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Sunday, July 02, 2023

40 mins of Downtempo Beats & Buchla: 808, Octatrack, Vocals & more for GSG.Live Sundae Raid Train

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"sometimes it's nice to slow it down and enjoy the groove and the space in between. join us for a taste of what we are serving up on sundays. it's clocking in at exactly half the speed of our up tempo friday breakbeat jams at a cool 69 beats per minute. you will hear 808s, buchla modular synth, acidic 303 td-3 style bass, nord modular g1. cosmic vocals with space echo from the boss re-20. it'll meet ya where you're at, or it will calm you the f down. enjoy!"

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

10 mins of Buchla Modular Synth, Looping & Vocals 🚀⚡️GSG SYNTHON 3 Year Anniversary Special

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Full video performance available inside THE VORTEX for VOYAGER VIP & COUNCIL Members Only:

Fun patching with the Buchla inspired 200 series system. We used a combo of modules but some of the stars of the show were the 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator. We have the1979 Stereo Microsound Processor getting a lot of love (Mutable Instruments Clouds based). We're usually sampling either bits of cassette tape recordings or the radio. This is the module's strong suit. Very deep vibes in deep space, this one. Don't forget to come back....or not...

Big thanks to our friends and fellow artists the Golden Shrimp Guild for the opportunity and venue for this lovely experience."

Monday, April 10, 2023

40 mins of Buchla Modular Synth Ambient Drone to help you relax

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"This was a laid back stream. We were in a drone-y mood. But we couldn't resist throwing in a few bloops and bleeps. Equipment used her is our Buchla style 200 series case, featuring the LEM218 V3. We've got a vocal chain featuring two Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedals feeding a Pigtronix Infinity Looper."

Monday, February 27, 2023

NEW Electronica Jam For Spacing Out 🌌 Buchla Modular Synth, Octatrack, TD-3, and Nord Modular G1

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"This was spacey jam involving the Buchla style Modular 200 series, Octatrack for sequencing and effects, TD-3 for stabs, and 1979 Stereo Microsound Processor for Clouds based textures. Jacqueline's vocal chain is a Pigtronix Infinity Looper v1 fed by two Boss RE-20s and a Shure Beta 87C mike. This is a spacey ambient stream that gets a little lazer-y and wubb-y at times."

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Buchla style Modular Synth & Vocals: First time back for 2023 on the Shrimp Sundae Raid Train

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Started with a little beat action and then went into a wormhole of a wash. In play is a combo of Buchla style modular synthesizer, Nord Modular G1, Squarp Pyramid, Elektron Octatrack, and tape loops! Jacqueline is rocking the mic as well as a pair of Boss RE-20 space echoes and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. What a range of emotions we explored throughout this experience. Enjoy the voyage."

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

1 More Hour of Buchla Style Modular Synthesizer & Vocals from GSG Presents: SYNTHON: JAMURAMIUM II:

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"For this performance we used our Buchla style Modular Synthesizer, Nord Modular G1, Tascam Porta02 mkii, tape loop, Elektron Octatrack mkii, Koma Elektronik Field Kit, Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal x2, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Shure Beta 87C, and more.

This Jamuramium II festival was packed with talented streamers. We had a blast listening as well as participating. Watch and listen as we traverse through the cosmos, exploring different space conditions, planetary systems and beyond through cosmic tape music. The Golden Shrimp Guild is our streaming posse. Everyone involved is a class act. Check out the Golden Shrimp Guild and all of the associated streamers if you want to treat yourself.

Modular Synth, folktronica, chillouthouse, modular performance, tape, Nord, Buchla, synthon, GSG"

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

1 Hour of Buchla Style Modular Synth, Nord Modular, Tape Loops & Vocals đŸŽļ Ambient FAM FEST 2022

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Join us on a cosmic voyage through relaxing, uncharted waters in this 1 hour livestream taken from our performance for Ambient Fam Fest in December 2022. Featuring our Buchla style Modular Synth. This was a pretty spacey and at times chaotic jam. In play were the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, Nord Modular G1, Koma Elektronik Field Kit, and more. This is an improvised performance where we pretty much start from scratch."

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Buchla Modular Synth with Guitar: Golden Shrimp Guild Presents: SYNTHON: We Can't Be Serious?!

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"The name of this stream was 'we can't be serious'. For synth people, this apparently translated directly to pull out your dusty old guitar. Well, that's what we did anyway. But you can't just play guitar, you have to basically turn it back into a synth by adding Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase LTD, Whacko +, and an EBow. It's not like we didn't use synths either. We still employed the Buchla Modular, Nord Modular G1, and RD-9 Drum Machine. All of this was combined with Jax's ethereal vocal spread utilizing dual Boss RE-20s and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. We managed to find a blissful orbit."

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Making a Tape Loop to Make Music With: Sci-Fi Ambient Buchla Modular Synth

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"This stream is very special as we kicked the whole thing off with one of our favorite techniques: making a tape loop! We were on hold with CVS and the hold music was beautifully distorted, so we recorded it with Jacqueline's phone and then we recorded it onto an 8 Second tape loop. We then built an entire improvised electronic music set out of it. The spontaneity and uncertainty involved with creating a tape loop on the fly adds to the magic and as you will see and hear, we took the ball and blissfully volleyed it to and fro. The resulting performance is quite the cosmic journey through space and time. Our buchla inspired modular, nord modular g1, tascam porta 02 mkii, handmade tape loops as well as Jacqueline's signature dual Boss RE-20 Space Echoes are all in play here."

Monday, October 24, 2022

"Transcending" 🚀 Buchla Modular Synth - Octatrack - Tape Loops & Voice - Ambient Sci-Fi Soundscapes

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Originally streamed live on Oct 16 2022 -- Watch live at

LIVE from SYNTHON: Next Levels Fest hosted by The Golden Shrimp Guild!

Using our new handmade tape loops with the Tascam Portastudio along with the usual suspects: Buchla Modular Synth and our Elektron Octatrack to craft a ride through space inspired by Sci-Fi Soundscapes, what we call 'Cosmic Tape Music' - sometimes relaxing, hypnotic, and other times more groove-based; It's all a collage of layers of sound that come together in just the right way to fuel our voyage....and, of course, it's DAWless!

Check out The Golden Shrimp Guild here:"

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Using tape loops with the octatrack 😎 #tapeloop #octatrack #elektron

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

The strings remind me of somethng by New Order.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

RD-9, TD-3, Buchla & Nord Modular Live from SYNTHON 909 DAY FEST

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Here is an excerpt from our SYNTHON 909 Day Fest performance. It was so much fun and such a successful stream. The TR-909 drum machine has become a genuine staple in electronic music production. With an illustrious list of tracks that feature those iconic sounds it is strictly unavoidable. We recently acquired the RD-9 by Behringer which attempts to clone much of the voicing used in the iconic drum machine. Did they do it? You be the judge. Alongside the TD-3, a clone of the TB-303 Bassline, the 909 makes it easy to cop a sense of nostalgia dating back to the 80s. This was a time when folks started implementing these poorly selling machines acquired at Pawn Shop prices to make music for dancing at the club. This underground dance music originated in Chicago, Detroit, and New York but quickly spread to the UK and Europe and took off like a shot. The rest is history, but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten. We took this opportunity to improvise on machines that evoke this sense of nostalgia to conjure the spirit of this very early and often minimal approach to make you move your body. Additional funk provided by the Buchla modular which acts as a synth voice and sampler in this context. The Nord Modular provides the background synths this time, but don't you worry, it will have its day to shine. Thanks to our friends at The Golden Shrimp Guild for encouraging us to join this stream and for being super rad folks in general!

Check out The Golden Shrimp Guild here:"

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Buchla Analog Modular Synth and Voice inspired by Sci-Fi Soundscapes 🚀⚡️

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"The fun continues. Every week we watch a vintage sci-fi film on our stream MST3K-style. This provides fun in the moment as well as endless inspiration for later. Here we conjure vibes from our time spent soaking in these tape music and vintage sci-fi soundscapes. The patch started with an arpeggiation of the "Goonies Chord" which includes the notes C, E, F, A which makes a FM7 2nd Inv. chord. The chord's sound was generated by an instance of Pro 53 VSTi by Native Instruments, arguably one of the best VSTis of all time. The arpeggiated chord was recorded into the buffer of the 1979 SMP. From there the "Position" was modulated by a slow looping function from the 281 Quad Function Generator. The noise drops were created by pinging a lowpass gate channel of the 292 that is being fed some white noise by the 266 Source of Uncertainty. The pings were being clocked by a slowly timed Pulser coming from the 245 Sequential Voltage Source. The result was fed into the 277 Signal Delay which had a delay time of over a second cued up. This creates a minimal and ever changing rhythm bed. Lastly you get some 258 Dual Oscillator Square wave that is sent to the 297 Infinite Phase Shifter. The volume level and low pass filter frequency are being controlled simultaneously by the 216 Touch Activated Voltage Source. The pitch of the Oscillator is being transposed by the 216. Got it! It's much more fun to just throw some headphones and give it a listen.

As always the lovely vocal echoes are emitting from Jacqueline's chords. Her signature chain of two Boss RE-20 Space Echoes provides an aging tape loop effect.

recorded August 28 2022"

Friday, September 02, 2022

1979 AO SVG

1979 AO SVG from Grayscale / 1979 on Vimeo.

1979 AO and SVG (based on Plaits and Marbles by Mutable Instruments). Visit for more info.

Not sure when this was released. I'm only finding one previous post with The Galaxy Electric featuring one in March of 2020. Some info and a pic for the archives:

Digital oscillator with envelope and VCA/LPG

The Algorithmic Oscillator is a Buchla-format VCO based on Plaits by Mutable Instruments. The successor to the 1979 DAO, the AO has more knobs, more parameters, and more I/O than the DAO plus new features not present on Plaits. With an internal envelope generator and a simulated LPG with adjustable vactrol response, the AO is an ideal standalone voice module for small Buchla systems.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Cosmic Ambient Soundscape with Buchla Modular Synthesizer and Voice

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"What happens when you mix the cosmic ambient soundscape potential of a Buchla Modular Synthesizer with a lovely voice styled with gobs of tape delay and deep space reverb? Something pretty darn magical we think!

Some of the major players in this patch are the 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator, 277 Signal Delay Unit, 297 Infinite Phase Shifter, 1979 Stereo Microsound Processor, 292C Quad Lowpass Gate, 258D Dual Oscillator, 245 Sequential Voltage Source, 216 Touch Controlled Voltage Source just to name a few. This patch creates the illusion of constantly evolving with several asymmetrical loops that never quite line up the same. Effort was put forth to keep it minimal and avoid cacophony.

The vocal was processed with dual Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedals. One of them for a shorter slappy delay with feedback and the other for a much longer degrading tape loop effect.

This was a meditational experience for us as the performers and we welcome the listener to do the same."

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast hosted by The Galaxy Electric - E12 Daphne Oram

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for joining us for Episode 12 of the Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast! Join your hosts Jacqueline and Augustus of the experimental pop band The Galaxy Electric as they get cosmic on the topic of Daphne Oram. What a pioneer of sound and vision.

Recommended Listening: Bird of Parallax - [below]

Vimeo video on the Oramics Machine - [below - also posted here]

Her book -

Our Daphne-inspired Synth Performance - [below]"

You can find additional posts mentioning Daphne Oram here.

Daphne Oram - Bird of Parallax

"Daphne Oram - Oramics - Bird of Parallax"

Oramics from Street | Films on Vimeo.

A brief glimpse of Daphne Oram's pioneering and unique Oramics synthesizer, designed in 1957 after she left the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop to pursue the project.

For a look at the Oramics machine now, in the Science Museum's "Oramics to Electronica" exhibition see this new film. |

This short film features Dr Mick Grierson, Director of The Daphne Oram Collection, acquiring the synthesizer from a collector in 2009.

Contact me (Nick Street) regarding the documentary film

Dr Mick Grierson - Director of the Daphne Oram Collection

For more information on Daphne Oram and her machine

The Galaxy Electric - Improvised Electroacoustic Music - Daphne Oram Theme

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Radiophonic Sci-Fi Sonics Inspired by Daphne Oram

Utilizing analog tape delay (unfortunately out of frame of this video) - we set out to improvise in the style of the early work of Daphne Oram, whose first radio program was an extended poem set to eery radiophonic tape experimentation.

In this video, we created an improvised soundtrack to a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
Join us every Wednesday for a ride on The Galaxy Electric Express 🚀

We perform a LIVE (improvised) Cosmic Tape Music soundtrack for your retro-futuristic travels đŸ’Ģ You never know what planet you will land on…but you know it’s going to be an unforgettable journey…"

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Live Old School ACID HOUSE - We Like it NASTY

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Sometimes we like it nasty. What can we say? This is a filter swept groove made up of acidic electronics and buchla filters. That's the lowpass filter from the 292R. The Behringer (Kenneth) TD-3 is pulling off the TB303 pretty well, we must say. Ignore the antics from Augustus, or maybe not! Haha. The Behringer RD-6 is offering the drums. Improvised and recorded to 1/4" Reel to Reel tape with love."

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

"Filter the Kick Drum" (Modular Synth Freestyle) - Minimal Tech House Music

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"A casual freestyle with the buchla modular synthesizer, vocals, live looping, tape loop techniques affecting speed, pitch, and groove."

Saturday, June 26, 2021

EMS Founder Peter Zinovieff Has Passed Away

Update: Image of Peter Zinovieff (previously in via Brian Kehew).

"Circa 1975: A photo from the Frankfurt Music Fair

Peter Zinovieff in the EMS synthesizer booth.

They are featuring the rare SYNTHI P model, just announced on the left side and stand. Underneath the board listing EMS musical artists is a SYNTHI HI-FLI effects unit is barely seen. Another unusual/prototype model is next to the Hi-Fli."

Peter Zinovieff and Electronic Music Studios video upload by JeffreyPlaide

Peter Zinovieff: Synth Pioneer video upload by Sound On Sound magazine Jul 21, 2016

Peter Zinovieff talks about modern musical interfaces video upload by Expressive E Jan 6, 2016

Peter Zinovieff feature uploaded by Erica Synths on Nov 23, 2020. This was the latest video to feature Peter Zinovieff that I am aware of.

Peter Zinovieff interview 2015 video upload by éĻ™æ¸¯é›ģ子éŸŗ樂į¤ž Hong Kong Electronic Music Society Jun 30, 2015

Dr Peter Zinovieff intro & performance excerpt - Deliaphonic 2017 video upload by Deliaphonic Aug 29, 2018

And a few perspectives from others:

Bright Sparks Behind The Scenes - The Brits video by GForce Software published Feb 16, 2021

Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast hosted by The Galaxy Electric - E1 Peter Zinovieff

video by The Galaxy Electric published Jan 27, 2021

Peter Zinovieff Electronic Calendar

video by Mark Jenkins published Dec 9, 2019 - Electronic Calendar available through this post.

You can find a history of posts mentioning Peter Zinovieff here.

via The Guardian

"Peter Zinovieff, a hugely influential figure in British music whose early synthesisers helped to change the sound of pop, has died aged 88. He had suffered a fall at home earlier this month.

With its marketing slogan 'think of a sound – now make it', his company Electronic Music Studios (EMS) was one of the first to bring synthesisers out of studios and to the public. With products such as the portable VCS3 and Synthi A, EMS customers – including David Bowie, Kraftwerk, the Who, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd – were often taught to use the instruments by Zinovieff.

In 1967 he collaborated with Paul McCartney on Carnival of Light, a performance of a 14-minute avant garde composition created between Beatles sessions for Penny Lane that has never been released.

He was also a respected composer of his own work, including early experiments with AI composition and sampling – he claimed to have invented the latter technique." You can read the full post here.

via Wikipedia:

"Peter Zinovieff (26 January 1933 – 23 June 2021) was a British engineer and composer, whose EMS company made the VCS3 synthesizer in the late 1960s. The synthesizer was used by many early progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd[3] and White Noise, and Krautrock groups[4] as well as more pop-oriented artists, including Todd Rundgren and David Bowie. In later life he worked primarily as a composer of electronic music.

Zinovieff was born on 26 January 1933;[5] his parents, Leo Zinovieff and Sofka, nÊe Princess Sophia Dolgorouky, were both Russian aristocrats, who met in London after their families had emigrated to escape the Russian Revolution and soon divorced.[6] During World War II he and his brother Ian lived with their grandparents in Guildford and then with their father in Sussex. He attended Guildford Royal Grammar School, Gordonstoun School and Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in geology.[7][8]

Zinovieff's work followed research at Bell Labs by Max Mathews and Jean-Claude Risset, and an MIT thesis (1963) by David Alan Luce.[9] In 1966–67, Zinovieff, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson ran Unit Delta Plus, an organisation to create and promote electronic music. It was based in the studio Zinovieff had built, in a shed at his house in Putney. (The house is near the Thames, and the studio was later partially destroyed by a flood).[10][11] EMS grew out of MUSYS, which was a performance controller operating as an analogue-digital hybrid.[12] It was a synthesiser system which Zinovieff developed with the help of David Cockerell and Peter Grogono, and used two DEC PDP-8 minicomputers and a piano keyboard.[13] Unit Delta Plus ran a concert of electronic music at the Watermill Theatre in 1966, with a light show. In early 1967 they performed in concerts at The Roundhouse, at which the Carnival of Light was also played; they split up later in 1967.[11] Paul McCartney had visited the studio, but Zinovieff had little interest in popular music.[14]

In 1968, part of the studio was recreated at Connaught Hall, for a performance of pieces by Justin Connolly and David Lumsdaine.[15] At the IFIP congress that year, the composition ZASP by Zinovieff with Alan Sutcliffe took second prize in a contest, behind a piece by Iannis Xenakis.[16]

In 1969, Zinovieff sought financing through an ad in The Times but received only one response, £50 on the mistaken premise it was the price of a synthesiser. Instead he formed EMS with Cockerell and Tristram Cary.[17] At the end of the 1960s, EMS Ltd. was one of four companies offering commercial synthesizers, the others being ARP, Buchla, and Moog.[18] In the 1970s Zinovieff became interested in the video synthesizer developed by Robert Monkhouse, and EMS produced it as the Spectron.[19]

Jon Lord of Deep Purple described Zinovieff as "a mad professor type": "I was ushered into his workshop and he was in there talking to a computer, trying to get it to answer back".[20] Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco, in their history of the synthesizer revolution, see him rather as aristocratically averse to "trade".[21]

Zinovieff wrote the libretto for Harrison Birtwistle's opera The Mask of Orpheus,[22] and also the words for Nenia: The Death of Orpheus (1970).[23] The section Tristan's Folly in Tristan (1975) by Hans Werner Henze included a tape by Zinovieff."


Peter Zinovieff: A Tribute by CatSynth TV

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We look back at the life and work of Peter Zinovieff, who passed away last week at the age of 88. His work at Electronic Music Studios (EMS) was a major influence on musicians of the 1970s and beyond. At EMS, he co-created the well-known and coveted VCS3 and Synthi series. But he was also a composer in his own right, working on pioneering electronic music in the 1960s and returning to active composition in the 2010s with several collaborations with artists in other media and exploring massive sound spatialization.

Additional background music provided via the Arturia Synthi V as a tribute."

You can find additional posts featuring Peter Zinovieff here.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Galaxy Electric ✨Music for Teleportation✨Modular and Vocals Drone Music Performance

video by The Galaxy Electric

"🚀 Download this song now:

Do you love traveling at the speed of light? While cosmic rays shine around you like a disco ball of electricity? Then you'll love this 17 minute round trip through the cosmos! Grab your headphones, close your eyes, and float on....

Featuring the use of our buchla format modular synthesizer

- Mellotron M4000D Mini
- A small LEM 3U buchla format modular synthesizer
- Various Tape Loops, Sound Devices, Effects Units, Loopers
- Vocals

The first live performance of this piece premiered on April 25 for the Colorado Modular Synth Society's "April Skies" event. It was recorded live to 1/4" analog tape.

The Galaxy Electric -"

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