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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Q119A Sequencer First Look

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is a look at the brand new Q119A 3x8 Sequencer from Check it out!

Also, the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP"

Synthetic Sound Labs - Serge Modules

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The Synthetic Sound Labs Serge bring the classic Serge Modular sound into 5U."

$100,000 Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

via this auction

Update: Looks like they upped the price to $150,000 plus $5,500 shipping.

If you can afford this, stop what you are doing right now, and send me some support!

Pics of the voice boards below.

Listing description: "Here is a chance to get the rarest polyphonic synthesizer ever. I have never seen a nicer and cleaner Yamaha CS 80. This one has been completely repaired, cleaned, polished and reassembled!!! It has amazing features like eight voice polyphony, patch memory and polyphonic aftertouch. It can create great analog strings, horns, drones and pads with that instantly recognizable classic polysynth sound. No synthesizer sounds better. Some examples of its extremely fat sound can be heard in "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson, "Blade Runner", "Mutiny on the Bounty" by Vangelis and in "Dune" by Toto. What made this synthesizer sound so powerful was its "natural" detuning.... so that its brass and string sounds were not only unparalleled in authenticity, but also in pure width! With two analog oscillators per voice, the CS-80 has the potential for some really thick sounds! A great VCF (filter) with independent high-pass and low-pass resonant filters, a powerful ring modulator, and a variety of modulation controls further expand the CS-80's sonic potential. There are 22 preset sounds (6 users) that can be selected with bright and shiny colored buttons above the keyboard. The keyboard is weighted and has a full 61 keys with performance controls for vibrato, pitch, brightness and volume. This synthesizer is truly museum quality!

Baloran The River White Model

via this auction

"8 recreated Moog THE SOURCE sound cards form (along with a few extras) the fundament of THE RIVER.

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with 8 Voices, multi-timbral – 4 Layers, Analog FX, Sequencer, Arpeggiator, MIDI + comprehensive CV/Gate Outputs"

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 0107305046 w/ Serge Style Knob Caps

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 0056 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Roland Juno-60 SN 231381

via this auction

"Roland Juno-60 programmable polyphonic synthesizer/keyboard in excellent condition. No missing parts or major scratches or damage. There are only a couple of minor cosmetic blemishes (see photos). This classic synth sounds and functions beautifully. Comes with Stardust custom dust cover."

Soundtoys PhaseMistress Preset Fun

video upload by soundtoys

"A quick dive into two tracks and two presets from the PhaseMistress factory set. A deep phase on on the synth and a rhythmic resonant synth type beat for the drum machine. Then a solo section to hear more of what PhaseMistress is doing to each and a couple tweak suggestions."

PhaseMistress - Love

video upload by

"A quick listen to just a few of the lovely sounds of PhaseMistress. From classics like a deep phase on Analog strings, to the random triggered resonant percussion generator, PhaseMistress has all kinds of love."

Sountoys: Did You Know? You can enhance custom rhythms.

video upload by soundtoys

"You can change depth and length of events in the Soundtoys rhythm editor by option click dragging events (Windows is Alt Click Drag). This can add more life and dynamics to your custom rhythms. Works in all plug-ins with the Rhythm Editor like FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, and Tremolator."

Was the Roland Juno-6/Juno-60/Juno-106 Chorus Noise Inherent to the Design?

MOE - Analog Chorus 60 vs Ocean wish wish NOISE video upload by Isak Eliyahu

Update: video re-uploaded.

"So many people thinks that the JUNO 6/60/106 chorus came out with build in noise, like it was part of the design. What's really happen is time of use, the more time we use it, the nosier the chorus will be.

I manage to fix few JUNO's in my life and all of them was with noise, some more some less, the owners wanted the noise to be gone, so I found that if I replace the old MN3009 with new old stock MN3009's or the new Xvive MN3009 (same results BTW) the noise is gone.

There are more issues with noise in 6/60/106 but there're not related to the ocean wish wish noise. turn on the volume and hear the differences between old used MN3009 and new never been used original MISTUSHITA MN3009."

Kaitlyn's Elegant Patch

video upload by Todd Barton

"Originally released on my Patreon earlier this year

I've been approaching understanding and unfolding this elegant and expressive patch by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith for years now but just haven't sat down a looked and listened to it deeply until today. Here is a link to her patch/performance: [posted here] Though I'm not trying to copy the exact pitches or her performance, I think I have grokked the functions and relationships in her patch. As with any patch, the interactivity of the patch-programmed functions and their relationship to a particular performance can produce subtle or dramatically different outcomes. I hope you enjoy this unfolding of what I sense are the basic building blocks of this patch. All best wishes, Todd"

Urano tech-NO

video upload by gotharman

"Gotharman style techNO..."

Gotharman's Urano: ANALOG FILTER Swap & WAVETABLE Tutorials #TTNM


"This video shows you how to swap analog filter boards inside Gotharman's Urano modular synth, which is a very simple procedure that can totally change your analog sounds :)

The Urano comes with two dual channel analog filter boards installed. A 12dB Lowpass design and a Multi Filter, each offering you two separate analog filters, so four analog filters in total. You can swap one or both of these out for other available filters from Gotharman's online shop."

Gotharman's Urano: WAVETABLE Tutorial #TTNM

video upload by

"This tutorial video for Gotharman's Urano modular synth shows you how to create and edit your own wavetables on the instrument, using your fingers to draw waveforms on the touchscreen. I'll also show the wavetable oscillator setup, wave modulation and where and how to get pre-made wavetables that run natively on the Urano.

0:00 Hi!
0:15 What is a Wavetable?
0:32 Creating your own Wavetable on the Urano
1:27 The Wavetable Editor
4:09 Art Mode
4:50 TEST Mode and Saving
6:00 Setting up a Wavetable Oscillator
7:03 Wavetable Oscillator Parameters and Modulation
10:43 Importing Wavetables from the WaveEdit Software
11:24 Using imported Wavetables in the Urano
12:56 See ya! :-)

Download my clear Urano preset here:

Get free Wavetables here:

WaveEdit free open-source Wavetable editor:"


Dirtywave M8 - First Track!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Track Title 'Greetings from Chon'

OH MY GAWD! I love this little device -- I'm really gelling with it so far!

A *huge* folder of my samples is included in the factory library. I am so honored to have my sounds in this amazing hand-held music maker!!

This is the first "full track" I've written with it. It started with a chord preset on the internal FM synth, then I rendered that and chopped it up, and added a LOAD of samples.

The M8 really excels at chopping up a sample into equal sized chops and then remixing those chops to make new patterns.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

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mx.synths for monome norns

mx.synths from infinite digits on Vimeo.

"mx.synths is a collection of eclectic polyphonic synths.

each synth has a specific style that can be tweakable via “mod” parameters. their are four mod parameters and they are synth-specific (though usually mods 2 and 3 are frequency and resonance respectively and usually mod 4 is detuning). all other parameters - found in the MX.SYNTHS PSET menu - are shared for each synth. most the parameters are evident (delay send, adsr, etc.). one special parameter is called “sub”. sub is synth specific (and not implemented in every synth) which activates some sound with low-note priority. many of the parameters have lfos."

synthy from infinite digits on Vimeo.

"synthy is a polyphonic synth composed of two saw-wave oscillators per note which are mildly chorused plus a pulse-wave sub-oscillator that responds with low-note priority as a monophonic bass.

synthy’s mind is its own and obeys an internal stochastic rhythm. synthy may decide to shrink or grow and when it does, it causes a global filter to close (when shrinking) or open (when growing). you can use E3 to manually take control, but after you stop turning E3 the synthy will revert to its own behavior after a certain time (available to change as a setting).

synthy’s body is modeled as six revolute joints which are kinematically re-positioned when moving with E2 or E3. the x- and y- flucuations from the kinematics of the body movement do detuning and tremelo respectively. the degree of modulation is available to change in parameters (“squishy detuning” or 'squishy tremelo').

plug in a midi keyboard to play synthy. if you don’t play any notes, synthy will try to help you out. synthy knows 1,000 chord progressions which can be recalled randomly with K2 and start/stopped with K3."

mx.synths - icarus from infinite digits on Vimeo.

bidiwave - wavetable synth for monome norns

video upload by fivedollartubes

"a wavetable synth for monome norns
info & download"

Wonky techno jam with Dreadbox Typhon and Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by motobor

"Got myself a Dreadbox Typhon to test out and play with. I like the Typhons one knob envelope time controll. This is really good to use in live sets."

A Ring Mod Odyssey

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A deep dive into the technical differences between the modDemix and Wogglebug ring mod circuits.

Feel free to download and soundtrack this new animation by Lewis. Send your audio to if you'd like it to be added to our video interlude archive :"

DX5 playing Yazoo "Don't Go" (updated)

video upload by DX5

See DX5's original cover including how it was created here.

"Extracted from the live streaming aired on October, 2th. This is an update of the version done twelve years ago, with improved lead sound. (There is some color saturation in the picture due to the analogue video capture device used for live streamings)

Gear used:
Roland JP8000
Emu Emax II (containing Simmons SDS 8 toms previously sampled by me)
Backtrack previously recorded in Pro Tools, track by track.
Original song composed by Vince Clarke.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Soma Enner Synth Tutorial Lesson 7: External Inputs

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorials series for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Soma Labs Enner body patching synthesizer electronic instrument. If I get a response to this series, I will try to break things down into small videos that are easy to mentally digest and apply to your own electronic music. We will be exploring both east coast tonal and west coast avant-garde uses of the synthesizer. The Enner is especially good at ambience, noise, and soundscapes for film music.
This seventh and final video will teach some ways to incorporate external inputs into the synth and show you some of what's possible to do only using your fingers. Please leave a comment with any questions or requests and a like if this was helpful."

EthanJamesMusic Soma Enner Synth Tutorials

Siel DK700 Analog Synth + Case (FULLY SERVICED) SN 0724

via this auction

"Probably one of the rarest italian synth ever made

Serial n.724
Perfectly working
Aestetically amazing for its age..(just some little no visibile scratch around)

All original factory patches reloaded."

2002 Novation K-Station Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

Waldorf M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Ambit AES2 Comple Custom Suitcase Modular System

via this auction

You can find a demo and some details on the system here.

"Works great, comes with a bunch of patch cables and power cord. Also, has an awesome in depth manual on how to use each module"

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 151110

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Manual & Case

via this auction

Vintage 90's Next Superbass 4.4 Analog Synth 303 / 101 Clone

via this auction

Made in Bavaria! This synth sounds great. The envelope is much like a Roland TB-303 but the filter sounds a bit more like an SH-101. Very punchy and loud. Great for squelchy distorted bass. Also really great if you need super basic bass."

Octave - The Kitten - classic synthesiser

via this auction

"The classic Octave Electronics - The Kitten synthesiser.

Model 1214

Smaller sister to the Cat, this single oscillator mono synth sounds awesome. A very worthy alternative to the ARP or Moog's of its era (this one comes from very early 80's). Has the 'fun' of 2 sub oscillators for a realllllly deep sound.

This machines works great and had a full service last year. Cosmically in very good condition also as shown in the pics."

Moog Minitmoog SN 2007

via this auction

"Not many of these chaps were made by how many survive today in the wild is anyones guess but most likely under 1000 in the world.

A rare 'preset' synth from the great company themselves. This one is the bigger sister to the Satellite. Made between 1975-1976.

This machine, although preset driven (from the paddle switches), does allow for sound manipulation and the dual oscillators can be tuned and sync'd for a familiar 'fat' sound.

This machines works great and had a full service last year. Cosmically in very good condition also as shown in the pics."

1980's Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble Synthesizer SN 1747

via this auction

Casio Casiotone CT-401

via this auction

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal and Moog Sub 37, expressive spring reverb and analog synth exploration

video upload by Expanding Sound

"The Gamechanger Audio light pedal is different than any other effects pedal I've used, in the sense that its physically expressive at times. If you accidentally bumped the floor hard, you could get some (possibly unwanted) spring reverb noises. Thats because it interacts with physical elements inside, rather than just your traditional chipset and on/off selector. Because of these differences I find myself wanting to use it all the time. It has the feel of a modular synth to me, in the way that the beautiful sound I just created and jammed on may never sound exactly the same again. And I'm ok with that. On to the next. I hope you enjoy this little audio exploration. I played around in E flat just enjoying the interaction between the Synth and the pedal. They sounded quite nice together. I plan to release some Ableton Instruments built with this pedal as well, so stay tuned! thanks for watching!"

AltiSpace 2 App Updated to Version 1.1

video upload by ISynthScaper LE and AltiSpace 2 gor Vasiliev

"SynthScaper LE - Multitimbral atmospheric synth. Lightweight and easy to use version of SynthScaper with AUv3 support. AltiSpace - Convolution reverb with advanced controls that provides realistic sounding natural acoustic space or vintage reverb devices for any track or mix."

"This update improves the app's audio engine and adds the ability to move user presets to different groups. Now you can import a large number of your own impulse responses and group them so as not to search for them in one big list. For details on the new options, see the built-in app description (also available as PDF file).

All changes:

Added groups for user presets.
Ability to select multiple user presets for move and delete.
Added option to show only user presets for the audio unit host.
Added option to show only favorite presets for the audio unit host.
Fixed an issue with blocking UI when using file picker.
Pictures in descriptions are now displayed in audio unit mode.
Fixed an issue with the Inter-app audio control panel on iPhone.
Some improvements of audio engine.
Built-in description has been updated.
Minor bugs were fixed."

Sound Object #5 Techno jam

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"A quick bassline with filtering on the Sound Object #5 synthesizer to give an example of the sort of basic sounds it can do. Check out my full review for more details and sound demos."

See the Sound Object label below for more.


Sound Object #5 Synthesizer Review

video upload by

"Sound Object #5 is a Russian built analogue synthesizer with 2 VCOs, Polivoks style filter and lots of interesting modulation. In this video I give lots of sound examples, take you through the waveforms and what it could possibly do for you.

Index - 0:00
Intro - 0:12
First Impressions - 1:03
Oscillator basics - 6:58
Just the waveforms, no reverb - 10:39
Quick techno jam - 14:24
Getting into the details - 15:47
A bit more on the FM - 16:21
Envelope - 18:09
Modulator - 22:12
A bit more on the filter - 25:17
Sample & Hold - 26:15
A quick jam with delay and a bit of backing - 32:28
Ins and Outs - 33:37
Duophonicness - 34:21
Conclusions - 39:35
Outro - Duophonic, with some dodgy DFAMing - 44:30"

RetroSound: This is my favorite Synthesizer - Roland Juno-60

video upload by

"all synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982)
drums: Roland TR-707 (1985) + E-MU samples
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

The Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer is my favorite synthesizer ever. I use the Juno-60 since many many years. Since the 90s. Long before all the hype.
A few words come in my mind when I thinking of synth:
Very inspirative. Wonderful sound character. Easy to use. Very reliable.
Sure all is a matter of taste. We are so different like the synths we love. :)"

ylva - Estelism (elektron octatrack / digitone)

video upload by ylva trax


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