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Monday, December 24, 2018

OB-6: Merry Lisztmas (Weihnachtsbaum, #3)

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Kris Lennox

"'Shepherds at the Manger' (In dulci jubilo) by Liszt. This work forms part of Liszt's wonderful 'Weihnachtsbaum' ('Christmas Tree). Not a set well-known within the piano-playing world - but certainly a fantastic set. As well as this piece, #'s 2, 6, and (especially) 9 are great pieces I'll likely record in the future; #2 on synth, and the others on piano (due to the wider range).

Weihnachtsbaum, written for Liszt's granddaughter Daniela von Bulow, was premiered on Christmas day. Hence this post on Christmas day :)

Just a quick sight-read through the score on this recording, but very interesting to hear the piece on the Oberheim. Liszt's instructions indicate the work is to be played on either piano or harmonium, but who knows: he may have enjoyed the piece on synth.

Merry Christmas to everyone - have a great day.
All best

HappyGhostXmasShow [teenage engineering PO-32 tonic]

Published on Dec 24, 2018 ghostradioshow


Deluge battery install instructions

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Synthstrom Audible

DSI Prophet 6 & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo

Published on Dec 24, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

A Merry Little Synth Ditty

Published on Dec 24, 2018 poorness studios

"I normally compose my synth stuff in minor or dorian keys, today I switched it to major for a minute... and made this. It sounded merry so Happy Holidays. :-)"

Semi-random Miracle | VCV Rack Holiday Patch

Published on Dec 24, 2018 VCV Rack Ideas

"Support me and get this patch and other stuff -

This year is awesome. This year I met VCV Rack. This channel is the result of passion for it and modular synthesis.
I thank you my guests and subscribers. You are cool. Happy Holidays!"

Old Danish Christmas Songs Played on the Roland SH-2000

Published on Dec 24, 2018 organfairy

1. Old Danish Christmas song #1 played on Roland SH-2000
"Børn og voksne i kærlig krans" is a well known (at least by people of a certain age) Danish Christmas song. It comes from an old theatrical play called "Nøddebo Præstegård" and was written by J.P.E. Hartmann in 1862.

I got it out of an old piano book and purists will probably demand that I play it on piano. However, I don't play piano very well and I actually don't have a piano.

But I have for quite a while been wanting to try and make music on synthesizer the way they did back in the days where synthesizers were always monophonic: One note at a time building up harmonies with a multitrack recorder.

So I split the piano arrangement into bass, string 1, string 2, and melody, and played the whole pile on my old monophonic Roland SH-2000 synthesizer. I added some reverberation in post production. But apart from that everything is made on the Roland synth.
2. Old Danish Christmas song #2 played on Roland SH-2000
"'Kimer i Klokker' (~Bells are chiming) is an old Danish Christmas song. Just like the one last week I play this solely on Roland SH-2000 analog synthesizer using only the VIBRAPHONE preset - because this was what came closest to a bell. However, I do use an extra gadget: I thought the vibraphone didn't have enough bass. So I used my old Boss OC-2 octave pedal to give the bottom voice some more........well, bottom.

And with this video I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!"


Published on Dec 24, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Circuit bent santa? a capacitive touch tree?? a capacitive touch train set? yeah yeahh this was a lovely christmas! one of the first videos i ever did, then its furbies rendition of gaudete and then an exerpt from last months 20 minute long Live Modular Megamix to finish it all off!!

yeah yeah i ran outa time to do a crimbo vid this year! so you may not have seen this


Synth Alone // Merry Christmas

Published on Dec 24, 2018 amenemo1010

"My wishes for a Merry Christmas to my special members and anyone who follows me (ok even those who do not follow me).


nicolai maruhama - You guys, Synth Merry Christmas!!💕💕💕

Published on Dec 24, 2018

nord wave

Moog Prodigy 336A Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Korg PS-900 Preset Synthesizer w/ User Manual

via this auction

Korg ARP ODYSSEY Module Rev3

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emax 2 With Drive Upgrade

via this auction

Roland HS-60 / Juno-106 SN 604954 w/ Blue LEDs

via this auction

Some pics of the inside including the built-in speakers below.

"The Roland HS-60 is IDENTICAL to the Juno 106 but it has onboard speakers, HOW COOL! Same circuit boards, voice chips, everything. You've heard it and you know how good they sounds and now you need it in your arsenal. Super lush, deep strings, sweeps, filters, effects, organs, AND it is fully equipped with midi so you can run it with your modern digital setup. This one is made in November of 1985."

Racine Brewing Company live modular set 12/22/18

Published on Dec 24, 2018 brandon logic

Latest Moog Grandmother Demo Tutorial Videos

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Moog Music Inc
Re-Published on Dec 27, 2018

"How to Sync Grandmother, DFAM and Mother-32 to play together as a family."

Grandmother | Using DFAM as Synced Mod Sequencer

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Moog Music Inc

"March to the beat of a different drummer by using DFAM as a step-programmable modulation source for the Moog grandmother."

Grandmother | How to Create an Auto Bass Line with Mother-32

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Moog Music Inc

"Learn how to easily program auto generated bass patterns on the Mother-32 and sync them via analog Control Voltage to the Moog Grandmother."

The Casio XW-P1 Appreciation Video

Published on Dec 24, 2018 ProckGnosis

"This is just an appreciation video for the Casio XW-P1, which I decided to sell. Like a lot of Casio products, there is some really inventive and creative work that went into the synth that often goes unnoticed or underappreciated (by myself even).

I bought it mostly as a cheap keyboard option for gigging with a "classic rock" band, and though I was curious about the sequencer, arpeggiator (which I don't mention in the video at all, unfortunately), and phrase sequencer, I had little reason to use any of those features, and therefore I didn't explore them so much. And that's unfortunate, because I think they are some of the stronger features on the synth, and would likely be appealing for someone wanting to get started with some DAW-less sequencing for not much money. I'm just more of a DAW-full kind of guy.

Loose Timeline for the Video
Intro - 03:08
The Step Sequencer - 11:30
The Phrase Sequencer - 16:16
The Drawbar Organ - 18:00
The Hex Layer Synth - 20:16
The Solo Synth - 22:58
Some Final Thoughts - 27:06
Bonus - Alt versions of ProckGnosis Theme with the XW-P1 - 28:22

For folks even more curious about the keyboard, I've copied Casio's specs on the XW-P1 below, though the formatting was mostly lost.

In transition

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Jörg Schaaf

"The moment you realize that the past is lost and the future is unattainable, you will feel the confidence to re-think each day as your day."

Breadboarded TR-606 - wip

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Stereoping

"Some work in progress of a learning project ... a TR-606 on breadboard with the TR-808 Cowbell and the DR-110 clap - all voices heavily modded. The finished result will be 606ish Midi-Drumexpander in 2 units 19" rack. No sequencer, no CV inputs.

The mods will offer wide ranges but staying in 'safe' areas to avoid unpleasant sonic surprises. The ringing Oscillator (HH&CY) and Cowbell squarewaves are made with an AtMega8 reading 6 pots and offering wide ranges of timbre and tune manipulation for Cowbell, Cymbal & HH. Clap burst management (Count of bursts and time between them) also made with the Atmel MPU. The clap has 2 individually tunable bandpasses (original DR110 just got 1): one for the bursts, the other for the Clap reverb.

Further features: Miditrigger, Accent, pot to adjust level of non-accented triggers (between off and accent level), individual outputs and clean PCB design with all pots, switches and jacks directly on PCB."

Moog DFAM Acid Basslines [Synth Recipe #69]

Published on Dec 24, 2018 hicut cake

Hicut Cake proudly presents:
Recipe #069

Cirklon / Volca FM / MBase 2

Published on Dec 24, 2018 ljs8888

Sonic LAB: Arturia Pigments Wavetable Synth

Published on Dec 24, 2018 sonicstate

DUNE 3 WIN10+6700K

Published on Dec 24, 2018 PXE02321


Music from The Nutcracker.

Arcano NES Chiptune Synthesizer R4

Published on Dec 24, 2018 Arcano Synthesizers

"All of the audio track was created with the Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R4 prototype. There are no immediate plans for a production run of the R4; however, five R4 prototypes will be available for purchase at starting on Wednesday, January 2, 2019."

23 12 18 Buchla Modular System

Published on Dec 23, 2018 batchas

"It's been quite a while since I played with the Buchla. I started this session from scratch and decided to save some presets while patching and changing settings.
Here in this video scanning through presets for fun.
No overdub or anything. Stereo out goes to YAMAHA AW4416 mixer. The reverb is from the WAVES plugin nstalled in the mixer.

Here's another one I made before with slightly different memorized settings:"

23 12 18 Buchla Modular System [01]

Uploaded on Dec 23, 2018 batchas

"Here in this video scanning through presets for fun.
No overdub or anything. Stereo out goes to YAMAHA AW4416 mixer. The reverb is from the WAVES plugin nstalled in the mixer."

VoiceLive Touch 2 Pedal 7 Project - Eurorack Interface

Published on Dec 23, 2018 freshnelly

"Today I was testing out the first 3 outputs for the Eurorack Modular Interface. The Triggers/Gates can output generic beats (as here) until the actual Clock and MIDI clock starts (set at 16 beats)

I have refined timing some and coincidentally just fixed a RIT_M clock start problem that I would have discovered today had someone not mentioned there was a problem a couple of days ago.
The perfect storm!!

This thing is so much fun it's hard to do work on it now ha ha. The new piezo pedal setup is:
2 or more taps to start & set tempo
1 Tap will abort if not playing yet.
Once Playing:
1 Tap = drumLoop bridge to alternate or if Song, loop to last marker
2 Taps= Jump to an Alternate drumLoop
3 Taps=Pause, 1Tap will re-start (+ Taps will re-sync)
4 Taps=Stop All
5+ Taps= resync
This scheme seems pretty easy to get used to so I'll stick with it a while :)
Next I'll be moving into menu diving and that stuff. Have made the sampler framework (PIC18F46K22) and it's probably going to take a few days to get that running, but hope to have a running pedal in time for New Years Slam Bam thank me maam

Patch n Tweak

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