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Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Creamware PRO-12 ASB w/ Origal Box, CD & Registration Sheet

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It's kind of interesting that Creamware included an instruction sheet on maintaining the wood.

"With its emulation of the classic Prophet 5, this synth delivers rich, analog sound that is sure to impress. Featuring a range of keys and a compact design, this Creamware PRO 12 ASB is perfect for both studio and live performances. Built with high-quality components, this Creamware PRO 12 ASB delivers unrivaled sound quality and reliability. Whether you're a professional musician or just starting out, this desktop synth is the perfect choice for your next project. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add the Creamware PRO 12 ASB to your music collection."

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Hi-Tech Sequence

video upload by Polydata

"Sequencing this SCI prophet-5 rev 3.2 with a Make Noise 0-Ctrl"

Sunday, December 31, 2023

plantssystem delikrealtime

video upload by plantssystem

Thursday, December 28, 2023

CHROMA POLARIS vs PROPHET 600: Live Shoot-out of these Analog Synth Titans!

video upload by

"2 Voltage-controlled Oscillators per voice is expensive, especially in the vintage market! The two cheapest analog polysynths you can get from the 80's with 2 VCO's are the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 and the rare Fender Chroma Polaris. In this livestream we'll compare the two and see which reigns supreme."

Monday, December 25, 2023

Deck the Halls - Mannheim Steamroller Cover

video upload by Brian Seemann

Deck the Halls
arr. by Chip Davis

Performed on:
Schulmerich Handbells
Schulmerich Silver Melody Bells
Sequential Prophet 600
Roland JX-3P
Korg ARP Odyssey
Korg DW-8000
Kawai K3
Korg Mono/Poly

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev2 SN 1056

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"Perfectly working Rev 2 SSM Prophet 5 with Kenton Midi; Upgraded, Serviced, Calibrated. Includes 1 hard to find SSM 2030 chip. This Prophet has been cared for over it's life, including keybed rebushing, quiet Toroidal Transformer upgrade and power supply rebuild, full recap, battery, Kenton Midi. The kenton midi makes playing and controlling it a breeze w/ CC filter and resonance control, volume, pitch bend and mod wheel, sustain. A really great version of the Rev 2 Prophet 5 - nothing sounds like them."

Vintage Dual Manual Sequential Prophet 10 Demo 2

video upload by Randy Piscione

"Another demo, this time a bit more involved. Patches are my own, playing is a little rough as usual, all sounds are from the Prophet except the drums. Actual tunes are not lifts, just for demo purposes. I also tried to duplicate a pair of famous bass sounds.

0:00 Chameleon
1:49 Bells jam
2:55 Birdland - I did this one for the FVS demo, figured I'd see how it turns out on the Prophet. This was interesting, I think the bass is better on the Prophet but the FVS certainly does nice chords.
3:48 Blues jam - two slightly different organ patches, using Double mode to combine them.
5:57 Nice to nuts - for the last 6 minutes, I played the controls live on both manuals, ending up with spaceships, machines, room tones and whatever else comes out of two Prophets."

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 76-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

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"Step into the world of classic synthesis with the Sequential T8, an iconic synthesizer known for its rich sounds and unparalleled expression. This vintage beauty is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Key Features:

• Authentic Vintage Tone: Experience the warm, analog sounds that made the Sequential T8 a legend in the music world.

• Versatile Sound Shaping: With multiple oscillators, filters, and modulation options, create everything from lush pads to piercing leads.

• Intuitive Interface: Despite its advanced capabilities, the T8 offers a user-friendly interface, making sound design a breeze.

• MIDI Integration: Equipped with MIDI capabilities, this synthesizer easily integrates into modern setups.

• Excellent Condition: Meticulously maintained, this T8 is in superb condition, preserving its historical value and sound integrity."

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack SN 0367 w/ Upgrades

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Monday, December 04, 2023

Sequential Circuits Studio 440 SN 00336

via this auction

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"The Holy Grail of Drum Machine/Sampler

- Excellent Condition, technically and body in great shape, unfortunately there’s fading on the writing as seen in the pictures

- has been fitted with a brand new ‘Nalbantov’ Usb Drive

- Brand new LED screen

- latest Firmware EPROM 2.30

- all new pads

- has been fully serviced

comes with Dust Cover and Custom Hard-Case"

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Santa Just Playing A Modular Synthesizer..... Nothing To See Here..

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"I KNOW ITS EARLY carol of the bells
Wav/Mp3 of this live version available here :-
Kosmo Comes For Christmas Now on streaming and bandCamp! :-"

Friday, December 01, 2023

Sequential Circuits Pro-One SN 9661 w/ Updated Keybed

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"The backstory with this instrument is that I bought it used in Feb. 2020, replaced the keybed with the drop in replacement from Techsmechs, and then had it tuned and calibrated by Matt at Futura Electronics. I then traded it to a friend who didn't use it much for the past couple years. Then I got it back over this past summer.

Cosmetically, it's particularly nice and I'd even say a cut above the rest. Very few signs of use at all. This is a higher serial number, made in September of 1983, hence why I had to replace the old membrane keyboard.

Functionally, it's working great and it sounds beautiful. Just give it 30+ minutes to fully warm up just like any other vintage analog synth. All ins and outs are working as they should. Sold AS-IS, as described in vintage working order."

Monday, November 27, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Demos Prophet VS Waves w/ OS 1.6 Update

video upload by Groove Synthesis

"OS 1.6 of the 3rd Wave will include the full set of classic Prophet VS waves. Use this set to recreate many of the sounds of this legendary instrument. To download a pre-release version of 3rd Wave OS 1.6:"

Sunday, November 26, 2023

First quick Vintage Sequential Prophet 10 Demo

video upload by Randy Piscione

"I have traded the Oberheim FVS for a Vintage Sequential Dual Manual Prophet 10. As cool as the Oberheim is, and as much as I loved the sound, the P10 is much more of a player's instrument. This is just a quick first bit of noodling, both patches are mine."

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Sequential Circuits Pro-One for John

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

Roland Jupiter-8 for Tyler

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Here is a demo of the Roland Jupiter-8 with a CR-78 and SRE-555 chorus echo. This JP8 had an interesting problem that many units with Encore MIDI have: an annoying click sound when moving any of the programmable sliders. It has since been solved and repaired and sounds lovely as ever!"

Arp Quadra for Randy

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Foleytronics is a repair shop in the Cincinnati area (Dayton, KY) specializing in vintage FX, drum machines, synthesizers, tape machines and vintage pro audio. Every shipped item gets a video demonstration as assurance for the client, insurance for both of us and documentation of these cool old machines for the rest of the world."

IG: foleytronics_llc

Monday, November 20, 2023


video upload by Mindburner

"In this short video, I take apart the various potentiometers and clean the inside. This synth must have been stored in a very dusty environment and the controls were quite erratic at times."

Seuential Circuits TOM with Tauntek TOM16 extansion

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"The Sequential TOM was already a great drum machine at the time it was released, with a lot of nice features, especially regarding MIDI implementation. You could play, record, synchronise the machine over MIDI and adjust sample direction, volume, pitch and pan of every sample either on the device or over MIDI, in real time and for every step ! That gives you lots of possible variations. Not many drum machines could could achive that at the time.

And now thanx to another amazing engineering by Tauntek you can have 16 kits in the instrument at all time, without the need to switch cartridges. And even more important: you can swap the internal kit samples as well as the cartridge ones, enabling for any combination of 2 kits you wish. This is impossible with cartridges or other upgrade available, and only possible thanx to Tauntek firmware. And that makes a huge difference. Note that you can only have 15 sounds at hand not 16. The 8th pad from the cartridge layer is always a trigger out message and won't trigger a sound, even if the loade kit has 8 sounds.

You can even make your own kits if you have access to an Eprom programmer.
Check Tauntek dedicated page for more info (
This unit also had its RAM maxed out, expanding the internal 8k to 32k and thus bringing the stock 2,300 notes capacity to a whopping 10,400. And believe me you run very quickly out of memory if you make some complex patterns with different variations.

So here is the demo, i didn't make patterns demos for each of the 16 kits but you'll get the idea, and I didn't go too deep into external MIDI playing/programming but bare in mind you can record instrument tuning pitch, volume, pan and sample direction (reverse) for every instrument on every step.

Here is the timeline:
00:00 stock kit patterns
02:28 TR808 kit patterns
03:56 TR909 kit patterns
05:08 TR606 kit patterns
06:25 CR78 kit patterns
07:17 sound preview of all the kits included in the box
11:18 quick realtime patterns programming using external pads

list of the kits included in the TOM16:
SCI Internal
SCI Basic Percussion
SCI Contemporary
SCI Latin Percussion
SCI Special Effects
Drumware Rock Drums
Drumware Techno Drums
Drumware Orchestral
Drumware Percussion 3
Drumware Hippefex
Drumware Analog Drums
Roland TR808
Roland TR909
Roland CR78A
Roland CR78B
Roland TR606"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rackmount 8-Voice Polyphonic Vector Synthesizer

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Studio Electronics P-Five // Restored by VS&C

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Valmont - Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 (1985) : Novembre

video upload by Valmont

"Impersonation of a Prophet 600... on a handful of kilobytes
Featuring a 1985 Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 and some more stuff

The Prophet 2000 is a 12 bits sampler with analog VCF/VCA (CEM3379)"

Patch n Tweak
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