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Friday, February 26, 2021

Eurorack and TouchDesigner - Audio Visual Patch (BIA, Beads, Planar2, Mimeophon, Arbhar, Ts-L)

video by Omri Cohen

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Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Here are some patch notes:
- The Ts-L is going to Planar2, and from there, once to the Imitor Versio and once to the Mimeophon so I can scan through those 2 outputs.
- The Ts-L is sequenced by the Voltage Block through Harmonaig.
- The BIA is also receiving pitch from Harmonaig and it's going to Beads.
- I have a kalimba recorded on Arbhar.
- Each of those sounds is modulating different parameters in TouchDesigner, controlling the visuals in real-time. "


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Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer / Sequencer Demos

videos by Hank Coffey

1. Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer - Sequencer and Basic Operation
2. Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer Demo

Jexus WC Olo Garb reference at 3:22.

They Have Arrived | Moog One

video by Chris Hunt

"They have arrived, but do not worry. They are only here to observe. Do not look into their eyes. Do not acknowledge that you see them. When they leave, you will know. 🤭"

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer

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ALM/Busy Circuits System Coupe

via this auction

"The system coupe is a modern modular groove box combing both digital and analog technologies. It features various sound sources, innovative pattern creation and sequencing, modulation, sampling, processing and integration with external equipment.

Use the Coupe as a creative tool to sketch new original musical ideas and phrases, an enjoyable persuit to take on travels, a flexible instrument for live sets or imaginative first, or ongoing steps into modern modular synthesis. The System Coupe works great on its own or in partnership with your existing set up."


video by GForce Software

"A tutorial video showing how to set-up MPE in ROLI Connect and OB-E version 1.0.1.

If you don't seem to have full slide or Y-Axis MPE functionality please update to version 1.0.1."

Mitch's Korg 700 Repair (by synthpro)

video by synthpro

"Hey Guys,

this is a video I made for Mitch going over his Mini-Korg. I thought some of you may appreciate seeing a review of this synth as well."

Korg Trident - 1980 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

video by Perfect Circuit

"Originally produced at the dawn of the 1980s, the Korg Trident is an 8-voice, polyphonic analog synthesizer with three distinct, programmable sections. The Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings section can be dialed in to your liking, and then layered together for complex patches or assigned to split sections of the keyboard for totally independent parts. Each section of the Trident certainly has its own sonic identity, so crafting pads, basses, leads, and other sounds becomes easier after spending some time to learn the strengths and features within each section. There’s also a global Flanger effect which can be assigned to one of the three sections, great for building washy pads with the Synthesizer or Strings sections.

In this video, we show off a handful of the lush, vintage sounds that can be coaxed out of this classic synthesizer. The Trident is certainly an instrument that rewards playing its keyboard, while engaging and tweaking the different sections as a performance element. We also showcase some of the Trident’s external CV inputs with a small set of Eurorack modules, expanding the instrument with more complex modulations than what is possible within the Trident alone.

Visit our online shop:"

Elektron Analog Rytm MK2 Performance

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Steven Ly (Project 32) of Patchwerks performs on the Analog Rytm MK2 by Elektron.

The Analog Rytm MK2 is an 8 voice drum machine with both analog voices and sample playback. Not to mention it can sample and resample with a dedicated sample input and waveform view. The Rytm was designed with live performance in mind - offering 12 scenes and 12 performance macros.

Learn more about the Rytm MK2 here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

emu square

video by zack dagoba

"I put the Emu Modular into a new hardwood cabinet - it matches the original 14U Emu cabinets from the 1970s. Woooo!"

InfraDeep PVX-800 Demo | No Talking

video by Futulyric

"Тест одного из первых экземпляров аналогового синтезатора PVX -800 производства InfraDeep (Сибирь). Инструмент задумывался по мотивам известного Поливокса, однако, на мой взгляд, получился гораздо шире по возможностям."


"A test of one of the first copies of the analog synthesizer PVX-800 manufactured by InfraDeep (Siberia). The instrument was conceived based on the well-known Polivoks, however, in my opinion, it turned out to be much wider in its capabilities."

See the InfraDeep label below for more.

SoundsDivine 'The Sweet Spot' - BX_Oberhausen

video by SoundsDivine111

"This is a demo of the presets from 'The Sweet Spot' soundset for BX_Oberhausen.
For more information, please follow the link below:

00:00​ Intro
00:10​ Soft Sevenths
00:57​ Groovy Metrics
02:47​ Discrete VCO
03:28​ Slow PMW
04:12​ Legato Sync
04:57​ Vintage Oberheim
05:38​ Son Of 16 Voice
07:20​ Moogy Legato
08:14​ Octave Swell"

Slow peaceful ambient Waldorf Iridium patch

video by Ambiotic Fluid

"A quiet slow ambient improvisation with a Waldorf Iridium custom patch"

Qu-Bit Introduces Cascade: Ratcheting Envelope Generator

video by Qu - Bit

"Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator, VCA, and sound source all within a compact form factor. The unique interactions of its feature set open up new worlds of rhythmic patching and modulation. Easily create ratcheting sequences, bouncy-ball modulation, and pumping compression, all within a single module.

At its core, Cascade is a powerful envelope generator, which is normaled to a high fidelity 2164 based VCA. You can patch in external audio to the VCA, or take advantage of 4 internal audio algorithms: white noise, 808 kick and hi-hat, and a high frequency sine tone. Cascade will open up your system in ways that make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

• Envelope output and internal audio generated at 96kHz
• High fidelity 2164 based analog VCA topology
• Analog signal path with digital control for envelope following, compression, and classic VCA behaviors
• Snappy envelopes all the way down to 500 microseconds in length
• Reprogrammable via the Daisy ecosystem"

KORG POLYSIX Analog Synthesizer (1982) The Classic 70s String Machine in the Synth. Cinematic Sound

video by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Can you replace a classic 70s string machine with a synthesizer?
Yes, you can, even if the concept is different. With the Polysix you get a synthesizer with analog chorus, phaser and ensemble effect. The Ensemble fx in particular is ideal for creating wide and soft strings. The internal effect section is generated via three serial BBD delays. Another plus point is the soft SSM filter.

all sounds: Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer (1982)
recording: multi-track, played by hand

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Home:​"

Korg Sigma KP-30 Monophonic Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Whiteout Limited Edition SN 003 of 150

via this auction

"Mint condition Access Virus TI2 limited whiteout edition. I love this synth so much but I have to part ways with it. It has the best keyboard action in the world hands down. Such a beautiful piece of music history, atheistically and sonically. #3 of 150 in the entire planet. Hardly used ever, spent 90% of the time under a protective cover, in a smoke free studio."

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - Demo 4 - Adding Layers Live

video by ChrisLody

"This is something I'd planned to play in a stream at some point and still may do that as a demonstration as it shows how live elements can be added to the Liven XFM tracks live

So when the sequencer starts to play the synth engines, sounds and setting are already loaded in but only the bass has been programmed. You'll see me punch in some rhythms for the drums then unmute that track so it plays. I then use the Parameter Lock to change step 15 to a clap and set the reverb level for the clap on that step only. I then real-time record the slightly unsettling pad sound and play the lead live.

The sequencer also offers non-realtime step sequencing as another way of entering note information which is how the bassline was programmed in which is done in the same way that I programmed the drums, but I'll save the details of that for a tutorial video"

See the Sonicware label below for more.

Shared System Tutorials | Part 32 | Mimeophon Microsound

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"Always fun to create a new episode! As I mentioned before I am now including the full range of MakeNoise modules in these tutorials to accomodate people who need to know more about QPAS and Mimeophon. This session is about microsound exploration on the Mimeophon instead of Morphagene. The Morph has a Strega reel because I also wanted to find out how this evil little machine would sound in a bigger setting. So there's a lot of noise coming up. Have fun, and modulars really help you to stay home, safe and inspired!"

Sensel and SonalSystem present; Analog Essentials MPE

video by Sensel

"Analog Essentials was created by the pros at SonalSystem. It is a deep collection of chromatically sampled synthesizers, arranged into presets for Ableton Live 10 & 11 as well as Logic Pro X 10.5.

Vintage synthesizers and modern eurorack creations were processed and sampled for every note and meticulously prepared for Live and Logic Samplers into instrument racks that give you immediate and full control over variation and mix. The resulting sounds emanate a vintage, “video shack soundtrack” vibe that is hard to resist.

MPE is mapped for each preset, offering full expressive control over all sounds, bringing all the character and richness of analog into a modern, powerful format. (Note: Live 10 has no MPE mappings). In total, the sound pack includes 60+ Presets for Leads, Bass, Pads, and Drones, 3000+ sample files (with loop points in meta data), and 9+ GB of pure sonic bliss.

On sale for just $39 for the next two weeks ($59 MSRP)!

LEARN MORE about Analog Essentials at"

Techtonics Sound Set for Live 11 and Bitwig Studio

video by Sensel

"Techtonics features presets for the newly released Ableton Live 11 and Bitwig Studio 3.3+. It offers dark sounds, gritty textures, and rich harmonics that were sampled from analog synths like the Moog Subharmonicon, Meeblip Geode, and Buchla Music Easel. Included are 13 Sampler synths, over 60 polyrhythmic loops, five drum racks of percussion and bass kits, and a full kit of 16 unique kick drums. The result is a veritable construction kit for modern techno-derived genres that rely heavily on rhythm.

Beyond great sounds, Techtonics has many creative uses of MPE. For example, the vertical "slide" gesture on the "Kits" is used to create a "rim" at the top of all the pads, when played with a 4x4 grid. This rim adds a distortion, effect, filter, or other variation to the pad.

On sale for just $39 for the next two weeks ($59 MSRP)!

LEARN MORE about Techtonics at"

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