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Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Modutrex Multi LFO & F-Aura Midi Hybrid Synthesizer by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by

"Modutrex Multi LFO & F-Aura Hybrid Synthesizer by TSL Studio Equipment.
Designed by George Tsomokos

23 Waveforms Unique LFO Unit with many Extras

F-Aura :
Hybrid Midi Synthesizer based on the SH-101 Topology for the VCO's
Square Wave, Sub Osc & White Noise.
Analog LM13600 24db Low Pass and High Pass Filter .
and extra mods.....

more info's at"

No info on the F-Aura at the time of this post. Below is some info on Modutrex.


Waveforms Size: from 0V to 5V p-p


– Switch to choose waveform forward

– Switch to choose waveform backward

– Switch to Fade In the Waveform on Real Time

– Switch to Fade Out the Waveform on Real Time

– Switch to turn ON/Off the LFO Waveform

– Switch to ADD Harmonics on any waveform you have choose

– Switch to Reverse the Waveform

– Switch to make random LFO Random Rythm in rela time


– LFO Speed

– LFO Volume

Elevate Your Synthesis Experience

Discover the MODUTREX, a handcrafted LFO Hybrid Device meticulously engineered by TSL Studio Equipment in Greece. Designed by the electronic engineer and Tsomokos Audio ceo George Tsomokos, MODUTREX offers 23 waveforms, white noise, and a suite of extras for synthesizer enthusiasts seeking unparalleled sonic versatility.

Crafted for Creativity

Handmade with precision and care, MODUTREX boasts point-to-point wiring for reliability and a unique sonic character. Its intuitive controls and premium components ensure seamless operation and uncompromising sound quality, empowering you to unleash your creativity like never before.

Expand Your Sonic Horizons

From recording engineers to sound designers, MODUTREX is the tool of choice for those who demand excellence on synthesizer industry. Elevate your sound and revolutionize your approach to synthesis with MODUTREX by TSL Studio Equipment and control any VCA,VCF,CV…etc with it.

Experience MODUTREX Today

Ready to take your synthesis to new heights? Experience the difference with MODUTREX by TSL Studio Equipment. Contact us now to learn more and elevate your sonic journey.

Pin Electronics Modular Introduces the PORTELLO - a Compact Portable SYNTHI Based System

via Pin Electronics

A compact portable matrix modular system based on Synthi 100, Putney and Portabella modules. The 8 modules will be connected via a 10×10 high quality Ghielmetti pin matrix similar to the Portabella.



Frequency Range: 1-10 Khz

Waveform 1: Square & Pulse shape variable via pot and matrix. Waveform 2: Sawtooth & Triangle shape variable via pot only.

OSC Sync via Trapezoid or external source.


A multi-purpose filter & sine oscillator

Range: 8Hz – 18KHz

Modifications: slew / unslew switch

18dB / 24dB switch (latest circuit design!)


Attack: 2ms – 1 sec

On time 0 – 2.5 sec

Decay: 2.7ms – 15 sec

Repeat/Off: 10ms – 7sec. (max. rate 60Hz)

Trigger: +4V

Modifications: attack/decay time extension, inverter pot


Decay time: 1.75 – 3.0 sec.

Springs: 3

Voltage control of mix “wet/dry” via matrix.


Inputs for audio or CV (Ch.1 1V/oct. pre-calibrated)


external input socket


ext. input socket


with Filter.


including 10 white 2K7 pins


1 x Mono sockets

1 x Scope out


1 x CV/ via CH1 pre-calib.1V/oct.

1 x Audio Input

1 x Gate socket

1 x OSC Sync Input

1 x Envelope Follower Input

1 x Slew Limiter Input


18 V/DC 1670 mA 30W 90-240V


37x27x12cm (closed)


2.8 Kg

Monday, May 20, 2024

DIY-Analog-Synthesizer for the Pocket

video upload by Andreas Remshagen

"This is a project I've wanted to do for a long time
A complete mini-Synthesizer with midi and analog sound-generation
and analog filters.
It contains a standard midi-keyboard. For the CV-Converting i used an arduino-Nano and a digital to analog chip. VCO: Two AS-3340 VCO with Triangle/Ramp and Rectangle Waves
One Noise-Generator
Sync and Ring-Modulator
VCF: One Steiner-Parker Synthacon Filterclone switchable LP/BP/HP/AP
and one 24 dB AS-3320 VCF
ADSR: Two AS-3310 ADSR
LFO: Two LFO with Sine, Triangle and Rectangle Waveform
One Arpeggiator with 2 and 4 steps
A little Patchfield for different in and outputs"

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Melbourne Instruments DELIA // It's got motorised faders!

video upload by Starsky Carr

"From Superbooth 2024 DELIA is Melburne Instruments latest synth. The Nina was a desktop fuly analog synth, this one is a hybrid with keys.

Just a quick demo from Superbooth, but if I can get my hands on one :).

FYI I spoke with Signal Sounds - the distributor - while I was there so hopefully we can sort something soon."

Additional details and pics via Melbourne Instruments:

Motorized Morphing Polyphonic Synthesizer

49 Key Velocity and Aftertouch Sensitive
DELIA is a bi-timbral polysynth inspired by the motorized control panel and voice architecture of the original Melbourne Instruments’ Nina. Delia introduces a 49-key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, new multi-mode analog filters, high pass and low pass resonance control, 3-stage overdrive, and even more modulation possibilities.

Analog soul with a computerized brain

Using a combination of true analog filters and virtual analog modelling, DELIA retains the vital sound of massively overdriveable analog ladder filters, while using a digital front end to run modelled VCOs, wavetables, high pass filters and more. The powerful combination of analog plus digital is harnessed by Delia’s unique 12 note mode, using 12 complete oscillator banks into the 6 filters, limiting note stealing without compromising the sound, and fully unleashing Delia’s bi-timbral operation.

Discrete Multi-mode Filters

DELIA’s true analog low pass filter is the heart and soul of the sound engine — warm, full and sweet or fearfully aggressive. It is complemented with a high-pass modelled ladder filter, which can be linked for bandpass and notch operation. With 12 and 24dB slopes and separate high/low pass resonance control there is huge scope when shaping sounds, from the most delicate plucks and pads to the wildest overdriven bass and lead sounds imaginable. Delia is an inspiring creative companion and dependable instrument for musicians and composers, no matter what their level.

Know your Filters! Analog + Digital

DELIA’s filters have an analog and a digital section per voice. The analog filter is the classic discrete transistor ladder filter offering a choice of 24dB or 12dB per octave operation. Prior to this filter is an analog variable overdrive circuit that can push the filter from normal operation to complete distorted collapse of the transistor ladder, adding richness, aggression and body to your sound.

The HP filter is a digital transistor-level mathematical model of a 24dB ladder filter, based on the gold-standard Ebers-Moll transistor equations. This gives an almost perfect match to the response of the analog circuit, including the overdrive response, resonance and natural filter frequency variations.

The High Pass filter is less important sonically, so the choice of digital instead of analog reduces cost without compromise. Having the Low Pass filter second gives true analog character where it counts.

The filter is Multi-mode with 3 ways to configure. The High Pass and Low Pass cut-off frequencies are separately controlled with 2 knobs, so the overall operation can be High Pass, Low Pass or Bandpass. The separate HP and LP resonance controls offer flexibility to shape the sound including vocal-style formants. Delia’s LINK function locks the distance between the Low Pass and High pass knobs, setting a constant width Bandpass for both manual control and sweeps using the VCF envelope or other Modulation Matrix controls.

Total Recall. It’s not a dream!

The motorized journey does not end at Recall and Morph; Delia’s ‘MOD Mode’ automates the Modulation Matrix setup. As you move between the 20 modulation sources, every knob changes position to display its modulation amount. No need to tweak the panel every time you switch sources or destinations, no matter how many modulations or slots are active. Delia gives you a sound design workflow that truly flows - combining the flexibility of a soft synth with the tactile experience of a classic hardware synth.

Morph every parameter, then Mod it!

DELIA’s A/B Morph function lets you explore and sweep through timbres like no other. The A/B Morph sound is an actively calculated change in parameters between the A and B patches including the entire modulation matrix. This provides the ability to instantly create a new preset based on the Morph position that is neither the A or B patch, but instead a totally new sound. Morph is also a ‘MOD destination’, giving you even more creative control via Aftertouch, Mod Wheel and Expression.

Step into an infinite matrix of sound

The motorized journey does not end at Recall and Morph! Just like Nina, Delia’s ‘MOD Mode’ automates the Modulation Matrix setup. As you move between the 20 modulation sources, every knob changes position to display its modulation amount. No need to tweak the panel every time you switch sources or destinations, no matter how many modulations or slots are active. Delia gives you a sound design workflow that truly flows - combining the flexibility of a soft synth with the tactile experience of a classic hardware synth.

Building on innovation

DELIA inherits many of the acclaimed features of Nina, including 4-Quadrant Analog VCAs, Morphing, Digital Effects and Digital Wavetable Oscillator. Adding to these features are the inclusion of Sequencer Phrase Looping and Overdubbing, and the ability to assign your favorite effects parameter to the Effects Macro control.

Under the hood Delia is a beast! Virtual Analog Oscillators model Nina’s discrete circuitry but add cross-modulation, and Delia’s 20 modulation sources and 40+ mod destinations with unlimited slots gives sound designers an almost endless spectrum of sounds. Two digital effects processors paired with classic effects presets and the option to run in series or parallel offers creative freedom. And with the ability to save more than 16,000 presets inspiration and artistry will never be limited by available memory or slots

Waveform, Envelope and Wavetable Visualizers

Delia’s high definition LCD also provides useful Waveform and Wavetable visualizers, as well as instant feedback and display for almost every function as you interact with the control panel.

Friday, May 17, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Tiptop Audio - Triax 8 & More

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Gur at Tiptop Audio showcased their latest innovations in the world of modular synthesis, introducing the range of new ART polyphonic modules and utilities that are set to revolutionize the way musicians interact with their modular systems. Vortex 6 *, a PPG Wave oscillator, *Octopass Poly Filter*, *Octostages Poly Envelope and Octogain are all set to begin shipping straight after Superbooth 2024.

All these polyphonic modules peak to each other using ART*, Tiptops polyphonic signal, and this signal travels through the *Polytip patch cords. Gur also revealed some new utilities, including *M*, a Polytip Mult.

Next Gur revealed the Triax8*, a fully analog polyphonic oscillator featuring 16 true analog oscillators designed by the renowned *Dave Rossum and his colleagues at SSI*. The *Triax8 offers a rich and diverse sound palette, allowing users to create anything from beautiful pads to classic vintage analog tones. The oscillator also boasts a linear FM with true zero, enabling users to experiment with frequency modulation and create complex and evolving sounds.

Triax 8 Available soon.

All prices can be found on the Tiptop Audio website."

Press announcment/release follows:

Polyphonic modular system:

Are you ready for a new chapter in modular synthesis? Soon after Superbooth we will announce preorders and start shipping the first set of the fully Polyphonic modules: Vortex6, Octopass, Octostages, Octogain, Octo I/O and the Polytip patch cables that are used to patch them.

Buchla and Tiptop Audio 200t systems:

Moving forward with our collaboration with Buchla we are demoing a complete 200t system at Superbooth. The system is housed in cool wood-like Mantis cases with a vintage touch. These systems will be available later this year.

SUPERBOOTH 2024: XOR Electronics - Nerdseq Expanders

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Thomas from XOR Electronics showcased their new expanders for the NerdSeq sequencer. The dual-core expander features a two times four voice oscillator with 32 waveforms that can be independently mixed, allowing for multi-octave chords to be played in a paraphonic way. Integrated into the NerdSeq, the expander also includes eight LFOs for manipulating different parameters within the waveform, as well as a stereo mode with two audio outputs for creating a rich stereo field.

In addition to the dual-core expander, XOR Electronics introduced a small add-on module for the TipTop Art System, enabling polyphonic sequencing with up to six columns of notes. This module, compatible with the Art protocol, is a cost-effective solution for integrating polyphonic sequencing into the Art system. With both products set to be available in the summer, these expanders offer expanded capabilities for electronic musicians seeking new ways to explore and experiment with their sound. For more information on the dual-core expander and the add-on module for the TipTop Art System, visit the XOR Electronics website."

Thursday, May 16, 2024

AM1004P Osc Mixer - Expand your Behringer 1004 VCO

video upload by AMSynths

"AMSynths takes the B1004 to new soundscapes, with five individual waveforms AND a waveform mixer in just 8HP. A simple DIY installation and you have the most powerful VCO that ARP invented!"

Curious if this is the first add on to a Behringer product and the first manufacturer to to so. If you know of any others feel free to comment.

Black Corporation Introduces ISE-NIN /イセーニン VOICE & BREAKOUT

Priced at $999 for the VOICE, $299 for the BREAKOUT, and $1249 for the BUNDLE.

Check with the dealers on the right for upcoming availability.

Details follow:

イセーニン (ISE-NIN) VOICE brings the legendary Japanese discrete analog sound into a compact 100% analogue Eurorack creation. Ideal for combination with an x0x techno rig, the full depth of rich sonic potential and programmability of ISE-NIN can now be patched into new modular concoctions. A full complement of iconic analog oscillators, filters, envelopes, and modulation make this at once a full-featured semi-modular synth on its own, and a powerful addition to any rig with the addition of ISE-NIN BREAKOUT.

Shipping in July 2024.

Black Corporation Introduces KIJIMI MK2

Priced at $4,299

Check with the dealers on the right for upcoming availability.

Details follow:

KIJIMI MK2 is crafted to be one of the most powerful polysynths ever built, all behind intuitive front-panel controls, from its continuous timbral variation to its exhaustive modulation matrix. The Black Corporation original features planetary-sized analog sound, inspired by the best of rare and classic synths, but unique to our own parallel galaxy.

Shipping in July 2024.

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Pittsburgh Modular - Voltage Lab 2

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, we met up with Richard Nicol from Pittburgh Modular who introduced us to the eagerly anticipated Voltage Lab 2 synthesizer. This new iteration, five years in the making, builds upon the success of the original Voltage Lab with innovative features like independent waveform manipulation, a six-stage wave folder, pulse symmetry, and a reflection circuit. The Voltage Lab 2 offers a unique approach to synthesis, expanding on traditional West Coast synthesis techniques and providing a diverse palette of sounds.

In addition to the robust synthesis capabilities, the Voltage Lab 2 also includes a two-channel, 16-step controller for sequencing and control. This versatile controller features capacitive touch pads, pitch outputs, CV outputs, trigger gate outs, and scan inputs for added flexibility in performance and experimentation.

Voltage Lab 2: Available for Pre-order, shipping June 2024. Price: 2,149 USD"

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Joranalogue Introduces Cycle 5 - New Compact Powerhouse VCO

For those attending SUPERBOOTH, you'll find Joranalogue at our their spot: booth W435 in the gymnasium.

Coming in Q3 2024.

A small Eurorack oscillator that packs a punch: that’s the best way to summarise Cycle 5.

At its heart lies a refined high-stability triangle core voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), with performance matching or exceeding that of much bigger and costly oscillator modules.

Instead of a coarse frequency knob, a 7-position octave switch is provided. This in combination with a perfect fifth transposition switch and factory pitch tuning, makes Cycle 5 an exceptionally straightforward and musical VCO to use: simply centre the fine tune knob, and the module will be instantly tuned to reference C.

Meanwhile, its dual precision volt per octave inputs add a great deal of versatility. For example, one could be used for pitch sequencing and the other as a generic exponential FM input, or both sequenced together for transposition effects—the dual inputs serving as a built-in precision adder.

Sporting all the classic waveforms, ranging from sine wave, triangle, saw and square/saw, as well as a hard sync input and low frequency oscillator (LFO) mode, Cycle 5 makes for a real workhorse VCO. The novel trigonometric waveshaper results in a very clean sine wave, ideal for sub bass duty.

Cycle 5’s highlight however, is its vari-wave feature. By adjusting the vari-wave knob, the waveform on the matching output will smoothly morph from sine, to triangle, saw, square and finally a very narrow pulse. The vari-wave parameter can be CV controlled, up to audio frequencies for some intense timbres.

Equally at home as a modest modulation companion to big VCOs, as being in the spotlight in miniature or polyphonic systems, Cycle 5 might just be the most multi-talented tiny analogue oscillator yet.

High-stability precision analogue triangle-core VC(LF)O.
Octave and perfect fifth switches—all intermediate frequencies can be reached using the front panel controls.
Dual volt per octave FM inputs.
Outputs: sine, triangle, saw, square/pulse (PWM) and vari-wave, smoothly morphing between all waveforms.
Reset (hard oscillator sync) input.
Wide frequency range: 48 mHz (20 seconds) to 3.7 kHz.
Don't waste time tuning: pre-tuned for 0 V = C.
Impedance-compensated outputs with dual-colour vari-wave LED.
Trim potentiometers accessible from the front panel.
Precision-milled 2 mm anodised aluminium front panel with high-resolution, non-erasable graphics.
Bullet-proof design: polarised power header and MOSFET protection circuit.
Includes 16-to-10-pin Eurorack power ribbon cable.
Premium mounting hardware: black screws, black nylon washers and matching hex key.
High-quality components and assembly; designed and made in Belgium.

As always check with your favorite dealers on the right for upcoming availability of all new modules and synths.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Superbooth24: Groove Synthesis Debuts Sampling for 3rd Wave Synth

See the demo here.

Press release follows (image via the release):

Orinda, CA, May 15, 2024 — California-based electronic instrument maker Groove Synthesis today announced that they have added high-resolution sampling capability to their critically acclaimed Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer, the 3rd Wave.

This much-requested new feature allows owners to sample up to 30 seconds of 16-bit, 48 kHz, monophonic audio into the synth directly or by importing audio over USB, and use it as a new oscillator type alongside the 3rd Wave’s powerful wavetable and virtual analog sound engines. This significantly expands the sound palette of the synthesizer. Now owners can create custom sounds that feature sampled acoustic instruments, sound effects, and other sources.

The company will preview a new OS that provides this capability at the Superbooth24 music expo in Berlin, Germany from May 16-18 at booth #0246. The upgrade will be available free of charge to 3rd Wave owners as a download from the company’s website upon official release.

“As fans of the original PPG and its ultra-rare Waveterm sampling option, we thought it would

be exciting to add that capability to the 3rd Wave’s existing architecture — if it was technically possible,” said Groove Synthesis founder Bob Coover. “It took some tricky programming, but we did it and we think 3rd Wave owners are going to love it. It’s a dream come true for everyone who wanted the full PPG-plus-Waveterm experience, and now it’s within reach.”

While the 3rd Wave has roots in the classic digital wavetable synths of the past, it takes the concept firmly into the 21st century with a lush, expansive sound that’s a product of its expanded wavetables and analog filters. It’s hybrid design features 24-voices and 4-part multi-timbral operation, which is the equivalent of having four independent 6-voice synthesizers controlled by a single keyboard. Each of its three oscillators per voice can generate a classic PPG-era wavetable, a modern high-resolution wavetable, an analog modeled waveform — and now multi-sampled audio. With its industry-first WavemakerTM tool, users can create custom wavetables in a single step through proprietary sample-to-wave technology, allowing almost unlimited sound sculpting opportunities.

Introducing the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Standalone Modern Analog Synthesis Laboratory
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers’ long-anticipated successor to the Voltage Research Laboratory is filled to the brim with interesting new inventions, such as several new wave-shaping technologies, an addictive tactile performance controller, and more…"

The New, Experimental Synthesis of the Voltage Lab 2

video upload by Jorb

0:00 Intro
2:27 Hands on Begins
4:58 Oscillator One
11:01 Oscillator Two
16:29 Quick Look at Function Generators
18:26 Quick Look at Dynamics Controllers
19:04 FX
21:02 Chance Sequencer
22:37 Touch Controller Begins
26:56 Step Conditions
28:10 Step Jump Explained

Geek Chic // Sonic Experiments from the Voltage Lab2

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Dusting the cobwebs from my vintage 1950's lab coat - it was all the rage once honest.

Going into lab rat research mode and seeing where the maze takes me..

... and here's the results.

Just a little taster while I open the lab book to record apparatus, method, results, discussion and conclusion.

0:00 Bunsen Burner Big Beats
2:15 Plucking Pipettes (no pipettes were harmed)
3:06 Test Tube Techno (it's not techno)
5:59 She's Alive
7:44 Naked Flame
10:00 Medical Skeleton (its the Bare Bones)"

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 - Just Jammin'

video upload by

"Fascinating new modular system from Pittsburgh with a decidedly West Coast bent. Too soon for a review, but here's half an hour of playing with the rather remarkable sequencer, the timbre of the oscillators and other bits and pieces. I added some reverb via the Chroma Console but otherwise it's all the VL2."

The Sweet Spot: Voltage Lab 2 Semi-Modular Synthesizer
video upload by HAINBACH

"As anyone who has ever tried to assemble a modular synthesizer, it is not easy to create a cohesive instrument, especially if you try to narrow it down to a portable case. In comes The Voltage Lab 2 that Pittsburgh Modular send me to play with (thanks for that!) - it is a semi-modular self contained synthesizer, and to me it hits the sweet spot between functionality and musicality."

Also see The Lab Report Episodes for audio demos.

Press release follows:

May 14th, 2024 - Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers today announced Voltage Lab 2, a standalone dual oscillator analog synthesizer synthesis laboratory with a unique integrated touch-sensitive performance controller.

Monday, May 13, 2024



DRONES MAX is a WAVE TABLE SYNTHERSIZER for sustained sounds. It has three WAVE TABLE OSCs and two POLE FILTERs, which can be modulated by two LFOs. Powerful effects include stereo delay, reverb, and crusher with a wide range of parameters, allowing for a variety of expression from aggressive and intense sounds to beautiful cosmic harmonics.


Over 200 waveforms are recorded, and you can change them smoothly. Also, at the end of the knob is a sawtooth waveform, a sine waveform, and a frequency-varying noise generator. WAVETABLE has a mixture of waveforms that contain different harmonics, and when combined with an LFO, it can create the effect of gradually changing musical scales.


You can set the volume ratio of the three oscillators.


Adds noise to the oscillator output.


DRONES is equipped with a 2POLE low-pass filter with resonance. Turning the CUTOFF knob to the left attenuates the high notes, and when turned all the way, no sound is produced. Turning the RES knob to the right will cause a peak to occur at the pitch at the cutoff point.


DRONES has a built-in LFO that can output sine, sawtooth, square, and sampled and held random waveforms. The LFO knob sets the LFO frequency and waveform. Turning the knob to the right will speed up the frequency, and when it reaches the highest frequency, it will switch to the next waveform.


Equipped with stereo delay and reverb for drone sounds.

Feedback can be set to no attenuation, adding even more depth to the sound.


By lowering the resolution of the sound, you can create harsher expressions.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sibilla v1.3: introducing the LFO Settings Mode

video upload by Clatters Machines

"Sibilla v1.3 is here and brings in a new LFO setting mode in which you can modify the LFO waveforms affecting the internal stereophony and movement of harmonics and subharmonics.

What's new?

Entering the new LFO Settings Mode allows you to choose LFO waves other than the default and classic sinusoidal waveform such as:
- Ramp Up;
- Ramp Down;
- Sine+Oct;
- Sine+3rd;

In addition to this, a new Freeze Mode has been added to allow the user to freeze the stereophony movement to his favourite sweet spot for steady tones, ideal for arpeggios and melodies.

How to

You can get access to the LFO Settings Page by double-clicking the Boost button: the Boost LED will now start blinking to confirm this new mode has been entered.
Now a single click on the center button allows to navigate through the different available option.

Each click lets you switch to the next option and cycle back to the first once the sixth and last mode (Freeze Mode) has been selected.
While in LFO Settings Mode, all the other parameters of Sibilla are still working so that instant changes can be heard.
Once you're done, double-click again the Boost button to exit the LFO Settings Page

Freeze Mode
In this configuration the two LFO are freezed and so the stereophony of the module. The LFO knob and the LFO CV input now act as balancers and they can be used to scan across the freezed stereo spectrum."

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Basimilus Iteritas Alia jam with tons of CV modulation and muting

video upload by Noise Engineering

"This is an extended version of the jam used for the official Basimilus Iteritas Alia demo. [posted here]

Our Ambassador to the Stars, Patrick O’Brien, features the BIA in this all-Noise Engineering case.

Triggers come from the Bin Seq, and CV modulation comes from the Mimetic Digitalis stepped sequencer. The Muta Jovis switches off/on the CV, going into the BIA's inputs throughout the patch. The BIA is then sent to Roucha Legio, our stereo filter, which is activated with the gate coming from one of the Horologic Solum channels into the Bypass input.

More on the BIA here:

Manis provides a nice, bright melodic splash throughout the jam, and Virt Iter Legio provides stereo bass drone sounds.

The BIA is a parameterized digital drum voice with its roots in the analog world. At its heart, the BIA is a simple six-oscillator additive and FM synthesizer with waveform, harmonic spread, and envelope controls. An adjustable noise oscillator and an extreme take on a wavefolder round out its synthesis abilities. Its straightforward controls make sound design fun and performable: create sub-shaking kicks, snares, hats, and unique drum hits with just a few tweaks.

• A go-to for percussion synthesis
• Also excellent at leads and basses
• Additive/FM digital synth with root and inspiration in the analog world.
• CV over every parameter
• Dedicated envelope output
• Encoder tuning

Basimilus Iteritas Alia is the successor to the original Basimilus Iteritas Alter. It was developed to sound nearly identical, with added features and new firmware-swapping capabilities."

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

OXI CORAL FW 2.0 Tutorial - How to Use the New ACID Engine

video upload by OXI Instruments

"The upgraded ACID engine is included in the CORAL 2.0 release, out now!

This is our take on the 303-style synth: a variable-shape virtual analog oscillator that seamlessly morphs from the classic Saw to Square and Pulse waveforms with dynamic PWM capabilities. There is one post-filter distortion and the edgy filter has been finely tuned for a gritty sound.
You can add accents via MIDI or via the AMP CV input. Morph controls the accent amount.

harm: controls the overdrive distortion
timbre: defines the oscillator waveform
morph: sets the accent amount

How to get glides?
- Use a pair of V/oct CV and Gate and send glides from your sequencer or change the pitch while gate is active. - If using MIDI, create a MONO (1-voice) part and send legato notes (almost overlapping notes should also be enough to trigger a glide).

How to get accents?
- You can feed CV modulation to any of these (for example, the Vel or Mod outputs of a sequencer). With MIDI, you can play with the velocity levels.

This new release adds a delay effect and other improvements 🙌🏻

As always, all sounds are played by Coral! 🧨

Head to our site to get the update:"

Friday, April 26, 2024

Korg 770 Analog Synthesizer

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

"Here's your chance to own this rare historic synth. All knobs, keys, pots and wood-housing is original. Everything has been cleaned and everything is functioning. This thing produces beautifully warm bass and lead sounds. And the ring modulator will take you into some wild sci-fi territories too. Only major blemish is a chipped key (see last photo) key still is fully functional.

The Korg 770 is a monophonic analog synthesizer introduced by Korg in 1976. Based on the same circuitry as the two-VCO version of the Mini-Korg, the 770 offered a more conventional re-packaging, and some control improvements to make the synth more versatile.

VCO 1 offered five choices of waveform, with triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse, and a pulse-width-modulated (rate controlled by an LFO) pulse wave on tap, or an external input could be selected. The VCO included an octave select switch with six settings, including a 64' deep bass setting. VCO 2 produced only a sawtooth wave, or it could be ring modulated against VCO 2, or any of three varieties of noise could be selected. The tuning could be offset from VCO 1. A blend control allowed the user to select the mix of the two signal sources. Other controls at the right side of the panel allowed the user to apply an "auto bend", or vibrato controlled by a dedicated LFO separate from the main LFO. (There were no pitch or mod wheels.)

Testing Nakst Integrate - Classic Hardstyle Lead

video upload by Eyezer Productionz | Synths & Audio

Note Nakst was first introduced a year go.

"Introduction (from the manual):

As technology has improved, it has become possible for manufacturers to produce increasingly complex synthesizers. This has led to the creation of synths that trade off easeof-use for maximum sound design potential, spreading hundreds upon hundreds of options and parameters throughout dizzying interfaces, full of tabs and menus. They provide oscillators and filters with such immense algorithmic precision that any soul or character is stripped away before it has a chance to flourish in the sound. Integrate is not like that.

Integrate has been designed with the goal of creating an old-school virtual analog that has just as much personality as any of the classics, paired with a fantastic user interface that makes exploring the sonic possibilities an effortless pleasure. It cannot do everything, but this is intentional; limitations breed creativity. No longer will you spend hours scrolling through lists of wavetables, paralyzed by the impossible task of deciding which is the best to use – a question that has no right answer. Instead, Integrate has a simple two-page layout where every parameter has been selected for its unique axis of inspiration. Every dial, slider and button is waiting to delight you as you delve into a world of aural possibilities.

Many thanks to fdigl for providing me a NFR license for this plugin! Next video will feature some custom patches made by me."

video upload by nakst

Integrate — Factory ROM Demo (unscripted, no talking)

video upload by nakst

00:00 — Arps
01:17 — Basses
04:00 — Drums
04:30 — Effects
05:16 — Keys
06:40 — Leads
14:42 — Organs
15:15 — Pads
18:32 — Plucks
19:34 — Synths
23:08 — Trancegates

"The old-school virtual analog synthesizer: reimagined and perfected, optimized for creativity. Integrate follows in the footsteps of the virtual analog classics we still love today, bringing together a straightforward user interface with an intricate and colorful sound engine."

"The old-school virtual analog synthesizer: reimagined and perfected.

A synthesizer optimized for creativity.

Integrate follows in the footsteps of the virtual analog classics we still love today, bringing together a straightforward user interface with an intricate and colorful sound engine.

Four mighty oscillators.
The four main oscillators come equipped with a selection of 74 waveforms and a flexible noise generator.
The traditional waveforms (sine, sawtooth, square and triangle) all have a specially chosen parameter that can be modulated, allowing you to creating evolving sounds. The noise generator has tweakable color, and it also supports key tracking for an effect reminiscent of early game consoles.
Also featuring FM, RM and hard sync, there's a world of possibilities waiting to be unlocked in these oscillators.
There's also a sub oscillator sporting three waveforms, ready to quickly beef up your patch.

Have it your way.
Integrate lets you configure the character of the oscillators, giving you the power to shape the sound of your patches from the very start of the signal path.

Pick between the “Clean” rendering mode for a modern touch, or the “Digital” mode to add a gritty punch to your sound.

Make anything super.
Oscillators A and B both sport a unison section, letting you turn a simple waveform into a 7 voice beast. Configure the detune and mix, or enable “Stereo” to spread the voices across the channels. You'll soon discover how much of a monster Integrate is at fat, anthemic sounds, perfect for mesmerizing listeners of any genre.

The latest technology.
Integrate is available in the new CLAP plugin format, boasting advanced features like non-destructive polyphonic parameter modulation and note stacking. We're proud to join its community of developers who are pioneering the latest in audio technology.

Information, only when you need it.
To keep the interface compact and free from distractions, Integrate keeps extra information about parameters neatly tucked away in popups that only show when you're interacting with the relevant controls.

Waveforms, envelopes, frequency spectrums all pop up as soon as you need them, and then instantly hide away once you're done with them.

Explore new territory.
Integrate isn't an emulation of an existing synth. Instead, it's a brand new design, waiting for you to explore what it's capable of. Dive into a world of characterful oscillators, screaming filters, chaotic LFOs, and dreamy reverbs. There's bound to be something that'll captivate your imagination.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dannysound / Tobinski System Test

video upload by Dannysound

"Testing the system for Superbooth 24 - The new modules also feature a name change as the brand is slowly moving over to Tobinski.
New modules due to be released this year are:

Sequencer - 2 banks of 8 voltage sliders, each bank referenced by 2 independent 8 step sequencers for a total 4 sequencers. Each sequencer features start and end loop points plus external clock inputs. The sequencer has 8 voltage outputs, 6 gate outputs plus transport controls for the internal clock.

Sequencer Expander - Adds a host of extra functions to control each of the 4 sequencers. Including CV over loop start and end points, gate length, step order and many more...

Dual LFOs - 2 LFOs with 16 waveform types. One LFO can be synced to a clock while the other resets to an incoming pulse, plus cv and cross-modulation options for all parameters.

Harmonic Timing Generator - Can be used as a Harmonic Oscillator or Harmonic LFO that can clock each the 4 sequencers in the Sequencer module. The module features multiplier inputs x2, x3, x5 and x7 to multiply the internal oscillator or external sources. It also has 3 outputs for the multiplied waveforms that can be CV or manually addressed using the pushbutton switches or pots.

Interpolating Scanner - Internally connected to the Harmonic Timing Generator and features not only an 8 input scanner with CV options but also has 8 VCAs that act separately from the scanner with their own outputs, plus mixer outputs for ODD, ALL and EVEN for both the scanner and VCAs to allow for stereo effects among other possibilities.

Dual LPG/VCA - 2 x LPG/VCAs in one 6hp module that combine the Dannysound MM VCA based on the classic Mini Moog VCA and also the classic Buchla LPG design (used throughout this clip!) so famous for it's acoustic tone.

Come say hello at Superbooth, I'll be in the Bungalow Dorf with some other great manufacturers!"

sequencer sync

video upload by Dannysound

"Sequencer synced to malekko varigate 8 doing the drums and resetting the bass line coming from sequencer CH1. Voltage block is controlling the step order of sequencer CH3 that does the percussion sounds.
Percussion and bass sounds from the EN129 and Cali oscillators using Timbre and Dual LPG/VCA modules. Drum compression using the Dynamics with some added noise to glue the drums together a bit."

Patch n Tweak
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