Monday, November 20, 2023

Sequential OB-6 Ambient Preset Pack #sequential #oberheim #synthesizer #ambient

video upload by Mikas Tapes

"A quick run through the ten patches of my OB-Ambient preset pack.

Download the pack via Gumroad:
Doanload the pack via Patreon:

Thanks a lot !!

VGM #210: Suika Game [スイカゲーム] // Main Theme

video upload by Amie Waters

"Make the fruits kiss. Make the fruits kiss. Make the fruits kiss.
Thumbnail art by: @James--.

T.I.M. - Look Mum No Computer -

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Sam Battle, AKA LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, returns with his latest and most personal single, T.I.M. The emotional track was inspired by Battle’s own experience with loss and grieving experiences that don’t work out as expected:

“Tim is a song about things not always going to plan, and not knowing how to express your feelings. It’s a song about an experience my wife and I had earlier in the year when her pregnancy didn’t go completely to plan.”

The track’s melody was initially devised at a show in Copenhagen, where Sam was improvising.

“The song was recorded on my analog synth, the melody I had for a while from the chorus. I kept playing it in livestreams and people picked it out as a melody they liked, I liked it too! It was all recorded live from the modular synth then I wrote the song over.”

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER will headline London’s Oslo on the 22nd of November, and has recently announced an EU tour for 2024."

"Stream/Listen/Buy here :-
INSTRUMENTAL version WAV DOWNLOAD available here :-
My wife's mum made the knitted sam, thought it would make a funny cover! she makes em of anyone btw! she made this one for my wife but i stole it to take the photo for the song cover ha her instagram :-
empty words are not what you deserve
half the man you’ve lost and half you’ve earned
is it a mistake a wretched curse
it crawls inside your skin, turns off your nerves
well how does it feel to be done wrong
how does it feel your underdone
how does it feel to not grow old
how does it feel to not have it all
its a shame you came and gone
didnt even stay a while
too old to be a clot
too young to even be a child
put past this sweet mistake
make tracks for the future
but dont forget about the way
it was so still and so perculiar
well how does it feel to be done wrong
how does it feel your underdone
how does it feel to not grow old
how does it feel to not have it all
cus like you ill be golden
like ill be golden till i die
like you i’ll be frozen
like you i’ll be frozen in my time
like you i’ll be still and laid out on a table
passing by
then like you ill be forgotten
making way for newer times
how does it feel to be let go

Recreating Soft Cell's version of Tainted Love using a miniKorg 700 FS and Arturia plugins.

video upload by Matt Culpin

"In this video I've recreated Soft Cell's version of Tainted Love using a miniKORG 700FS and Arturia's Synclavia V, ARP 2600 V plus samples of a Roland CR-78 plus Apple Logic Pro's Drum Synth #synthesizer #remake #trending #synthpop"

00:00 - Introduction and background
00:39 - Technical
01:06 - The sounds
04:52 - The track

Jam (Texture lab, novation circuit tracks, Korg nts-1)

video upload by Antonio Rodríguez

"#korg #synthjam #novationcircuittracks #sonicware #texturelabs"


video upload by Mindburner

"In this short video, I take apart the various potentiometers and clean the inside. This synth must have been stored in a very dusty environment and the controls were quite erratic at times."

Let's Make Some Noise: A DIY Workshop in LA Sunday 11/26/23

This one in in via supporting member, Justin Sullivan aka justin3am who will be participating in the event.

"Let's Make Some Noise: A DIY Workshop will showcase noise/experimental sound artists and their practice. This will be a chance for you to be able to listen/observe, ask questions, and even try out noise gear to make your own noise towards the end of the workshop! Attendees will be able to take home parts for a contact mic of their very own! (while supplies last)"

Tickets on sale here

Doors open at 2:00pm Workshop starts at 3:00pm

Coaxial Arts
1815 S Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Error Instruments Brinta - playing with my voice

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Spent some time feeding my voice into the Brinta from Error Instruments and This is Not Rocket Science. It's a wonderfully weird and sometimes comical module that won't fit in your patch but will spill out awesomeness all day long."

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer: Tremolo Piano - in and out of sync

video upload by artoftravelogue

"This is a patch I created on the Vectra Synthesizer. In this patch, each of the four voices have its own LFO for amplitude control. They synchronize to the press of a key. If you don't press all notes at the same time when the XY joystick is in the down position, then they will synchronize, but be out of phase with each other. I use the XY joystick to change the speed of each LFO, which in turn creates a sound of free running LFOs that are not in sync with each other."

The Novation Circuit is PERFECT for this

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"We have shirts now! https://coastlandcreativestore.teemil...
I show the making of a short live set with the Novation Circuit Tracks and Roland MC-101, and do a live jam."

00:00 Circuit Walkthrough
09:10 Live Set

Patch n Tweak
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