MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Init Patch: Empress Zoia Acid Bass

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Inflatable Robot

Radiator Drone

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Neon Captain

"Experimenting with some non-traditional laser abstract with the Radiator Laser Synthesizer."

BLM 7200 Modular Synthesizer System with AC-420 Aluminum Enclosure

via this auction

"This modular system is a modern dedication to Alan R. Pearlman (AKA ARP). It uses the instrument list structure from the arp 2600.

Instead of making another clone arp 2600, I wanted to make an updated synthesiser, like an Arp 2700 type of project.

So there are many extra functions on this system, not found on the original arp2600. The only Arp 2600 circuit that is an exact clone, is the Analog Switch.

All the potentiometers are metal knurled type. Knobs are soft touch Black and White.

There are no internal patches. All connections must be manually made between module sections, this is a fully Modular System.

The only modules I did not include are: Reverb FX and Internal Speakers.

(These take care of the Reverb FX and Speakers situation.)

The FX send and Return module lets you patch a stereo fx rack or pedal. I felt this was better than using an old noisy Spring Tank.

The monitoring 1u module lets you patch a stereo cable to a JBL portable speaker for example for monitoring.

The monitoring amp can also be used for headphone monitoring.

In a room full of synthesizer systems, the Darpa Modular Synth will always turn heads or get asked "What about this one?". It is just a gorgeous looking instrument.

Roland Juno-106s

via this auction

Axon Defecto Alone Again

Published on Apr 11, 2020

"Video for the song ' Alone Again ' from the ep ' The Beginning of the New End ' by Axon Defecto"

“Close your eyes and open you mind, treat your amygdala to an electronic soundscape of eternal ambient tones, rhythms and pulses …….. with Axon Defecto’s synthesized drift into the subconscious.” --ESSGEE

This track was created live in one take on Bass Guitar.

equipment used

1966 Fender Precision bass
Boss SYB-5 synth pedal
Sonuus B2M
E-MU Orbit v2
Peavey Hot Foot distortion
T.C. Electronics Ditto x4 looper
Donnor Analog Delay
T.C. Electronics T2 reverb

Resolume VJ

Thanks for watching

Opus II - Full Album by Omri Cohen & Interview

Omri Cohen

"In the last couple of months, I've recorded every week a piece of music, practicing and learning my setup, and I thought that maybe it's a good idea to collect a few of those pieces and release them as a sort of a collection album. I remixed and remastered all the tracks especially for this album.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

00:00 - LuLaAh
06:42 - Twines
13:14 - Mallets
19:43 - Voices
28:02 - Meshulash
32:29 - Tears in the Rain
38:02 - A new Beginning
57:29 - Arbhar

Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -
Here it is on Bandcamp -"

20Objects Podcast 321: Omri Cohen

Published on Apr 12, 2020 20Objects

An interview with supporting member, Omri Cohen.

"When one of the listeners suggested Omri Cohen for an interview, I had to do a little research. And 'a little' is key - one quick search on YouTube made it clear that this was someone I'd want to talk to. And once we started chatting, we got on a roll - Omri is a great cat, and is so open to sharing, that we got on like brothers.

Whether it's talking about his background or his approach to hybrid modular systems, he combines a deep understanding about what he's doing with a relaxed way of explaining that causes everything to immediately make sense. That's an amazing gift - and makes him one of the most effective tutorial-makers out there.

If you want to check out his videos, the easiest way is to check out his channel. He also releases music on Bandcamp - some of which he features as 'Making Of..." options on his video channel - at I love his work, and this has really inspired me to make some interesting work in our now-isolated meta-world.


New Limited Edition BLUEPRINT Poster from SYNTH EVOLUTION

You might remember the original poster from SYNTH EVOLUTION posted back in 2018.

Oli of SYNTH EVOLUTION, wrote in to let us know he has a new edition of the poster. Details:

"It’s a silk-screened print on high grade paper in the brand new colour of blueprint blue. I’ve only made 30 hand-numbered prints and they really are gorgeous and a joy to look at! All the facts about 99 of the best synths of 20th century, designed to be a talking point for any studio or home.

At a limited price for £30 ($36) till Sun 19th, now’s the time to grab one!"

More details and buy online at"

"Synth Evolution are proud to announce the launch of this gorgeous, updated, ‘blueprint blue’ edition of Synths Greatest Hits.

For a limited time, you could own one of thirty limited edition, hand numbered, prints. Silkscreened onto high quality 270gsm paper, this is a treat for the eyes as well as the synth-obsessed brain!

The poster is an intricately researched and painstakingly designed A1 poster featuring exactly 99 of the most iconic, important and interesting synths of the 20th century.

Featuring the same illustration style as the original A0 Synth Evolution poster, it now includes a selection of drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, TR-909, LinnDrum and samplers such as the NED Synclavier II, Fairlight CMI, Akai S1000 and Ensoniq Mirage.

Each synth is accompanied by a short description explaining it’s importance - for example how the Arp 2600 was used for the voice of R2D2, or that the Eminent 310 was the string sound used by Jean-Michel Jarre on Equinoxe I. Not only that, but the synthesis type is indicated, along with maximum polyphony and numbers of oscillators per voice.

All-in-all, it is a cornucopia of information and connections, guaranteed to keep any synth fan occupied for hours, and will provide a fascinating talking point for the studio or home.

A1 Blue poster with white print 54.9 x 84.1cms (23.4” x 33.1”) on 270gsm paper

A Limited edition of 30 - once they’re gone, they’re gone!"

MSV Groove in Seven

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Todd Barton

"Continuing to learn the 1979 Modular's Modal Synthesis Voice a Buchla format version of Mutable Instruments' Elements."

/\/\/\ DRONE MUSIC /\/\/\ Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 #TTNM

Published on Apr 12, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"No sequencers were harmed in this jam! Instead, I'm using the LD3's drone mode and a bunch of LFO modulation."


infinite game [naviarhaiku327]

Published on Apr 12, 2020 bassling

"See for track discussion."

5U Modular Synthesizer

Published on Apr 11, 2020 Ariyo Shahry

"5U Modular synthesizer jam. The base of this system is System 66. Over time I've added other modules to my system. In this video the following modules are featured:

- Moon Modular M 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
- Moon Modular M 564 Sequential Divider Switch
- Moon Modular M 543 Stereo Output Mixer
- Moon Modular M 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source
- Analog Craftsman ac2600 Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)
- Dove Audio WTF Oscillator
- CorSynth C107 Quad Linear VCA/VC Mixer
- Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
- Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
- Q109 Envelope Generator
- Q110 Noise Source
- Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay"

Dreadbox Erebus V3 (No Talking)

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Magic Electronic Music

"All sounds are from the Dreadbox Erebus V3."

Custom DIY Laser Harp v2 by Starshipfive

Published on Apr 12, 2020 starshipfive

"This is my second version of my custom DIY Laser Harp built by me.

Main Specs:

.MIDI Velocity Sensitive
.Programmable Scales and Scale Selector
.9 Lasers
.Programmable Led's tape integrated in the back of the laser harp
.Integrated Smoke Machine
.LCD to view active scale"

Roland SC-7 Sound Canvas Modules - Sound Demo

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Runningonair

"In this video I review the sounds and effects available on the Roland SC-7 sound canvas module."

Soma Labs Lyra 8 Analog Drone Synthesizer

via this auction

Fender Chroma Polaris

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here.

"The synth came from a smoke free studio, it has a couple of knicks in the wood end cheeks and on one of the end cheeks is what appears to be duct tape adhesive residue. It was like this when I bought it, other than that, it's fully functional.

The Chroma Polaris was the second synthesizer made by Fender/Rhodes after they took over ARP, following their classic . It has a classic analog ARP-like sound, kind-of tinny but also fat. Sounds can be layered up to 6 voices. It has typical analog synth controls including a cool 'sweep' knob for sweeping through the LFO or analog filter cutoff parameters. It also has a simple real-time sequencer and 132 memory patches.

There's also a nice and colorful layout with sliders similar to Roland Juno synths, membrane push-buttons and a large velocity sensitive 61-note keyboard making the Chroma Polaris a very nice synth. Fully MIDI-equipped, the Polaris will transmit and receive all its edit controls through MIDI as well as the ability to play up to three patches at once."

1976 Roland Sh-5 Synth Owners Manual w/ Patch Sheets

via this auction

"Full 16 page original owner's manual , printed in 1976"

Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer w/ Built-In Retroaktiv Programmer

via this auction

"JX8P that has a Retroaktiv PG-800 MINI Controller built into it, which brings this to a whole other level. These are great as is, but you really need the PG-800 controller to do anything with it, and the original ones can be the same price as the synth..."

Yamaha FS1R SN PM01341

via this auction

Moog One Sound

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Boele Gerkes


1. Moog One Sound #1
So... after more than a year of doubts, I finally dared to purchase a Moog One, and the thing goes beyond my wildest dreams...

This first recording is a simple two oscillator sound, where I modulate the wave shape of oscillator 1 and 2 (saw/sine) with a random shaped LFO and the pitch with another saw tooth shaped LFO. A little delay from the One does the rest.

You can easily get in 'Cortini'-territory if you like: Buchla-esque types of sounds. Not in the last place because of the incredible musical envelopes with all their stage curve shaping possibilities.

But also because of the character of the oscillators. WELL done Moog!
2. Moog One Sound #2
This one is a bit more experimental. It's three arps not synced to master clock and all three running at a slightly different speed. :)
I start with arp 1 on solo, then 2, then 3, then all three.
3. Moog One Sound #3
Allright, the last one for today: this is a more conventional arp sound, both synced to the master clock. Two layers with the same sound however one of them 1 octave up. Arp play mode is "random" on both layers. Dotted delay does the rest. There is a slight part of ring modulation in the mixer. The ring modulator is pure heaven by the way.

Steampunk/Ambient Live Performance (1 Pattern Only) - Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Published on Apr 12, 2020 Lo-fi Pask

'I picked up one of my work in progress OP-Z's Project and did a 'live' jam with it. All sounds comes from OP-Z, all stock sounds and all played using only one pattern.

I'm trying this new "easier" format for my videos, wish you'd like it."

ПОЛИВОКС - Polivoks Pro [Sound Check]

Published on Apr 12, 2020 TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

Patch n Tweak
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