MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Dirtywave M8 - "Gauntlet" [Nintendo Game Soundtrack Remix!]

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"I made this all in one day.

If you don't already consider the Polyend Tracker a hi-tech 'toy', then how about playing NINTENDO GAMES on it?!? I think that qualifies it as a pretty serious toy! Hahaha

I loaded up the classic NES game, 'Gauntlet' and sampled the soundtrack into the Dirtywave M8 tracker. Then I chopped out a ton of bits from the soundtrack, programmed some drums with one-shots, added some chord stabs from the built in synths - and created this new, fun, silly soundtrack for the game - all inside of the M8.

I also sampled some vocal samples from the ORIGINAL arcade version of Gauntlet to add more character to the track."

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"Starfield Bound" - Akai MPC X / DAWless MIDI performance

video upload by Patrick Manderson

"'Starfield Bound' - was recorded live early Sunday morning on January 16, 2022 using a MIDI sequencer, 4 mixers, outboard compressors and a room full of synthesizers. This music originated from a shorter music sequence that later evolved to what is here now. For several weeks I considered breaking it up into 2 separate pieces sharing the same theme and later left decided to keep it as is. I'm still not sure it was a good idea to keep it as one.

The MPC X was used to compose and arrange all the MIDI data and control all the synths during recording. Most of the modulations were made with note velocities. Many parts were controlled with continuous controller messages. This is my second piece of music composed on the Akai MPC X and despite the complexity of all the automation and modulations, working with it at this level was very easy and comfortable. Much more so than the Yamaha RS-7000.

The Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Korg Minilogue XD provided the primary sonic textures for Startfield Bound - aided by the wonderful percussion textures of the Boss DR-660. A custom kit was mapped meticulously so accomodate layering of sounds using the pitch, decay and nuance parameters. All 4 outputs were used and careful consideration on routing the sounds to each of the 4 channels on the Soundcraft GB4.

The Roland JX-08 and ASM Hydrasynth were added late in the development of the music. I am really impressed with the sound of both, especially the JX-08.

During the summer of '21 a pair of new mixers were added to the room. The Soundcraft GB4 and a Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 replaced my aging Mackie 1604 VLZ3 which had nothing technically wrong with it, but it drove me crazy there were no eq disable switches on the channels.

Why two mixers? I would have preferred a single larger frame (24 or 32 channel) console but I don't have the physical space for it. Two smaller mixers works out great better for the room.

Tiptop Buchla 5 Sequences

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is a mini-series on the basics of the new Buchla & Tiptop Audio modules. I'm really enjoying these modules and Tiptop has enthusiastically embraced the Buchla paradigm. The oscillators are sounding great and squarely in the Buchla ballpark."

Buchla Easel Command 208C - Luna

video upload by TheTrackdriver

"Generative music made on a Buchla Easel Command 208C. Effects comes from a Roland Chorus Echo RE-301 only. The program card in the background has a couple of resistors added and the Korg SQ-1 outputs random pitch variations.

I filmed the moon with a Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 with a Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens."

Serge Phaser Intro and Feedback

video upload by La Synthèse Humaine

"quick video to demonstrate the serge phaser - a 3 stage design from the 70s that i just finally finished building. not much info out there about it, so i hope this is helpful!

might have to crank the volume at the end to hear the noisy feedback tones..."

Pin Electronics Portabella Demos

Portabella selfreflecting RM #1 from bruno liberda on Vimeo.

Portabellabz Sister Card for EMS Synthi Demo

Sister Card for EMS Synthi demo from portabellabz on Vimeo.

Tiptop Buchla Tip no 2

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is a mini-series on the basics of the new Buchla & Tiptop Audio modules. This episode begins a series of Tips & Tricks. I'm really enjoying these modules and Tiptop has enthusiastically embraced the Buchla paradigm. The oscillators are sounding great and squarely in the Buchla ballpark."

Recorder and Nightsky Reverb - Press S to sound awesome

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Ok, here's a #recorder through a #Strymon #Nightsky."


PWM Malevolent // A Testament to Bedevilment

video upload by Starsky Carr

"One synth one song .. although no singing involved. Showcasing the PWM Malevolent - a new semi modular synth. It's called Malevolent, but how evil is it? ... quite a lot.

Its got a raw tone, a bit unruly, a bit naughty and definitely not a VST in a box. Its got an all analog signal path plus analog LFO, envelope - so its about as alive as a synth can be!"

Meris Polymoon Sound Demo (no talking) with Korg opsix

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Ghost Mantis (Dub Chord)
1:41 Glasswing Butterfly (Pad)
4:18 Bullet Ant (Lead)
5:18 Leafcutting Ant (Percussive Lead)
6:23 Hummingbird Butterfly (Texture Pad)
8:04 Palawan Birdwing (Strings)

Slow Ambient Patch in a new temporary place (Blue Marvin 2600, Arbhar, Subharmonicon)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
I Moved into this place for a few months. Have some cool content coming your way. This is the first patch I made in that setup.
Patch Notes will be on my Patreon Page. Cheers!
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Yamaha DX1

via this auction

Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is a special one. Completely overhauled. All of the CMOS risky ICs, known to be the main cause of failure of these beasts, REPLACED. All of the most relevant electrolytic caps REPLACED (hundreds of them). The ribbon controller was replaced with a BRAND NEW ORIGINAL ONE (years of service, velvet is new). The Power Supply recapped, checked and remounted. Original expression/wha pedal, very rare, is included. I forgot... the fantastic UNISON board is mounted, it means ... all of the oscillators on one key. A real Monster."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

via this auction

Custom White Roland SH-101 w/ Mods

via this auction

"Modded by Funkagenda, paint job by, here we have a Pearl WHITE Roland SH-101. Visually stunning, no mistake? There are VERY few in this colour...... There are extra features now on board eg audio input, LFO clock in.... Condition is "mint". This synth is 40 years old. It has NOT been played very much at all. Normally, the faders/knobs are "getting on a bit, like..."....not THIS one. The power switch is the usual suspect re failing; it is absolutely faultless. Synth really feels like brand spanking new!"

Vintage Casio VL-Tone

via this auction

Roland HS60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (Juno 106)

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

hop skip and jump a lot

video upload by allmyfriendsaresynths

"I hadn't created anything on the OP-1 in a while, so put this together in a couple of hours, and used some samples from the radio which I haven't tried before. I go back and forth between frustration and wonder at the OP-1, as there's so many ways to use it, but I tend to get stuck in the same workflows.

Anyway, here it is."

Patch of The Week: Stereo Gemini - Using a Dual Filter to create Stereo Effects

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This week's patch shows how you can use the Gemini 2412 VCF (otherwise a twin or 2 filters) to create stereo panning effects, by using an LFO and 2 VCAs. It's easy to create stereo amplification or panning of a sound just by using a pair of VCAs in the same manner as detailed in this video, or just in post-processing, but where's the fun in that?? Actually filtering and shaping the sound in stereo, using two filters that can have completely unique settings, is much more sonically interesting, and offers a huge range of sound possibilities.
The Gemini 2412 is perfect for this kind of usage, as in addition to providing 2 completely independent SEM-style VCFs, it also has a very flexible mixer section allowing the two filters to be used and controlled together, in parallel or in series. With Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, and variable Lowpass-Highpass filtering modes, all selectable by a switch, and with individual outputs for LP, BP and HP - it provides almost limitless tone-shaping possibilities.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Overview
00:46 Setting up a stereo patch
02:43 Some patch examples
05:30 3-Way Modulation patches
08:31 Patch Sheet (Basic Setup)
08:46 Patch Sheet (3-way modulation)

Patch Sheet PDFs
Basic setup:
3-Way modulation: (Patch Notes duplicated further down the page)"

LiveJam4FreedomOfChoice - Gem WK4/Elka Synthex/Jen Synx508/Keytek CTS2000/Solton Project100/Koushion

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"Live Jam improvisation as is with GeneralMusic WK4 drums groove, Elka Synthex and Solton Project100 control by Koushion sequencer on IPad2, Jen Synx508, Keytek CTS2000 solo... Viscount EFX100 Reverb/Montarbo DREV 128 Delay - Made in Italy machines only... 'Freedom of Choice' against Covid Restrictions in Italy. This is my own fight... "People dancing everywhere!" (Jefferson Airplane - Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon) cause we need hugs and kisses again!"

Swaying Lead by the LFO of LIVEN XFM

video upload by SONICWARE

"This video was originally published by Dr. Yu Endo as Jamuary #10.
You can watch his previously Jamuary videos on YouTube Shorts.

Dr.YuEndo's Jamuary #10
I raised the depth of the pitch LFO of the lead sound a little in advance, and played with the rate while playing to sway the sound ♪


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