MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017

VOLTLIFE: Xaoc Devices Drezno first patches

Published on Jun 3, 2017 voltlife

"Some quick experiments using Xoac Devices' new Drezno module to process audio. Animodule's M1xXOR allows manual and voltage control of which bits are passed through, ignored or inverted, but you could do similar things with switch, logic or VCA modules.

Initial patch:
Dixie II sine → Drezno ADC → M1xXOR → Drezno DAC

Second patch:
Dixie II saw → Pittsburgh Filter→ Drezno ADC → M1xXOR → Drezno DAC"

You can find addition posts featuring Drezno here.

Univox Maxi-Korg/ Korg 800DV/ K-3

via this auction

Vintage ARP ( Model 2813 ) * ODYSSEY II SN 2018

via this auction

Roland GR-300 and GK-1 with Xotica EA-1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Published on Jun 3, 2017 WayneJoness

"Roland GR-300 and GK-1 with Xotica EA-1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar"

Moog Prodigy Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"It probably sounds sale-sy but I swear there is something different about this prodigy than any other I've ever played. It's just got this magical 70's side to it that I never anticipated. You can actually make it sound a lot like an arp soloist."

Sequential Circuits Prelude By Siel

via this auction

"This is a Sequential Circuits Prelude by Italian Company Siel. It sounds awesome and everything works fine. It has some wear on the face but you can judge by the pictures."

sequential circuits six trak

via this auction

Fidget Spinner Guitar Synth Frankenstein #fidgetspinner

Published on Jun 3, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Fidget Spinner Guitar Synth Frankenstein #fidgetspinner

ok yeah after last weeks quick attempt at a fidget spinner synth. i just couldnt let it rest, it needed to be improved, because frankly the method i used SUCKED! so thanks to some friendly comments and chats at the pub. i decided to go down this route."

Metasonix Music

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Worwell

"Metasonix R-53 and RK2 with Piston Honda, Shapeshifter, Benjolin and Morpheus"


Published on Jun 3, 2017 synths colors

"No External Effect Added, As Usual..."

Sequential Split-Eight Analog Tweaks 2017 PRO-8 Split-8 Rik Marston Rare Synthesizer REV-2

Published on Jun 3, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Sequential Split-Eight Analog Tweaks 2017
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
** Watch in HD** **100% No Talking!!**

The Sequential Split-Eight (1985) AKA: PRO-8
I've really gone & done it. This synth is so cool!
How to describe such a RARE SYNTHESIZER...
--with all of it's character & vintage quirks.....
As quirky as a Prophet-600 (tuning, voicing, MIDI) mean as a Prophet-600 (If you know what you are doing)
It's knob-less to the knob jockey but it's POWER is easily
accessible thru the IN YOUR FACE menu diagram right in front
of you... such a breeze to tweak... and after a bit you get it
& it is SO FUN to make new sounds! Worth the $$$$!!!

In this demo I show off some custom sounds & I tweak
them into sonic mutations.. this synth (and other SCI kit)
is so cool & all have a distinct sonic character different
from ANY other synth in the studio. Even against new
DSI gear.. Original Sequential Circuits gear still holds it's
sonic charm, allure, worth & POWER! I love it!!!

The SPLIT-EIGHT is SUPER RARE on the market...
I was calling all of my spirit guides & demigods to help me
on this transaction.. but here are the HARD FACTS PEOPLE...
If you EVER expect a second hand vintage synth to be
FLAWLESS (unless completely refurbished) be ready for
a serious surprise... expect SOMETHING quirky at least...
I have had more than a few vintage synths like this... :0
(It's 2017 for goodness sake! LOL!!!)

The Split-8 sounds cool, it's useful for today's vintage standard.
But expect some tuning issues randomly, voices not following
the filter or some amp settings like all of the other voices...
There are a few moments in this video demo that show it...
Wine Country might be your friend for a few months...
(But hey, It's good to be their friend, they are awesome!!)
That being said having some SWEET vintage kit is cool &
such an honor to have! It says a TON about your synth taste!
I like how this synth can pull up sounds not like anything else.
I am going to post a few more videos of this RARE SYNTH soon.
Keep posted, Subscribe & TURN IT UP!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Thank you for watching!!
Please Subscribe!!
More Synthesizer Demos
& Ambient Chill Zen Music
Rik Marston
Ahnyxian Sound Design

Erica Dtech VCF: Exploring Instability (LMS: Eurorack Expansion Preview)

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Learning Modular

"The filter in the classic Russian Polivoks synthesizer is prized for its distortion and occasionally out-of-control resonance. The Eurorack-format Erica Dtech VCF is my personal favorite implementation of the Polivoks filter, including lots of controls, different cutoff curves and resonance responses, as well as a switch between low pass and bandpass operation.

In this movie I explore how to put the filter in and out of instability by manipulating the input level and resonance amount, including using the unusual 'CV Address' control. I spend most of the time in low pass mode, but also explore bandpass toward the end. For more on using the Dtech VCF, see the companion article on the website:

This movie is second of two on the Erica Dtech VCF module from my online course, 'Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion' (available July 2017). For more details including the list of movies and an overview of the course, visit:"

cosmic surfin'/YMO(cover)

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Tosh Ara

DSI Prophet '08, Prophet-6, & KORG ARP Odyssey.

Digitakt – Evolving Soundscapes

Published on Jun 3, 2017 BoBeats

"Another song I made with the Digitakt. Features sampels from Minilogue and some Loopmasters sample packs that I tweaked heavily."

Silver Star - ORP1803 (1976)

via @fmass

Vintage record player with built in keyboard.

Found a video of one below!

ORP-1850 Organ Radio Phonograph Published on Oct 12, 2014

"Nothing left to be desired... ORP-1850: a turntable, mini organ, and radio! Made in GERMANY 1976."

Novation Circuit's Automation & 'Sample Flip' behavior

Published on Jun 2, 2017 Enrique Martinez

"A slow explanation to help one understand what's really going on when recording automation in Circuit's sequencer as well as utilizing the Sample Flip option in recent Circuit updates."

Avalon Synth Tutorial 9 - Accents, VCA & Filter Envelope

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Abstrakt Instruments

"Detailed tutorial of the VCA envelope, filter envelope, and accents."

All parts here.

Emu Emulator 3 + Syquest Drive, System & Sample Disc, Pedal and more

via this auction

"I am 2nd owner, the studio I worked at here in Detroit purchased it new in 1989, I purchased from studio in 1996, Stored since 1999
Always professionally maintained at EMU authorized repair center.
Last serviced 2 yrs ago for cleaning, calibration and had all the ribbon cables replaced.
The keyboard has been upgraded to 8mb ram.
40 Meg internal Hard Drive, System floppies
Syquest ezflyer removable hard drive w/ 12 discs , 4 or 5 include e3 and e3x library sounds & custom sampled sounds, approx 500meg of sounds. Scsi cord for syquest.
Original EMU Owners Manual
All functions work perfectly
Display works perfectly, keys and everyone is perfect shape
Cosmetically, the E3 is in great shape. There is two minor scuff marks you can see on the close up photo I added in the listing"

E-MU Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer w/ Macintosh Library

via this auction

"Beautiful E-MU Emulator II in amazing cosmetic and operating condition. This EII powers up, loads disks, plays, samples, and saves. Unlike some of the others this one is not a science or electronic experiment or project. Comes with fully working Mac SE vintage computer running Sound Designer for the EII and includes a 100 disk library so you can be ready to go right out of the box. Also has a custom fitted EII dust cover with Emulator II logo. On the CD-R(will be USB stick actually) you have the sought after Depeche Mode voices in HxC format if you decide to upgrade this unit with an HxC drive. Also includes an SD card with 1400 additional voices in HxC/Sound Designer format. Any of these files can be converted in EMXP which is free online. Please be familiar with these tools and vintage samplers if you are buying this unit. Sold as-is. The silk screening on the back is even cherry which is shows you how babied this unit was."

Roland JD-990 SN ZE50187

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 331042

via this auction

"Blue SH101. Minor issues like one key must be pressed harder than the rest to get a sound but other than that and some missing screws and one of the tabs on the battery cover are missing I think that it's totally functional, I'm not an expert but it sounds awesome."

Korg MS-03 Signal Processor pitch-to-voltage converter

via this auction

Marta SmiLga // Live @ Erica Synths Garage (take 2)

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Erica Synths

"Marta SmiLga is the project of Līga Smirnova, Riga based musician who lives for electronic music. Using her collection of modular synths and electronic instruments she generates deep and immersive cosmic soundscapes that drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole. On the 31st of May Marta SmiLga played a live set celebrating the out-coming of her debut release on Liminal Noise label - the split cassette together with Jelena Glazova, available for purchase here:

Visuals by DEE.

Dee works predominantly in the medium of computer graphics, including 3D modeling. Dee currently is getting a BFA in Digital Visualization. Her visuals have a unique style by creating a disturbing yet appealing atmosphere, where technology interacts with the dark side of nature."

Marta SmiLga // Live @ Erica Synths Garage

Roland SH-01 GAIA - Some 80's patches

Published on Jun 3, 2017 tiergrinder

"Roland GAIA gets lot of bashing and beating at synth forums, but I've always loved mine. I bought it new when it came out, and I've never thought of letting it go. It's relatively cheap, fun to use and it has great interface and controls. Synth engine is good for learing synthesis and GAIA has tons of hidden modulation and soundscape building possibilities under the hood.

This short video shows couple of the first 80's style patches I recreated with GAIA. Brasses and pads emulate Jupiter-8 sounds. Melody at 'Love In A Real Train" emulates Juno-106 type of sound.
Strings around 1:36 emulates Juno-106 chorus strings.

In almost all cases, GAIA was recorded dry without any of the synths internal FX. Gaia's own presets are drowned in effects, I wanted to show how this sounds dry and with external effects."

Modular vid #270

Published on Jun 3, 2017 Phisynth

"Both Benjolin XOR outputs are fed into BugBrand DRM1X's filter inputs"

The Whirling - a loose down tempo hip-hop patch for eurorack synthesizer

Published on Jun 2, 2017 Luke Killen

"Today's patch is a tempo varied hiphop beat."

Korg iM1 overview

Published on Jun 2, 2017 pantsofdeath

"Feel the cheese, be the cheese! If any of you want the M1 patch collection I refer to it is here"

iTunes: KORG iM1 - KORG INC.

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