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Monday, November 23, 2020

Haible Living VCOs

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"OG Jurgen Haible Living VCOs in FRAC format and Wiard blue. Engraved face plate. Two additional holes were drilled in the face to mount in a 300 frame."

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Haible Living VCOs eurorack triple oscillator module (random source version)

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You can find some previous posts featuring JH Living VCOs here, including one with some very unique counter knobs.

Jurgen Haible was well known for his synth DIY designs. He unfortunatelypassed away in December of 2011, and his site is now gone: Fortunately you can, however, find backups in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Virtual Superbooth 2020: Eurorack Jamsession with Tubbutec µTune

Published on Apr 17, 2020 Tubbutec

See the red SUPERBOOTH20! label on the top lef of the site for more. You can find previous posts featuring the Tubbutec uTune here.

"Excerpt from a presentation for 'Virtual Superbooth 2020'

Using Tubbutec µTune and expanders to quantize CV and as a midi interface for a monophonic voice and a 3-voice paraphonic synth.

Also using midi velocity to control filter and clocking a sequencer via µTune.
A midified Rhythm Ace FR3 (Tubbutec uniPulse) is synced and triggered via midi, too.

Modules used:
Tubbutec µTune
Tubbutec µTune expander
Tubbutec Sumtiple

Haible Living VCO
Doepfer A-110-2
Leaf Audio VCO

Oakley COTA Filter
Doepfer A-105 VCF
Doepfer A-121

Doepfer A-140

Ladik S180 / S183 Sequencer
EMW Stereo Mixer"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mixed Frac Rack Format Modular System w/ Rare Modules

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ADSR envelope generator test

Published on Jul 25, 2013 pirxmodular·3 videos

"ADSR envelope generator test using Leader LBO-9CH-B oscilloscope.

The LBO-9CH-B is a X-Y scope used as a display device in Hitachi 60 MHz NMR spectrometer. The scope has a relatively long phosphor persistence which allows looking at slow rate signals.

Here, a MFOS ADSR envelope generator controls the Y-axis of the scope. The X-axis (time) is controlled by a slow-rate sawtooth VCO synced with the envelope trigger.

What you hearing is Jurgen Haible Living VCOs mixed and fed through a YuSynth Minimoog VCF filter controlled by the ADSR generator."

Sunday, February 26, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by ahmwsynth on Feb 26, 2012

"Test of my ARP 4075 filter (square waves from Jurgen Haible Living VCOs being filtered)"

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

BLUE ZTVCO DRY DEMO & Surrounding Controversy

YouTube Uploaded by bluelantern320 on Jan 3, 2012

Update 10/4/2013: I heard from Ian Fritz and the controversy is over. Blue Lantern no longer offers the ZTVCO. That said, BL posts will resume.

This one, which seems to be a reoccurring theme with Blue Lantern, comes with a good dose of controversy. You might recall from a few years ago BL got into a bit of heat selling MIDIBox SIDs on eBay. MIDIBox explicitly forbids the commercial resale of MIDIBox SIDs. Blue Lantern stopped and went into producing affordable eurorack based modules and systems.

This latest controversy surrounds the source of design for the new BLUE ZTVCO. You might recall from the comments in this previous post, the design of that prototype module appeared to be a copy of Ian Fritz's Teezer (TZFM Saw VCO debuted Sep'08) design. Ian Fritz's modules are available via The Bride Chamber and Elby Designs.

In short:

1. Is the BLUE ZTVCO based on Ian Fritz's design?
2. If so, to what extent?
3. If so, is it legal?
4. If so, is it fair and does it matter?

The answer to 1 and 2 will not be known until someone gets a hand on the ZTVCO and reverse engineers it. I asked BL if he would be willing to provide the schematics to put the issue to rest and he replied no. He said people can reverse engineer it when it it's available and he is sure someone will. The answer to 3 is quite possibly so. There is currently a good thread on the subject on the forum here. The answer to 4 depends on you. My personal opinion is that it is not fair and it definitely does matter. Whether legal or not, I view it as stealing. These designs do not come out of thin air. They take time and talent and sometimes years to produce. You will see some insight on this in regards to Ian's Teezer design from him directly below. When someone makes their designs available, credit should be given.

The following is a response from Blue Lantern in regards to the claims made against him. The most important thing to read out of his points below is "3. This is not a clone, this vco is a beast in it's own cage."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haible Living VCOs Demo Video

Added to this post.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Haible 36db Filter/Phaser demo

YouTube Uploaded by ahmwsynth on May 16, 2011

"using the tr-808 as an audio source"


Haible Living VCOs

YouTube Uploaded by ahmwsynth on May 17, 2011

"quick demo of VCOs, phased and sequenced too :)"

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Massive Bugbrand Modular

via indexofmetals on Muff's
"Finally had time to take all the modules out of the separate racks, screw them together as 2 x 3 racks, then put everything back in but better set out, and put together the 2 x 1 rack controller unit. the empty space is for the updated ring mod and I need to find space for a couple of the new EG's and clocking modules. In time it's going to become 3 x 3 as I need quite a few more of the SV filters and couple more utility vco's."

Some Wiard in there as well. Synth candy... Be sure to click the image for the full size shot.
via Tom Bugs of BugBrand.

Update via BugBrand in the comments: "Props to Norman Phay for his builds of J.Haible's Living VCOs - more pics:

Also in there are:
Metalbox/CGS (2 x Matrix, Wavefolder and Dual Wasp)
+ Bananalogue VCS

Absolutely mighty system!"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bill and Will's Synth Jürgen Haible "Living VCOs" Construction

via Dragonfly Alley

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jürgen Haible 'Living' VCOs

flickr by ...photon...
(click for more)

DIY Steampunk modular

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