MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday, October 24, 2021


video upload by EMW Synthesizers


Waterphone and Buchla more experiments

video upload by Todd Barton

"Continuing my experiments with the Waterphone and Buchla 296e Spectral Processor. More on waterphone here: and Buchla here:
My Patreon:"

JEC iVCS3 Tutorial Individual Parameter LFOs

video upload by James Edward Cosby

"In this video JEC Shows how to program an iVCS3 Parameter Knob to have a synchronised LFO..."

SQ-3P - Eurorack MIDI Step Sequencer Inspired by Roland JX-3P and SH-101 Sequencers


"The SQ-3P is a MIDI step sequencer inspired by the sequencers in the Roland JX-3P and SH-101. I use the Arduino platform for it. In fact this module can be used as a generic midi orientated Arduino module. The sequencer application is only one of many thinkable applications.

Picture of the pre-series module. From left to right: simple IO module, main module, triple in/thru module, triple out module."

Additional details and pics here.


video upload by Easeling

"Learning to play this Buchla Music Easel patch. No arpeggiator, just Pulser driven. Enjoy!"

Beepy Boopy Fun * AE Modular * Modular * Superbooth 2021

video upload by GetJervis

"A quick chat with AE Modular about their cool modules. And look at the fab little plastic case where the modules are connected via magnets!"

Expand your Drum * VPME Q EX * Modular * Superbooth 2021

video upload by GetJervis

"A chat with a very tall Vladimir as he shows me his Quad Voice Drum Module and Expander...Marvel at its joyful sounds and expand your mind with more outputs!"

Modal Argon8 Sound Demo (no talking) Cities Sound Pack with Patches for Ambient and Techno

video upload by Limbic Bits

"Modal Argon8 Sound Demo (no talking) Cities Sound Pack with Patches for Ambient and Techno"

▶ ARGON8 sound pack"Cities"

Ambient Explorations pt.23 (Pittsburgh Modular System)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"I borrowed this Pittsburgh Modular System from Berklee for a little bit and managed to make this short piece with it. I used to own the Pittsburgh SV-1, a semi-modular synth, so it didn't take me any time to figure out how to use this one. Thanks for watching y'all!

Social Media Links:
Instagram 📸:
Bandcamp 🎧:
Website 🖥:"

Alias Zone: Four O'Clock - Raining (performed by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular)

video upload by Learning Modular

"This is an upbeat little piece I created for the Modular World First Anniversary show/marathon.

Chris Meyer: The Monster modular synth, Waldorf Iridium, FrozenPlain Slow, and SoundIron Antidrum

The church/clock tower bells and many of the rain/dripping ambiences are courtesy of"

Close Encounters of the Third Kind-by graal7

video upload by graal7

LoFi Sunday #40: Glitchy Metroid-Fi (Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO)

video upload by Josh Is Making Music

"I finished Metroid Dread yesterday, and absolutely loved it. I'm a long time Metroid fan, so I figured I ought to bring that into a beat. I took a sample of the 'Phendrana Drifts' theme from Metroid Prime and made a kinda lofi/glitchy beat with it. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, don't forget to leave a like! If you're already subscribed, thanks for coming back! And if you aren't, please consider subscribing to help support the channel and see more videos like this, as well as beatmaking videos and gear discussions. Thanks so much!"

Roland TR-909 style case.

32 patches for UDO Super 6, Evolving Scapes by CO5MA

video upload by CO5MA

"Power on your UDO Super 6, blue, black, keyboard or desktop version, and explore 32 expressive, deep and melodic patches!

The good news is that this Sound Bank doesn't come alone!
Analog Projection Sound Bank for UDO Super 6 will be released on November 5, 2021
Monolith Syndrome Sound Bank for UDO Super 6 will be released on November 12, 2021

What are the differences between these three soundbanks?
Evolving Scapes is focused on ethereal and positive ambient patches
Monolith Syndrome is focused on dark tones and uncommon ambient patches
Analog Projection is focused on analog timbres and fat patches"

23- The UDO Super 6- Effects

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the various effects found on the UDO Super 6."

AutomaticGainsay UDO Super 6 posts

RAVEN 🤜🏽🤛🏽 UNICORN BOOM Feat. Sentic Cycle 🖤

video upload by birdkids

"The great Sentic Cycle patching RAVEN and UNICORN BOOM. Feel the BASS!
#modular #synthesizer #controlvoltage #patch #eurorack #analog #musicproduction #musicmakers #instrument #drummachine #beats #synth #synthesis #sounddesign #musicgear #hardware #timbre #bassmusic #bass #808 #kick #trap #dnb #halfstep"

Diabolical Devices Circuit Bent Talking Teacher

via this auction

Additional Rock N Roll Vintage Listings

"This Coleco Play and Learn Electronics Talking Teacher has been circuit bent by Diabolical Devices in 2020. The left 3 switches toggle various looping, the switches to the right and bottom offer various glitches, and the knob next to the screen controls clock speed. There are some instructions on the button to get you started and there are plenty of sounds and happy accidents to be explored and sampled. Includes AC power adapter."

Polyend Seq MIDI Step Sequencer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Nord Lead 2X w/ Soft Case

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Moog Little Phatty Stage II

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Cwejman MMF-1 Multi Mode Filter w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is a truly fantastic filter in excellent working condition. It can go from precise and clinical to warm and lush with the turn of a knob. Really stunning range of control in a simple intuitive layout.

Specs from Cweijman

The MMF-1 is the most flexible single filter. Additionally, the solution with variable SPACING (bandwidth) and two variable resonance peaks make it possible to create various vocal like sounds.
The Multi Mode Filter offers seven types of modes:
* Low pass
* High pass
* Band pass
* Dual band pass-------with dual resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Dual band pass-------with single upper resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Dual band pass-------with single lower resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING
* Notch------------------with single or dual resonance (Q-PEAK) and controlled bandwidth by SPACING

The POLE defines how steep the filter cuts off the attenuated frequencies. It means, that the 2 pole filter cuts signal with 12dB/octave, the 4 pole filter cuts with 24 dB/octave. The higher the slope, the more effective the filter cuts. The CUTOFF frequency or corner frequency defines at which frequency the filter starts to attenuate frequencies of the incomming signal. The cutoff frequency of the filter can be adjusted by CUTOFF knob from 16kHz to 16Hz and tracked by the external signals CUTOFF CV1 and CV2.

The Q-PEAK (also known as "resonance" or "emphasis") boost audio signals in the near range of the cutoff frequency and makes the tone sound more "cutting". From a certain level on, the filter start o self-oscillate and works as a sine wave-oscillator and in dual band pass mode (in dual Q-PEAK mode) produces two-tone sinus wave (the two-tones frequencies are controlled by CUTOFF and SPACING).
The q-peak can be controlled by knob Q-PEAK and/or by signal from levelled input Q-PEAK CV, levelled by Q-PEAK CV knob.

The SPACING control defines bandwidth for all three dual band pass modes and/or spread of two resonant peaks. The amount of spacing can be controlled by knob SPACING and/or by signal from input SPACING CV.

The audio knobs AUDIO1 and 2 controls the audio signals level coming from inputs AUDIO1 and AUDIO2.
The audio output is provided by output socket labelled AUDIO and is revealed by white surround."

Cwejman SM-1 Battleship Grey

via this auction

Korg VC-10 Vocoder

via this auction


via this auction

Pics of the inside below.


via this auction

"KORG MONOPOLY One Owner since 1984. It's working but with a few issues, that someone with technical knowledge could fix relatively easily. Four of the control Knob Potentiometers have seized up, namely The Release Control on VCA EG, the Keyboard Track knob, The Attack Control on VCF EG and the intensity knob on the left hand Bend Wheel. There are two key covers missing over the chord memory switches but they both work still. There are also the tips broken off the control switches of the Wheel control, synch mode and auto damp , although they also still work. Years ago I moved from live performance to home recording and although there is a certain amount of sentimental attachment to this keyboard, its taking up room and it's much better to be in the ownership of someone that will use it to it's full potential! I bought it in 1985 and it was my first keyboard along with a DX7 Yamaha and a TR606 drum machine!"


via this auction

You can find demos and details on the JMT SYNTH KD-2 here.

FM Editing Tutorial 1 - The Basics - SONICWARE Liven XFM - Accessible Tutorial

video upload by ChrisLody

"So here is a new series of videos exploring the edit mode on the Sonicware Liven XFM. Using an overlay gives us access to a full 4 Op FM synth engine. I'm calling this tutorial 1, but I've actually already made another that covers making a growl bass. You can find that here: [posted here]

My main tutorial that covers all the features of the XFM is here: [posted here]

This tutorial is much more of a gentle start though and explains the way that FM synthesis works while showing how to build a quick patch from scratch.

I've tried to keep this tutorial accessible though I neglected to mention all the level adjustments I make to the parameters I select as I create the sound are made using the Value knob which is knob 10. Also I noticed after I'd made the tutorial that the knob latch setting seems to also affect edit mode when using the newest firmware, I'm sure this is new. Knob Latch can be turned on and off in Pattern Edit mode."

Yamaha AN1x Cover PPK - Resurrection HQ no talking Synthesizer Demonstraton

video upload by js-sound

"And as often happens, YouTube spoiled the sound again.

Many people often ask me, what do you think about Roland JPxxxx synthesizer, in comparison with АN1X ? I don’t think anything good about him, it’s a matter of personal preference and taste. I had it and I also made a personal opinion about it, a useless, over-praised synthesizer on the net, which supposedly sounded in many tracks of my years. Yes, I went through all this, but unfortunately there are not so many advertisements on the network about АN1X. Roland loved to do advertising for himself and his brand for life. In addition, all sorts of provocateurs and agitators help to glorify Roland 'empty space'. In my eyes, JPxxxx, like Waldorf Kira and Blofeld, are the worst synthesizers I have ever had.

But as I said, people have different tastes and opinions, this synthesizer is a legend for me, I like everything about it, it suits me all, I see no reason not to share the sound of this synthesizer with people."

js-sound Yamaha AN1x posts - don't miss the mod.

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