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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Custom Micromoog Synthesizer with Extra Oscillator in Moog Lyra Concept Housing

via this auction

Curious how many of those cases exist.

You can find a mini Lyra in this post. The Lyra was part of the Constellation system which was to consist of the Lyra Solo Synthesizr, Apollo Polyphonic Synthesizer, and Taurus Bass Synthesizer. This case is rare.

Some notes from the listing:

"Hasn't been powered up in 20+ years.

Will require a thorough cleaning, calibration and repair (Broken 'Release' slide switch - see pics).

Additional MicroMoog Oscillator circuit is built on Vero Board.

Housing was purchased from Moog Music.

The Synth housing is an early Engineering design concept of the Moog Lyra

modified and adapted to house the MicroMoog main pc assembly,

extra MicroMoog Oscillator Circuit, Sonic VI [49 key] keyboard Subassembly and Power Supply."

Pic of the back inside below.

Prism Circuits - Canvas System vs Pulsar 23

video upload by Prism Circuits

"Cross patching the Canvas System to the SOMA Pulsar 23 to get some deep modulation being sent from both units and routed to multiple destinations. Creating feedback is one of my favorite ways to use the Canvas System within the system itself and externally."

From the vault - Jupiter-8 song and patterns

video upload by SynthMania

"I found this old theme that I made in 2011 in my archives. This piece was all done with a Jupiter-8 (all parts other than the drum loop). At the end there are also a JP-8 arpeggio and string patch demo taken from the same session

0:00 Jupiter-8 song
6:57 Jupiter-8 arpeggio
8:36 Jupiter-8 strings"

Korg MS-10 SN 134069

via this auction

Akai AX60 Polyphonic Analog Synth SN 10725-32380

via this auction

"Vintage Akai AX60 Polyphonic Analog Synth from the 80's in good shape.

Akai's answer to the Roland Juno series.

The AX60 is a 6-voice programable analog synth with a 5-octave, 61-note unweighted keyboard."

Moog Memory Moog Plus SN 2161

via this auction

"Memory Moog Plus MIDI with Sequencer (brand new set of contacts)

Foot Pedals (Volume/Multi function and Advance/Reverse)

Power Cord

Owners Manual, Service Manual, Settings Charts, Factory preset sounds on cassette tape

Custom Dust Cover

Roadie Case

Functions like new

Introductions: The Octave-Plateau Electronics Voyetra 8 + Demo Track~

video upload by Vintage Synthesizer Solutions

"Please join us while we walk you through a brief introduction to and demonstration of the spectacular Octave-Plateau Voyetra 8 Polyphonic Synthesizer. The V8 is one of the most spectacular, but also one of the most unknown polysynths released in the 1980's. The V8 is an absolute masterpiece and we want you to be able to experience some of what this incredible sonic powerhouse is capable of. First demonstrated at the 1981 NAMM show, it was not widely produced until 1983. Consequently, there are several different revisions. It combines CEM oscillators with SSM filters like the Prophet 5 Rev 1 & 2. Less than 1000 were produced. Some say it is fatter than even the Jupiter-8... now you can decide for yourself.

***Stereo headphones or decent speakers/studio monitors are a must! All of the sounds you hear in this video and demo track were produced entirely with the Voyetra 8, with the only exception being the drums. The audio is dry, NO effects were used.***

Thank you for watching our video!"

Tubbutec/Roland Juno-66 Demonstration & Installation Tutorial

video upload by Vintage Synthesizer Solutions

"A demonstration of Tubbutec's fantastic Juno-66 mod. All sounds have been made using the Juno-6 with the Tubbutec mod and recorded without the use of effects (excluding drums made with the Cyclone Analogic TT-606)."

Tubbutec/Roland Juno 66 Upgrade: Complete Installation Tutorial + Demo Track~

"Please join us while we demonstrate the process of installing Tubbutec's fantastic Juno-66 mod into an absolutely gorgeous Roland Juno-6... while also trying to keep it as original as possible. We go through the entire job, step by step, so you can decide if this is a job you feel comfortable taking on yourself, or not (to be seriously considered). We are not affiliated with Tubbutec in any way, but we do install their kits quite often. They make fantastic mods for other synths as well and the website is absolutely worth checking out:

ALL of the background music and the demo track at the end is original content. It was made entirely from sounds we recorded from the Juno-6 post install (aside from the drums; there are no effects on the synth sounds!)! We also tried to include as many sounds as possible that demonstrate the additional functionality the mod offers, but back to the details...

Aside from adding midi in & out jacks, this mod adds some amazing additional play modes like two unison modes with detune. There's also 2 and 3 voice modes that stack oscillators, but still allow some polyphony. We feature these various play modes heavily in the sounds of the demo track. It also an incredible polyphonic portamento feature, way more ARP modes (sequenced too). If that wasn't enough to breath new life into your ability to get creative with your Juno, the mod also adds 2 additional filter LFOs, an additional (paraphonic) envelope dedicated to the filter, as well as filter, pitch bend, ARP, and portamento control via midi.

All of these additional features are easily accessed by easy to learn button press combinations. However, Stereoping does offer their controller which brings all these additional features to surface level. However, it must be reiterated that the additional features are really easy to access without having the dedicated programmer."

Prism Circuits - Canvas System Percussion Patch

video upload by Prism Circuits

"The Prism Circuits Canvas System is a highly versatile system that offers a wide variety of sounds and textures.

Read more about the Canvas System"

Serge Matrix Feedback Patch

video upload by Todd Barton


And here is a great series on feedback patching the Serge:

Uploads from La Synthèse Humaine

Vermona Piano-Strings (1978) - How does it sound?

video upload by Synthfluencer

"I play around with my Vermona Piano-Strings and some effect units. The Vermona Piano-Strings was produced in the GDR by 'VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke' and one of the very few string machines produced in the late Eastern Bloc. Sound manipulation is sort of limited. There is a string and a "piano" section but you can use only one section at a time. For the string section you can mix three kinds of string instruments (Cello, Viola, Violine) and add two different choruses. Decay can be changed but no other envelope control. I pass the signal through a Vermona Phaser 80, a legendary effects unit built with discrete circuitry and compare it to some Small Stone phaser simulation by using the ingenious Zoom MS70 CDR multi effect unit. You may find some 'Jarrism' in this video ;-)"

Sequential PROPHET-6 | Simple Chords | Vintage Mode

video upload by ERROR KIT

"All Sounds & FX by Prophet-6"

I ❤️ Sequential PROPHET-6 Filter 💦 | No Talking

video upload by ERROR KIT

"All Sounds & FX by Prophet 6 | NO VSTs NO Pedals"

Sequential PROPHET-6 | LFO & PolyMod

video upload by ERROR KIT

"All Sounds by Prophet-6 / No FX"

Sequential PROPHET-6 I BRASS Patch I Filter + PolyMod

video upload by ERROR KIT

"All Sounds by Prophet-6 / No FX"

Live jam sequential pro 3 deep house music

video upload by EDDIE LE FUNK MUSIC

"Eddie Le Funk Live jam with sequential pro 3 se"

Moog Minimoog Voyager demo by Deep Synths

video upload by Deep Synths

"The Moog Minimoog Voyager synthesizer is used to create an entire track by Deep Synths. All parts are the Voyager except drums (from Akai MPC) and vocal. Take a Voyage with the Voyager."

Elta Music Solar50 2021 Yellow

via this auction

"Solar50 in perfect conditions, as new, in a gorgeous CAT yellow (yes, like the machines)."

Video in the listing previously posted here.

KORG Polysix PS-6 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Work list:
Change all elec. caps
KLM-367A clone board installed.
Change all buffer Opamps on CPU board (brand new remanufactured) and about 1/2 of Opamps on other boards.
New transistors, power regulator and fuses installed on power supply board.
New phototransistor installed on module board.
COOLAUDIO V2044A VCFs installed. please google "coolaudio" "V2044A"... if you don't need it I will leave all SSM2044 original filters installed
New "spark-killer" capacitor installed (relocated on power switch pins).please google "coolaudio" "V2044A"
New memory back up battery installed on socket.
Keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning.
MIDI IN installed, received note info."

2018 Moog Grandmother Moogfest Edition Analog Synthesizer Semi Modular Mint w/ Box, Denim Jacket

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Moog Grandmother analog synthesizer in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box, manual, patch cables, and Moog-embroidered denim jacket. One of the first 500 units made for the 2018 Moogfest debut, this Grandmother includes a special limited edition badge and rare vintage denim Moog jacket."

Coffee and Drones: Soma Lyra-8 and Ornament-8

video upload by Matt Lowery

"I drink a delicious Ethiopian Yirgacheffe while the Lyra-8 rips a hole in the space-time continuum.

Lyra-8 is being sequenced by Ornament-8. What a hoot.

I added a touch of space echo and Valhalla Vintage Verb in post for width."

Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham | Drum and Drone Synthesizer

video upload by HAINBACH

"In which I demo and share my thoughts on the new Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham, a modern drum synthesizer that works rather well for Scheunentechno and droneshows.

00:00 Introduction
00:49 External Sequencing
02:45 Fingerdrumming
04:29 Functions
06:49 External Input
07:30 Filter
08:29 Connections
08:41 The Sound
09:40 Compare to Pulsar-23
10:11 Scheune
11:19 Noisey?
11:49 Conclusion"

Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham

Patch n Tweak
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