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Monday, October 09, 2023

Behringer on Moog Layoffs

This one was shared by Behringer on Facebook. Note Moog is not out of business, see Moog's statement here, so the image shared by Behringer on the left is a bit misleading. [Update: the image is actually from the video below that Behringer refers to. Behringer did not create the image. Thx to @uniquewerkx for the heads up.] That said here's what they had to say.

"Usually we just ignore such inflammatory videos. However, we have decided to respond this time, as it provides a perfect example of why we have previously emphasized that some influencers prioritize clickbait and disparagement over delivering accurate information.

In reality, in May of this year, Mike Adams, the CEO of Moog, reached out to Uli to propose selling Moog. Both individuals have had a longstanding friendly relationship. Therefore, Mike reached out to us first and shared all the financials as well the company’s challenges.

Mike's decision to sell Moog was influenced by his advanced age and serious mistakes made on the supply chain side. The company had purchased excessive inventory, leading to significant cashflow constraints.

While we believe Moog is a great brand, we declined the purchase due to our low-price business model not aligning with the luxury model Moog is pursuing.

Blaming us for Moog's struggles is as reasonable as blaming Yamaha for the bankruptcy of Sequential, Oberheim, ARP and Moog in the 1980s when the DX7 and other digital synths were introduced to the market.

We wish Moog and its people all the best and believe they have a great future. Both brands serve a very different customer base that can perfectly coincide.

Our focus will always be on creating highly affordable products so everyone can discover the world of music. Our mission is to empower the musicians that don’t have deep pockets.

As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research and form your own opinion­čÖé. Mark."


Why Moog Died ­čś× (as we know it) [Op-ed]

video upload by Benn Jordan

0:00 - Intro
3:23 - Synths are luxury items
5:00 - Synths are like fancy sneakers
6:33 - Behringer
10:40 - Superpartnerships
13:34 - Co-op Financing Schemes
15:11 - Everything is f____ed
17:47 - Pouring one out for Bob's vision

Also see Two Takes on Behringer - Which Do You Fall Under?

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The Blue Marble Synthesizer Project Plans to Put a Music Synthesizer Controller in Space

video upload by Physical Synthesis

Blue Marble Synthesizer Project: Andrew Huang

Physical Synthesis, the makers of Cicada, wrote in to let us know of a new project soon to be seeking funding on Kickstarter.

I asked them what the platform would be based on. They replied:

"The web-based interface will be an adapted version of Patatap to which we’ll add a video feed and other interactions that will be possible to trigger inside the space capsule (i,e agitate the marble by turning on a fan, LED array, microphone, speaker, etc).

The space capsule has a set of different elements that allows to change the position of the physical marble floating inside the zero-gravity chamber (a set of sensors that calculates the position, a fan that agitates the position of the marble, a microphone that records those interactions, etc). All that data is then being sent back to us on earth (or in reverse sent to the capsule from earth using the Live mode). In other words, the web-interface receives data/interactions from the capsule and the Live mode allows to send data/interactions directly to the capsule. Lastly we’re building a VST plug-in allowing to receive MIDI and hook up data directly into your DAW or other synth."

In short the interactive hardware controller w/ microphone to capture audio is in space, while the synth engine and processing is done on earth.

Addtional details from the Kickstarter/Press Release follows.

The Blue Marble Synthesizer is the first-ever music synthesizer that can only work in space and that is playable from here on earth. It’s a synthesizer for making music and experimenting with sound. The system consists of a pressurized capsule in a low earth orbit satellite, a network of sensors, and a web-based interface for people to play with here on earth.

1. The Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule consists of a pressurized CubeSat module configured with a control computer, camera, sensor array, fan, LED array, a microphone, and a speaker. It measures the behavior of a marble floating in a zero gravity synth capsule and sends sensor data, audio feed, and video feed back to us on earth.

2. The Web-Based Interface is an interactive and self-contained web audio synthesizer designed for everyone. Through a collaboration with the creator of Patatap, this application blends interactions from the Blue marble Synthesizer Capsule data with a traditional interactive music synthesizer. This web-based interface is a way to explore the interactions between the Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule and people’s own musical creativity.

● When does the space mission start?
The Kickstarter campaign is set to start on Wednesday, October 4 for 30 days until the rocket launch which is set for Wednesday November 1 aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. Once in orbit, the Blue Marble Synthesizer Space Capsule will be rotating around earth every 90 minutes.

● Why does this project matter?
The Blue Marble Synth Project is intended for all those who share a passion for space, music, and the intersection of science and art. Music has always been a universal language that transcends cultural barriers, connecting people on a deeply emotional level. By introducing a music synthesizer to space, we expand the horizons of artistic expression and create a new dimension for human creative endeavors off-planet.

● What is the experience like for supporters?

1. Two primary ways: people will have the chance to make music with the audio and the data captured by the Blue Marble Synthesizer in two primary ways: through an interactive web-interface or via a VST-plug-in. Some supporters may also have the chance to play and interact with the system directly in space.

2. The Blue Marble Web-Interface: is a self-contained web based application that works from here on Earth. Inspired by Patatap, this application blends interactions from the Blue Marble Synth Capsule Data with a traditional interactive music synthesizer.

3. The Blue Marble VST Plug in: this feature allows to receive MIDI and control data from the Blue Marble Synth Capsule to use with other digital synthesizers and digital audio workstations such as Ableton LIVE, FL Studio, Presonus Studio 1, etc.

● Who are the artists involved?
Andrew Huang, Benn Jordan, Trovarsi, and MAYSUN, are invited artists who will compose original music with the Blue Marble Synthesizer during this orbital mission. They each possess the adventurer's spirit that we believe is at the heart of this project.

Andrew Huang
We are thrilled to have Andrew Huang, the YouTube phenom and Toronto-based artist join the Blue Marble Synth Project. As a highly acclaimed music and video producer, Andrew's unique ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical styles with captivating visuals aligns perfectly with the innovative vision we seek to bring to life. His creativity, coupled with his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, makes him an invaluable addition to this project

These 4 artists will compose original music using the Blue Marble Synthesizer and the resulting tracks will be released for project supporters on an exclusive LP post-mission.

● What else can supporters get by supporting?
Beyond accessing the Web-Based interface and Artist Album, supporters also get access to a range of branded Blue Marble Synthesizer merchandise designed by Physical Synthesis. The collection features a sticker and mission patch, hoodie, t-shirt, cap, tote bag, and more.

● What goes inside the Blue Marble Synthesizer? Technical Breakdown
The Blue Marble Synthesizer Capsule consists of a pressurized CubeSat module configured with a control computer, camera, sensor array, fan, LED array, a microphone, and a speaker. The module allows supporters to receive data so they can control other synths and interfaces as well as initiate actions that affect what happens inside the capsule

1. Zero Gravity Dynamics: to make the Blue Marble Synthesizer an instrument that can truly work in space, it requires harnessing the power of zero-gravity. To do this, the synthesizer relies on interactions between a spherical piece of glass – the blue marble – and an array of accurate laser sensors that measure the distance and location of the marble as it floats around a small pressurized chamber.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Bad Gear - Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa. Is this digital/analog hybrid synthesizer and collaboration between two of the hottest European synth manufacturers the ultimate sound design monster? How did it arouse so much controversy that even Benn Jordan felt the need to release a video defending it?

00:00 Intro tune
01:11 Overview Dreadbox & Polyend Medusa
01:20 Analog Oscillators & Filter
01:45 Digital Oscillators & Wavetables
02:38 Deep Synthesis Features & Oscillator FM
03:12 Modulation
03:37 Monophonic/Paraphonic Modes, 3 OP Frequency Modulation
04:00 Play/Grid Mode
05:01 What else???
05:37 Hate
05:59 Jam 1
07:03 Jam 2
07:57 Finale
08:27 Verdict"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Monday, April 01, 2019

The true story of ZOIA

Published on Apr 1, 2019 Knobs

"Developing an instrument is no easy feat.
It takes time, and commitment, and teamwork.
Especially if the device becomes alive.

This is the true story of ZOIA.

On sale now, shipping April 15, 2019.

All music sounds in this video were made by ZOIA.
Steve's wake-up sequence features patches from Daniel Fisher & Benn Jordan (who has an excellent YouTube channel:
Gloomy nightmare music by KNOBs.

This video was made for Empress Effects.


Empress Effects ZOIA

Saturday, April 01, 2017

RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi, Founder of Roland

via Tommy Snyder:

"Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland, father of the TR-909, TR-808, Godfather of MIDI, and someone who I have collaborated with for 38 years, and also considered him as my 2nd father, passed away at the age of 87. He was a super funny, wonderful and gifted human being, and his contributions to the musical instrument world , and music, touched millions of people worldwide. RIP dear Taro.........."

This was shared only 5 hours ago. I am not seeing an announcement from Roland. I will update this post if anything new comes in.

Sad day today. Another legend and hero lost.

Update: added a few videos below including a pretty nice tribute. If you know of any other good videos featuring Ikutaro Kakehashi, send them in.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Flashbulb Human Action Network's Benn Jordan's Roland TB-303 and TR-606 For Sale

Uploaded on Aug 21, 2008 Kan├íl u┼żivatele crtrrrst

"Album: Acidwolf - Legacy : 1995-2005 (Visual Chicago Acid Edition)
Label: Alphabasic
Catalog#: ALPH303
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 01 Sep 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid"

This one in via Loscha.

via this auction

"For sale here is something that has been close to my heart for many years. I have used these synthesizers countless times in my albums as The Flashbulb, Acidwolf, Human Action Network, and many more aliases. I have used them at gigs such as DEMF, Sonar, and Bangface, and cared for them as if they were my infant children.

That's why I'm selling them. The TB-303 is in excellent condition. It's rare to see one this clean. I'm about to move my studio for a 3rd time in 5 years and simply feel anxious about keeping it in this condition through moves and various applications. I'd rather use my cruddy, old 303 than risk devaluing this one. As my favorite synth, I've also used this thing too much. It's time to pass the torch on, per say.

Enough about my stupid headcase and on to what's for sale.

1 original TB-303. Incredible condition. It's very clean (note that I didn't dust it for the pictures, for the sake of honesty). There are signs of wear around the cutoff and resonance knobs, and the volume knob is ever-so-slightly scratchy as the potentiometer reaches it's 33rd birthday. There's a couple very minor scratches on the back, the original battery door is there, and still latches perfectly. I have tested it on both battery and 9v wall power, and it works just dandy.

1 original TB-606. Unlike the 303, the 606's cosmetic condition reflects its age. It's missing the battery door and a knob, has a couple scratches, and could use a date with a q-tip and some cleaner. Everything is 100% functional, but the volume knob is scratchy, a bit more than the TB-303. Functional on both batteries and wall power.

1 really ugly, but virtually indestructible custom made foam case. I made it myself about 13 years ago out of a tool case and some custom memory foam I ordered. It's ghetto looking, but if you ever feel like running over your TB-303 and TB-606 with a car, this will probably keep you making music with them.

If you're a fan of my music and don't care about the authenticity, I'll sign it. I'll cringe while getting the marker and spend about 10 minutes deciding where to sign it, but your wish is my command. I could also ship it with the batteries if you want the original patterns for S. Kedzie Theme. :)"


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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