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Saturday, October 09, 2021

Easel Explore Slider and Pot

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring using a single slider from the sequencer to control multiple parameters and likewise with a single preset pot. Enjoy!" Euclidean Circles V2

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Arturia MiniBrute 2S w/ Original Box

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Sequential Take 5, worth it?

video upload by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"You can buy my preset pack here"

Playing With Urano #7

video upload by gotharman

"It might be a little bit brutal :-)"

From Weinglas with Love for China and Chile: Wingpinger & Simplifier DLX

video upload by

"This is a coproduction of China (MengQi Wingpinger), Chile (DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX), Spain (Crianza from 2017), and Germany (Weinglas).

Nothing Else! Even no sequencing! Live played!

The WingPinger really shines with the Zero Watt Stereo Amplifier from Chile that originally was made for electric guitars."

Additional Wing Pinger posts.

KORG modwave Demos

videos by Artur Sekura

KORG modwave - BASS
KORG modwave - SYNTHS | 4k
KORG modwave - 5 AMAZING Factory Presets | 4K
KORG modwave PADS | 4K
KORG modwave - LEAD | 4K

New miniKORG 700 FS Demos

videos uploaded by Artur Sekura

miniKORG 700 FS - My new BEST Friend | Sound demo | 4K
Beatmaker VICE & miniKORG 700 FS | Sound demo | 4K

Korg Minilogue 4-voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 025295

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"A staple for portable analog synthesizers; the Korg Minilogue is a swiss army knife for any artist. With an all analog signal path, knob per function, multiple voice modes, and 16 step sequencer, the Minilogue is an excellent entry point into analogue synthesis and the most affordable, feature packed analog polysynth on the market. The voice architecture includes 2 VCOs per voice, VCO cross modulation, VCO Mixer, 2 or 4 pole Low Pass VCF, 2 ADSRs, LFO with multiple waveforms, and built in delay.

Other features include 200 programs (100 Presets / 100 Users), motion sequencing, real-time OLED oscilloscope, audio input, MIDI in/out, and sync in/out.

The Minilogue is fantastic entryway into the world of synthesizers as well as a brilliant multi-tool that will last a long time."

MFB Synth Pro w/ SPFX1 Upgrade

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"MFB synth pro 8 voice VCO/DCO switchable analog synth with 2 filters per voice. Has the SPFX1 effects upgrade."

Faemi 1M Rare Soviet Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

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"Soviet polyphonic synthesizer from early 80s, made at the same factory as the famous Polivoks and has the same VCF. You can merge piano, strings, clavesin and brass sounds on this synth. The keyboard is 4-octave. One knob covers is missing (volume on photos). The synth is in good cosmetic condition and sounds very nice! But it needs recap so didnt do that, and some knobs needs wd40 because sometimes you can hear its dirty sound while turning.

inc: 3din to 1/4 jack cable, 5din to 5din pedal cable and its original pedal also send with it.

Attention: voltage is 220V, 50Hz - so, you'll need a step up voltage converter if in the States."

Dirty Electronics Mute 2018 Mutesynth 4.0 w/ Original Box

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Korg Wavestate w/ Firmware 2.0.1

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Dave Smith / Pioneer- Toraiz AS1 Analogue Mono Synth w/ Original Box & Wood Side Panels

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"Wooden ends mean you can use it on a shelf or at the back of your setup."

Roland Juno-60 w/ DCB TO MIDI

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"Serviced two weeks ago at keyboard kountry at Portland Oregon... Comes with a DCB-MIDI converter and also a wheel rolling travel bag!"

Arturia Origin Rack Mount Virtual Modular Synthesizer

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ROLAND TR-707 SN 574523

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Patch of the Week 130: Beyond FM on the opsix - New Algorithms for an Soft FM Pad.

video upload by Korg

"The opsix Altered FM offers the original 32 algorithms and then some right to your finger tips! Learn how to radically change the character of the classic DX7 80's sound "Maverick Bells" by using one of the new algorithms with just the turn of a knob. Then edit the operators, soften the attack, and add some reverb for a soft pad sound."


"The Volca Drum was my first drum machine and the Volca Modular gave me my first taste of a modular synthesizer. Beneath the (to some) toy-like look of these instruments they offer a portable gateway to composing and improvising. These videos all share at least one appearance by either of these two (and more often than not, by both!)."

red skies | ORCA driven Volca Jam (Modular + Drum)
over a field of dried grass | Volca Modular and Bastl Kastle Jam
a cicada's voice | Volca Modular and Bastl Kastle jam
carved with breath | Volca Modular jam
polyways | Microfreak + Volca Drum
field of cotton | Generative jam w/ Cosmosf M31 and Volca Modular/Drum on #jamuary!
rabbit tracks | Native American Flute + Volca Modular/Drum jam
Atalanta et Hippomenes | Ambient music on the Volca Modular and Hyve Synth
eclectric dreams | Volca Drum + Fundamental + Cymbal Reverb
in exile | Microtonal jam over a poem by Al-Bayati
Arakiel | Generative Jam w/ Bastl's bitRanger and the Volca Drum
mountain's shadow | Generative microtonal jam w/ CosmosF M31, SE-02 and Volca Drum
ulmus glabra | Volca Modular + Hyve Synth Jam
de ludo aleae | ambient jam w/ Volca Modular
chaldea | pairing Bastl Instruments Kastle and Volca Modular
arcadia | ambient music w/ kastle + volca modular
etelköz | exploring strange tunings w/ volca modular + kastle

undersky | exploring VBrazil's Monsterdrone synthesizer!

video upload by M Hob

"The Monsterdrone is a strange (in the best sense of the word) synthesizer - featuring 8 VCOs arranged over two banks (4 pairs of oscillators) with FM between the two banks, an inbuilt mixer for the 4 voices, and a very fun rhythmic section in lieu of an envelope, an internal clock and 3 filters (2 independent BP filters and a resonant LP). It's a Brazilian synthesizer built by VBrazil Systems ( and it excels at creating thick droning sound and textures (as its name implies).

In this track I decided to simply play the mixer (and rhythmic section) of a fixed tuning on each of the 4 voices as I explore the different possibilities of this great synth, without any other instruments or modulation sources. Everything is played over some beautiful sky footage I've recorded since the spring thunderstorms began here in Brazil during the last few weeks (ending one of the longest draughts in recorded history where I live). To add some atmosphere to the track I used Ableton's Hybrid Reverb with an impulse response recorded at Maes Howe (, the neolithical cairn in Orkney and used Freakshow Industries MISHBY for some high frequency glitching/tape distortion.

Everything was recorded live on Ableton."

GRP A2 + OTO Bim & Bam // My new favorite MONO SYNTH

video upload by Dexba

"So I stumbled upon a GRP A2 the other day, and I already love it.

There is something cute in its 5U enclosure, like a baby modular, as the OTO are definitely cute with their boxy, a bit cryptic, design.

I wanted to record a jam that could highlight some of the most prominent features of both the synth and the pedals. We have an arpeggio, very classical, almost Bach-sounding, going into a classical delay and a short reverb, then we get to a lush, water-like, filter playing, supported by a long and frozen reverb and a way more strong, hazy delay. In the end, the jam gets modern, with no delay, a very short reverb, just to give more air, more space to a powerful jumping sequence with some gnarly filter action.

Both the GRP A2 and the OTO are a pleasure for the dawless jammer, with all you need in plain sight. The only thing missing is a proper sequencer (GRP sells one too, the R24, but it costs almost twice the A2 synth, so...), but I have my handy Synthstrom Deluge always ready for that! Enjoy ✨"

Moog Model 15 - Using the 904B HPF Module

video upload by noddyspuncture

"So I dialled in some H.P.F...."

904B HPF


video upload by JMT SYNTH


NDE-1 アナログシンセ

This model consists of two VCOs (oscillators), SAMPLE & HOLD, noise generator, low-pass filter, LFO, VCA, and envelope generator to create a powerful sound.

The variable range is wide enough to produce a variety of sounds. The filter is a 4-pole filter that works very smoothly, and external audio can be input via A IN.

You can also use it with a sequencer to create even more sounds.

The top is an acrylic panel and the bottom is a sturdy die-cast aluminum case.

The adapter is not included.

Please use center negative 9V POWER SUPPLY or A 9V battery.

VESTA FIRE RV-1 : Vintage Spring Reverb // KORG VOLCAS // PT 1

video upload by LESINDES

"All about what a VINTAGE SPRING REVERB with a built in PARAMETRIC EQ can do for some popular groove machines. VESTA FIRE RV-1 meets KORG VOLCAs.

Korg Volca NUBASS
Korg Volca BEATS
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca BASS"

Part 2 here

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