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Friday, November 10, 2023


video upload by MATTHS

"The whole half hour show featuring 5 songs and a 3D video of the event is available over at along with all of his releases and hours of bonus remixes, albums alternative versions and more."

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Thursday, November 09, 2023

Game Changer Audio Plasma Voice First Look - What Do You Think?

video upload by MATTHS

"Meet Game Changer Audios new module Plasma Voice euro rack module that generates sounds through the manipulation of high-voltage electrical discharges and its brutally beautiful!"

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Thursday, November 02, 2023

Alessandro Cortini + MATTHS Rig Tour

video upload by sonicstate

"Alessandro Cortini played a rare UK gig last weekend, and regular Sonic TALK panelist Matt Hodson AKA MATTHS was booked in the support slot.

We figured it was a great opportunity to have them talk about their gear selection and approach to the performance.

Alessandro opted for something minimal to support his completely improvised approach, with two Make Noise Strega (these were designed in conjunction with Alessandro) and two 0-CTRL - sequencer/CV controllers, Strymon Blue Sky and Volante all into an Allen and Heath Zone 96 DJ mixer, the laptop runs Resolume visuals for the show.

Matths has a different approach basing his set around pre writtern material and re-voicing larger modular rig, with the Knobula Poly Cinematic for chords, 1010music Bit Box for triggering CV and gates, the Expert Sleepers ES-9 running from the laptop for triggers from Bitwig, the Soma Pulsar-23, Beatstep

Matt uses an analogue parallel compression path to give the stereo feed to front of house a more consistent polished sound.

We have a full 360 Video of MATTHS set available on our Patreon
and also on MATTHS Bandcamp

00:00 Alessandro Cortini interview
13:55 MATTHS interview"

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Arturia Introduces Efx Motions | Creative Movement Shaper

video upload by Arturia

"Efx MOTIONS is a software effect that combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools into a powerful effect plugin to give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves."

Tutorials | Efx MOTIONS - Overview

video upload by Arturia

"In this Overview tutorial, Yetundey explains the basic concepts behind Efx MOTIONS, its structure, various modules, and motion editor. She also showcases a few use cases that might inspire you on how to integrate it into your own projects. Learn how to use Efx MOTIONS to create ducking effects, gated rhythms, abstract filtered loops, as well as stuttered drums fueled by spatial and dynamic effects."

00:00 Intro
01:12 Software Overview
01:42 Motion Modules
03:10 Macros & Modulators
04:08 Ducker Use Case
06:06 Abstract Use Case
09:22 Gated Rhythm Use Case
11:11 Drums Use Case
12:40 Transitions
13:33 Outro

Arturia Efx Motions plugin: presets walkthrough. No talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"Arturia has just released a new multi-effect plugin: Efx Motions. It consists of several blocks (filter, distortion, noise, beat repeat, effects) and modulation sources (motion envelopes, sequencers), and together they can change the sound dramatically. I like groove/sync/seq features the most: a pad can be easily transformed into rhythmical chords.

I passed my Minifreak presets, pads and arps, through the plugin and gave them a new life.

📚 Presets for Arturia and other synths:"

Arturia Efx Motions Plugin Overview

video upload by MATTHS

"Meet Arturia’s EFX Motions processing tool that turns the simplest idea into music that evolves and captivates; bring boring, static stems to life with moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more; making your music more responsive and alive."

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Overview
2:45 Sound 1
7:45 Apply to the master
10:33 Sound 2
11:20 Repeat FX
13:56 Sound 3
14:27 Mayhem ensures
16:14 Deconstruct
17:24 Tape stop
19:38 FX
23:20 Glitch
24:24 Macro
29:33 Beats

4 patches with Arturia Efx_ Motions

video upload by DATABROTH

"read my full review here:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon
join my discord as well

00:00 Piano V3
01:31 Augmented Strings
04:24 MiniFreak V
05:21 Emulator II V (drums)"

"Efx MOTIONS empowers musicians to transform their ideas into evolving, captivating music. It breathes life into stagnant tracks with a suite of features, including moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more. Your mixes will feel more spacious, responsive, and alive.

Give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves.

5 motion modules

At the center of Efx MOTIONS are its 5 main audio modules, each providing a different type of sound alteration. Toggle them on & off, switch up their order, and dig into unique parameters for each one for a near limitless range of motion-based processing.

Open and close the frequencies of your incoming audio with 5 types of filtering for bubbly swells, pumping resonant risers, and subtle analog transient emphasis.

Embellish & texturize any sound with a layer of noise, with dozens of sampled noise types to explore - from analog white noise to computer keyboard mashing to cicadas chirping.

Saturate, degrade, and destroy incoming sound with 10 varieties of crunch to choose from, including Tape, Softclip, and the fuzzy Germanium.

Create variations in level for stuttering percussion, tremolo-like movements, and more.

Make full use of the stereo field by manipulating the movement of panning in sync with your projects.

Beat repeat
Chop, resample, and transform incoming audio into punchy rhythmic ideas, from subtle repeating fills to glitchy Aphex Twin-esque mayhem.

Efx MOTIONS’ Beat Repeater and FX module gives you 5 more ways to get creative with the movement of your tracks, plus 2 FX slots with 14 FX types for a sprinkle of sonic coloration."

You can find addtional details at Arturia here.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Knobula Pianophonic - Poly Wavetable Synth review by MATTHS for Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

"Another polyphonic module from Knobula, who are making a habit of this sort of thing. Pianophonic is an 8 voice Wavetable multi-sample player with a unique mix of multisample front end (Hammer portion) and a wavetable sustain/release portion (Sides). These can be blended and controlled and mixed and matched from the 24bit/48kHz samples stored on the front panel mounted microSD card.

And yes you can created your own samples using their own Waveslicer utility.
There's also Unison and detune with three oscillators cloned per voice, compress/overdrive and a delightful Reverb.

@matthsmatthsmatths gives us his take on the unit.

Available now priced at £420/$449

00:00 Start
00:43 Intro and Overview
08:56 Sound Components
15:24 Sounds
18:42 Connections
19:54 Examples
26:20 CV modulation
28:15 Conclusion"

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Audition by MATTHS (Official Music Video)

video upload by MATTHS

"MATTHS presents 'Audition', - offering of glitchesque and up front electronica that spans the dark regions of techno. Repetitive, hypnotic and absorbent, Audition keeps you pummelled to the wall.

MUSIC: Production, performance, mix and mastering by MATTHS
ARTWORK: Cottonbro
MUSIC VIDEO: Footage by Cottonbro. Edited and produced by MATTHS"

"This is a shorter version of the original song which can be found to buy/stream at you favourite platform or subscribe at and receive hours of music and a new releases not available anywhere else."


"Repetitive, hypnotic and absorbent, Audition keeps you pummelled to the wall."

Friday, July 28, 2023

Beat Scholar - More Than Just Drums

video upload by MATTHS

"#matths takes Beat Scholar by Modalics through its paces and beyond its original intention."

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Monday, July 17, 2023

Eurorack Case Design and Build

video upload by MATTHS

"New studio - new cases. This time I decided to design and build these myself, to my exact specifications. Here I will take you through the design process, the build the do's the don'ts, the power - everything you need to know."

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Heavy times with the #implexus and #eurorack 🖤. #matths #musicproduction #techno #electronicmusic

video upload by

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Squarp HERMOD + Eurorack Sequencer Chat

video upload by MATTHS

"#MATTHS chats through his first impressions of the Squarp #Hermod + #eurorack sequencer module that has just been released."

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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Playing Live With Eurorack By MATTHS

video upload by

"#matths takes us through his most recent live setup based around #eurorack along with some handy tips on getting the most out of your shows.

Please support my channel - it means a lot to me and enables me to do more!"

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Friday, May 26, 2023

Mayer MD900 - THE Monster Four Part VA Synthesizer - Sonic LAB Review By MATTHS

video upload by sonicstate

"We first saw the impressive Mayer MD900 at Superbooth a couple of years back, it seemed inconceivable that it was created by such a small team and yet aimed high in terms of features.

It's now out in the world and ready to ship, although yes, it's a chunk of change at £2,958.00, and as they are a small outfit, stock is limited.

But if you do get your hands on one, you'll be able to enjoy an extended Virtual Analogue synth with 16 voices, four parts each with VA modeled oscillators, wavetable, sample playback, drum sequencing and more.

Everything is modeled in DSP and does a pretty good job of it, according to @matthsmatthsmatths who is taking a look at it for us.

00:00:00 START
00:00:39 Intro
00:03:20 connections
00:04:48 Oscillators
00:08:04 Filters
00:11:04 FX
00:15:11 Sequencer
00:24:07 clip launch examples
00:24:46 Distortion / Shaper
00:29:16 Sample Playback
00:32:06 More sounds
00:38:32 Noise oscillator
00:44:09 Conclusion"

Friday, May 19, 2023

Make Noise Soundhack Spectraphon - Spectral Oscillator - Sonic Lab Review By MATTHS

video upload by sonicstate

"Officially announced at Superbooth, the Make Noise Spectraphon is another collab with the brilliant mind of Tom Erbe of Soundhack, who has worked with Make Noise to create an unusual new Dual Oscillator Module.

The Spectraphon is the first modular to be build on the new digital hardware platform, a concept engineered by Tony Rolando and Jeff Snyder, it offers more i/o at higher resolutions and a lower noise floor.

Spectraphon has two sides, A and B which offer Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM) and Spectral Array Modulation (SAO).

@matthsmatthsmatths (aka Matt Hodson) takes us on a journey through the Spectraphon.

Exclusive extra content on Patreon

00:00:00 Start
00:00:59 Overview
00:02:52 Odd and Even Harmonics
00:04:56 SAM Mode
00:08:40 External Inputs
00:13:10 Noodling and exploring
00:15:38 more sound examples
00:18:56 Conclusion"

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Superbooth 2023 Rundown - Eurorack Modules and More

video upload by MATTHS

"MATTHS takes us through this years Superbooth 23 discussing the modules, the highlights and the event as a whole.

Thanks to @sonicstate [also see Sonicstate's Show Walkabout With MATTHS] for letting me use video footage throughout.

What was his favourite module?
What was your favourite module? Leave an answer in the comments.

00:42 : Live Set
02:01 : Make Noise
02:53 : Industrial Music
03:47 : Waldorf
04:00 : Korg
04:50 : Mayer
05:59 : Pittsburgh Modular
06:15 : Teenage Engineering
07:03 : Tip Top Audio
08:09 : Befaco
08:37 : Erica Synths
09:15 : Oberheim
09:30 : Udo
10:05 : Voicas
11:06 : Endorphines
11:55 : Knobula
12:28 : Doepfer
13:14 : TINRS
13:15 : OK200
15:23 : Raw Yaw Media
16:37 : Weston Audio
17:38 : Venus Instruments
18:45 : Between Machines
19:58 : Flame
22:20 : XAOS
22:30 : Shakmat"

Superbooth 2023: Show Walkabout With Matths

video upload by sonicstate

"Ok we admit we left it a bit late, but we were mad busy, if you havent seen our reports from Superbooth 23 - held at the Fez in Berlin, we have 100 videos posted which was an amazing acheivement - so much to see this year. We think people have been holding off releases due to a variety of factors, so they all came at once!

Matt Hodson aka MATTHS, takes us around some of the exhibits, chatting on the way. A great way to get a sense of what was the best Superbooth yet."

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


video upload by MATTHS

"Impromptu Tuesday night jam using BITWIG 5."

Monday, March 20, 2023

Trying out Auza's Wave Packets, a crazy audio and modulation generator for Eurorack

video upload by Stazma

"More infos & affiliate links in the description // Support on Patreon to get samples from this session:

Today we chack out that very interesting module by Auza Audio: the Wave Packets!
It's a bit like one channel of a Buchla 281 has been cramed with TONS of features. Fully digital yet very analog in the way you interact with it.

Have fun!"

Also see: Auza Audio Wave Packets Module Test - MATTHS #shorts

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Live Version of Permanance for #Superbooth by #MATTHS #eurorack #modular #techno #brutal

video upload by MATTHS

Using a sequencer to sequence a sequencer #matths #shorts #eurorack

video upload by MATTHS

Slow and noisy #matths #eurorack #shorts

Friday, February 03, 2023

Jamie Lidell & His Modular Looper - Livestream With MATTHS

video upload by MATTHS

"#MATTHS sits down with king of the audiophiles (Jamie Lidell) to chat about his newly designed instrument, designed for looping - built with his #modular!"

Patch n Tweak
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