Eastcoast Rep of Native Instruments in our video above...(read full)"

Pics via Nadeem Ahmed of

Arturia Drum Brute analog drum machine first hands on impressions, Main Drag Synth Expo Brooklyn NY

Published on Nov 13, 2016 Expanding Sound
Update: Re-Published on Nov 14, 2016

Note the Brooklyn Synth Expo event is still going on today if you are in the area. Details here.

"I was lucky enough to be able to check out Arturias new analog drum machine, the DrumBrute, and it sounds fantastic. Arturia Brought some of its new gear down for trial to the Main Drag Brooklyn synth expo this year, and Main Drag was gracious enough to let me plug in and get some straight audio from the gear for the video. Sorry for the shaky camera, as there wasn't really a place to put it down. People were everywhere!"

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