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Monday, March 30, 2020

Synthstrum Deluge 3.1 Firmware Feature Tease

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Synthstrom Audible

"The 3.1 firmware update for the Deluge by Synthstrom Audible is currently in beta testing. Take a look to see the features which will be available for all users soon.
Thanks to for the presets in the first portion of the video.
In the second half of the video, Deluge user Leonard Ludvigsen takes some of the new features for a spin."

1991 Roland D-70 Pro-Rec Natural & Power Dance Cards

Pro-Rec Natural via this auction

Power Dance via this auction

in "Keyboard," "Electronic Musician," "Recording,"
"Korg Connection," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"FutureMusic UK" & many more

Natural features stunningly rich, dynamic and expressive
natural & light synth sounds, offering brilliant, clear, beautiful
pianos, basses, and other instruments and textures. Pianos
with strings, keys with pads, acoustic & orchestral
instruments & light synth instruments.

11 hard-piano 15 quietpiano 12 lightpiano 16 beautpiano 13 softpiano. 17 hvnlypiano 14 softerpiano 18 optimpiano 21 wondrpiano 25 beautypian 22 thinking, 26 truesound, 23 oatpiano 27 doublpiano 24 quietlight 28 blow,pipe, 31 xenaphone, 35 simplehit. 32 xenacoming 36 midntchoir 33 water,fall 37 midnight. 34 think,bell 38 eternity,. 41 superbpiano 45 starlight. 42 rich piano 46 dayltpiano 43 tine,piano 47 truevoices 44 orchestral 48 literhodes 51 naturalbas 55 niceorgan. 52 acoustcbas 56 acouspiano 53 hititsoft, 57 truemarmba 54 powerslap, 58 its,coming 61 symphstrng 65 beautstrng 62 lightstrng 66 xylavibes. 63 superstrng 67 fantasybel 64 bigtrumps! 68 heavncalls 71 semirlbass. 75 farawaystr 72 homeguitar 76 understand 73 sprlowbass 77 peacepipe. 74 background 78 hypersweep 81 naturepipe 85 moviestrng 82 panaflute. 86 lightbreath 83 fantaspipe 87 think pipe 84 nightlight 88 moviefinale

Power Dance features bright dance & synth hits, leads,
pads, basses & more - a dynamic collection of superior dance sounds!

11 brilliant. 15 wonderflow 12 super hit! 16 bripebbles. 13 polysound. 17 wondermix. 14 super pad! 18 powerlight 21 superchiff 25 hyperlight 22 ultradance 26 superquisp 23 ultrawondr 27 supersoft. 24 marimsynth 28 ultranight 31 ultra chif! 35 nightsine. 32 supercolor 36 electrharp 33 hvnlybrite 37 dreammarim 34 super pad. 38 marksguitr 41 ultrafall. 45 beautpiano 42 organlight 46 pluck keys 43 reboundorg. 47 wonderpad. 44 nightshowr 48 super xena. 51 heavnsynth 55 supernight 52 touchlight 56 analogwahh 53 air-synth. 57 electrwave 54 heavensnow 58 wonderfall 61 powerbass. 65 poly-bass. 62 prfrmbass 66 synthbass1 63 electrnbas 67 lightsynbs 64 ultrabass. 68 pulse bass. 71 superbass. 75 resonpluck 72 wonderbass 76 ultralight 73 lightelect 77 raspybass 74 fantasbreth 78 reso bass 81 plucksound 85 hypervoice 82 mystrysound 86 hyper tom. 83 beautiful. 87 hyperspace 84 colorbrush 88 ultraspace

Lance Hill of the Vintage Synthesizer Museum

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Vintage Synthesizer Museum

Rare clear Gleeman Pentaphonic in the background. Steiner Parker Synthacon top right.

"An amazing interview with the curator of the Vintage Synthesizer Museum, Lance Hill.
A film by Shayne Keator.
To book an appointment at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum contact:


Update: I asked Lance if he knew how many clear Gleeman Pentaphonics were produced. Here's what he had to say: "Not sure how many Gleeman Pentaphonic Clear's there are. Rumored to be around 25. Funny enough, the guy I bought this one from lived in San Jose, which is just a few miles from where the Gleeman brothers were producing their synths. He told me that the one we have was originally a black one, but when they came out with the clear one, he had them retrofit it into a clear one, so he could wear it as a keytar and walk around with it on stage."

Isolation No.2

Published on Mar 30, 2020 zack dagoba

"This is the second part of my ISOLATION SESSIONS in which I set up a self-playing patch on a synthesiser and just let it play on its own for a while

Here is a 12 minute video of a vintage Serge Modular from the early 1970s. Nothing else!

You can put this on in the background while you are doing your self-isolating, it might help pass the time?"

zack dagoba Isolation series

Henry Miller Reads From The Colossus Of Maroussi (Vocal, 1949) — with a 1973 Buchla Music Easel

The Buchla “System 3”

via Shasta Cults

"Shortly after selling his company to CBS in the late 60s, Buchla was tasked with designing a less expensive system to market to schools and universities. EMS had just released the VCS3 and it had started to overtake that market due to low cost and high functional density. Don seemed more interested in researching computer control and had started devising his 500 series system which CBS was not willing to fund. In early 1970 to meet contract requirements 6 prototypes of the 'System 3' were delivered to CBS before Buchla and CBS parted ways."

Nord Rack 2X 4 Part Demo

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Benjamin Jimenez

"Nord Rack 2 x + Reverb "

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with MAT PETERS

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Mat Peters plays guitar and synths in Manchester-based Post-Punk band ist ist. He also makes his own ambient music and produces under the name Kim’s Garden.

Ist Ist started as a heavy punk band in 2014. Mat joined in 2018 as the songs started to become a more experimental and the use of synths was becoming more prominent. The band’s sound is now a mix of 80’s Goth, Post-Punk, and electronica. Their debut album, Architecture is due to be released in 2020 through Kind Violence Records.

We chatted with Mat on how he’s using Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Modal Electronics Argon8 Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesizer

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Modal's Argon8 is an expressive polyphonic synthesizer that brings wavetable synthesis to a new generation of users. Capable of the cold, nostalgic tones of classic wavetable synths as well as distinctly futuristic timbres, the Argon8 provides an impressive punch for the price.

Argon8's wavetables are were carefully sculpted to provide access to a wide variety of sounds from classic analog-style techniques to esoteric, algorithmically-generated, glitchy sounds. With four oscillators per voice, extensive wave shaping and audio modulation options, a morphing resonant filter, and three stereo effect engines, Argon8 will do everything from smooth, slippery bass lines to crackling atmospheric textures.

All this combined with an eight-slot modulation matrix, velocity and aftertouch-capable keybed, and 512-note sequencer makes the Argon8 an uncommonly flexible tool for exploring the timbral universe of wavetable synthesis."

Quanalog eurorack groovebox setup (Boubou + Faktori + Braids + 3340 + Akemie's Taiko...)

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Quanalog Modular

"In this video, I will show you a groovebox patch in eurorack using Quanalog modules. 5 drum voices are coming from Boubou and 3 synth voices are 3 different tastes of VCO going thru our new Faktori module. Check it out!"

ThreeTom Steve's MS-22 PCB/Panel Back in Stock + Covid19 Update

via ThreeTom Modular

"Good news! The delivery gods have graced me with a new shipment of Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel sets. I’m also happy to say that these new PCB’s now sport a fancy nickel gold plating, which should lead to even easier SMT soldering than before. Even though the current batch is a bit larger than the previous one, please know there already were some pre-orders. If you want one (or more), don’t wait too long before ordering! :)

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s currently a world-wide pandemic going on. This has some impact on shipping :In addition to the PCB/panel set, I’m now also offering the required knobs and switches, saving you some time (and shipping costs) sourcing these very specific components.

Bpost has currently suspended all shipments going out of the EU.
DPD seems mostly fine for now, with some hickups in France, Spain and Italy
Because of the above, some Threetom orders may be delayed. If this is the case for your order, I’ll keep you posted (pun intended) on when I can ship. For all shipments by Bpost, please assume at least 4 weeks of delay. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

Stay safe and healthy my friends!

Review and full tutorial: Launchpad Pro MK3 and Launchpad X by Novation

Published on Mar 30, 2020 loopop

0:00 Intro
0:55 Main differences
3:45 Live session
4:30 Mixer controls
5:40 Track selection
6:25 Device controls
7:30 Misc Pro features
8:45 Note mode
10:30 Custom layouts
14:15 Chord mode
17:00 Sequencer setup
18:30 Step sequencing
20:35 Automation
21:15 Probability
22:05 Mutation
22:55 Micro-step
24:00 Print to clip
24:25 Arpeggiator?
24:55 Pattern settings
26:05 Pattern view
26:50 Scenes
27:25 Projects
28:05 Seq + session
28:55 Setup
29:25 Pros & cons

Here's where I sort out the USB/MIDI mess in case you want to use LaunchPad X with hardware synths:


Making Beats as fast as possible on the Novation Circuit

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"Making music from scratch on the Novation Circuit using the new DreddSteppa pack from Isotonik and LDM Design:"

Extralife - "Vanity Plates" (Korg DW8000 studio jam)

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Extralife

"Some driving synthpop highway music inspired by Lenno's 'isolation beats' series on instagram (and featuring some of his loops and FX sounds!). Some Alan Brake/Fred Falke type sounds for a summer spin with the windows down."

Mattel Synsonics Drums French Demo Record From 1981

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Lionel

"Synsonics Drums 45t publicitaire 1981"

Synsonics Drums side B

Roland JX-8P

via this auction

Korg BPX-3 Vintage Analog Bass Synthesizer SN 400216

Published on Mar 15, 2013 mathiaspelling

"Vintage KORG BPX-3 Bass synth with original KORG PK-13 bass pedal keyboard."

via this auction

"Extremely rare Korg BPX-3 Vintage Analog Bass Synthesizer module for use with the PK-13 Pedal Keyboards.

Here is a rare module for sale. Unfortunately it is separated from it's pedals but if you have this unit, here is a chance to get a spare module or replace that broken or missing one to complete your pedal set."

Fast Forward Designs Midi Step Bass Pedal Phil Collins Tour Leland Sklar

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"This listing is for a Fast Forward Designs Midi Step Bass Pedal Controller Owned By Leland Sklar and used in 1990 on the Phil Collins 'But Serious Tour'. Serial# A710 700"

1976 Thomas 2001 2001A5 Organ Keyboard Piano Synthesizer w/ Bench SN 2478513

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"This listing is for a very rare Thomas 2001 (2001A5) Electronic Organ Keyboard Synthesizer. Fully restored by Ken Rich Sound Services. Serial #2478513"

Pics of the inside below.

360 Systems Spectre Guitar Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"This listing is for a vintage 360 Systems Spectre Guitar Synthesizer. This comes out of the personal gear collection of bassist Kenny Gradney of the band Little Feat."

With the guts of an Oberheim SEM.

Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer SN MT12642

via this auction

Vintage Techno using only My #TR8S #techno

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Alex Fain

"This fucking machine Is The machine!"

Sequarallel TRAX Tracker: SHIFT

Published on Mar 30, 2020 freshnelly

"This short video demonstrates the TRAX (using #2) Tracker's Shift feature, shifting individual lanes and inadvertantly Recording in a short progression via MIDI. Shift rotates all notes in a selected lane with each click of the encoder.

The Shift can be used in conjunction with "SKIP" to only shift every 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. step. As it destructively updates the sequence, changing the SKIP setting and re-shifting can jumble the orders up with surprising results!

Shift can be used to shift all lanes together, and possibly using the RANGE parameter to only shift within a certain area (TBD)

This can be achieved now by simply changing the Start/End parameters found further down the QB pop-up SHIFT is in."

Farfisa Polychrome - Italian Vintage Synth

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Riccardo Pietroni

"All sounds come from Farfisa and have been recorded in the 4 tracks of Op1. Mod Duo was used for the effects"

Farfisa Polychrome

Volca Drum + PO32 Chords & Glitch Jam

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Perplex On

"Took the #VolcaDrum to unusual sonic territories by programming rather atonal chords. Supported by glitchy percussion coming from the #PO32 Tonic. All recorded and realtime processed on the iPad using AUM, Scatterbrain, Audiodamage Roughrider, Klevgrand Korvpressor, FAC Alteza, Bandit and Maxima.
Audioreactive projected visuals made with #Notch. Enjoy!"

Minimoog & Polysix #2

Published on Mar 30, 2020 noddyspuncture

"Minimoog has all three rows (2/3 & the newly added 4) doing the filter CV and processed in the usual way using the sequential switch. I'm also selecting/deselecting stages via the COTK gate sequencer. The Polysix is just doing the effects."

Virtual Moogfest Day#7: Moogerfooger Ring Mod 102 FX

Published on Mar 30, 2020 Starsky Carr

"Day 7 of my Coronavirus lockdown. This time featuring the Moogerfoogers 102 Ring Mod. Just at the quick look at the pedal and why it's so special. Something to fill a few minutes during self-isolation.

Moog FX pedals are just sublime!

Stay indoors, stay safe."

Starsky Carr's Virtual Moogfest

Mother 32+Digitakt

Published on Mar 29, 2020 Mother 32+Digitakt

#moog #mother32 #elektron #digitakt #sub37

Bromo Volcano - Volca Modular, Microfreak

Published on Mar 29, 2020 StreamLabs - Eunjae Im

"Volca Modular, Arturia Microfreak, Zoom MS-70CDR

Some footage from my 4K stock pool including 'View Of Bromo Volcano, Mount Semeru and Mount Batok From Mount Penanjakan" and "Sea Of Sand At The Caldera Of Mount Bromo Volcano. East Java, Indonesia'."

Patch n Tweak
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