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Thursday, September 15, 2022

DX5 Playing The Human League "Empire State Human"

video upload by DX5

"One of the most interesting synth song from 1979 (early synth days, when bands started to experiment using those machines only).

Gear used:
Roland Promars MRS-2 (Jupiter 4 little brother)
Roland JP8000
Revox B77 MkII

Backtrack previously recorded on Pro Tools, then dumped to tape at 15 Inch Per Second, using the Promars for nearly all the sounds except kick drum and hi hat. Access Virus TI Snow also used.

Original song composed by Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Oakey.

Performed here by DX5 Jose María Bará"

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Korg Trident

Henry Hurt

Korg Trident recorded in one take.
Also used:
Boss DR-55
Roland Space Ecco RE-201
Dynacord VRS-23
Strymon DECO
Revox A77

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Dada Pogrom - Intrepid

beatkamp ®

"A video adventure with TTSH, Crumar Multiman-S, RE-303, TR-808, an
Acorn computer and outer space.

This track was made with the following gear:
- RE-303
- Roland TR-808
- Simmons Digital Claptrap
- Crumar Multiman-S
- Moog Minimoog
- Dynacord VRS-23
- Dynacord PDD-14
- Manley Voxbox
- Manley tube DI's
- ATI 8MX2 mixers
- Revox A77 with RMG911 tape stock"

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

譫妄 - 鬼的影子 by 鬼的影子

ghost's shadow by ghost's shadow

via 鬼的影子:

"This track was a mostly analog hardware jam recorded live with a 2-track Revox PR99 1/4" reel to reel at 7 1/2 ips. Prior to recording I programmed drum tracks on a Roland TR-909 and TR-808, mixed via an old tube amp as I have run out of mixer channels. The kick is being sent to a Sherman Filterbank. The percussion is going through a channel of the Overstayer Saturator. The track also features a Roland SH-5 for the bassline, which is sequenced by a Make Noise Rene and triggered by a Doepfer Darktime (Rene trigger is not strong enough). TR-909 kick and SH-5 bass are on a group going through the other channel of the Overstayer Saturator. The obvious synth part is done with a Casio CZ-5000 of which the synth part was programmed by me from initialised patch. It is going through a ZVEX Lofi-Junky pedal, a Moog Phaser and Dr Scientist Cosmichorus. There is some subtle synth sounds (noise / fx) on L & R stereo field that is done by a PIN Portabella (modern EMS Synthi A clone) and the same sequence from Doepfer Darktime is playing some role in sequencing this from memory. The kind of ehtnic sound near the end of the track is a patch on a Make Noise shared system, using all of the modules in some way. I did a lot of tweaking on the shared system whilst recording. Also used is a Daking FetIII on percussion group and SH-5, and a Joe Meek Twin Q, Bellari RP-583 plus a couple of Valley People 610's on compression and side-chaining duties. Reverb is a spring reverb by IGS called Springtime, and two of its channels is used for a stereo synth bus, while one channel is on the TR-909 kick drum and one channel on the TR-808&909 percussion. I also have two distortion pedals (the red Chandler Limited Little Devil Coloured Boost & the blue Germanium Drive) on a stereo bus for synths, one for the left, one for the right and mix this bus in subtly. Mixed on a 8 Channel Toft Board. Mastered by myself for sound quality as oppossed to loudness by playing back the tape recording through a Thermionic Culture Vulture, followed by a Rockruepel Comp.Two, then a Tubetech HLT2a and finally a Rockruepel Limit.One before being recorded by a Tascam DA-3000.

About me:
I love analog machines and the older technology of the 90's, including tracks made live with hardware before producing with computers was all the rage. I like thinking of the sound generating gear as instruments, which is why I do not use a computer to make music (I don't consider the computer as a very good instrument to jam on, although it is possible as lots of other people demonstrate - such as my friend Skueue who shows how powerful a computer can be for jamming). A lot of my interest in music is closely related to machines, and without machines I may not have had such an interest in pursuing a hobby in music and sound design. My gear is not dissimilar a nice car to car enthusiasts, and I have chosen gear over owning a car, clothes shopping, fancy restaurants etc. I am not interested in fame, money or popularity and really appreciate people that do music, and art in general, for the love of it. I believe in making unique music based on going with what you feel rather than what you've heard others doing and trying to recreate something that's already been done. I use chinese characters as an artist name as most people will not be able to search for you, which ultimately makes the focus of building your brand name and being popular non-existant. This way, I can focus entirely on making music and not the associated things that come with it."

Friday, October 17, 2014

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "My Secret Garden"

Published on Oct 17, 2014 DX5

"Gear used:
Roland JP8000
Emu Emax II
Kurzweil PC1x.
Revox B77 MkII

Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools and dumped to the reel tape.
For those curious, the droplet sound was synthesized on the JP8000. It is a noise that has to do with the filter resonance (and the JP's noise waveform ;)

Track composed by Martin L. Gore."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Leave in Silence"

Published on Jul 30, 2014 DX5

"A new cover done on a quick way extemporizing in the final part.

Gear used:
Roland JP8000
Revox B77 MkII

Composed by Martin L. Gore."

Monday, June 07, 2010

Kraftwerk "The Model"

YouTube via DX5 — June 07, 2010 —

"They started it all...

Upper: Emu EMAX II HD
Mid: Roland JP8000

Tape Machine: ReVox B77 MKII

Backtrack sequenced on Pro Tools at first, then dumped to tape.

Composed by Karl Bartos, Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider"

And the original (don't miss the last video below):


YouTube via JanaParker — August 12, 2006 — KRAFTWERK - THE MODEL

And the original original...

Kraftwerk: Das Modell

YouTube via Galgo23 — October 02, 2006 — 1978

And "live" - don't miss this one.

Kraftwerk - Das Model

petethemeat99 — December 18, 2007 — Kraftwerk - Das Model

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beem - The Future - Miniature Lego Synths

flickr set by Beem Music
(click for more)

"Lego synth models, inspired by danmcp's paper models.
Artwork to the album - Beem "The Future" at"

"Linn 9000 Drum Machine patched into a Revox B77 next to a Roland SH1000."

"Inspired by the Memotron."

click on the Legos label below


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