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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Dynacord CLS222 Lesle Rotary Simulato

video upload by Rec Gear Demos

aka Telly's Gear Depot On Reverb

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dynacord CLS 222 ~ Expressive Osmose ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

"Dynacord CLS 222 ~ Rotor Effect ~ Super Stereo Leslie
Expressive Osmose
Haken Audio ContinuuMini
2x Strymon Cloudburst ~ Midi CC by
AtoVproject Faderbank!
Line 6 DL 4 MK2
MACKIE the Mixer
The 'CLS 22' model was built from 1982 to 1988 and uses an exclusively analog signal. According to the manufacturer's official product brochure, Dynacord began developing the effect in the 1970s with the aim of imitating the sound of the mechanical rotor cabinet fully electronically and without wear. To do this, the manufacturer splits the input signal into a high-frequency and a low-frequency signal using an electronic crossover. Since the start-up and stop times of the two channels varied in a targeted manner, the rotor sound could be copied electronically. You could choose between fast speed (“Fast”), slow rotor sound (“Slow”) and untouched signal (“Stop”). In addition, the input level of the preamplifier, rotor balance, and output level of the signals could be adjusted between monophonic or stereophonic. On the back there is a power plug, jack sockets, XLR outputs, fine adjustments for the rotor speed and a footswitch input.

In 1989, a revised version of the device was released under the name “CLS 222”. This effect device supposedly now also uses a digital signal for signal processing, in contrast to the pioneer. However, according to the circuit diagrams in the service manuals, both the CLS 22 and the CLS 222 use purely analog circuits, including BBD chips (so-called “bucket chain memory”) for the signal delay. According to the manufacturer, the CLS 222 model could still be used for electric guitars, microphones and PA systems without any problems, although the previous model was designed more for keyboards
British rock musician Eric Clapton used a white “Dynacord CLS 222” from 1989 to 1996 as part of his Soldano/Cornish guitar routing system. The effects device came into the system for the B part of the Cream song Badge. On the original recording, Clapton recorded the part with an original Leslie speaker, but used the Dynacord as a replacement for the performances during the Journeyman World Tour and world tour in 1992.

The guitarist David Gilmour of the rock band Pink Floyd also used a “Dynacord CLS 222” in his guitar and effects device system, which, like Clapton, was also developed by the British electrical engineer Pete Cornish.

The guitarist The Edge of the Irish band U2 also used the “CLS 22” effects device. The French music producer and disc jockey Joakim Bouaziz uses a “Dynacord Leslie simulator CLS 222” in his New York Crowdspacer Studio.

video # 2364"

Saturday, March 30, 2024

rare birds: Echolette SE-251 tape echo unit

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video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"This is quite a rare tape echo manufactured by Dynacord. It seems to be one of the very last tape echo introduced by the brand (with the Echolette Echo 400).

It shares many parts with the Echocord line of delays like motor, pinch roller, heads, oscillator board etc But this one useS op amps instead of only transistors for amp stages (the Echocord Super 76 also already used one op amp for the output stage).

The unit has 2 heads which you can mix with the dedicated pot. Otherwise classic features like input volume, tone, echo send level, echo feedback and echo level.

In the back the original DIN socket enabled output and aux input. In this case you only get the wet signal out of the delay, which is nice in a studio environment.

Unit was fully serviced and modded. [mods below]

I demoed it with 3 different instruments so you get a good idea of how it sounds with different sources. First is a Roland MC-202, analog mono synth, then an analog drum machine (Roland CR-78) and last an electric guitar (Squier Jagmaster, not in frame). Please note the SE-251 has no hi input impedance so I run the guitar through a DI Box first.

00:00 ROLAND MC202
03:18 ROLAND CR78

via this listing

"Unit was fully serviced and modded:

- all electrolityc caps were replaced (except 3 bipolar ones )

- original 4x op amps were upgraded to better one (TL081)

- original DIN socket was replaced by 2 jack sockets, one for the output and one for the aux input. Also a pot was added to attenuate the level for the aux input

- unit was meticulously cleaned

- heads were cleaned, demagnetized and aligned

- unit was calibrated

- tape is new"

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Dynacord Echocord Mini / Roland MC202 / Farfisa Rhythm Unit

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.
video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick demo of a Dynacord Echocord Mini vintage tape delay recently serviced and for sale
( ).
I used a Roland MC-202 to demo it, as well as a custom built Farfisa rhythm unit that is also for sale ( )"

via this listing

"One-of-a-kind drum machine.
It"s a rhythm unit ripped from a 70s Farfisa spinet organ and built in a custom case (trying to remain faithful to the original look).
Classic analog drum sounds like the ones you get out of the many boxes of that area (Roland TR77, Ace Tone FR-1 FR-2 FR-8, Hammond Auto Vari etc etc)
It is very close in to the Farfisa Rhythm 10 unit that Kraftwerk used at its beginning.

10 rhythms that can be combined to get some more, controls for tempo and volume. Mono jack output, on/off switch and running on 12v-18v DC (power supply is provided).
Case is DIY so don't expect manufacture quality. YSWYG."

Monday, February 05, 2024

Dynacord DLS223 Rotary simulator

video upload by Rec Gear Demos

aka Telly's Gear Depot On Reverb

With Obeheim Matrix-1000.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

2024/01 - dawless winter session #2 with DIY gear and MUCH reverb

video upload by Stereoping

"Drowning the lead synth - which imperturbably repeats it's themes - in the dark and endless reverb of a Roland #DEP5. Other guests beside the DIY gear: FB01 through Dynacord #VRS23, Moog #Matriarch, Boss SX700 which got modulated by fader on the phaser mid frequency while processing the Wersi CX-1 HiHats. A Volca Sample also contributes a bit of background beat."

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Dynacord Percuter (Germany, 1985) Rare Vintage Drum Synth Trigger with 6 Cards

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via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"Ultra rare electronic vintage drum synth trigger module Dynacord Percuter, made in Germany in 1985!

The Dynacord Percuter has 8 channels all with individual outputs/inputs and uses Dynacord cartridges with 8K eProms inside: if you have imagination you will work out how to exchange the eProms and customize your electronic drum sounds!

The only knob that doesn't work in the unit is the pan knob for the channel 1: the channel 1 works perfectly, only the “pan” (right/left) doesn't work in this channel (it probably just needs to be cleaned or the potentiometer needs to be replaced: we are not technicians). Everything else works perfectly!

Drum sounds can be pitched up and down with the pitch knob!

Totally analog unit, with really fat and super cool sounds!

It comes with the following 6 cartridges:

• Natural Rimshot
• Natural Snare 8”
• Natural Tom 13”
• Natural Tom 16”
• Natural Bass 22”
• No Name"

Friday, September 22, 2023

#onedrumcomputeraday Drum Synth Videos

video uploads by #onedrumcomputeraday

1. toyo gakki ult sound ds-2
quirky little 70's drum synth made in japan
2. pollard syndrum twin
the pollard syndrum was one of the first commercially available electronic drums. this is the syndrum twin, sometimes called the twindrum - a beautiful drum synthesizer (brain) from 1976 which was part of an electronic drum kit. joe pollard was a session drummer working for the beach boys and other bands.
3. honky tonk music klone kit
sound demo of the quirky klone kit control module. made in the uk 1983 it was a cheap 5 voice alternative to other popular but expensive e-drum solutions of that time. all channels are identical except the snare channel which offers noise. the sound is very limited - followed up by the more flexible klone kit 2. since there's no demo of version 1 I decided to shoot a quick video with proper audio. retail was 299 ukp.
4. elka drumstar 64 (no talking hq audio)
quick demo of all preset patterns from this funky little Italian 80s drum machine.
5. electro harmonix rhythm 12
a short video about the lovely little electro harmonix rhythm 12 vintage analog drum machine from 1976. made in the uk by soundtech and licensed to electro harmonix.
6. rsf sd140 sampling drum machine
I finally managed to shoot a quick video on this super rare french sampling drum machine from 1986 - one of my absolute favorite drum machine of all times :)
7. böhm digital drums m. "digi-rocky" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
audio demo (hq) of all preset patterns (+fills) on this tiny forgotten digital 80s böhm drumbox.
8. electro harmonix drm16 drummachine (no talking hq audio)
short (hq) audio demo of this funky little drumbox from the late 70's
9. soundmaster sd-3 "disco beat" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
quick audio demo of this funky little japanese "stomp box" style disco drum machine from the late 70s.
10. pearl dr-x1
from time to time i have to sell something to make a little room for new stuff ;) so I decided to let this beautiful pearl dr-x 1 go and had to do a quick video before it left my dungeon - I hope you like it, had fun to re-listen and doing a few samples - best, steve
11. lel psr and radel electronic tabla
#onedrumcomputeraday is having a look at the worst digital drum machine ever (?) the russian lel psr in a double feature with the odd indian radel electronic tabla - also featured in a little deconstruction of the arctic sunrise song "forever yours".
12. uno drum - anthology drum libraries
very first & early look at the new & fresh libraries for the ik multimedia uno drum
13. icon design dsm200
last look at my the super rare 80‘s drum synth of icon design ... this one unfortunately had to go 😪 so I decided to create some footage for the world wide web before it's gone ...
14. twisted electrons deton8
checking out the little french 8bit drum machine from twisted electrons
15. dynacord percuter s
a little rough demo of the dynacord percuter s drum module (ca.1985) - including audio demos
16. bme rattlesnake
little jam on the rare bme rattlesnake analog drummachine (ca. 1982)
17. viscount r64s

Friday, August 11, 2023

Dynacord VRS23 Rack Mount effect Demo

video upload by Ross Totino

"Dynacord VRS23, Vertical Reverb System, rack mount effect demo showing various functions."

Sunday, August 06, 2023

ESK - Analog Flanger Roland + Dynacord

video upload by Metunar

"Testing out two analog stereo flanger effects, the Roland SBF-325 and the Dynacord TAM 19.
To catch the peaks of high flanger feedback and some high boost level i used an ART PWM Limiter.
The Sequence is from an Elektron A4K."

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Another Michael's One Minute Synthesis Minute

video upload by HAINBACH

"I have mostly disregarded Dynacord tape echoes - the are pretty common and cheap in Germany, and a Roland Space Echo was more desireable. Turns out, I was wrong to do so. As I played the Echocord Super 76 on a guest musician gig I immediately realized what it can do, be played like an instrument.


Elka Drummer One & Teenage Engeering OP-1 featured.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Dynacord Echocord Mini

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Démo rapide de l'effet afin de se rendre compte de son fonctionnement. Enregistrement brut sans traitement, cela permet de juger le bruit de fond de l'appareil, qui reste très controllé pour ce genre d'effet.
Source utilisée: Yamaha Reface DX


Quick demo of the Dynacord Echocord Mini I'm selling just to show that it is in very good working order.
Dry recorded so you can have an idea of the overall background noise of those devices, which is not so bad.
Input used is a Yamaha Reface DX"

Some pics of one via this auction

The seller has one other listed here.

I don't know if either is the one in the video above as there wasn't a listing number or link in the video description. I just thought it was a good demo with the Yamaha Reface DX.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Rare Dynacord ADS-K Keyboard Sampler

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

This appears to be the first one to be featured on the site. Also see the Dynacord ADD-two.

From the listing:

"Here comes the rare keyboard version of the ADS, namely the ADS-K, under the hammer!

The ADS/ADS-K dates back to 1989 and raised the 16-bit bar a little higher with 20-bit converters. On the one hand, the ADS ties in with Dynacord's drum sampler history and, on the other hand, with their PA products (the well-known DRP-20 dates from the same time).

Extremely slick 80s design. Is - for my taste - only topped by the white version. But I've never seen them for sale. But the black version is also impressive. Who owns a Dynacord keyboard!?

Can also be used as a master keyboard due to the good synth keyboard and the large contact surface for computer keyboards or similar.

The features:
- 16bit with 20bit D/A converter
- Stereo sampling
- 16 votes
- 2MB, expandable to 8MB
- reads S-900 floppy disks (but I was never able to try it due to the lack of the sampler mentioned)
- Re-sampling (can sample itself)
- Additive synthesis with 64 harmonics
- Modulation matrix (see pictures; That's right, we also know it from another device, especially from the ramp generators. The software was said to have been programmed by the same gentlemen.)
- Internal mixer with loop-in path
- Individual outputs
- SCSI connection (I haven't been able to try that before, but it should still work)
- Good synth keyboard with effective dynamic conversion
- more features: see Internet

Unfortunately, the 33 years have left the following traces:

- The top two buttons are broken and beyond repair. I took them out of service and temporarily glued them on for cosmetic reasons. Didn't turn out that well - you can see a slight difference in height in the pictures. I hope the construction survives the transport.

- The upper right segment of the right 7-segment display is defective. You can see that in the pictures. "00" should be displayed. But that doesn't matter when playing, because you primarily look at the display and the button labels.

- The lower octave keys are slightly yellowed.

Scope of delivery:
- Dynacord ADS-K
- Original box
- Power cord
- Disks with sounds (unfortunately some of them are no longer readable)
- Leftovers/components of the two defective keys"

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Kabucci La 1

video upload by verstaerker

"modular jam with Serge and Buchla, additional sound-layers with Prophet-10, Ms-20 and Cwejman S1.. lots of beautiful Delay/Reverb with Dynacord VRS-23
to listen more music by me please visit"

Thursday, October 27, 2022

KadImprov #2 Workshop edition Realistic Concertmate MG-1 by Moog

video upload by KadiMusic

"Welcome to this Workshop episode of KadImprov: KadImprovE #2

My computer broke down so in the meantime I decided to pickup some things I wanted to do for some time. This time I’m restoring my #Realistic #Concertmate MG-1 #Moog.

Music: Aija Alsina"

KadImprov #1 Workshop edition Dynacord Echocord Mini

video upload by KadiMusic

"Welcome to this Workshop episode of KadImprov: KadImprovE #1

My computer broke down so in the meantime I decided to pickup some things I wanted to do for some time. Like restoring this #Dynacord #Echocord Mini #Tape Echo.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Dynacord ADD-One : Advanced Digital Drum Synthesizer sound demo

video upload by Cro w

"Audio is direct out from the ADD-One into the interface.
The lagging of audio in the first half is what happens when using the internal sequencer AND tweaking parameters at the same time (remember this is mid-80's CPU power ha). When sequenced/triggered externally (as demonstrated in the second half), there is no lagging of course.
The ADD-One is a real beast of an electronic percussion instrument. It's a thick and rather high-end sound that is interestingly vintage yet modern at once. It doesn't sound 'period' or dated like other classic drum synthesizers and samplers of the 1980's, and gets avant-garde and experimental easily, if your into that. If not, you're really gonna hate the bulk of the video... haha

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Dynacord ADD One SN 10100

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"Mythical and very rare Dynacord ADD One sampler. Packed with CEM filters. Triggers, midi, seperate outs. In good working condition although push buttons and sensitivity pots needs proper cleaning in order to work properly."

Monday, March 08, 2021

ESK - Moog DFAM + Dynacord TAM 19 Flanger

video by Metunar

"Jam with a Moog DFAM Drum Synthesizer, an analog Dynacord TAM 19 Flanger and a Focusrite Compounder Compressor.
Direct recording with soft mastering."

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Korg Trident

Henry Hurt

Korg Trident recorded in one take.
Also used:
Boss DR-55
Roland Space Ecco RE-201
Dynacord VRS-23
Strymon DECO
Revox A77

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Dada Pogrom - Intrepid

beatkamp ®

"A video adventure with TTSH, Crumar Multiman-S, RE-303, TR-808, an
Acorn computer and outer space.

This track was made with the following gear:
- RE-303
- Roland TR-808
- Simmons Digital Claptrap
- Crumar Multiman-S
- Moog Minimoog
- Dynacord VRS-23
- Dynacord PDD-14
- Manley Voxbox
- Manley tube DI's
- ATI 8MX2 mixers
- Revox A77 with RMG911 tape stock"

Patch n Tweak
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