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World's Most Unavailable Synthesizers

video upload by Doctor Mix

See the UVI Quadra Modular announcement post here.

"Join me on an epic trip to UVI in Paris! 🌟 Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of UVI's headquarters, where they create Quadra Modular 👉 and other super high-tech VST virtual instruments. Finally, enjoy a jaw-dropping visit to their legendary synthesizer shop, where I get to jam on the rare Prophet 20 and the colossal Colossus! 🎹✨"

The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research Introduces Analog Waveguide Eurorack Module

video uploads by The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research

'The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research presents the Analog Waveguide, a Eurorack module for physical modelling synthesis."

"Analog Waveguide is versatile stereo reverberation effect that feeds the signals into a rotation matrix. The matrix can be set to any angle. Its signal path is fully analog, and the delay lines are implemented with bucket brigade delays. The design was described in a concept by Michael Gerzon from 1971, but was only implemented digitally in 2011 by Miller Puckette. Our interpretation re-implements and extends the original concept as an Eurorack module with an analog signal path. The resulting resonator is an analog waveguide for vivid physical modeling sound synthesis . The integrated display shows the two signals in a Cartesian coordinate system. The resulting image visualizes the complex oscillating signal in the resonator. The wide range of forms and movements is mesmerizing to watch and allows for a synaesthetic experience of the instrument. The visual representation of the signal also assists the experienced user to remember and recreate parameter settings for specific sounds."

Erbe-Verb Lasers | Make Noise

video upload by

"Lasers... with Erbe-Verb."

Percussa XMX - powerful new eurorack module in a smaller form factor, and lower price.

video upload by TheTechnobear

You can find the announcement post here.

"In this video we look at the new eurorack module from Percussa,
the new little brother/sister to their powerful SSP.
coming in a smaller form factor, thats lighter on your wallet.

what can it do? ... why am I so excited about it :) "

0:00 Intro
0:54 Hardware overview
2:44 Software
2:53 Percussa Synthor
3:25 Trax Overview
4:34 Trax Walkthru
5:43 Track and module view
6:55 Performance parameters
8:43 Midi learn
11:00 How to patch?
11:20 Load, Save, Init presets
12:00 Create a patch, loading a module
13:30 Connecting module to jack inputs
14:22 load another module
14:45 connecting its inputs and outputs
16:53 Summing up

Stranger Things main theme: how to sound design the main arp sound with the OB-6

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

EthanJamesMusic OB-6 videos

"This sound design tutorial will teach you how to approach the main theme of Stanger Things. The sound is a simple combination of a pulse wave with a sub oscillator to create the arpeggio.

The Sequential Circuits OB-6 can do a respectable job of coming close to the sound, because of the SEM filter that is borrowed from the original Oberheim that was used in the main theme.

Analog synthesizers have found a way back into film music, which has led to a lot of rich experimentation of what these instruments are capable of. I think my main takeaway is the heavy use of envelope, and setting the filter modulation much lower than a normal synth pluck would require. Also, having a really dry sound mixed in with lots of ambience really cuts through in a way that creates a strong effect.

I hope you learn something from this tutorial, and it gives you some ideas to try out! Please let me know if there are any questions, or if anyone knows what instrument was used on the film. I would guess a Minimoog or similar."

Mental Clutter by Bay Mud - All Novation Circuit Album

And a video by Bay Mud on working with the Circuit for this release:

Key features for making an entire sample-based electronic EP on the Novation Circuit Rhythm

video upload by Bay Mud

"I recently made an entire 5 song electronic EP on the Novation Circuit Rhythm and wanted to share some of the best features that made that easier."

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Project organization
04:40 - Sample slicing workflow
08:23 - Sample flipping
11:11 - Pattern settings
15:20 - Resampling workflow
20:30 - Scenes
22:58 - Chaining projects
27:14 - Final thoughts

The future of EXPRESSIVE analog synths is HERE

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"I've been waiting 50 years to experience analog synthesizers responding intuitively and immediately to pitch, timbre and volume changes from the slightest movements of my fingers on a keyboard! In this video, you'll see and hear unprecedented control of one of the most extreme patches I've ever made. It incudes (4) Vintage ARP 2600's synthesizers and (1) Vintage 1969 Moog IIIc modular synthesizer playing all at once in unison mode or where each modular synth is playing a separate voice in the chord. I've never heard my favorite all-time analog synths sounding so musical, so different and just so good!

To accomplish this task, we are using 5 channels of Haken Audio CVC (Control Voltage Converter) to receive MPE messages from an Expressive E Osmose and also from a Haken Audio Continuum. These state of the art MIDI controllers are able to understand the players most subtle finger movements and immediately translate those messages to the CVC. Without any perceivable latency, the CVC can then send 4 independent control voltages to alter any parameter in real-time on any one of the synths being used as a voice.

My special guest, Osmose and Continuum expert performer Josh Madoff demonstrates all the features on both of these keyboards by playing musical examples. I'll be explaining what's going on, playing some duets with Josh and also providing an in-depth breakdown of the patches on each synth. I'm optimistic that we'l be seeing controllers n the near future delivering higher and higher levels of artistic experiences for performers. Please enjoy the this presentation and let us know what you think in the comments section. Thank you for your support, it means everything to us!

00:00 Anthony's Intro
00:41 Osmose Musical Example
01:11 Set Up (4) ARP 2600s (1) Moog IIIc
01:43 About the Osmose
03:05 About the Continuum
05:25 Musical Examples playing (4) ARP 2600s (1) Moog IIIc from Osmose
10:04 Our Experience Performing with Continuous Control Voltage
13:22 Sostenuto Pedal
15:22 Anthony Plays with a lot of Resonance
16:35 Musical Example - Osmose MPE Arpeggiator
18:23 Musical Example - EaganMatrix Sound Engine & Vintage Analog Modular
22:30 The Control Signals Osmose, Continuum & Haken CVC
25:17 Type of Control & Articulations
27:50 The Synth Patch on the Moog Modular IIIc
31:55 The Synth Patch on the ARP 2600s
34:36 RECAP of Control Voltage Signals Going to the Analog Synths
36:35 Controlling Each Synth Voice from the Keyboard
38:00 Anthony's Summary
38:25 CTA, Thank you
38:49 Logo (theme music)"

Arturia Microfreak Vocoder + Teenage Engineering K.O. II

video upload by Genshi Media Group


I Heart Vocoders! So I thought I'd try putting the @ArturiaOfficialMicrofreak's Vocoder thru the @teenageengineeringEP-133 K.O. II Sampler Composer. I sampled two parts of the Vocoder into the K.O. II beforehand, and then did the live Vocoding as you see in the video (though the live Vocoding was a bit too hot.) A super fun minimal setup!"

Mastering Yamaha CS80 Sounds & FX

video upload by Andy Whitmore

Follow-up to these post.

"Exploring Untapped Modulation Routes on Yamaha CS80

Recorded at Greystoke Studio - Dry.

As used by Brian Eno, Vangelis, ELO, Michael Jackson.

1977 – 1980. Includes the Ribbon pitch bend & polyphonic after-touch."

Why to buy the most famous drum machine of all time

video upload by Alex Ball

"Like most people, I've always wanted to own an original Roland TR-808 but it's always been the wrong price or the wrong time or both. Earlier this year my time finally came.

I wanted to make a video showing why it's still a very relevant and useful instrument in a modern studio and that it's not just purely about nostalgia, whilst that obviously plays a part!

0:00 Intro Jam
1:38 Individal Outs & FX
5:14 Trigger Outs and Synths
9:16 Sampling and Synching
12:52 Boutique Comparison
14:39 Sample Pack
15:15 Summary and Outro Jam

Sample pack, stems and music from the video: / alexballmusic"

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